• http://www.investitwisely.com Kevin@InvestItWisely

    Call me cheap, but our first “date” was a $1 movie. In my defense, it was her idea :P

    • David Bakke

      Hey man,

      You can’t be called cheap if it was her idea.

      Sounds like she is a “keeper”.

      Thanks for chiming in…

  • http://www.youngandthrifty.ca youngandthrifty

    Great tips =) Yeah, the major thing is to make sure you don’t come off as “cheap”, but I think going to dinner (especially fancy dinners) for the first date can be really awkward.

    Going out for coffee or tea is also good too. You can leave easily and can stay as long as you want (if you are hitting it off).

    • David Bakke

      Yep, not coming off cheap is the major thing, but the second major thing is to not spend a bunch of money unnecessarily.

      I love your ideas on coffee and tea.

      That really minimizes the expense, and definitely provides for a quick getaway if you need it.

      And hey, if you hit it off, you can always “wow” her on date #2.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • http://stretchyourdollarwaukesha.wordpress.com/ Skirnir Hamilton

    I have to say that a nature walk for the first date seems a tad unsafe to me. I will not go somewhere secluded with an unknown male and I don’t think that is a good first date. I like the other ideas.

    • David Bakke


      You bring up a very valid point.

      I guess I wouldn’t want my first date to fell like that either, so if I were to suggest a walk in the park, I’d make sure it was a very public park and the walk would be during daylight hours.

      Thanks for joining us in the conversation!

  • http://thefrugalbuzz.com Mary S.

    Right on re: that fine line between coming off cheap, but many appreciate the extra thought and ‘uniqueness’ of a date more than its monetary value. If my date took the time to pack a picnic lunch or bring a kite or even bubbles to add that little extra to the nature walk or free concert, etc. I would find that more impressive than heading to the standard dinner and drinks date. I also like the outdoor movies a lot of neighborhoods show during the summer months. Most important – any person you want to date should be on the same page as you financially & you’ll get a good idea if this is true or not if you plan & stick with a date/dates in line with who you are & in lines with what you can afford, etc. If your date likes extravagance & you’re thrifty – it’s probably not gonna work.

    • David Bakke


      Right on to you too.

      And I can’t emphasize enough the need for an assessment of both person’s viewpoint on money.

      It can really destroy a relationship–even a marriage.

      Thanks for commenting

  • http://twitter.com/BlogandSave Savings.com Blog

    homemade pizza is a great idea. i find that cooking together brings people closer. and it’s way cheaper than dining out.

    • Onward Thruthe Fog

      I had a lot of fun on a date when we went to a grocery store and bought a bunch of weird fruit so we could bring them back to the house to sample stuff we had never eaten before.

  • http://humbleville.com Mayor of Humbleville

    Hi Heather,
    Great ideas! I especially love the idea of two adults going on a date to Chuck-E-Cheese, something my hubby and I would totally do. I know we’re long last our first date, but it’s still good to keep some ideas in my back pocket for the random date night!
    Humbly Yours,
    The Mayor

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Justinhaugens Justin Haugens

    You can NOT get into Chuck-E-Cheese without a child in tow… We’ve tried and they gave us a funny look.

  • Pick up artist

    Yeah, “ask her to come to your house” to “watch cartoons” on the first date if you want her to think you are a creep.

    Whoever is advising here has no idea what goes on in the woman’s mind.

    • Aressian

      Actually, that’s what my boyfriend and I did for out first date, more or less. It all depends on the people involved I think. (Though, I will admit that could be pretty creepy under the right circumstances).

    • Fire engine guy

      Haha…actually, that was one of her ideas. We had met previously from a dating site. So our first interaction was more of a meet and greet. Our first planned date was to make home made pizza, try a few different wines and watch a marathon of cartoons. Date was awesome.

  • Paul Bartlett

    STILL single at 45:( aarrgghh, i’ve tried most of these. I had fun, the women had fun so they said. But no second date, ever! Some of us just are not meant to be with someone else. I gave up 5 years ago, or was it ten? Lost track (This is real!) Pitiful isn’t it. But if someone comes along who knows. Some people say I’m too picky. I’m not picky as long as she fits into my box shes good. (My box has lots of room)

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