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Zenni Optical

glasses stackIf you wear glasses or contact lenses, you know about the costs associated with ordering disposable contacts and with staying up to date and in fashion with new prescription eyeglasses. In fact, the National Association of Vision Care Plans puts the average cost of new eyeglasses at $263.00.

Most optical shops accept vision insurance, or provide discounts to members of various associations, including AAA membership discounts. Insurance and discounts typically cannot be combined with other offers, and often only reduce the total price of the glasses by 30%. With prices like that, unsurprisingly, people seek cheaper alternatives. Zenni Optical offers an affordable alternative to your neighborhood optometrist.

The interactive and easy to use Zenni Optical website allows shoppers to use their existing prescriptions to order glasses in a number of different styles. Customers shop for contacts and eyeglasses at Zenni Optical because of the selection and number of styles available through the website. Incredibly, eyeglasses on this website start at $6.95, with a maximum cost of $46.00. At these prices, you can’t go wrong, especially with average costs for eyeglasses nearing $300 at your local optometrist.

How Zenni Optical Works

zenni optical logoZenni Optical allows customers to buy cheap eyeglasses online. In order to buy glasses from the website, you have to provide some specific information from your eye doctor, including your prescription and eyeglasses measurements.

Providing Your Prescription & Measurements

The Finding a Correct Size and Fit area of the website explains the measurements needed to order eyeglasses online. Your eye doctor doesn’t provide all of these measurements unless you request them during your annual appointment. Even then, some optometrists prefer not to give this information to patients, so you may need to call eye doctor offices in your area, to find out which doctors give out measurements for eyeglasses for patients who want to buy glasses online.

Specifically, to order eyeglasses online, you must know the length of the frame, lens, bridge, and temple arm. You must also know the distance between your pupils, called the pupillary distance. You can find some of these measurements on eyeglasses that you own today, but for the greatest accuracy, you need to get the PD measurement from your eye doctor.

Zenni Optical provides instructions for calculating measurements using your eyeglasses prescription and provides tips for finding your own pupillary distance measurement and reading your prescription. The website also enables you to “try on” glasses, using the interactive Zenni Frame Fit system. You can upload a photo, or use one of the stock photos on the website. Choose the glasses you want to try on, to get a better idea of how the glasses might look on you.

zenni optical screenshot

Features Offered

Anti-scratch coating, thin or lightweight lenses, UV protection, an eyeglasses case, and a microfiber cleaning cloth come free with every order. You can purchase anti-reflective coating for your glasses for $4.95, and select lens tinting for an additional $4.95.

Zenni Optical offers single vision, or standard, eyeglasses and also offers inexpensive bifocal and progressive, or no-line bifocal, lenses for many of their frames. You can order clip-on sunshades for some of the glasses available on the website. You can order glasses without prescription lenses, or you can also order just the eyeglasses frames. You pay only $4.95 to have your entire order shipped to the U.S.

Return Policy

While Zenni Optical offers some excellent discounts on various styles of glasses, what do you give up by forgoing your local optometrist? Local optical shops and larger chain stores typically offer a no-hassle return policy. For example, LensCrafters and Sears Optical both have a 90-day unconditional return policy.

Zenni Optical only offers 50% of the value of the glasses if you decide to return them, and does not typically refund shipping and handling costs. You incur all costs to return glasses to Zenni Optical, no matter what the reason for the return. If you cannot return the eyeglasses within 30 days, you won’t receive any refund at all.

Can online purveyors of optical products ever replace local eye doctors? While some people will always choose to visit their local eye doctor to have their optical prescriptions filled, others can benefit from the huge cost savings available by shopping online. We’ve compiled a list of some of the pros and cons of shopping at Zenni Optical for your next pair of glasses.


  1. Price. Zenni Optical offers a deep discount compared to your average optical shop. As noted above, the average price for a pair of glasses is $263. You can buy a new pair of glasses from Zenni Optical for $6.95 plus shipping, for a discount of around 95%. With this cost savings, you can stay in style and frequently update your prescription, while still saving a lot of money.
  2. Quality. Customers give Zenni Optical products an excellent quality rating on consumer review websites. For the most part, customers report no difference in quality of the prescription or condition of the glasses between those purchased from a local eye doctor and a discount eyeglasses retailer. In addition, most customers state that their Zenni Optical glasses have excellent durability.
  3. Simplicity. Zenni Optical offers a simple, one-stop shop for purchasing your glasses. You have to obtain a prescription, and all of the measurements noted here, and then sign up for an account on the website. Once you create an account and choose the glasses you want to order, you can enter your prescription and measurement information, and details about your form of payment, and Zenni Optical sends the glasses to your home.
  4. Convenience. You can choose from a number of different styles, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. You still have to pay for shipping, but the cost is mitigated by the cheap prices.
  5. Style. Zenni Optical offers a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors of glasses. You have an excellent chance of finding your next perfect pair of glasses, while saving money. With such low prices, you can also afford to buy multiple styles and colors to try out.


  1. No On-site Evaluation. When you order glasses from Zenni Optical, you can’t try on the eyeglasses before you buy – a major downside to purchasing a pair of glasses online. The interactive Zenni Frame Fit system allows customers to upload their photos and overlay different glasses to see how they might look, but this doesn’t replace trying on eyeglasses in person.
  2. Lack of Selection. While Zenni Optical offers many different styles, colors, and designs, they do not offer the same selection as your neighborhood optometrist. Moreover, since Zenni Optical sells discount frames and lenses, you won’t find designer, trendy frames for $6.95.
  3. Challenging Return Policy. On consumer review websites, the common complaints about Zenni Optical typically focus on their return policy. If you don’t like your glasses, you may have a challenging time returning them. However, if the website has made an error, and sent you the wrong pair, or sent you glasses with an incorrect prescription, you can get a full refund for the glasses, and a partial refund of the shipping and handling costs. If you return your glasses for any other reason, you only receive 50% of the value of your glasses, and you do not receive a refund for shipping and handling costs.
  4. No Custom Fitting. When you visit a traditional optometrist, the salesperson usually takes painstaking steps to ensure that the glasses fit your face, ears, and bridge of your nose to a tee. You do not receive this important step of the fitting process when you buy glasses online. You may find an optometrist that agrees to adjust your Zenni Optical glasses, but the problem may lie in the fit of the glasses, which you cannot fix with an adjustment.
  5. Lack of Important Prescription Information. Many doctors won’t give you the PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement on your prescription, since most optical shops take this measurement when they sell you frames and lenses. When receiving your prescription, you must specifically request this information from your optometrist. Even better, call ahead and ask if the doctor can give you this information during your appointment.

zenni optical

Final Word

If you need new glasses, you owe it to yourself to check out Zenni Optical. Many people want trendy, stylish glasses, but for the rest of us, inexpensive glasses work well to solve our vision problems. Even if you can’t find the exact pair you want to buy, for $6.95, you can find a pair to act as a substitute until you can afford the pair you really want. Zenni Optical offers cheap, good quality glasses shipped straight to your door.

Have you ever used Zenni Optical to buy cheap eyeglasses? What was your experience like?

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  • RLS

    I have three pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical.

    My review:
    – The quality is not the same. Cheaper plastic frames and cheaper lenses as well. I can’t wear my Zenni glasses to work (reading/computer) because the inferior lenses give me a headache by noon. I have a very simple prescription.

    – For more complicated prescriptions (including bifocals), the failure rate is very high. My best friend is an optometrist and sees her patients consistently complain about glasses from Zenni. She feels the glasses are *adequate* for casual/fashion use but does not recommend them for complicated prescriptions or daily wear. After my own experience, I agree with her.

    – I DO recommend Zenni for people who like to have different options for dressing up, but my daily glasses are the “expensive” ones that come from a licensed optician. I wouldn’t forego the advice of an expert in this case.

  • Kira

    I used them to buy some backup glasses, in case I lost or broke my main pair, and I think they are fine for that sort of purpose. But it’s hard to overestimate the importance of actually trying on the glasses in person – I thought mine were really hip but it turns out they are actually plastic grandma glasses. Ick. If you see some frames you really like, I’d just buy the frames and have the lenses fitted by an optometrist.

  • Derek Clark

    That’s interesting you guys have not had the same experience. My glasses are great, and I had several friends order from them and were happy as well. Also, my dad just ordered a pair of bifocals and they turned out fine as well. Has it been awhile since you tried them? Maybe the quality control has gotten better. I don’t know.

  • Vive

    I love my Zenni glasses! And a friend who works for a NY fashion magazine complimented them. I recommend the site to everyone.

  • Steve Hester

    Hey, the glasses were $6.95! Have you ever heard, “You get what you pay for?” Well, I was very pleasantly surprised. I was willing to drop $6.95 + shipping to just give it a try. Especially when one optician wanted $219 for lenses alone! (So which is the bigger rip off?? You decide.) Anyway, my new glasses arrived yesterday and overall I am very pleasantly surprised. I did my own PD measurement, and was apparently correct. With frames however, carefully measure an older pair (if you have them) that fit well, and order that exactly. Even 1 mm can make a noticeable difference in getting a good fit. The frames I liked, and ordered, were 2 mm different in both width and temple length and I was like, “hey, it’s just two millimeters!” It does make a difference. But not enough for me to not use Zenni again – now I know, keep the measurements the same as what I had before. The online virtual try-on feature is not perfect, and you have to use your imagination a bit – but it’s decent enough to give users a basic idea of the look. A big plus is the online shipping tracking feature! Next step, order some prescription sunglasses (with the size to the exact mm this time).

  • http://wiser-investor.blogspot.com/ Daddy Paul

    I have priced Zenni and with bifocals the price is not worth trying.

  • james

    I recently had a bad experience with zenni optical. I purchased two pairs of glasses from them, both the same prescription. Both pairs were screwed up. One pair I ordered with a tint, but they did not arrive tinted. They sent me a copy of my order form and it did not list that I wanted them tinted, but I have a very clear memory of selecting a tint. I remember being irritated that there was no guidance on the difference between a 50% tint and an 80% tint, etc. This was before they changed their website, maybe their old order form was buggy. This pair of glasses was slightly disorienting to wear, there was something slightly wrong with the lenses. But since they were so cheap, it didn’t make sense to send them back and ask for my half-refund.

    The other pair was even more screwed up. They were unwearable. Wearing them was like looking through a fisheye lens. Objects appeared to be different sizes depending on which part of the lens you looked through. Objects would look normal when looking though the center of the lens, but would shrink by as much as 1/3 when looking through the lens periphery. I sent this pair back. However, zenni claimed that the lenses were made up to their own standard. This is preposterous. These glasses are not safe to wear. I could barely walk in them, let alone drive in them. They were very clearly defective. Anyone with my prescription would agree. I am very disappointed in zenni, and warn against buying from them.

  • Max

    I think it’s the usual start when buying glasses online. You buy from zenni, then you buy from another store, until you find that kinda suits you best. Personally I bought from zenni then I purchased from 39dollarglasses, my last order was with lensesrx. It’s really hit or miss with all these stores.

  • Susan

    I just bought glasses from Zenni and got them about 2 days ago. I heard about the site from one of my co workers and figured that since I have 2 pairs of expensive glasses nothing could happen if I did not like the way they came out. I just love the glasses though. When I called them about a question before placing my order I was very impressed with the way the guy knew his stuff. He was very knowledgeable and very helpful. I spoke to my eye doctor before ordering them and he told me that they are a fine company and since my prescription is not that high I should give it a try! The glasses are absolutely adorable. I took a chance and did not figure out if the bridge or any of the other information would be good for me- I just ordered a cute pair and hoped for the best. Thanks for the most adorable glasses! I love them!!!!

  • mike

    Before you order from Zenni, read the agreement you have to agree to it, which include the requirements that you have to defend them if they got suit by a third party!

  • amanda

    I have ordered 6 pairs of glasses from Zenni and am thrilled with all of them. I have 2 pairs of sunglasses and 2 pairs of regular glasses- and my rx is -6.50. Usually my glasses are $150-$200 at a regular optician. My husband has a VERY high rx -11.00 in both eyes, with high astigmatism too, and was used to paying over $400 for a pair of glasses for him. We were able to get my 4 pairs of glasses for around $60 total, and his 2 pair for around $50. My only complaint with Zenni is that two of my glasses seem to have an odd “prism” effect at the top of the lenses, like I can see rainbows if I look out of them a certain way, but I found I could ignore that after wearing them for a few days. I am so thrilled to be able to have “everyday” glasses, and a few “funky” fun pairs :)

  • Juan Lopez

    I been buying from Zenni for a couple of years now with and i would say they make great glasses. I had a $200 pair of glasses from local eye doctor they they broke within 2 months. I used Zenni pairs for 2 plus years and still going strong. I have a pretty mild -1.00 RX so i guess quality of the lens isn’t that important. But when i do order them i usually get the Anti glare coating. One they i can say i can see so much better with Zenni’s than with my Acuvue Contact lens. Shipping time and Shipping informations has greatly improve since 2 years ago.

  • http://harmonicmama.com Jenn

    I have two pairs of glasses from Zenni and I love them. I got my original pair for $15 and then I got the same frames with sunglass lenses for about $20. They are great and I get compliments on them all the time. I love the fact that you can take a chance and get a unique frame because it’s not that much of a loss if you end up not liking them.

  • Michael Woods

    It was a mistake for me to get the AR coating on my otherwise great pair of Zenni Optical rimless glasses. One edge was delaminated. No easy return info came with the glasses, but for a while I thought I could live with the flaw.

    I let too much time pass. I called Zenni to confirm: Their warranty is only 30 days.

    Now the AR coating is visibly (to others when I am wearing them) debonded from the tops and bottoms of both lenses. I was hoping for somewhat better from online glasses from Zenni. They were cheaper, but $76 + shipping is still too much to pay for a crappy-looking pair of glasses.

    Do not order their AR coatings.

  • Aurora

    I just recieved my order of Zenni glasses, and am pleasantly surprised. The only issue I have is that I too am getting that “fisheye” effect-on BOTH pairs. I called and the customer service representative was extremely professional and helpful and told me to send them back and they would figure it out. I’m just not so sure that they’ll fix it. or find a flaw. I might take them into a local eyeglass shop and see what they say?

    Either way, I love the frames and if this fisheye thing gets out of hand, I’ll just get a new pair of lenses from a different shop.

    I’ll definitely order from Zenni again!!

  • Jason

    I just pulled my two pairs of Zenni glasses out of the mailbox. The glasses seem well made and were exactly as promised when ordered. I did get the AR coating and one of the pairs came with a sun shade clip-on which seems equally well made. I have been wearing contacts for quite a while and had forgotten how clear my vision can be with glasses…much clearer than with the contacts for sure. It is actually slightly disorienting in the beginning, however I have been assured by my Optometrist that this is normal and happens no matter where your glasses are made or how expensive they are or are not. Speaking of expense, both pairs, with the AR coating and shipping cost just over $49.00. Two pairs for $50.00 seems well worth it to me. I went a step further and took the glasses to the Optometrist to have them check the prescription with the glasses themselves….right on the money. Money is something I never seem to have enough of which is why I selected Zenni Optical to begin with. My experieince with them was perfect and I will reccommend them to all of my friends and co-workers. CHEERS!!

  • Michael Jones

    Zenni is a great value.

    Between my son and myself we’ve purchased about nine pair for around 200ish bucks. In each case the prescription was dead on the money and the build quality was excellent. While I like to support retailers that PAY TAXES in my community, the mark-up is off the charts for is generally an injection molded part, the frame.

    So, you can pay two to five hundred bucks for a “Designer” frame (not including the lenses) at your local DOC/Lenscrafters etc.. or you can buy several pairs of Zenni’s for about the cost of two packs of cigarettes each and have six or eight different looks.

    If the grind on the lenses is correct, and if they fit and the measurements come from you – the math is simple.

    Go Zenni!

  • Joel

    I’m not so sure about Zenni. I purchased a pair and got them in the mail yesterday. I like how they look but they are almost unwearable. They gave me a headache and hurt my eyes, and I had to put my contacts back in.. I think I too got the ‘fisheye’ effect. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for.

  • Michael

    I have worn a pair of Zenni glasses for over 3 years now. When I ordered the glasses, I bought three pairs of frames and lenses for about $35. I received the glasses rather promptly, some readers are right about the style, it is hit or miss. One pair I thought would look great was a bit too gaudy, but that said, another pair I bought which I thought of as -joke- glasses actually looked amazing and I’ve worn them since. The third pair was a generic black set of frames.

    The prescription was spot on with two pairs, the third gave me a headache when I wore them for too long of a period of time (the gaudy ones). The pair that I wear has lasted me for 3 years, longer than any pair of frames from the Optometrist costing $300-400+. Yes, one pair was uncomfortable, either because the frames were too small for my face or the lenses being ground incorrectly.

    That said, for what I paid, it is a STEAL. I suspect that many of the issues with headaches are either frame issues, or slight errors in the manufacturing process. People with sets of ‘fish-eye’ lenses either were very unlucky, or perhaps the prescription was not entered correctly?

    I made a few mistakes when I first filled out the prescription form, and PD can be difficult, but after some time and careful checking, I had it sorted out.

    Value: A+
    Price: A+
    Quality: B+

    You do the math.

  • Katy

    I ordered a pair of glasses from Zenni a year ago and have worn them daily, the entire year, with absolutely no problems. I did my research beforehand on what type of frames I wanted and what size would suit me the best and I absolutely loved the frames that I picked out. I have a fairly simple prescription and I did get the AR coating and have had no problems whatsoever. I woke up this morning to find that my puppy had chewed my glasses quite a bit so I will be ordering two new pairs today. I did have to call my eye doctor to get my PD measurement, but they gave it to me with no trouble. I recommend Zenni to everyone I know.

  • Kirk

    My daughter and I ordered glasses from Zenni for the first time. I must say i was a little skeptical about the whole online ordering of prescription glasses. The website was very professional and intuitive. I thought for the price it would be worth a try. If I would order my glasses through the normal local optical store they would cost me in the neighborhood of $300 for lightweight poly progressive lens. I ordered the same lens and a nice titanium frame with all of the coatings and a pair of clip on polarized lens. Total with shipping $74.00. It did take around 3 weeks, but well worth the wait. My daughter’s came in two weeks due to her simple single vision lens. I am very pleased with the whole process even with the Chat customer service. This is a definite do again without hesitation. One more thing. Use the “upload picture of yourself ” and try the frames on, it really helps with choosing the right frame. I am going to let my friends and family in on this great deal.

  • Jess

    My husband, brother and I have been getting our glasses from Zenni for years with no problems. We absolutely love them. Each of us order an average of 6 glasses every two years when we get a new prescription. It seems there is always 1 style that I don’t particularly care for on my face and so those become my glasses I wear while reading in bed or around the house. I can understand why some people like to try on glass in a store. For me, I have been wearing prescription glasses since I was 11 years old so I know what style, size and shape works best for my face and what my preferences are. I recommend this site to EVERYONE I know who wears glasses. Several of my family members and friends have become “converts” (those with and without insurance) and now of course recommend this site to everyone they know :) I really don’t have any complaints or cons about the site itself or our experience with them. I love it!

  • Mary

    Hi! I just wanted to leave my experience with Zenni Optical. My co-worker originally told me about Zenni and how she bought a pair for around 12 bucks. I was happy I found about about this site because I find online shopping convenient. But with online shopping comes risks…

    Well, my excitement led me to buy 3 pairs of eyeglasses. Buying something like eyeglasses is definitely a bit risky since you can’t try them on physically. Zenni helps you out as possible with exact measurements of the glasses. It also has a “virtual mirror” that allows you to upload a picture so you can see what the glasses would look like on you. I personally uploaded different images of myself so I could see myself in different settings (hair up, hair down, etc). It certainly doesn’t replace trying them on in person but it helped.

    After adding different options to my glasses (anti-reflective coating for 4.95, different lens quality from the free 1.50 standard single vision, free single vision mid-index, and 1.61 high-index single vision for 19.95, other options available) my total cost including shipping with around $80. That’s THREE eyeglasses. I was definitely pleased.

    After placing my order the waiting game begin. I did receive an initial e-mail saying that my order had been received on March 18th. From there I had to constantly check on my Zenni account to see the current status. It took forever it seemed like for the status to change from Processed to Manufactured to finally Shipped. I got an e-mail on March 29 saying my order had finally shipped. It then took more days to finally be shipped. I guess it wasn’t too off from their approximate shipment estimate but I’m used to quick online shipping and I was inpatient to actually try on my glasses. The reason for the longer waiting period is because the glasses are not actually manufactured in the United States but instead Hong Kong or China (don’t remember which one).

    On the day that my order was to arrive, I got home from work and thought that it actually hadn’t arrived. I had been expecting a box but instead my order arrived in a plastic envelope lined with the bubble-wrap material which was hidden underneath other mail. Inside I my glasses were placed in a hard plastic case and were fine. I shouldn’t complain too much since my glasses weren’t broken but I feel like Zenni was trying to decrease their overhead cost with the packaging material.

    Finally, to my disappointment when I tried on my glasses they didn’t work. I got that “fish-eye effect” that previous reviewers mentioned. But I honestly think it may be my fault. My prescription didn’t have my PD measurement so I attempted to measure it myself. I had my boyfriend attempt to measure it, too. What we got was around 65. With my order, I received two complimentary PD measuring tools and realized that my PD was more around 60! I believe that the glasses don’t work is because I was off by so much. So, for those that got the “fish-eye effect” when ordering glasses online my question is if you got it measured professionally or if you did it yourself? I’d like to know.

    Because, the glasses were so cheap, I’ve decided to give it another try with a more accurate PD measurement and hope that I get a better experience. Aside from my own goof, I would rate my Zenni experience a 3.5/5. Not bad and not great. I would love faster shipping rate and maybe a return policy that allows me to return glasses that didn’t work (of course, they probably wouldn’t make a ton of money that way). And finally, I wish the glasses were made in the USA.

  • Leslie

    Hi all. I wanted to share my experience with Zenni Optical with you. This was my first ever pair of prescription glasses. Because it was my first pair of glasses, the hardest part for me was know what size frame to order especially the arm length. The next hardest thing was knowing how to properly adjust the glasses once I received my order. Visiting a brick and mortar store helped me decide on a frame size, shape, and color. I called Zenni before placing my order to ask a couple of questions about their frames. I called shortly after they opened one weekday morning. I would rate this phone experience a D. The Zenni person on the phone did appear to speak English as though he was located in the U.S. I did not feel he was a good listener though, and one question I had he could not answer. When I asked him whom to contact for an answer, he suggested I call back in three hours when they had more people there to help customers. Another question I asked was if I could order frames only to try them on, and not have to pay a 50% restocking fee if they did not fit (or I did not like them). I was told I would be subject to the 50% restocking fee, and that if I then wanted glasses made I would have to order a second pair of the same frames. I sure wish Zenni was more user friendly in this respect, but I guess that is in part how they keep their costs so low. I placed my order on 4/11/11 for single vision glasses with the anti-glare coating. I feel the communication from them after placing my order was great. I received an order confirmation, an email stated they confirmed I entered my prescription correctly (I opted to send them a copy of my prescription), and a shipping notification with a tracking number. My order arrived on 4/22/11. The order shipped to me from Petaluma, CA via first class mail (USPS). So, my order arrived 11 calendar days after I placed the order. It sure was hard waiting that long even though I knew to expect my order to take two weeks. My glasses arrived in dire need of a fitting. The glasses were off balance, there was little to no tilt, etc. I highly recommend Zenni plus getting a local fit. I tried to fit my glasses myself by reading online (no instructions were included), but I eventually had a professional optician fit me. Boy am I glad I did that. Now I am happy with the fit. With Zenni, you must be willing to do some research on your own to know what frame size, color, and frame shape by going to a store to physically try on glasses and reading online. If you are not willing to do this, then Zenni might not be for you. No matter whom you decide to do business with, use a credit card for payment. A credit card gives you protection in case there is a problem with a merchant that you cannot resolve on your own. Also, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if you need help resolving a problem. Always try to work it out with the merchant first though.

  • tracy

    I have ordered 4 pair from zenni and have loved them all. Recommended to family and friends and they are also ordering. Seen some of the same glasses at Walmart and they cost 5 times more than zenni.

  • Jim

    I was excited about the possibility of Zenni. I just spent an entire frustrating Saturday trying to
    upload a photo and ordering glasses. Neither function worked. I tried calling the 1800 number,
    it doesn’t work on weekends. I sent email, no response. Zenni just lost a customer, I’m going back to brick and mortar

    • Dave

      Please realize that while you can upload your photo, Zenni has no way of determining whether you have a very large head or very small. The glasses shown in the picture may not look anything like what is displayed. I would recommend getting the size lenses and glasses from a local dealer then use those specs to order your glasses online.

  • kerry

    I have been dealing with Zenni for several years and have gotten nothing but problems from them. Extremely poor cross communication between their customer service people and production people created major week-long email/phone P.I.T.A. If you have ANY unusual aspect to your Rx, forget dealing with this company. They can only produce the basic lenses and will NOT work with a customer if they feel a lens will be any hassle to fit into a frame… one that even Walmart or America’s Best will do with no problem. I CANNOT recommend this company from my bad experiences. A good idea is to just buy the frames – which are HALF PRICE if purchased woithout the lens, and then take them to a competent local optition (even Walmart/Sams) for the lenses.

    • Biz

      What an odd review. Why would anyone deal with a company for several years while getting “nothing but problems?”

    • Beecee653

      Yeah….it’s strange you’re complaining about the company but yet you’ve dealt with them for several years. Hard to take this post seriously.

  • Ashley

    I personally LOVE Zenni. I’m a person that can’t wear contact lenses because of eye problems, so I wear glasses every day. When I was still getting my glasses from the store attached to my eye doctor’s office, they cost me around $200. That’s AFTER deducting what my insurance paid. I first tried Zenni after I broke my glasses and, after getting them fixed, decided to get a back-up pair. I was amazed that the glasses only cost me $20, considering that the type of lens I need (polycarbonate) is usually much extra, but at Zenni, it was only $9! And, by the way, the $20 total included shipping! When I finally got my glasses, I was amazed at how much I loved them! I could see perfectly out of them and I loved how they looked. Even though I planned on using them as a back-up pair, they became my primary pair of glasses!

    I just ordered a new pair of prescription sunglasses, and I’m excited for them to get here. The status just changed from Processing to Manufactured, so in a few days, they’ll ship!

    Also, this site is perfect for people without vision insurance! A good friend of mine had been wearing the same pair of glasses for 10 years because her job didn’t offer vision insurance, and a pair of glasses could cost her up to $400! I told her about Zenni and she ordered 2 new pairs for less than a tenth of what her old pair cost her!

    I recommend Zenni to everyone that wears glasses! Just make sure you enter your prescription correctly, but the site tells you exactly how to do that, so it’s not too difficult!

  • Dave

    I went to walmart to size frames and lenses so that I could have reference points when ordering glasses online. I got rimless sunshades, with progressive Polycarbonate lenses. The order arrived at my house in just less than two weeks. This is about my 10th set of glasses and the first I have ordered online. If the phrase “You get what you pay for” is true, I have been ripped off with my first nine sets of glasses from local vendors. Usually my glasses cost around $300-$400. This purchase was for $80.80. This is the best pair of glasses I have ever owned. The lenses are crystal clear with no distortion or haze. The frames are sturdy and look great. The plastic magnetic sunshades are a little flimsy but attach well and work great. I was hoping for the glasses to look and work decent. These glasses are great in all aspects. I’m still in shock. I’m now working on ordering an addition pair. I would absolutely recommend buying from Zenni Optical.

  • Liz

    I just got my sunglasses in the mail from Zenni. I had to wait longer than their estimated delivery time (I think because I have a strong prescription?), and in the process I discovered how terrible and rude their customer service is. That said, the glasses were great – exactly what I ordered. I wish the tint had been a little darker, but now I know and I can get it darker the next time I order.

    So, all in all, I was pleased. I paid almost 1/10 of what I would have paid elsewhere, so that made the customer service interaction tolerable.

    • momofcrts

      yup customer service is not very good at all. I’ve had a few issues with them. waiting for my glasses to show up yet. we’ve ordered before and they seem good so we thought we’d try once more, hopefully they’re as good as the ones we bought our kids

  • Phil Gilberto

    I bought a pair of sunglasses from Zenni. They have progressive lenses (no line multi bifocal). I have 2 major issues with them. The bifocal is no good. I cannot use them for reading. Note I sent in the exact prescription as my normal glasses. I’ve been surviving with that issue. Now that the hot weather is her, I use them a lot more. I now have a “wavy grain” in the right lens which makes using the glasses impossible. I paid over $100 for these glasses less than 4 months ago. Zenni has a no return after 30 day policy. I feel ripped off.

  • Giant-steps

    I actually used to work in an optical lab so I have a few comments about Zenni. First off, they are an amazing value. I don’t have access to equipment to check the lenses any more but I see fine with them so they seem to be accurate to my prescription. My wife only needs glasses for reading and she looses them often enough that she had been buying drug store readers but glasses from Zenni are just as cheap and being her prescription she sees better; I buy several pair each time we order. I’ve been buying my sunglasses from Zenni and have been happy with them. I like brown tint best which they don’t have but I can settle for amber. I have been getting expensive progressive glasses from my optometrist because I know how finicky fitting progressives is. I finally got to the point where I can no longer read my phone without progressives so I took a chance and ordered some progressive sunglasses. Y’know what? they actually work. I can see distance and can see close well enough to read my phone. My progressive sunglasses were $40!
    As far as quality goes they are not the best frames I ever saw but they aren’t the worst either. Even the cheapest frames seem decent and look better than some of the cheap prescription sunglasses I got from Sam’s Club. I have had some of the lenses chip on their edges so I don’t think their lens material is perfect but the spectacles are so cheap you can buy several pair for the price of one pair at discount sellers like Sears, Sam’s or Pearl.
    Another thing to consider is the frame sizes. What they consider a large frame isn’t that big; medium is kinda’ small and small is tiny. If you are getting sunglasses you probably only want to look at large.
    Getting your PD right is important; esp if you have a strong prescription or wear multi-focal lenses. Your optometrist will not measure this or put it on your prescription. In the best of all worlds your optician will write it on the bottom of your prescription after they measure it; that is what they do at my optometrist. Some other places intentionally keep it to themselves so you won’t be able to order glasses which I consider unethical but since it isn’t part of your prescription it probably isn’t illegal. I’ve also heard of opticians charging drop in’s $30 just to measure this to make some money off of people who order their glasses. On the positive side your PD won’t change so once you know it you won’t have to remeasure.

  • rhmerriman

    I recently ordered two pairs of glasses from Zenni. I selected titanium frames because acid in my skin seems to eat through anything else. The glasses appear to be nearly as good as glasses that I purchased from a major local retailer. Over all I am satisfied with the glasses. There was one serious problem. After placing my order, Zenni advised that they could not make my prescription in the particular lenses that I requested because of the strength of the prescription. In order to make the glasses, I needed to switch to a higher (and more costly) refractive index (1.67) lens. This added another $90.10 to the cost of the two pairs of glasses. I had no problem with this and authorized the additional charge to my credit card. However, after this was done, Zenni refused to provide an updated invoice reflecting the additional $90.10 charge. Although my insurance would reimburse 100% of the cost, they will only do so with an invoice that reflects the charge. Accordingly, I lost out on that. I’m sure that the IRS will want to know why it is that they won’t provide updated invoices reflecting the actual charges to customers when they add on additional costs.

    • Pahamlu

      I’m one of the consumer reps in Zenni Optical. It was not that Zenni is not willing to update an invoice, but they just can’t do it. Their invoice is emailed automatically by an computer and the program just won’t let you to modify payment. You’d use the emails between them and your credit card payment records to reflect the actual cost. If your insurance won’t take it, you may ask Zenni to cancel the order and just start over the ordering process.

  • Liz

    Make sure you really analyze the frame shape prior to ordering. The arms on the frame I ordered bowed way out and added several centimeters to the overall width of the frame – so they feel really awkward on the sides and don’t fit well. I wrote a nice letter to customer service and was told that the frames “are just like that” — WOW, thanks for your help customer service. I won’t be ordering from Zenni again.

  • Jane

    Zenni Optical glasses are one step above GARBAGE. Will NEVER EVER give them a dollar of my money again. After 4 tries ordering, returning, ordering again, I am still left with a pair of glasses that make me nauseated – they are that poorly made. This company is hopeless and I am out $100. Do yourself a favor and avoid this online stinker like the plague.

    • DK

      I have ordered from Zenni several times and have been very pleased with the quality of my glasses. I only had a problem with one pair that broke (partly my fault). Customer service told me to send it back, no questions asked, and I was given a full refund. I’ve recommended Zenni to a lot of people, and they are very happy with their glasses. Never again will I allow myself to be ripped off when purchasing eyeglasses. Thank you, Zenni!

  • Hieronymous

    I’m a lawyer and depend upon my vision. Since another lawyer recommended Zenni a few years ago I’ve bought numerous glasses from them and have received good merchandise and good service every time. My Ophthalmologist is a friend and checked a couple of my Zenni glasses with his equipment. He said they were fine. Zenni value is remarkable compared with local retail.

  • Char

    I have bought several pairs- with no problem until I ordered a pair of green sunglasses and the frame is hideous pus green. Not like what was pictured, They offered me 50%, but I had contacted them on receiving the glasses an I was appalled that their return policy was so crappy.
    Add to that I have had issues with screws staying in the other pairs….poor customer service avoid them.

  • markwf

    I ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses with anti-reflective coating from Zenni Optical last month. I got a little nervous after that since I saw some negative reviews here. I received my glasses 12 days later. Had my eye doctor check them, the prescription was correct. The glasses are sturdy and fit well. Paid $25 for the glasses, it’s a great deal for me.

  • Haley M.

    I purchased glasses for the first time and received the 2 pairs a few days ago. They are exactly as pictured on the website and the prescription is perfect, 2 pair of glasses for $65 (one frame was $26, one was $9, polycarbonate single vision is $9 per pair, anti-reflective coating is $4.95 per pair) is unheard of anywhere else. I love Zenni and will absolutely be ordering from them again!

  • Ryan

    We have successful experiences with Zenni Optical. Before placing the order, we googled this website and checked many reviews about them, especially the negative ones. Finally, we decided to take a risk since their prices were so attractive. We are very glad that we have done this. The glasses we got were perfect, so we placed the second, third……order, and never had a problem. Now my whole family gets the glasses from Zenni. It is a good place for glasses at this hard time.

  • Micah

    I will NEVER buy glasses from ANYWHERE ELSE!!! I ordered 5 pairs my first order and LOVED them and so did everyone who saw them! I ordered 6 more pairs and am anxiously awaiting them! I LOVE them!!! Would recommend them to ANYONE!!!

  • Nicole

    I love Zenni. I’ve placed multiple orders and haven’t had a single problem. I even made a mistake and ordered the wrong frames, but contacted them and had the correct pair made instead – no hassle.

  • Eve

    Just sent my 3rd order to Zenni. Distance sunglasses, reading,and bi-focals….that’s 3 pairs for $53.00 including shipping. Fabulous!

  • Loisrn1

    Just bought 12 pairs 6 for my son, 3 sunglasses for me and 3 regular for me. Its my 4th order in the last few years and never a problem

  • Loisrn1

    Forgot to mention…all 12 for under $100!! Can’t beat that!!

  • Lycreciascott

    I have,at last count,27pairs of eyeglasses,24 of which are Zennis!1pair of Cavallis,1pair of Pradas,1pair of Raybans-all of them have a progressive lens,all.of the ones.from.Zenni.are.exquisitely made and great to.wear!The overpriced designer frames and lenses are not as well made,nor do they fit comfortably.I never used to wear glasses,preferring my contacts,but since I.found Zenni,all has changed.I.will.NEVER go back to a place that tells me not to think about rimless glasses(because of my “difficult” prescription),or tells me that I will shell out abot $300 for my lenses alone.ZENNI HAS THE BEST EYEGLASSES AROUND!THANK YOU,ZENNI!

  • Wooh

    Slow shipping!!! It has been 18days since my order, and it still hasn’t arrived. Last check with customer service, they said it will arrive next week. They said the same thing last week!!!!

  • Metalkix

    My first order was great. I got a pair for myself and for my wife. They arrived two weeks later. The plastic on the arms of both sets was cheap, and slid around but I sort of expected that for a 6.95 pair of glasses and I was satisfied with the order. My second order I decided to spend a bit more money and opted to buy two of the 49 dollar frames. The order took a little longer, about a month to get mailed to me, and my wife’s pair of glasses was flawless, Mine however was a nightmare.

    Both of my lenses were not attached to the frame. One screw was missing entirely, and the other seemed to be stripped out when I tried to replace to put the lens back. I chatted with their customer service and talked to “Brandon” and he refunded me 1.35 to mail the glasses back to them. (I sent them confirmation mail and was okay paying the extra postage) Two weeks after USPS confirms they have delivered my glasses to Zenni they just now have inspected them. I have been in contact with them about once a week to check the status.

    I am unhappy with their customer service I would like to express my disappointment with Zenni Optical with this order. A logical person could make the argument that a package was damaged in the mail. In this particular case the glasses were packaged in a bubble wrapped outer package, then placed inside of a plastic eyeglasses case which was then inserted into a plastic sleeve. Inside of that eye glass case were the glasses, which were then wrapped up in the cleaning cloth in multiple pieces. The missing screw and detached other screw / stripped screw should have been noticed before this item was shipped to me. Does Zenni Optical perform any kind of quality assurance before items are shipped to their customers?

    Bottom line, two and a half months still no resolution, still waiting for them to send me the glasses I have paid for. I would not do business with them again. You do get what you pay for.

    • AK

      “Two weeks after USPS confirms they have delivered my glasses to Zenni they just now have inspected them.”

      My glasses had scratches on the right-side lens and it took them 2+ weeks to inspect my glasses as well. If I ever buy anything from Zenni again, it will be only because of the low price. I’d rather pay a few bucks more and not deal with frustrations.

  • Mr P

    I have been a Zenni customer for a couple years and have recommended them to family, friends and coworkers. My prescription is pretty simple with progressive. The first few times I ordered had no problems. I have a few frames I like and have re-ordered with new prescriptions. My last order in Feb 2012 had two little plus marks etched in each lens. this is very noticable and bothersome. When I first noticed it I though it was a scratch or dirt and kept trying to wipe it away. After looking closer I realized this had been etched in the glass on purpose. I realize that progressive lenses have marks on them but they are usually in such a way that you have to hold the lens just at just the right angle in just the right light to see it. I contacted Zenni customer support, shipped them back. After Zenni inspected the glasses they reordered my same frame and prescription for me. The new glasses arrived today and the same mark is there again on both lenses. My previous orders from Zenni with the same frames the progressive mark was done completely differently and is not at all noticable.

    Bottom line is that I will no longer be ordering from Zenni as their customer service is completely worthless. I feel as if my concern was completely ignored and they just put in a re-order. I will also no longer be recommending Zenni to others.

    Zenni, please let me know when you go back to the previous method of marking progressive lenses.

  • SA4321

    My uncle told me about zenni optical about 5 years ago, after I forked out $250 dollars for a new pair of glasses that I wasn’t completely happy with. After looking at the site, I realized how many pairs of glasses I could get for that same $250.00. I was really hesitant to buy a pair of glasses online, but decided since the price was so low, I might as well try it. I am so glad I did. In the last 5 years, I have probably bought over 10 pair of glasses and sunglasses- and I still haven’t spent as much on all ten pairs as I have the last pair I bought from an optometrists office. I like being able to have different glasses to match to different outfits. I just had another eye exam today and ordered another four pairs. Can’t wait to get my order. I will say the one down side I have had is the wait time. I’ve never had my glasses arrive any later than three weeks after placing my order, but sometimes that seems like forever. I have never had an issue with the quality of the glasses. In fact, I just got my first scratch on the one pair I’ve had for 5 years. I do have to say, cleaning the lenses can be difficult. You really do have to use special glass lenses cloth. Overall, I love zenni and it’s glasses and always recommend them to the many many people who are always stopping me to say how much they love my glasses.

  • BurntOnce

    Screwed up cheap low quality glasses.. bought a pair that said titanium .. first one lasted 5 months even though I used it with great care.. ordered second duplicate pair for 1/2 price as was a replacement .. this one lasted 4.5 months.. both pairs snapped at the bridge at the EXACT same place ( #213412 ) called Customer care and was told ” 5 months is a long time for glasses to last”.. will never buy these cheap quality glasses again

    These glasses are all made in China and beware that they do not confirm exactly to the prescription .. I had problems with one lens that I later found out was incorrect ( unfortunately too late) .. the labs that zennioptical uses are in China …that is why the delivery takes so long… so BEWARE: you get EXACTLY what you pay for … cheap crap glasses

    • Harvey

      My experience could not be more different. The prescription for my multifocalsare spot on, the quality of the frames have been great and the price less than 10% of what I paid locally.

  • Liza M.

    I just received my third shipment in the mail today. I love this company! I have purchased over 5 pair with them and I am just now ordering 3 more pairs. I ordered the last couple of pairs on April 28, received an e-mail saying they were sent on May 9, and received them today May 14th. I spent 25 dollars on the last order and have the CUTEST and most comfortable pair of glasses that I own. I do have quite the collection of glasses. I am thinking about getting a glass holder from the optometrist when I get back to the states. Oh and I forgot to mention I received the glasses at an APO overseas. In just over 2 weeks. This company is AMAZING and I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Robert Pacl

    I purchased my first 2 pairs of glasses from Zenni 2 years ago, after cataract surgery when my eyes were changing in both myopia and astigmatism much faster than ever before. I didn’t want expensive long-term glasses. The first 2 purchases went without incident. The 3rd order, which arrived after 5 weeks, gave me 2 pairs, distance and reading, neither of which were good. By switching lenses, I was able to get the correct fit for distance but the reading was completely wrong. The astigmatism correction ( cylinder and axis ) was so far off, there was no distance at which either lens would be usable. I returned the one pair for correction. Zenni insists that the glasses are as specified ( either a lie or gross incompetence in measuring ) and offered me HALF of my purchase price back, despite the fact that the fault lies ENTIRELY with Zenni. I have studied optics, built my own optical equipment, and only need to get my eyes calibrated by a competent optometrist. The rest I can do myself, as I have done for the last 15 years. Caveat Emptor. The original Order #101491747 was placed on March 13, 2012. After 2 months using my old, not very correct reading prescription, I shall have to order from $39glasses, which is much faster, and has never made any mistakes. I like the Chinese, they have a lot of great stuff but they need a lot of skill-sharpening when it comes to technology.”


  • Mgparegian

    Please send your catalog and prices for glasses.
    M. G. Paregian, 808 S. Severgn Dr., Exton, PA 19341

  • Fred Brillante

    I have several pair of Zinni glasses that were fine but the last pair makes me see a terrible glare around headlights at night. None of my other glasses do this and it goes away if I take the glasses off. But when I asked to return them the Zinni folks said no way because it had been over a month.
    I’m not sure they are worth the deal!

  • Carol Hoffmann

    I am presently wearing my glasses from three years ago. When I wear my Zenni glasses it is like looking through a mist. I cannot read lettering on the TV at all. I guess you get what you pay for. I am sick of STRAINING to see. Back to a reputable Optical company. Don’t waste your money!

  • Argus

    Buying glasses from Zenni is great IF you know what you are doing. I think that is the reason why some people have problems.
    First of all – ALWAYS get the anti-reflective coating. You are guaranteed to have nighttime driving glare problems if you don’t. With darkly tinted lenses (which you won’t use at night), the AR coating isn’t as important, but for $5 extra, why not?
    If you are bothered by chromatic aberrations or distortions in your peripheral vision, then order the LOWEST index of refraction lenses that is reasonable for your prescription. In general, the lower the index of refraction, the higher the Abbe value – and the lower the distortions off-axis. The standard 1.5 index works very well for spherical diopter corrections up to +/- 2.0. The 1.57 mid index is usually preferable beyond that – up to +/- 4.0 or so.
    I know of cases where people bought new (expensive) glasses from their local optometrist with a higher index lens than they previously had and were put off by the increased distortion. It’s just the nature of these lenses. Most people do adapt to them quickly – but some don’t. Higher index lenses are often pushed by optometrists because they look better cosmetically, and cost a bit more. What is best for you depends on your priorities.
    Make sure you get your PD value correct. They can only deal with the information you give them. Lots of people measure incorrect values when the try to measure themselves by looking in a mirror at very close range due to parallax errors. Also, your eyes will cross at close range and give smaller PD readings.
    I’ve bought several pair of glasses for both myself and my wife and have had exceptional results.

  • DK

    My experience was the exact opposite. My glasses broke (partly my fault) after I had them for well over 30 days, and I called customer service to ask if there was any kind of warranty. I was told to send them back. I was expecting only a 50% refund, but I was credited for the full amount. Their customer service is excellent.

  • Chris

    I used Zenni 3 times with no real issues except they do ‘craze’ or mist over pretty quickly and I found 6 months then throw them away.
    HOWEVER, my last 2 pairs were aordered together as per normal and both snapped through the arm attachment screw after a few weeks. I got the same old story from Zenni “If I order same model they would give me a 20% discount”, no “sorry we tightened the screws too hard and broke both pairs” . So beware, if you want cheap glasses and there isn’t much competition to them, then you get what you pay for. I have never had a problem with the correctness of the lenses and I always have rimless, progressive and coated, it’s the quality and the service from them that really sticks in your craw !

  • Lynposner

    BEWARE! There is only a 50% refund policy. I bought just the frames with no lenses, and am only entitled to 50% off, plus I pay for shipping both ways. This sucks!

  • jimjf

    My Zenni glasses seemed good for a while. But it seems the coating does not adhere well to the polycarbonate lens after 6 months or so. This leads to significant patches where the seeing is not clear.

  • Pavel Gershkovich

    i am very dissatisfied, my order is not shipped, although there is an electronic submission. i was assured i will get it by today

    do not buy from here

    from a representative. I just check with the office that we have sent the package to you on 2012-12-4. If USPS did not receive the shipment, their website will only shows electronic shipping info received. Would you please wait for two more days to see if they have any update

  • Doris

    I am impressed with my Zenni Optical frames and lenses. They are more than worth what I paid for them. I have still gotten compliments on them.

  • Gigi444

    ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. First, they will tell you to take the glasses to an optician to fix them. If you don’t want to do that, pay more money to ship them back to us. Then, if they can’t or won’t fix the problem you ONLY GET 5O% OF YOUR MONEY BACK. Basically, they have come up with a return policy that includes THEFT of their customer’s money. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS LOUSY COMPANY,

    • rarnedsoum


      Horrible customer service.

      I wish I read your review before my first time experience, no, nightmare, with “Penny Optical”

      – received glasses after about 3 weeks, vision oddly blurry.

      – they requested a copy of the original prescription.
      – then they asked for the glasses to be mailed back.
      – then they said that it was done wrong and will make a new one.
      – took a month.
      – then the new one came with different frame, that didn’t fit.
      – then they asked for a photo of the glasses I received.
      – then they asked for the prescription copy AGAIN!?
      – I said I already sent it to them before, and then they said ok, nevermind.
      – then they said they were out of the original frame.
      – now they want me to mail it back again if I want a refund of $20. WTF?
      Going without glasses for 3 months really sucks.
      Anyone know another company I can try that is better?

      • nick

        Had the exact same problem. I finally gave up on them. Their lenses are blurry at the edges and unusable when working with computer screens. stay away from this site.

        • HeatherNova

          This probably means your PD measurement was incorrect.

      • HeatherNova

        try eyebuydirect. They’ve always been spot on with the prescription for me.

  • rkis

    I just ordered 7 pairs of glasses – for me and my husband. I got two sunglasses with the order. The quality is just fine for the cost all seven with shipping cost me 181. that’s incredible. I agree that I should have gotten the anti-reflective coating. I got it for my husband but not for me.
    I also got the expedited shipping and the order arrived within 5 business days. My husband has an astigmatism and I just have simple single vision lenses.
    I: have recommended Zenni to dozens of people now. It’s been a great experience.
    I should also say I live in canada and there were no extra duty costs or anything.

  • TC

    I do, in general like them, but…
    I agree that some frames lack a bit in quality but for the price that is ok. Additionally, some spots where the framless lenses attach to the nose and temple parts regularly loosen up. Again, that can be handled for the money. My big complaint is with the lenses. I use bi-focals and progressives. The lenses when checked varied as if the glass/plastic was not ground to high enough tolerance. It was noticeable but usable. Consumer Reports once found that few eyeglass stores really got the prescriptions right. I think Zenni would be at the mid to lower end of truly getting it right, but … for the money, they are good. Frames and lens costs have gotten out of hand with most stores.

  • rarnedsoum

    I would recommend Zenni only to someone poor or homeless, as something is better than nothing. But I would also donate a roll of duct tape to that homeless person, as they will need it after a week.
    My frame started falling apart after the 2nd day!

  • ben tuval

    I ordered my glasses and they were OK by eye.

    When I happen to be in optometrist half a year after, he checked the glasses and said:
    “this is not what I prescribed”
    Indeed, the glasses were 0.5 diopter off.

    Zenni did want to fix the error claiming that they responsible for the glasses only for 30 days.

    Check your glasses right away guys !

  • blurry

    Yes, by all means check out Zenni. But cross your fingers that they get it right because they do NOT stand behind their work, and you will be out your money if they don’t make them properly. They simply do not stand behind their product and will do whatever it takes to weasel out of responsibility. Caveat emptor!!!!

  • cnelson204

    One more CON: shipping. At best, these are shipped via slow boat to China. And don’t bother paying more for the expedited shipping. That is a complete rip off. I needed some for a DMV appointment and chose expedited shipping. Was told they would arrive by end of 7th day. It is now 9th day and snowing, so no mail today. When I called Customer Service, they were less than helpful, to say the least, telling me to call back on Saturday…..then upon further questioning admitting that they were closed on Saturday! I’ve ordered from them and referred them before, but this has been a completely frustrating experience, customer service only compounding the frustration!

    • BryanHeadrick

      Yes! I second this! I’ve bought glasses online from both Coastal and Firmoo, and both of those only took 2 weeks to arrive (still a long time to wait) but These took two weeks just to ship from their lab to California to be then reshipped to me. And their customer service is loathsome

    • Mike McAuley

      I ordered a pair on Friday March 4th, paid for expedited service. My glasses showed up on March 8th!! I guess ymmv.

  • photon

    I have ordered at least a dozen Zenni glasses over the years, probably more. One time I got one that was not the correct perscription which they replaced without any problem. The others have all been just fine. The frames I get are the cheapest Zenni offers and look exactly like what my optician sells for nearly $200.

  • AK

    I’ve ordered 5 glasses from Zenni so far. You shouldn’t expect good-quality frames if you decide to buy fromi Zenn. One of my frames had clear coating and it started to peel off in about 2 weeks. One pair came with scratches on the lens. Three pairs came with white tape-like stuff stuck to the edges of the lenses. One pair had a screw loose therefore a loose lens. I’d only recommend Zenni if you wear contact lenses most of the time and need a cheap pair of glasses as a backup.

  • JR

    beware if you plan to seek insurance reimbursement. my insurance plan (Aetna) rejected the Zenni order confirmation (just an email) and wanted more a formal invoice with the name of the recipient of glasses etc. and Zenni’s sent me an email telling me that was impossible and to use my credit card bill as proof of payment. also, I had to wait 30 minutes on hold at Zenni’s customer service line until I got a customer service rep from Zenni’s to confirm they couldn’t create an invoice. next time I will go with Coastal or Warby Parker.

  • subspecies

    i order my frames from Zenni, 4 at a time, and get the lens made locally.
    This way saves me about 70% and if the glasses break i put the lens in a spare set.
    You can’t go wrong with that!

  • Uncle Fester

    Good prices but really crappy service. I order a pair of simple magnifiers and a pair of sunglasses. These were off the shelf most places. 3 weeks later, still no glasses. I’ve had varilux (progressive bifocals) custom made in less time.

  • Zenni-Slow

    I have experienced the same bad service when inquiring about an order that hasnt arrived 30 days after placing it …… still waiting ……

  • Zenni doesn’t care

    24 days for glasses to arrive in Canada with expedited shipping – used to be fast now pathetically slow – refunded a whole $6 for my trouble

  • Amanda

    On March 23, 2014, I purchased glasses for me and my husband. Yesterday, on March 28, 2015, we went to have our annual eye exams. At this appointment, they took a reading of our glasses to see what our current prescriptions were to see where to start and how to adjust.

    My husband’s prescription was supposed to be:
    OD (S) -2.5, (C) -1.75, (A) 20
    OS (S) -1.75, (C) -1.25, (A) 155
    PD: 66.0
    This is what he received:
    OD (S) -0, (C) -2.50, (A) 16
    OS (S) -.50, (C) -2.00, (A) 160
    PD: 66.5

    My prescription was supposed to be:
    OD (S) -1.5, (C) -0.5, (A) 80
    OS (S) -1.5, (C) -0.75, (A) 90
    PD: 64.0
    This is what I received:
    OD (S) -1.00, (C) -0.75, (A) 76
    OS (S) -1.25, (C) -0.5, (A) 84
    PD: 65.5

  • G

    Surprised so many issues. I can only speak for myself, I ordered 4 pairs and there fine. 9 days from order to my door step.

  • P Arrington

    Ordered glasses on the 17 and it’s the 1st of the new month. Package is “lost” in transit to me and the customer service representative basically says it’s got nothing to do with them and to call the USPS. Never will I order from them again.

  • Leanne V

    Apparently they make glasses within an acceptable margin of error. We ordered two pairs with the identical prescription and received pairs with slightly different prescriptions. We had them tested by an independent retailer and those findings backed up the fact that the pair that were slightly wrong messed my vision up. Upon returning the glasses, Zenni maintained that, “technicians in our lab found the inspection results are within the margin of error” and would not help up. Buy if you must, but don’t expect your prescription to be matched.

  • Snow

    I am a recent buyer from Zenni Optical. I was very impressed with the collection of frames Zenni has, and after i ordered my prescribed glasses, they arrived on time. Mean while I was a little concerned about the charge I saw on my bank statement, I contacted the online customer service rep (Jade), and she was very helpful. She explained to me in details why the charges were different than i saw on the order statement (it was converted in Canadian dollar from USA). My glasses came on time. I love the lightness of my frames and the smooth finish. I have a desk job and i have to be in front of 2 monitors 8 hours a day, I hardly notice that i am wearing glasses when i am working. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Zenni Optical for any buyer.

  • Cristos Seven

    I have been doing “business” with Zenni Optical since about 2005. After experiencing a greater than 50% failure rate, I gave up on them about five years ago. Recently I made the great mistake of giving them another chance. Simply put they are now the worst company I have ever paid money to in my entire 50+ years of life on this planet. Their quality control is non-existent, and their customer service is even worse. Any reviews to the contrary are almost certainly bogus. They should be shut down completely.

  • Stephen Ritger

    Stylish, half-frame glasses with AR coating? The store in the mall wanted $200+. Got them from Zenni for less than $20 shipped, and they UTTERLY BLEW AWAY the mall glasses in fit and clarity of vision. I returned the mall glasses and got my $$$ back. It will be Zenni from now on, count on it.

  • Tyler

    Garbage experience with Zenni Optical. I ordered my glasses and they came in with the wrong prescription. (cost $47) I contacted customer service and they would only give me store credit (per policy) but I had to pay for shipping to send them back,(per policy they only take USPS so $10). During my reorder I had to pay more money because I switched my frames and that something (per policy) was “difficult” about creating my prescription. (additional $24 to the $47of the original order and the $10 to ship back there first mistake so i am now in for a total of $81) I then double and triple checked my prescription to make sure the order was correct. OVER A MONTH LATER FROM MY ORIGINAL ORDER I get my new glasses with THE WRONG PRESCRIPTION! called customer service and they said PER POLICY that they can only offer me the $24 back in store credit because the previous amount was in store credit. I told them that both of these were there mistakes. they said it was policy. I told them that obviously they needed the money more then me. I am not going to pay them more money for another gamble. This was there mistake and they did not care one bit. Customer service didn’t help and they have no concern to make there mistakes right because they have a policy about it. I might as well make a company that never delivers on what is offered and make a policy to never pay them back. if they insist on a exchange make them pay more money and never deliver. That seems to be Zenni Optical’s business plan. Never deal with Zenni Optical they are a scam. They might of been good a few years ago but now its just a racket.

  • Ren

    First time buyer with zenni, and I have got to say that aside from not getting a shipping confirmation email(an issue that was solved immediately thru online customer service upon request) my experience has been awesome, I got 4prs of glasses for $80, and that included shipping to Canada. I Got exactly what I wanted and it came they fast too. I feel bad for those who have had a bad experience with zenni, mine was amazing and I would recommend them to anyone trying to find affordable eyewear! They will be keeping my business.

  • Fred

    I wish that I would have read the reviews. I am running into paying the extra money and not getting them on time. They think sorry is good enough answer. I am still waiting on my glasses,sitting in California,hard to tell what I will get. My advice do not order from them. Customer service is bad like everyone else says. Made in China,doesn’t say that on their website,gives a California address. Save your money,buy elsewhere.