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Target REDcard Review – Debit Card With 5% Discounts at Target


Target REDcard

target redcard debitDebit cards were in the news frequently this past year – often in a less-than-positive light – as numerous banks sought to impose fees for their use. Normally, a debit card is issued by the bank that holds your checking account, though this is not always the case. The Target REDcard is one such debit account set up via a retailer, rather than a financial institution.

The Target REDcard functions as a debit card that draws funds from any checking account. It offers the same convenience as any debit card, while offering customers additional benefits, such as a 5% discount on most purchases. Below is more information on the top features and how it works.

Key Features

  • Application Can Be Completed In-Store or by Mail. Applicants who apply in-store must provide a voided check. Otherwise, customers can print out and mail in their application.
  • Direct Debit Features. Charges at Target are deducted directly from the cardholder’s checking account, regardless of bank or financial institution.
  • Discounts at Target. When using a REDcard, Target customers receive a 5% discount on qualifying purchases. This includes most items, with some exceptions including gift cards, prescription drugs, and medical services.
  • Free Shipping From Cardholders are eligible to receive free shipping for online orders, with no minimum purchase requirement.
  • No Annual Fee. There is no fee to use this card, though there are returned payment fees that vary based on the state in which the cardholder resides.
  • Donations to Education. Target makes a donation to education equal to 1% of all REDcard purchases.

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  1. Great Discounts. For regular Target shoppers, there are many savings to be realized by deducting 5% from all purchase prices. This is a true, immediate discount taken at the register, not cash back that must be claimed at some later date.
  2. Free Shipping. Think of this like the paid Amazon Prime service, but free. However, unlike the Amazon program, there is no guarantee of two-day shipping. Online purchases can even be returned at a physical location, so feel free to buy shoes or clothing to try on at home.
  3. Donations to Education. Target donates 1% of the amount of all REDcard purchases to the K-12 school of your choice.
  4. Extra Savings on Pharmaceutical Purchases. When you fill at least five prescriptions at a Target pharmacy, you receive an extra 5% discount for one day of Target shopping, in addition to your existing 5%.
  5. No Potential for Debt. Many people avoid credit cards, including retail store-issued credit cards, after incurring costly debt. Debit cards are a fantastic alternative, as customers can only spend money that they already have in their accounts.
  6. No Credit Check. No matter your credit history, nearly all applicants with a checking account are approved.
  7. No Fees. There is no need to worry about monthly fees, annual fees, or charges for going below a minimum balance.


  1. Does Not Work at Target Mobile. Target has a cutting-edge product that offers discounts at the store and online. However, it does not offer a discount at Target Mobile. However, it would not surprise me to see this functionality added in the future.
  2. Not Part of a Payment Network. Since it does not belong to a processing network such as Visa or MasterCard, this card can only be used at Target stores and at
  3. Cannot Be Used to Carry a Balance. I personally believe that this is a great feature; however, for those who need to carry a balance from time to time, this card will not be of any use.
  4. Does Not Build Credit. There is no credit check necessary to receive this card, but use of this card will do nothing to improve your credit score.

Final Word

Target is an innovative retailer, offering stylish goods at affordable prices. Likewise, its REDcard is a unique product that offers the ability to make purchases directly from a linked checking account. When you consider the significant 5% discounts and free shipping, it becomes clear that this is a worthwhile product. Considering that there are no costs or fees to use this card, it’s an easy choice for any regular Target customer to obtain the REDcard.

Do you have experience with the Target REDcard? What additional advantages or disadvantages can you report?

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  • Hedy

    Hmm…I may need to check the debit card option out. Anyone have any experience using it with an Electric Orange account?

    • Erik Folgate

      Hedy, my assumption is that it wouldn’t work with an electric orange unless you have paper checks, because I think they require that you give them a paper check. If they don’t, then you could just find out the ING routing number and give them that with the checking account #.

  • Gina

    i work for target, I took the job to increase our snowball. I signed up for the check card because I do most of my shopping at target, for the reasons listed in the article and because I get an employee discount. Before the new discount program, I signed up so i didn’t have to carry my check book. Another perk is the donation they make to local schools. You might not have kids but i”m sure you know someone who does or just pick the local school system. You also can track your prescriptions and earn a 5% bonus shopping day. I also have not found a fault, it does take a day to hit my checking account at chase but that is the only drawback I have found.

    • Erik Folgate

      That’s good info from an inside Gina, thanks!

  • Daniel D

    I’m a frequent shopper at Target and about a month ago or a bit over I signed up for the Target debit card. It was a pretty easy and quick procedure and so far I’m very happy with it. Sure 5% off doesn’t sound like much but if you shop there quite a bit like I do it does add up. Also it can be stacked with Target coupons to further your savings. Another perk is you can get an extra 5% savings if you refill five prescriptions at Target which can be used in addition to your regular 5%.

    The debit card doesn’t credit check you or anything which is a great plus for me as this won’t effect your credit history or ding you for opening up another card. The only negative I’ve seen is it does take around 3 days on average before the debit shows up on my bank account. I’m living paycheck to paycheck so for me I must write down the Target debit’s properly so I don’t risk overdrawing. I’ve always been good about not having an overdraft though and I’m careful with debit cards. So make sure to write down those Target debit’s as they may take a few days to post to your checking account unlike a regular debit which is instant or the next business day.

    • Chris

      I thought it was a great idea too–except for the delay in posting. I go to Target frequently, and the day I signed up for the card, I had already been twice that day. (I’m not an excessive spender, I was just interrupted by picking up my daughter from school :) But I agree, if I am going to use the card, I am going to have to write down every transaction. I used the card for the first time on a Wednesday night, and it is now Saturday night, 3 days later, and it still hasn’t posted yet! Very inconvenient since I am used to checking my balance frequently (at least daily) online to see how much I have to work with. Although I haven’t asked anyone from Target or called them, my thoughts on the matter is that perhaps the banks are new to this game, and can’t keep up with whatever it takes them to process these kind of card transactions. I also forsee returns being a problem/taking forever to get your money back in your account since Target only lets you receive returns back in the exact form of payment you used for the purchase.

      • Daniel D

        I’ve only made one return with my Target Debit card and the return was VERY easy. I returned something and the credit went back to my account. It did take a couple of days to show on my account though but I had no issues with returning an item with my card. One thing to note though. On a regular debit card Target’s return policy is to refund the money to your account, give you cash back, or store credit. However on your Target Debit card you only have the option for your account to be credited back to your bank account or to get a store credit, you cannot get cash back on a refund from the Target Debit card.

        This isn’t a big deal to me though as the money was refunded to my regular bank account in a couple of days. Plus as much as I shop at Target I know even if I got store credit I’d for sure be using it!

        • Kim M

          Any idea what the fine print portion means regarding $35 return fee for californians?

        • Lee

          Kim — I saw that too and the wording threw me off. After looking around a bit it’s my understanding that “return payment’ means an overdraft fee, not a charge for returning an item.

    • Erik Folgate


      It’s a great point you raise about the 3 day delay in posting. They “should” tell you that it won’t automatically post in your account when you use the Red Card. It does take a couple of days, so you need to take extra close care of your bank account ledger when using it so that you don’t overdraft because of it.

      • Nicolettealger

        I purchased something online with the Target Debit Card 11 days ago and the amount has still not been taken from my bank account. Is this long of a delay normal?

    • Invisiblefrog

      I don’t get everyone’s hang up on delay in posting. You have the receipt – write it in your checkbook or when is shows from the bank write it down. It is 3 more days you have “your money” in your checking account.

      • Sunnie_dazs

        the hang up is that if you make 4 purchase during the week then they will deny your next purchases until it finally clears the bank. Since I work there and use my card multiply times i just had this happen.

        • Target Addict

          The *other* hangup is that I don’t use my checkbook anymore…I used to be an incredibly fastidious checkbook-balancer, but I finally gave up. I know it’s awful…

        • I.C. Spots

          LOL is that how you budget your money? Oooh, look! Money in my account! I should go find some random stuff to buy with it! Personally my checking account pays a small amount of interest, so I like the idea of having my money longer. But hey I guess that’s not the American way.

      • Dale

        Although it’s not much, I get interest on my checking account. So, those extra few days of the money sitting in my account are an added benefit.

  • kimme

    Thanks for all the info everyone and thanks for the great article Erik! I’m excited to open up a debit card now with Target! I shop at Target twice a week so this would be so wonderful. I have also heard that we might be put on the list to receive Target mailers (after opening up a debit or credit card) with valuable money-saving coupons to use at Target stores. I really hope this is true because that would make it even more worth it especially because I stack coupons when I shop to maximize my savings!! :)

    • Erik Folgate

      Yeah, I am sure that you’ll start receiving a lot more coupons from Target once they have all of your accurate information. And the 5% is no matter what, so if you use other coupons or discounts, you always get the 5% if you use the Target RedCard.

  • The Debt Free Baby

    I just did a blog about this, I will have to echo the others and say that the only drawback is the delay in posting. However, I use ireconcile (iphone app) to keep track of all my transactions and amounts in my budgets. This way I dont just go off what is in my bank account.

  • Marcy

    Thank you for this article! We were just shopping at Super Target today and we were asked if we wanted to open the debit card. This was the fist time I have ever heard of it, so we decided to wait and read and research first to be sure there are no hidden strings attached. So reading this article, and the responses, has been very helpful! I am all about saving money, even if it is just 5%!

    • Target Lover

      more of our Target stores in my area are starting to carry fresh groceries…the 5% on taxed items is basically (almost) cancelling out our 6% sales tax rate–but for food items, it’s a definite savings. Loving it!

  • Vanessa

    I’m not sure how old these comments are, but I just wanted to say that when I signed up for the Target debit card, I was using ING for my main checking account. I brought in the paper you print from the ING site with our account info on it, but that wouldn’t work. They needed an actual check they could run through the little machine. I had a secondary account at Chase, so I gave them one of those checks to sign up. When I got home, I was easily able to change the account from Chase to ING by calling the number Target gives you for this purpose. It was all automated; just punched in some new numbers and the account change took place immediately.

  • kc

    I sent in the app by mail with my ING account info and the card came in the mail no problem. They can’t do it in the store. I have ING Orange and it takes a week for the transaction to clear. You really have to keep track of the charges. It’s not like your regular ATM where it shows up right away. Can’t stand the delay!

  • Michael

    You know that you also get the 5% off from the normal Target Card… it’s just that first time you get 10%.

  • Erik Folgate

    hey there, no i didn’t know that! Although, I’m not a credit card guy, so that’s why I loved the debit card product. I get the savings without racking up credit card debt, even if I did pay it off every month, it’s too much temptation to skip a month or two of not paying it off fully.

  • Eleanor

    I so disagree with Target politics (to whom and to what they make contributions) that, while saving is a big priority in my economic life, boycotting Target has become a major priority in my where-I-shop life.

  • Ted Williams

    I work for Target in Tempe AZ. I would like to provide some additional detail regarding the Target debit card. Yes we push the card but who wouldn’t want to save 5% on all purchases; especially when signing up only requires a blank check- no fees, credit check (debit card only), etc. At Target our guests are first priority- we want to provide fast, fun and friendly service and will do everything to support this goal.

    One additional benefit the Target debit or credit card offers is through Target’s Take Charge of Education program (Target is highly involved with volunteering/donating to local schools) Target will donate up to 1 % of Target purchases to our guests school of choice (K-12). 1 % may not seem like a lot; however this added benefit can go a long ways and can help tremendously especially with all the current struggles of schools and resources needed in today’s economy.

    So, when shopping with us at Target please keep in mind these added benefits and definitely look into the Target debit card; there is no fine print and the benefits of the debit card can be substantial! All it takes is 2 -3 minutes of your time to join while checking out; also your 5% savings will be applied to your purchase when joining. Anyone who wants to research further the benefits of Target’s debit or credit card can do so online by going to:

    Always, thank you for shopping Target and remember “Can I help you find something!”

    • Ms. Egypt

      *yawn* Shut the f**ck up.

  • Denise

    I just signed up for the red card. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I use coupons and am now saving 5%. I love it!
    For those who don’t like the fact it doesn’t clear right away, I would think that is a small problem. Target is choosing to give you 5% back with no fees! If you were to write a check somewhere, it would normally take a few days to clear, so I don’t see what the difference is. I always keep track of my money and checkbook, so I always know what I have.
    What I have decided to do is start a spreadsheet of everytime I shop at Target (about once a week). I am putting my savings down and I am going to see how much I actually save after a year.

    • Target Addict

      You only go there once a week? LOL.

      My only comment is that if you write a check at Target these days, it clears in less than 24 hours. I just got messed up by the lag (my own fault, granted) and found this post while trying to figure out what (if anything) Target will charge me for the returned-by-the-bank transaction and how long it will take them. Will keep reading…

    • Amy

      Hello Denise, on the bottom of your receipt, there is text that indicates both how much you have saved that day and how much you have saved Year-to-date.

    • SenatorKang

      Here’s the deal: these people were NOT writing checks before… they were using bank issued debit cards- cards that hit the bank instantly, not like an ACH! Also, people are aware that they would have to opt-in (on a bank issued TRUE debit), due to recent changes in Federal law, before a debit card would actually even process, when the funds are not there. Therefore, they are caught off guard at the slow processing time and NSF fees. Personally, I LOVE Target, but I’m about to choke out the next TARGET employee who talks my ear off, trying to push a Red Card on me- NOTHING THAT GREAT HAS TO BE SOLD SO RABIDLY.

    • Ms. Egypt

      This b**tch works for Target…Another blog/forum plant!

  • Amy Heimbuch

    I have just had the worst experience!

    I opened my card less than two months ago. I tried to pay my balance when it was due and it kept getting returned (because they entered in their own check numbers with my phone/online payments & my bank threw them back because those numbers had already been used by me). I tried to pay it 4 times online and over the phone 5 times with no luck.

    I got a phone call yesterday from someone claiming to be from Target, demanding I give them my credit card number to pay my balance. When I said that I wasn’t comfortable giving my information to someone who called me, because I don’t know if they are who they say they are, the person on the phone was harsh with me. I asked the person to please mail me a statement (since I was signed up for paperless) and he said he couldn’t do that, that I needed to give my credit card information to pay my balance now. Turns out it was a Target rep who called me, but still, demanding I give my personal information on the phone, without verifying who I was and then getting harsh with me is not the way a corporation’s customer service should be handling things.

    So I went to the store to pay it and even had trouble paying it there. Today I called to make sure that my payment last night had finally gone through, which it did, and I tried to cancel my card and she would not let me – she basically said; “Well you should give it another chance since the holidays are coming up. Thanks for being a Target card member” and she hung up the phone.

  • Ds Msn

    They require a State ID or Driver’s License. They report all of this to a Credit Reporting Bureau. They report your spending history to a Credit Bureau. If you don’t have enough money in your account they report this as well. They give your street address and bank information to a credit bureau as well. All this for a debit card.

  • Billiedoveanderson

    I never got the card, what do I do now.

  • Jason

    Only problem with the card is my bank it’s drawn on (TD Bank) charges me $2.00 everytime i use a “Non TD Bank” debit card. So anytime I use it on a purchase under $40.00 it costs me more to use it. Maybe if I was planning a large purchase like a TV it would be worth it but otherwise it’s just a hassle.

    • Jasmine

      You do not get charged 2.00 for a non TD bank debit card only if you were to make a withdrawal at another banks ATM machine. The purchase comes out as and ach debit therefore no fees.

  • Cynthia24cat

    I too, was excited about this debit card offering 5% off every purchase and indeed, they do it. My only problem is the lag until these charges show up in your bank account. Several days and in one case nearly a week. Much longer than my usual debit card purchases. Sadly, I am a bit lax about tracking my purchases and bank balance, I usually just try to mentally track but this charge has taken me by surprise more than once. I wonder if it is intentional on Target’s part, that they gain some interest by holding up the charge or if it is my particular bank. Anyway, if you are a keen record keeper, I highly recommend the card!

  • Jon_vero

    Good article. Comments helped a lot as I used my Target debit card for the first time today and was puzzled why the charges didn’t hit my checking account right away. Now I know why, thanks.

  • Guest

    The delay is becasue the Target Card uses the ACH process to vlear the items rather than the typical debit card real time clearing. So let’s say the card is stolen and someone rings up $500 in fraud purchases on it. Who takes that loss? I know if I use the debit card issued by my bank, I’m limited to $50 but I haven’t been able to get a straight answer from Target on my liabitlity limits if any. To be honest I don’t track my account the way I should and I could let a number of transactinos slip by without realizing it for some time.

  • Guest

    The delay is becasue the Target Card uses the ACH process to vlear the items rather than the typical debit card real time clearing. So let’s say the card is stolen and someone rings up $500 in fraud purchases on it. Who takes that loss? I know if I use the debit card issued by my bank, I’m limited to $50 but I haven’t been able to get a straight answer from Target on my liabitlity limits if any. To be honest I don’t track my account the way I should and I could let a number of transactinos slip by without realizing it for some time.

    • Levigrahlman

      actually, you would still have the ability to go to your bank and do a ACH Dispute as unauthorized. Target will have no answer or anything for any problem. They are just using the card as a way to originate ACH transfers from there processing bank to yours. It sounds like they don’t do a good job of getting and keeping routing and acct #’s attached to the cards so they are sent back to their bank as Unable to locate(R03).

  • Guest

    Like the credit card but annoyed at the credit limit. Was seemingly arbitrarily set at $700 when the card was issued (my other couple of cards all have limits 20 to 50 times higher) and this Christmas season it was denied when I was attempting a purchase due to balance. I called for an increase and was told that limit increases were automated and the service rep had no ability to help me. I have had the card over a year, auto-draft full payments every month and have excellent credit, I’m not sure what the criteria for an increase is. In the meantime I continue to be annoyed…

  • DDVestin

    I want to appy for a Target debit card online but I when I’m finished applying, is there another way to send my application instead of a phone call or mail?

  • ABEC

    I have a red card and I’m going to close the account. They are the worst credit service I’ve ever had. Once, my autopay did not go through correctly so I paid by phone. They still froze my account and told me that it would not unfreeze for 3 days – even though the payment was up to date. They charge ridiculous late fees (found out during that episode) and now I’ve discovered that they charge a minimum fee if you happen not to spend anything at Target for a whole month. Not worth 5% – I’ve spent more in the late fee and the minimum charges than I’ve saved! Also, the rudeness, lack of good hours, and unresponsiveness is really really really aggravating. Do yourself a favor – don’t go there.

  • anonymous

    WORTHLESS! We have it linked to our debit account that always has funds. at some point it just stopped working, because it declined a transaction. we tried 4 times, 3 times in a store, 1 time online. Customer service tried to change a pin number, to reset it, did not help. The general problem with this card is the way it is setup, they screwed it up, because they use third party bank associated services to manage it for target and target have no authority over this card to fix a simple problem they had with linking it properly, or resetting, or whatever problem they had with it. The bottom line, they did not know why our card doesnt work, but ff it does not work they cannot do anything about it…we wasted hours with their customer service several time… got nothing but rudeness, all they can do over and over is read you a statement that tells you that they cannot do nothing about it and they suggest you to go find that third party services that manage the card and ask them. they question is why to make a 5% off target card in first place that doesn’t work, that cant be managed, that issues cant be fixed via customer service and that creates so much frustrations for its customers?????

  • Nathalie

    I use the Target Debit RedCard akk the time and LOVE the extra 5% savings. As far as the lag in money being taking out of your account….who cares? Shouldnt we all be keeping track of our money all the time? Shouldn’t we write all transactions down? If I spent it at Target, I assume it is out of my account and I wont spend it again, no matter how long it takes for it to really be out of my account.

  • Nathalie

    I use the Target Debit RedCard akk the time and LOVE the extra 5% savings. As far as the lag in money being taking out of your account….who cares? Shouldnt we all be keeping track of our money all the time? Shouldn’t we write all transactions down? If I spent it at Target, I assume it is out of my account and I wont spend it again, no matter how long it takes for it to really be out of my account.

  • Guest

    I can’t get a checking account, so I guess this card is not for me. Too bad seems like a good deal.

    • Ms. Egypt

      Apply at a non-ChexSystems bank. google it for a list of banks that only run credit checks to open an account. Bank of America is one of them, I think.

      P.S. but leave the Red CArd alone *lol* I will be cancelling myn after reading the bullsh,,some people have gone through. See, it’s never a problem, until theres a problem.


    Target’s Red Card (debit) systems sucks so badly that I will never shop at a Target store or at their website ever again. Nothing but frustration!

  • 123

    Was thinking of signing up since I shop at target all the time.. thank you for all the comments, I guess I will have to wait till all this is figured out.

  • Phoebiann

    I am not interested in Target’s innovation in trying to access my bank account. I was pressured by a clerk because she claimed she would get some incentive for my signup, and I informed her – because she didn’t take NO for an answer – that it would not be in this lifetime that I would give Target access to my bank. She claimed Target already has access via my use of a bank debit card. I know what that means, and it is not the same as applying and giving Target legal rights. Because this clerk watched me enter my bank debit card PIN, and had reminded me that its use would give Target my bank info, for the first time in my life I went to my bank and changed my PIN. I really resent this intrusion, as when I shop in a store, I want to do what I intend – not be solicited or presented with BS innovations that are not in my interest. 5%? Wow, I woulda gotten 60 cents on the purchase, and given Target access to thousands of dollars. Not a good deal in my book.

    • Vivian

      You are too paranoid.

      • Phoebiann

        Vivian, I don’t know whether I’m too paranoid – but I think I’m paranoid enough in this case that I won’t have financial problems that I can’t afford. I don’t mind being paranoid if it saves me from damage.

      • Ms. Egypt

        and you’re fuckin idiot…Case closed…

  • amanda

    I purchased something on the Target website about 2 weeks ago and it still hasn’t been deducted from my account. Is this normal? How annoying!

    • OKC-CPA

      I know this was a long time ago, but you’re not charged until whatever you purchased actually ships.

  • Donny

    REDCARD statement problem. I always get paper statements so to keep better records of my transaction. Had received them since 2010 but last month’s bill never arrived. We found out about it when we got missed calls with a caller ID target they called two times and never left a message and we were wondering what it was all about. The 3rd call my wife answered and a person on the other line was rude and demanding payment right there and then. My wife informed her to call back in another hour or two so we can review our statement and bill payment to check what happened. She insisted to pay right there and would not call back and she said our state doesn’t allow her to call back. With so many scammers and fraud happening she may be crazy to expect somebody to pay right there and then and provide bank or credit card information. We checked and didn’t find any bill from them. They were quick enough to charge a $25 late fee and interest. We then went to the store and paid it all. The next to do now is to cancel the Target REDCARD. Either somebody got our statement or Target used it as a way to force people to get paperless. So for us the 5% discount is not worth anything if it destroys your credit and no considerations for mistakes in the system. It may be their way to encourage online statements which I don’t like because you will need to keep be religious on it even during vacation.

  • Fred Barrett
  • 8Head083079

    My wife and I attempted to buy a TV, $529 using our Target debit card, and they declined it. We had plenty of money in our account so we were shocked. After making a few calls, we were told, by Target, that we had to “build a history” using our card before we could make purchases over $250. What? Build history with a debit card, same as paying with cash? Total BS. Essentially, Target does not want you to use the debit card to make large purchases because they don’t want you to receive the 5% discount. As you may imagine, we were very embarrassed when our “debit” card was declined. We will never use it again and we will avoid shopping at Target. In short, don’t expect the discount if you are making a large purchase.

    • Jerry

      They can’t know you have the cash in your bank for sure, so it isn’t the same as cash.

  • Ijwalston2000

    I don’t like the fact that they make you sign off on the disclosure at the store. Really? who can read all that fine print in less than a minute. I want to know if Target sells my information to a third party vendor who will then send me numerous calls offering insurance or some other service I don’t need.

  • IHateTarget

    Target RedCard is the worst credit card I’ve ever had (including the ones that jacked up interest rates before the laws changed, my very first card before I had a credit history, and the ones they push on college campuses!) with the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced. I actually had a CSR shout at me… The measly 5% discount is not worth the hassles, usurious interest rates, & terrible customer service. Thanks to them, I’m done shopping at Target!

  • Angry Customer

    Target Redcard: Do not get it.
    We got the target redcard debit card so that we could save 70 dollars on shipping, and the cost has been hours of headache. We paid using a giftcard and our redcard. Our giftcard was suspiciously not charged for the full amount and Target tried putting that remaining amount on our credit card a week after our item was shipped. We called the redcard customer service, they submitted our claim, and a couple of weeks later the problem was fixed. In the mean time, we received a collections letter. After that, we received a letter from redcard stating that they were sorry for the confusion. You would think their attempt to collect money we do not owe them would stop there, but it didn’t. Now we are dealing with credit problems and trying to get in contact with target to get them to stop collecting on us. Not to mention these collection letters are COMPLETELY RUDE, especially considering that all of this is TARGET’S MISTAKE AND NOT OUR MISTAKE (we balance our checkbook very well, thank you very much) which is enough to make me want to stop shopping at target all together.

    I will be posting this on every single page affiliated with target, the redcard, and websites that offer reviews of both. I think this whole thing is ridiculous, and trying to get any of this dealt with has been a huge waste of time I do not have. Bottom line: even if you have to pay 70 dollars for shipping the redcard is not worth it. You will end up with target trying to unlawfully collect 180 dollars from you.

  • Eileennn

    in 2008 i got a red card, went out to sea for 7 months and forgot to pay the 50 dollar balance. I then paid it off along with the 60 percent late charge. The red card company has ben hassling me from that day to this onw. As of today their collection company wants 370 dollars. I sent them a copy of the payment check in 2009, and that kept them quiet until 2010, then they came after me again. And here we are Target RED CARD is a loan sharking operation.
    –e. flanagan

  • EP

    Targets debit card is a scam. I recently was hired for seasonal work at target and they told us in the training that we could apply for the debit card for an extra 5% discount on top of the employee discount. What a joke. I applied at the store the next day and they told me that my application was pending, pending what? I proceeded to call target to see what the deal was, if there is no credit check then what is the hold up? The agent proceeded to tell me that the do not run a credit check, just check bank history. Well, last time I checked, checking anything on a persons record, bank history etc, is called a credit check. Nice try Target, I told them to cancel my application. Thanks but no thanks!

    • smrfee

      Of course they will check your bank history. If you have constant overdrafts, they are not going to give you a debit card. Also, they would have to check if the account is legit. I’ve had the card for a while and its great. I don’t even have good credit. Its nice to still get the discount even if you don’t have a credit card.

      • Ms. Egypt

        *sigh* Another coorporate Target rep

    • Ms. Egypt

      Same sh**t happened to me then after my credit score went up I applied again & got approved. So yeah they DO run credit & your score apparently has to be over 600. Bank history? That means they pull your ChexSystem report. Which is like a credit report but for bank accounts. This is why people with a negative ChexSystem report look for banks that only run a credit check to open an account with them (google: non-ChexSystems banks). Negative entries over 2 years old don’t show (i.e. overdrafts, unpaid overdrafts, etc.) Only thing that shows is currently open bank accounts. I have NEVER had an issue with fraud or f**cking up bank accounts and the only thing that shows in my ChexSystem report is my current “in good standing” checking & savings account. So if that was the case I would have been approved the first time.

  • TargetGirl

    I have the Target Redcard Debit that pulls directly from my checking account. My only problem with it is that it doesn’t automatically put a pending hold on my online bank account so I’ve often forgot I’ve spent money at Target, then when it does come through, as an electronic check, I will be charged a $35 fee if it puts me over, thus negating the 5% discount and then some. Also, I’ve noticed that it will let you make purchases regardless of how much is in your actual checking account, so this could be tempting to some people. In short, love the discount but I wish it worked more like a debit card than an electronic check

    • Tina

      That’s how a lot of banks work, that’s not targets fault that your forgot. It’s called an overdraft fee…

      • Dai

        But I believe her point was that it works too much like an electronic check….. If it worked more like a debit card, she wouldn’t have to be *as* careful with writing down each transaction.

        However, one should always be careful and I agree; it’s not Target’s fault she forgot…

        • Jenn

          Tina’s point was that is this lady learned to manage her money she would get NSF fee’s.
          Its not difficult to know what you have in your bank account and not spend more than that.

        • jenn

          Wouldnt* get NSF fees.

    • smrfee

      This is why we keep check registers. If you keep the receipt and mark in your check register, you won’t have that problem. Its like writing a check. Same concept.

    • Morley Drury

      You “forgot” you spent money? Really? And that is somehow Target’s fault? Amazing.

  • Becci

    BEWARE have a complaint you are not talking to anyone in the United States. If you the cashiers void a purchase and the money come out of your account…….IT TAKES DAYS AND DAYS to get your money back It would also be nice to speak with someone the US

  • HoldMyGrudges

    I too have had a bad experience with the Red Card. Six years ago I increased the amount I was going to pay on Target’s website each month. It was 25 days before the next payment was due but despite that much notice, Target did not withdraw the payment on the due date and then proceeded to jack up my interest rate from 10% to 28% and charge me a late fee. No one would fix the situation so I paid off and cancelled the card. I haven’t stepped foot in a Target since 2007 andI used to spend over $6k per year there. My credit score is in the high 700’s and I had always paid my bill on time. I hope they enjoyed the extra $50 they made on that interest hike because it has cost them $6k plus a year in revenue since. Now I take my business elsewhere.

    • Morley Drury

      How do you owe interest on a debit card? How does a debit card hurt your FICO score? Do you even know what you’re commenting on?

  • wow

    I can’t believe, to find out so many negative comments on Red Card. I’m glad that before applying for it, i decided to search for more feedback. Seems that something is really going wrong, if so many people have similar experiences. Thanks Target, for offering me 5% and free shipping. I”m going to suspend my decision for this time.

    • Lisa1111

      No, it’s actually just that everyone who posted comments is an effing idiot who has no money in their checking account and then doesn’t like it when they get an overdraft once the purchase amount comes out of their checking account. It’s a fine card. I’m only not going to get it because I don’t spend enough at Target to make it worth it to me to have an additional debit card with the slight security risks.

  • ns

    I am confused by some of the reviews. This is a debit card right? So how do you pay “the balance” off – those comments sound like comments on a CREDIT card. Someone please clarify.

    • Anthony

      Allow me to clarify it for you. I work for Target in Nothwest Houston, Texas and some of the reviewers here are misinformed about the redcard. We have two cards. One a credit card and the other a debit card. The debit card is linked right to your checking account so you do not have to pay it back like you do with the credit card. The application process involves a blank check and your id while the credit card requires a credit check and your id. Of course there are enemy retailers that would tell you they are the same thing but they are lying. They are both excellent cards that help you save 5% on every purchase you make. Not only that but you also receive benefits such as 1) pharmacy rewards 2) free shipping when you order something online 3) extended return time and (optional)4) donate 1% to the school of your choice

      • stacy

        Anthony, since you work at target, maybe you can answer my question. Is there a fee for returning an item I bought with my Red debit card?

        • safadf


      • Ms. Egypt

        STFU! TARGET DOES RUN CREDIT! Ia pplied before & got declined then after my credit score went up I applied again & got approved. FOR THE RED CARD DEBIT CARD 5% DISCOUNT BLAH BLAH BLAH…No, not the CREDIT card. So stop the lies!

  • sophador

    If you dont have one, dont get one! if you do have one, exercise extreme caution and keep a VERY close eye on your bank account!!! I have had NSF fees withdrawn from my account several times over the past few months and i have no idea why. I have gone back over my bank statements and for at least one of the instances four NSF fees were taken out of my account more than TWO WEEKS after the last purchase i had made. These were in April. There was one on May 29th for purchases on the 23rd of that month that i have no issue with, that one was my bad, but there are another two on June 11th with no transactions to go with them! Now i have two more that were posted to my account on the 25th of this month, again with NO transactions to go with them. My bank has been very helpful with this and has refunded my money on all occasions, but they recommended i call Target because the recent ones had been set up as automatic withdrawals. I called the number on the back of my card and was shuffled through the automated system and was told, by a recording, to call another number. I was NEVER even given the option to speak with real person. I called the number i was given and the gentleman who answered said they were a collection agency, i owe Target $180, and no he cannot give me any kind of contact info for anyone to discuss the matter with. As of now i have sent them a message from the RedCard website, but have not heard back from anyone…

    • Ms. Egypt

      LMAO!@ :i owe Target $180, and no he cannot give me any kind of contact info for anyone to discuss the matter with”

    • Dee

      Hmmm…sounds like today’s scam with Target’s cards finally revealed your issue and I am sorry you had to suffer, especially since nobody at Target was able to assist you.

      • Lisa1111

        Actually, it sounds like someone who isn’t able to keep track of his spending in his banking accounts.


    People wouldn’t have the problems with the NSF fees, etc. if they would actually keep track of their spending. It’s not the bank nor Target’s problem that you cannot remember that you spent money at Target and see that it has not hit your bank account when you look at your balance online or whatever. I personally LOVE that it usually takes a couple days to clear my bank account because I can go grocery shopping on the weekend before payday even if there isn’t that much money in my account. It’s always nice to beat the payday/social security check/food stamp rush around the beginning and middle of the month. However, I always make sure to keep track of how much I spent and make sure that there will be money in the account by the time that the transaction clears. If you cannot do this, then maybe you should just close your checking account and get a prepaid debit card from Wal-Mart or something so that you won’t have to worry about it.

    • Debraen

      Actually, OKC-CPA, what you are doing is illegal. It’s like writing a check when the money isn’t there, which is called writing a bad check. Target has the option of taking the money out of your account immediately when the transaction is made. It’s their money now. If it’s not there, regardless of your intent to put it there some time in the future, you are committing fraud against the company. And as an aside, my experience with Target is that they charge secret-squirrel fees that show up in your checking account without notice and without cause. Kinda tough to keep enough money in your account to cover fees you don’t know are coming. I’ve taken my statements to the customer service desk and had the personnel there tell me oops, it was an error. It took three weeks for my account to reflect a refund. No apologies, no interest on the funds they stole from my account. If I had made transactions on the account expecting that money to be there, it would have overdrafted the account and cost even more in bank OD fines. I don’t think Target is intentionally unscrupulous, I just think they are dangerously inept and careless. I’ve been using cash at Target for a couple of years now.

      • OKC-CPA

        Eh, actually I have a line of credit with my bank that gets tapped if transactions come through without money being in the account. Therefore there are always ‘funds available.’ Totally not illegal. And as far as hidden squirrel fees being charged to your account I have to say that I actually doubt that’s true. I have had the Target Red Debit Card for several years now and have never once had any charge come through that I did not authorize. I have however saved hundreds on shipping costs and thousands by way of the 5% discount.

        • Lisa1111

          Conveniently forgot to mention that one little bit, didn’t you? LOL; face palm. It would be illegal if you did not have overdraft protection/line of credit, but is legal if you do have that line of credit to back up the checking.

  • longtime customer

    I am losing money shopping @ Target because the food is too old on the shelf. I’ve had to throw out a lot of food. I did return one item . Decided not to shop there anymore.

  • Philip

    They enjoy doing unauthorized withdraws out of accounts !

    • Joey Cagle

      Umm, no they don’t. I have a REDCard debit card and I’ve never had an unauthorized withdrawal.

  • littleapplefran

    I’ve been trying to decide on the Target Red Card Debit, the above article made me decide to get one. The comments below mostly sound like ppl that don’t track all purchases…I am going to check with my bank and see if they have had any complaints from ppl using the Debit card!

  • Gurrrgle

    I finally decided to get one, then was denied… for a debit card that directly transfers funds from my checking account, sounds crazy. Oh well, I’ll stop spending so much money at Target now.

    • GleeLvr

      They don’t deny debit cards unless you already have one.

      • Ms. Egypt

        STFU! You work for Target you lying [email protected] THEY DO RUN CREDIT! Same sh**t happened to me then after my credit score went up I applied again & got approved. So stop the lies!

      • TEN


        • Lisa1111

          You must have had overdrafts on a checking account before. They don’t check with credit bureaus but they do check wit Chex Systems to see if you’ve written bad checks or have a bunch of overdrafts on your bank accounts.

      • Joey Cagle

        Actually, it does happen. They check with Chexsystems. If you pop up in there, it may not approve you. Though you can be in there and still be approved. It just depends.

        It can also happen if there’s a problem with information given.

    • Ms. Egypt

      Same sh**t happened to me then after my credit score went up I applied again & got approved. So yeah they DO run credit & your score has to be over 600

  • GleeLvr

    Everyone on here is only saying horrible things to scare other people away from the card. There is no credit check or fees. If you’re losing random money then maybe you should be watching what you spend and where. And as for those who are complaining about old food products on the shelf, maybe just maybe you should check the expiration ate before purchase like most people do, if you purchase old food and do not realize till you get home, that is your fault, however if you check and let an employee know they will fix the problem and get you fresh food. The people who post on these sites to make complaints about the card are probably those who work at competitive stores. The only time there is a pending status for the debit card is if A) you already have a previous account or B) you do the application online. This card is absolutely wonderful and if you are going to spend the money anyways, why not save. However if you personally have an issue with the card speak to target about it, dont go and post lies all over the internet in hopes that Target will magically know to resolve your issues, not only are turning away other customers but your making yourself look bad especially to those card users who know you’re lying. Thank you.

    • unhappycustomer

      GleeLvr–do you work for Target corporate?

      • Ms. Egypt

        Apparently she does.

    • Chris Frederick

      Most of the negatives that are being posted are NOT lies; they are related to the fact that Target claims the red card is a debit card that deducts purchases directly from the cardholder’s bank account, which is misleading. There’s nothing “direct” about a transaction that takes at least two or three days to post, and for which Target charges overdraft fees over and above the bank fee if there are insufficient funds. People are familiar with PIN-based debit cards simply declining the transaction at the point of sale if there are insufficient funds, and that is very different from the way that the Target card behaves.

      • Joey Cagle

        There’s a difference between direct and immediate.

      • tripplesix

        Also, there are NO lies or misleadings (I know this is not a word) about this card. EVERYTHING is stated on the website in regards to the card. It IS okay to not like the method and thus not like the card. But all these things about trickery, being mislead and all the other negatives are nonsense.

  • unhappycustomer

    Do NOT get a Target Red Card. The savings I received were minimal but they charge high fees if your payment is not processed early. I sent them a check three days before the balance was due and they claimed it was late. Although I paid off the entire balance, I am now charged being charged high interest and fees that have compounded and Target refuses to waive the fees. They claim I owe more in late fees than what I paid for the original purchase. This card is a massive rip off! Buyer beware.

    • MrMer

      Retarded? This is the DEBIT card, you are readin about the wrong card.

      • Mfred

        umm I there is a CREDIT Target Red card…

        and retarded should not be used as an insult

        • leonffs

          Article is not about the credit card, it is about the debit card. So basically your entire comment is completely useless regarding this article.

  • CindyLoo

    I have received numerous Target Pharmacy rewards telling me I can use my 5% off with a RED card on top of pharmacy rewards, so you can use it on prescriptions and receive the discount.

    • Lisa1111

      Just because you earned a 5% off coupon from the Pharmacy Rewards program, it doesn’t mean you can get a discount on pharmacy drugs. LOL.

  • debra

    I am glad I researched “the red debit card”. I am for sure not getting one! I don’t shop at Target anyway as a rule but would have if I found good deals!

  • Red Card Visa

    When I do returns from purchases on the red visa card they process part of it on the card and the other part on the gift card – does anyone know why? I asked the returns clerk and they couldn’t explain it.

    • vivian

      I’m actually a team member at Target and the reason why it gives it to you in that form was probably because that was how you paid at the register during your checkout. The POS determains if it all should go back to your visa or your other form of payment :)

  • Iris Brand

    “Direct Debit Features. Charges at Target are deducted directly from the cardholder’s checking account, regardless of bank or financial institution.” This happens to be true but it imposes a false image. I signed up for the Target Red Card a few days ago and was pleased to have received it within four business days; however, when I checked the balance of my account after using the card twice, my target purchases were the only debits left pending in wait to clear the bank. With this, one should keep in mind that Red Card charges do come directly out of the checking account to which they correspond but they do NOT come out immediately as with any other debit. Keep a register to prevent overdraft errors.

  • mikec

    Hmm Debit Card…But just tried buying a camera and it was 501.26 and would not go through. Called customer service and a floor supervisor told me it was because I had not enough credit with them yet? I let he know it was a Debit card….right out of the checking acct. and the funds are there. She said that there was nothing they could do but if I broke up the charges then maybe? Asked how much I could spend….doesn’t know…what about if I went into the store and tried….doesn’t know… For a “supervisor” she didnt know anything. Biggest waste of time. Target lost a customer tonight

  • TargetSucks

    Do not get this card. It took 10 days for a purchase to finally clear our bank. We did not have enough in the checking…it was all in savings. Got a returned check fee $33 + $30 target fee. So $66 for nothing. Avoid and beware. They take a while to process hoping they can slop up these low balance fees. AVOID!

    • Joey Cagle

      And this is why you should balance your check book. That’s part of your responsibility when having a checking account. Target isn’t to blame for your failure to balance your check book.

      • Morley Drury

        When you use a debit card, you should assume that money is gone from your account. The fact that it might take a few days doesn’t matter. If you don’t like keeping track of your money, then keep a reserve in your account. You’d actually give up a 5% discount just because you don’t like keeping a check register?

      • tripplesix

        Joey Cagle, I guess in all fairness, I partly agree with you. It’s just that for me, I don’t use check registers (too old and time consuming). But I also don’t play games with my money. I know how to keep track of things in my head, on stickies (post-its) and using online banking. If I buy too much at once, I keep receipts. I know when and how to check my online banking; and I know what is usable. So in the end, people need to get a little more educated in the game of your money and your finances. Because in the end, it is your fault if you tried to play tricks with spending what you don’t have or not paying attention and keeping track of what you have spent. The truth is, none of this is a scam. Target spells it all out for you online (and I’m sure also in their paper work). You don’t even have to read every single line to see it.
        Good luck shoppers.

  • Siona

    Used my Target debit card at our new Target Canada store. Two small purchases came out the same day of purchase, but the $105 purchase did not come out. I went to do online banking 2 days later, and I checked my balance. Today, my debit card declined, as apparently, the $105 purchase did not come out until Monday (we were there Saturday). I will using my bank’s debit card next time. Wish I had been warned about delayed withdrawal.

    • Lisa1111

      Maybe keep a running total of your bank account balance in an app, check register, or simply a piece of paper? Every time you make a purchase or pay a bill using either a check, debit card, or ACH, you mark it down on said app, check register, piece of paper. Not that hard.

  • jay

    I cannot believe how may people up here do not keep track of their
    money. How do you not know how much money you have, don’t’ we learn to
    use check registers when we first open our accounts??? How old are you

    • Lisa1111

      I know. It’s sounds insane not to at least keep a running total of how much money you have in your account. There are so many smartphone apps that make it ridiculously easy to keep track of how much is left in your bank accounts. As soon as you make a purchase using either a debit card, check, or ACH transfer from your checking account, just punch it into the app – takes a few seconds, people.

  • Baseball11626

    I LOVE the target Red Debit. I am a recent college grad and I just opened up another credit card, so I decided to go with the debit card instead. The debits do take awhile to clear, but I always have excess money in my checking account that it doesn’t really matter to me. The 5% is great and allows me to get all my electronics, household goods and even some of my basic grocery shopping there (New York City stores are so tiny)!

  • aol

    People- This article is about DEBIT CARDS, not credit cards. It’s simple- if you don’t have money in your bank, don’t use a debit card. It’s no different than writing a check. No money & it’s returned NSF.

    • Chaoticblu

      Lol Exactly!

  • Jim

    Looked good but the debit card doesn’t work for me. I expect debit transactions to clear within 24 hours, any longer is clear manipulation. A week to ten days for them to clear is out of the question. I do not have time to keep a check register and know my spending patterns so I never get overdrawn.

    • Joey Cagle

      If you write a check, it’s also going to take a few days. It’s never taken me 10 days to clear. Something weird is apparently going on with your bank.

      Anyway, remember, you have a checking account. It’s important to balance your checkbook. This is not the fault of the Target REDCard, but the person failing to balance their checkbook.

      Anyway, if you don’t have time to keep a check register, don’t have a checking account. Keeping a check register is part of your responsibility when having a checking account.

      • tripplesix

        Jim didn’t say anything about writing checks in his statement. I think you read far to deep into his statement. His opinion of the card is that he doesn’t like it because the transactions take too long to clear (summarizing). In his mind, it is “clear manipulation.” I wouldn’t call it manipulation because Target states that their debit card works like a check (maybe that is why you brought up writing checks).
        Aside from that, your following statement is ludicrous and ridiculous in 2014: “Keeping a check register is part of your responsibility when having a checking account.” What?!? Sorry but maybe that was so for back in the day, but now with everything online, it is totally unnecessary (unless you choose to do so). You then mention “balancing checkbooks.” Huh?!? You still write checks?? You simply need to make sure your acct always balances out; and again, you can do that with online banking.
        Nonetheless, I came here because I was googling about this Target debit card. I was about to apply online, but I don’t like what they are asking for online. I don’t know if I will bother though, because I too don’t like transactions taking too long to show up.
        Anyway, just my opinion J.Cagle. No disrespect intended.

        • whoopsonu

          He is referring to the debit card being like a check. Re-read what Joey wrote. Reading comprehension is your friend. He is comparing the redcard to writing a check, it takes a few days to clear….

      • Chaoticblu

        I’ve never heard of 10 days clearing with my Visa debit but maybe it does depend on your bank account and/or the type of card you have. I have Comerica and I can see my transactions in real time even if they haven’t cleared yet so I know how much money I actually have to spend. I agree though for others they might need to use an old fashioned check register.

  • jc

    Horrible experience with Target redcard and would never recommend it to anyone. My payment of $27 was one day late in March due to winter storm and I was charged $26 late fee. While trying to resolve the issue, I was advised to open an online account for auto deduction. By mistake I was enrolled to paperless (not sure how it happened) so I did not receive my paper bill in April and missed the payment again and charged another $35 late fee. I have been trying to call customer service for months and email and send a letter. I closed my account and paid all the purchase except late fee in April. However I am still charged every month for late fees, which has compounded to $99. Customer service calls are not going anywhere. It puts a lot of anger and pressure on me. Should I just pay the $99 late fees and get over it? Target customer service said it would continue to compound even though the account was closed in April. I feel trapped by Target and will never shop there. Please help.

    • nm

      Yes you should pay the fee, it’s your own fault. While I understand you are frustrated, this was entirely your fault for missing the payment and then not paying the late fee AGAIN. This is what due dates are for. You have all month to plan your payment.

    • puregold

      This forum is about the debit card, debit cards do not require monthly payments.

    • Morley Drury

      So let me get this straight. You paid late but don’t want to pay a late charge. Instead, you spend endless hours trying to save a $26 fee that you actually owe? Is your time not worth more than that? How about honoring your promises?

    • j

      1. This is about the DEBIT card, so seeing you didn’t read this I can see why you are having issues.
      2. You obviously owe the late fee so why are you complaining? Pretty simple-pay your bills on time.

  • puregold

    I have a Target Red DEBIT card (this forum is about DEBIT cards not Credit everyone). Anyways, I have had it since 2011 and I LOVE IT. I do not have any credit cards, so it’s frustrating when you don’t get the discounts, but with the debit card you still get the discounts and it comes DIRECTLY from your bank account. Now everyone COMPLAINING that this is not coming directly because of the time it takes, does not understand the definition of DIRECTLY, you are thinking INSTANT, in which it does not state anywhere that the withdraw is INSTANT! When you purchase something at Target with your red card, the money is DIRECTLY taken out of your account typically 3-5 days later, JUST LIKE A CHECK! This is what this card is like, and as another poster said, it’s nice having it like this because you can buy something, even if your check doesn’t go in for another day or 2. Anyways, I have never once had a problem with this card, LOVE this card, and will continue to use it and promote it to my friends :)

    • Lisa1111

      You really shouldn’t be buying things with your debit card if you don’t have the money in your checking account to cover the cost of the purchase. Because, first of all, it’s illegal. Second of all, it’s stupid, because when the store eventually quickens the pace of posting the transaction (like it looks they already have now), you will have an overdraft at best, or an NSF/ bad check on your record at worst.

  • S

    The target website rarely works, so I would recommend scheduling payment weeks in advance if you decide to use this card. Though I managed to pay my bill on time, I continually received late fees on the card. They will only remove a late fee once a year even if it is a Target company error. I canceled my card after 6 months. I recommend not even applying. It is worthless.

  • jo

    re: Target Red DEBIT..DON’T USE YOUR CARD TO SAVE 5% UNLESS THE FUNDS ARE ALREADY IN YOUR LINKED BANK ACCOUNT. Upon signing up for this card the cashier/store rep told me that it would take a couple of days for the transaction to reach my bank. Relying on the word of this store rep and the fact that the first few transactions did in fact take a minimum of 2 days before the funds were taken out of my bank account, I always use my card even if I didn’t have the money in the bank. I have my card linked to a checking that I keep very little in, but always enough for what is needed to pay for what will go through my bank. Anyway, so I use the card so that I can get the 5% credit, why not? I thought I could just go put the money in the bank before the 2 days were up before the trasaction hits my bank. Well, no more!! Long story short. My transaction hit my bank the next day and caused me to overdraft by a few dollars. I called Target’s RedCard Debit customer service and a manager said sorry, but we are trying to process the transactions faster in response to people being upset that it takes so long for the transaction to go through. I basically said, okay, but in my situation I was told it would take 2 days and I relied on that information. I asked that she send me a basic letter so that I could take it to my bank and in a nutshell she said No because she would have to get a letter approved by her legal department. Also in the middle of the conversation, she essentially told me that regardless of what the store rep told me I should have read the terms. I asked her how many people would really do that if a store rep specifically told them the transaction would take a minimum of 2 days…who would actually go home and read the fine print? So anyway, I am writing this to hopefully prevent someone else from making the mistake of believing they can save 5% then go put the money in the bank in a couple days, if they are like me and have the card linked to an account with little funds. So now my attempt to save 5%, about $6 -$7, will really result in a $30- $35 OVERDRAFT CHARGE! Yes, I can call my bank, but I shouldn’t have to defend myself without a simple letter from target explaining the mistake. They do not care to stick their neck out for me and the Target manager at 888-729-7331 made that clear. Hopefully this post helps someone and saves them from grief. As for Target, I have lost respect for the company and considered writing the FTC or filing a consumer complaint, but not sure there is any point as I was stunned to see how many complaints and bad reviews the company already has.

    • j

      not being rude but you shouldn’t spend more than you have so its hard to base an opinion off this

    • JC

      This “rep” was more than likely a simple employee who is being hounded by higher ups to make EVERYONE get a red card. Seeing how they told you this, you were probably nice to them and they were trying to give you a warning that it sometimes takes a couple days to process. However you shouldn’t have tried to make a purchase without the having the proper funds to begin with. That is YOUR fault. You SHOULD have read the terms and agreement (You’re getting a card, why would you not read it?).

      Now the DEBIT Red Card (which is what the article is talking about, for those who don’t know) Is not a bad thing to have. 5% off ANY purchase, free shipping and handling, and an extended 30 days on any returns, is not bad. If you’re not a patient person and prefer your transactions to be processed instantly, then do not get the card because you will wait a few days unless the transaction speeds have changed like you said. Personally, I think people would be better off just using the debit instead of the credit because both cards do the same exact thing, its just one is debit and one is credit.

      Finally, I do not blame you for hating target. They have lost the drive they had years ago and now ALL they want is for people to get these red cards, so they make all their Managers at every store kick and scream and force their employees to make everyone get a red card. When a cashier does not get red cards, they get in trouble and are accused of not being “Fast, Fun, and Friendly”. Its become so bad that several (Not all) store’s employees hate their jobs, yet they can’t just quit and find another job since there is not a huge job market. Also, they cashiers are all timed on their sales. If they are not talking, its probably because they are rushing to get everything checked out and will want you to hurry and not take 5 minutes digging through your wallet or talking to someone. If they are being cheerful and having a conversation with you, chances are they will get an R on that sale meaning they were too slow. While there are people that can be FFF(Fast, Fun, and Friendly), not everyone will have the drive to do it or may not be able to. They may be very tired due to Targets dreaded “My Time” which destroys schedules, making them close at 11-1 one night and open at 8 am the next day. Then they deal with angry guests who complain about a sale or something that was on the wrong part of the shelf and they will not accept that the price they saw was not right. I know this happens at every retail store, but its all the same that you should understand that these people are human beings with feelings and you should not take your anger and frustration out on them because of something they have no control over.

      Basically, hate target all you want, but please be kind to the employees. They have enough problems within their own store that the guests complaining will only ever make things worse and will probably make them have no shame in giving you a bad experience. Treat them kindly, be patient and give them the same respect and attitude that you would like to receive from someone, and they will more than likely go out of their way to help you as much as they can.

    • Goaskalice

      Wait…so you’re pissed because they process your transaction quicker, a transaction that you made by spending money you DONT have ?? Who’s fault is it that you have p*ss poor spending habits?

    • Chaoticblu

      With all due respect this is not a credit card this is the debit Red Card. The rep probably told you it would take a few days because that’s the maximum that it can take. But processing is determined by Target and your bank I think. Long story short err on the side of caution with a debit card and assuming your funds are immediately taken out and plan for it. And read your cardholder agreement completely. I was looking at it online and it’s really not that long.

  • inkee ryu

    Dont evrr use this card service

    Theyre service is the worse ive ever experienced in my life

    Whilr having this card service they blocked my card for “security reasons”
    Which would be cool if it didnt happen every other purchase i made
    N to unlock the card i had to call them wait 30 minutes for them to hangup on me after saying there is nothing wrong.

    You want to look stupid to whoever u offered to buy food for?
    Want to be constantly declined when making purchases.
    Then get this card

    I just realized this is for the debit card
    Y in the world would you get a debit card at target
    Fucking idiots

  • Navi

    I would never get a Target RED “Debit” card! They need pieces of information that I would not feel comfortable giving a merchant… SSN, Drivers License # and Bank Account numbers…. right.. They NEVER get hacked!! (They did earlier this year!)

  • Dgerwolls

    Just now heard of this. It’s advertised add a debit card that is linked to your bank account, money comes out if your bank account but yet if you make a return you are unable to get cash back. As someone who loves paycheck to paycheck I only use debit so I can get the cash back on a return and not have to wait days for the money to be available. This redcard is a rip off

    • Dave Perez

      Ever think to not buy things just to return them? Shoppers remorse I hated people who where repeat returners when I was a manager in retail.

    • Hannah

      Many stores are doing away with cash back on returns bought with a debit card. It’s to help with fraud as well as other things. I know Best Buy did away with that cause people would steal stuff and then want cash at the return where as now it goes back to the original form of payment. If you didn’t pay with cash why would you expect cash back?

      • Chaoticblu

        I agree. Typically you get refunded the same way you paid. If you paid with debit ie checking account why wouldn’t it go back to that checking account? And I for one like that someone can’t just take something of mine and the receipt and get cash back.

  • Red2Envy

    I agree-EVERY other retailer offers you the option of cash refund except Target. If it did not take two days to process their returns thru to my bank account I wouldn’t care. It’s hard to explain to my car that it has to wait for the refund to process before I can put gas in it.

    • Dave Perez

      Don’t over spend it’s not targets fault for your poor financial decisions.

  • NoMoreTargetKate

    My target red card debit card had a very short life due to the major inconvenience of not knowing how much they would let me spend. The policy that you have to build up a history with them makes sense, but at least tell me what that magic number is so I don’t have to endure the embarrassment of being rejected in the checkout line (for an account that had totally sufficient funds). I successfully used my redcard for a $48 purchase on a Saturday, but then was denied the following Tuesday for a $70 purchase online and Wednesday for a $130 purchase in store. So I didn’t get the 5% discount – this major card advantage – either. I called the customer service line and the reps gave me the party line about having to build up the history with target – but they could not tell me what my limit was or when it would change. How is this any sort of service to their customers? How do I know that they are even basing this on my personal credit and not some card-wide corporate limit that would limit their exposure to risk? If you want to play register roulette for a few months while Target decides how much you can spend each visit, this card is for you. Otherwise, I would suggest a REAL debit card that actually lets you access your money. By the way – this really bums me out as I’ve been a loyal Target shopper for a long time, hearing the sales pitch for the red card for YEARS, and now realize the bait and switch scam they have going on. Really disappointing.

    • Jaqqi Mullins

      Thats really sad to read. What they’re trying to gain from it is your loyalty. It’s a loyalty program. I’m sure if you called and kept asking to everyone’s supervisor you would get results. Target really values your opinions. I would suggest going to your preferred Target and talking to a manager and such. Im a new employee with them and since I’ve been hired I’ve seen nothing but caring and recognition with them. The bosses truly care about it. I would speak up to them. Good luck. ^.^

    • Chaoticblu

      I know this is old but thank you for pointing out the flaw in this card. It’s absolutely outrageous that no one would be able to tell you how much you’re allowed to spend each day or that they keep changing the amount on you. I agree it’s absolutely 100% YOUR MONEY but if Target doesn’t want it I’m sure many other places will. I want to do my research to see if Target is still pulling this nonsense now and if they are I’m going to pass on this card.

  • CappyAtTarget

    I did my research and decided to open a second checking account with my bank for Target REDdebit card use only. Take your time to post, I will not tie it to my main checking account. I can always transfer funds from my banking mobile app before I go shopping. I am looking forward to having the heavy items shipped to my door.


    this card is an open book for fraudsters..FTC should SUE TARGET for adding to consumer fraud..u can use anyones routing and account number and they DO NOT EVEN CHECK and go shopping at their store for FREE

    • Jaqqi Mullins

      Actually they need your ID and your address at the time of signing up.

  • iowaman

    I work for Target. The Target Debit card is a great card for many people. Families who buy diapers, groceries and clothes all the time the 5% is great for them. Those who do plenty of online shopping, the free shipping is excellent (standard shipping, but at least free). Holiday shopping is also a great time to use the Red card as the 5% will go a long way to saving on gifts and gift wrapping. 1% also is donated to a school, so it is great for the community at large. However, there are several drawbacks. The Red card Debit card does come directly from a personal checking account. But it does take a few days to process and does not process on Sundays. So for people who do not make use of a check register (consider doing so) or who like withdrawals and deposits to be immediate, this card is not for you. 5% is great but not if the financial processes go against your lifestyle. When making returns on purchases made with the Red card Debit card, cash back is not an option. It is unfortunate, but barring outstanding circumstances, this is not available. This is a discredit to the debit function as well. It is worth keeping in mind, though, that cash back up to $40 is still available at the register when making purchases (I usually do this when buying candy for a movie; don’t tell the theater company). As for security, relating to the information that must be provided to sign up for the Red card Debit card, there is nothing new in that. Banks generally require a SSN and permanent living address to open an account. So Target then, needs similar information to do its job of handling the transaction in such a manner. But just like any information stored digitally, information held by Target is susceptible to computer hacking. The same goes for Chase, VISA, Walmart, even a local grocery store. Target was hacked in the recent past, and has worked to improve its security systems. Nevertheless, if you do not feel comfortable providing such information to Target, then pass on the Red card. These are all valid reasons to sign up for or turn down the benefits of the Target Red card Debit card. If you do not have the Red card, you will have to put up with our inviting you to sign up whenever you visit our check lanes. It is a job requirement on our end, so avoid hostility toward our cashiers and instead try the line, “I already have a Red card, but left it at home.” Whether using a Red card or any other form of payment, Fast Fun and Friendly is our motto, so expect this every time when visiting Target. If we are busy, speedy check out is high on the priorities list. But if things slow down, we are happy to entertain or even strike up a longer conversation. Tell us how the day is going. But at the end of the day, we have jobs to do so do not take offense if we must move on to other tasks. I hope your next visit to Target is a great one!

    • couponsavvyy

      Does the cash back at least auto deduct? or that takes days too?

      • iowaman

        The 5% is deducted immediately at the register. The total that is taken electronically is the 5% reduced total. There is no waiting for reimbursement or cashing in. Think of it like using a coupon in the store.

    • Jin Woo Choi

      never late my payment since 2010.
      anyway I called target cardservice again because it wasn’t read to register at that time I believed my chip card was going to bad (you know this was the card with chip as they saying it was best security) then target card service keep asking do I use another card in target. I didn’t understand because they my account information on their system but they keep asking do I used another So I felt It seems like somebody stolen my personal information then got duplicated card. therefore I asking like that but target card service res. said it wasn’t. but I could not trust anymore
      I want to warning to any body be carefull use target red car because their chip card is not compotable and might be not safe.
      I worked on IT world so there was not any reason which was they could not figure out why card is not working.
      they said my account was good and card chip was any reject issue before. so register was not good. you know I already tried different registers
      finally I closed my account because I was not sure my personal info was safe in target store.
      it might be happen to you. be careful IF they could not explain what happen to your account.

  • NedWrat

    There might be a cheaper way. I was getting set up for the debit card but now I probably wont use it. My visa gives me 1% already which i could not use if I use the target debit so now its 4% savings. I can buy discounted target gift cards with my visa online that save me 7.6%. so 5% vs 8.6%? I have not looked to see how much I would use the free shipping that the red card gets me so I might keep the card for that.

  • Kathleen

    My Target Transactions always clears the next day. If you are using this card, always check your checking balance daily. I love using this card!

  • Kevin Lucas

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  • mark edward

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  • Jin Woo Choi

    do not use red card it might be not safe

    it might be happen to you. be careful IF they could not explain what happen to your account.finally I closed my account because I was not sure my personal info was safe in target store.they said my account was good and card chip was any reject issue before. so register was not good. you know I already tried different registers I worked on IT world so there was not any reason which was they could not figure out why card is not working.I want to warning to any body be carefull use target red car because their chip card is not compotable and might be not safe.anyway I called target cardservice again because it wasn’t read to register at that time I believed my chip card was going to bad (you know this was the card with chip as they saying it was best security) then target card service keep asking do I use another card in target. I didn’t understand because they my account information on their system but they keep asking do I used another So I felt It seems like somebody stolen my personal information then got duplicated card. therefore I asking like that but target card service res. said it wasn’t. but I could not trust anymorenever late my payment since 2010.

  • David George

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  • Moe

    Target red card, is the worst card to have, reason why, whether you get a customer service representative in Philippine on Nicaragua they are poorly train and inconfident, uncapable of resolving any customer issues.After being a customer for 8 yrs, closed my account,,and don’t care if it will hurt my credit score!!