I did not partake in the PS3 Chaos

Contrary to my post from a few days ago, I opted not to wait outside for a PS3.  There were already plenty of crazy people outside, so I knew that my chances were few and far between.  I tried to score one on Costco.com today, but my attempts were futile.  The website was locked up the entire time that they were supposedly on sale.  The next thing that I knew, they were sold out. What gets me about these scarce products that pop up every year around the holidays is all of the horrible stories that arise around the country.  One person waiting outside of Best Buy was actually mugged and shot.  Another group of people shot a BB gun outside of a car to scare people out of line.  Another story came out about a store manager having the great idea of putting ten chairs next to each other and making 50 people run to sit down in one of the chairs.  Whoever ended up in the chairs, received a PS3.  What a bonehead move on his part.  I hate frivilous lawsuits, but I really hope someone sues him if they got hurt.  I am almost positive that Sony and other manufacturers do this on purpose.  They want the frenzy generated by not having enough supply to meet the demand.  You cannot convince me that a multi-billion electronic juggernaut like Sony Corporation is unable to produce a video game system with the same components as an average personal computer (minus the graphics capabilities). 

It is ludicrous that people are being harmed over a video game system.  If only Atari and Nintendo knew what video gaming would come to if they could see into the future.  Our culture needs to re-evaluate our priorities when we are hurting others over a freakin’ material possession.  There will be a better system in two years, just like there will be a better car, a better computer, a better ipod, and so on.  Electronics are not worth the frenzy!