• Mike GetRichWithMe

    If you can afford a horse – buy a horse !
    You can’t put a price on happiness.
    Horses, yachts, sports cars – all of them are financial black holes.

  • Health1au

    The surprise popup just when you start reading the entry is very annoying. I thought that kind of thing died around 1999.

  • gin

    Buy a horse! like this mike fellow said. there is no price of happiness. being at a barn is safer than the street!

    you may gain friends with a horse by participating in local 4h, however, 4h is a bring your own horse situation if you want to ride and show. it is designed to help those who want to learn more about horses and you can participate in hippology and judging, but if you want to ride lease a horse then join your local 4h and learn with your chapter.

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