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    You used to be able to get appliances second hand that only needed minor repairs. Until my microwave gave out 2 years ago, all my major kitchen and laundry appliances were bought used. Some, decades ago.

    Maybe they don’t make them like they used to?

  • http://www.japandemic.com japandemic

    Absolutely agree! I buy lots of things used: for example cars and guitars.
    MUCH better to buy a high quality item used for the same price as a mediocre quality new. A 10-year old Mercedes-Benz at $12,000 will run forever with proper maintenance…and have the same incredible quality for you that it did new for its original owner.

    Bought a Fender Stratocaster used. Great price, great guitar. After playing it for about 10 years…it had become “vintage” and I resold it for 3x what I paid!

    As times get hard, people need to think like this. Also, reduces the need for new junk being constantly churned out. Great article, thanks!

  • jamie

    winter items sell for almost nothing in spring at goodwill. I got leather gloves for 2 dollars. check craigslist for free suff. you’d be amazed what people give away. also don’t buy potted flower bowls in spring. collect seeds instead or start plants from cuttings. but one nice ornimental ivey and take cuttings for hanging backets. one will turn into many plants before you know it. or take a walk with you scissors and snip cuttings on your way. I started begonias this way. I’ve seen then for as much as 10 dollars a bulb but started them for free. yard sales are great for gardening stuff. also collect seeds, and grow your own veggies. you’ll save and get better food. we have a local comunity garden and in the fall I collect the seeds. just ask the gardeners and they always say yes.

  • Suzanne

    Great ideas–let’s keep the conversation going! Anyone else have some tips for the rest of us?

  • Connie

    I have been shopping resale for over 35 years. At first it was because I had to but now it is because I get a kick out of buying really nice things at a fraction of the price. I recently lost weight and what a cheap way to restock my closet with nice things. I took my son to garage sales and he furnished his whole first apartment for under $500.

  • http://www.LivingSoberSucks.com Mrakaronni

    I sold new & used cars for a large dealership. I always suggested to my friends that they buy a used car that was turned in off of a lease. Leased new cars are under warranty, regular maintanance is taken care of by the dealer. The original lease driver typically takes good care of the car because they don’t want any charges when returning their leased vehicle. They also don’t want any “over mileage” charges, so they come back with less than 36K. Most leases are 3yrs/36K miles. So you can get a used car with low miles that has been well maintained.

  • Wolffsflea

    Don’t forget flea markets!

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