• Nan0meter

    Nice article!

  • Blushcarnation

    Thank you for these wonderful tips. We have a huge extra room overseas. There are no theaters here, so I want to have a theater room. I can use your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  • Miranda

    Wow You have covered almost everything. I thought you have forgotten the video cables but you have mention them in your list. Most people ignore video cable as important part of home theatre system but they are vital too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.waterstram Stephen Waterstram

    I have a very big pipe dream that I create a business of an 8 genre room theater plus a “great room” for other events like music,movies and many other social occasions. I would like to show in the eight rooms ALL of the Movies that have ever been made. It’s “okay” to watch movies on TV’s and a “home theater” but a movie should be experienced in a theater and that goes for the classics too. The difference is that I would have all of my screens in a 16*9 wide format. I love your seats and would use something like them.

  • T-Bones

    Jason, You got it right on…so much for my Macintosh system…have to slum it with my surround sound marantz receiver and 60 inch plasma Samsung..Small area 10 by 12 will function as office and theater AREA not theater room.

  • Hometheaterguy

    Jason where did you get your ceiling tiles, for $200?

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