• http://ValerieRind.com/ Valerie Rind

    A friend criticized me about the extent to which my financial and social lives are digital. “Your identify is going to be stolen and you’ll lose your good credit and all your money,” he warned.

    Recently someone forged a paper check on his main checking account. It took him quite a lot of time and effort to get it fixed. So you’re never really off the grid!

    • Michael Lewis

      Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, there will always be people who are trying to take what others have by guile, deceptions, and theft. While getting off the grid to the extent possible may protect you to some extent, the possibility of physical thefts remain.
      Good luck and stay safe.

  • Tahnya Kristina

    This post is perfecting timing for me. This week my VISA card was cancelled because it had fradulent transactions…and I work at a bank. I think I’m done with credit cards…other than booking trips. No one is safe so we need to take as many precautions as possible. Great post.

    • Michael Lewis

      You might consider using a single credit card with a low limit of $500 to $750 exclusively for small purchases, leaving the rest at home in a secure place for emergencies. If someone steals that card, at least the amount they can steal is limited. Of course, the best protection is to constantly check your transactions to be sure they are valid. Sorry for your experience.

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