Update On My UpDown.Com Investments

I wrote a review/post a few weeks ago about UpDown.com, the virtual stock applicaton. This isn’t the first virtual stock application to hit the web, but its unique in that you can earn real money by beating the S&P 500 on a monthly basis and writing quality stock analysis. So, I thought that I would update you with the progress from March 30th to April 29th.

My Overall Performance:

  • My return since start: 2.79%
  • My annualized return: 40.73%
  • S&P 500 return since I started: 5.68%

This isn’t wasn’t a bad start, and a 40.73% annualized ain’t too shabby! However, I’m no where near beating the S&P 500 based on its performance this past month. It’s apparent that the market did very well this month, even though everyone is still preaching the gloom and doom of the slowing economy and throwing the “R” word around.

My Best Single Stock Performers:

  • Apple (AAPL): 14.26% gain
  • Google: (GOOG): 11.74% gain
  • First Solar, Inc: 7.3% gain
  • Visa (V): 14% gain

If you don’t have these stocks in your portfolio, you need to buy tomorrow! Apple and Google fall hard when the market is down, but they soar even higher when the market is up. I am a firm believer that these two companies are and will be the most cutting edge technology companies for the 21st century. Also, Visa is a winner, just like Master Card has been a winner. They aren’t in the business of lending, they’re in the business of credit/debit transactions. I really don’t think they will have any fall-out from the slowing economy. People will continue to swipe their card, whether its a credit card or debit card. As long as people are swiping the card, Visa makes money. Plus, they are a global company.

Worst Single Stock Performers:

  • International Coal Group (ICO): 14.93% loss
  • Berry Petroleum (BRY): 4.66% loss
  • Sirius Radio (SIRI): 3.94% loss

I thought that the Coal industry would do well since the petroleum industry has been doing so well. This may have just been a bad month. I’m going to hold on to it for a little while to see what it does. I’ve never heard of Berry Petroleum, so that’s what I get for buying some based on someone’s analysis on Updown.com. I’m going to hold Sirius, because if the merger goes through with XM, the stock will soar.

It really is a fun site, so I encourage you to sign up and give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and you’ll learn a lot about stock valuation, investment strategies, and it will just help you stay current on what the market is doing.

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    You got SIRI too? it was so cheap with high volume?..very promising indeed! Now? Now its STILL kicking my Arse. As it plummets those high volumes towards a measely 50cents, 30 cents less than I bought them for at over 300,000 shares..heheh good thing this is VIRTUAL trading.

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    behold I link back! click my name.