Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts PLUS

Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts PLUS Review – The Inside Scoop on Stock Picks


Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts PLUS

After many years of success on Wall Street, Jim Cramer decided to share his knowledge of investing with the general public in a book titled Jim Cramer’s Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World. The book aims to give the average investor a better understanding of how to pick and choose individual stocks. In 2005, Cramer took his message to the masses with a television show called Mad Money. The colorful show currently airs weekdays on CNBC and has developed a rabid following of fans and critics. The program is designed to dive into the world of investing each day with Cramer providing his opinion on which stocks a person should buy or sell.

As co-owner and writer for TheStreet.com, Cramer has been posting stock market commentary for well over a decade. In 2001, Action Alerts PLUS was created as a service of TheStreet.com so that investors can trade alongside Cramer as he makes investment decisions for his charitable trust stock portfolio.

How does Action Alerts PLUS work?
Action Alerts PLUS is a subscription service offered through TheStreet.com. The service alerts you by email and through the website when Cramer has recommended that a stock should be bought or sold. Cramer gives very detailed information about the stock, the action he will be taking, and perhaps most importantly, why he is making that decision.

At the end of each week he does a weekly roundup of all the stocks that he currently owns in the charitable trust. The weekly roundup reviews each position and discusses what could likely affect the price of each stock in the coming week.

What are the benefits of using Action Alerts PLUS?
With this service you will be able to get inside the head of an industry expert and learn from his experience. Cramer shares with you every move that he is going to make in the charitable trust before he takes action. You will get full access to each holding and understand why he wants to buy or sell each stock. Action Alerts PLUS will give you the tools needed to make an informed decision. Thus, even if you don’t want to replicate Cramer’s trades (or perhaps you don’t even want to trade at all), you can still use this service to learn how investing works and how one of the top investors makes his trading decisions.

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The service is like having a personal mentor who can guide you in turning the “scary” world of investing into something that we can all understand and handle. The other neat thing about the service is that it not only gives you stock tips, but also provides you with the insight and tools necessary for you to potentially make your own independent trading decisions down the road. For anyone new to investing, Action Alerts PLUS is a great option because you are learning from some of the best and brightest and getting access to quality, dependable research and advice.

The website has a wealth of information available to subscribers, including articles like Cramer’s Twenty-Five Rules for Investing and Ten Commandments for Trading. There is also a section that will guide you on how best to use the website and Cramer’s advice.

Below is a preview of some of Jim’s latest positions. You’ll be able to see the entire portfolio as well as open and closed positions inside.

Who should use Action Alerts PLUS?
Anyone who is interested in actively trading stocks or who just wants to understand how it works with the help of an expert’s opinion can benefit from Action Alerts PLUS. There are many useful tools and an abundance of educational information. The action alerts can also really help shave off a lot of time that is typically spent on research. Even as an experienced investor, I found the website and the alerts extremely helpful for evaluating stocks. The service moves at a comfortable pace and for someone who is new to the world of investing, I think it’s user-friendly enough that you can get quite comfortable with it.

A free 14-day trial of Action Alerts PLUS is available for you to test this service and see if it’s right for you. Click here to sign up today.

If you do end up liking the service and want to stay on, you can sign up for an annual subscription where you’ll get $25 off through this promotion as well as a free copy of Jim’s new book, Getting Back to Even.

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  • Connie

    I’ve heard of Mr. Cramer, how is his track record? Seems like an interesting deal.

    • Larry Anderson

      Cramer is a real hack. His track record for stock picking is horrible. He made his money as a hedge fund manager by pumping-and-dumping lousy stocks on unsuspecting investors. HIs show, Mad Money, is high on shouting but low on investing education. Want to read about a real investor? Save your money and go to your library and read up on John Bogle of Vanguard.

      DOWn, baby, DOWn!

  • Karmella

    No offense, but $400 a year sounds like an awful lot for what he’s offering – aside from my other reservations, if his advice is already on the street it seems like it’s less valuable and the market has already acted on it, if it’s good advice. I would be more interested in the “why”, I suppose, if it’s detailed enough to really add to my skill set.

    I would almost consider the free trial aspect, but I envision all sorts of hassle when they charge my card when they’re not supposed to…

    Does anyone else have some experience using this?

    • Andrew (Admin)

      Totally see your point of view, but I guess there are a couple things to consider.

      I believe a huge point of the program is the “why” so that you can learn to invest well on your own. Also, while the market has acted on the advice he offers on thestreet.com, there is unique advice and trading tips offered in Action Alerts PLUS.

      Overall, I would say it can’t hurt to test out the trial and see if it’s what you’re looking for. I don’t think there would be any credit card hassles especially with such a large company (often these are less shady), but let me know if you do. And from there, if you want to continue, you don’t have to start off with the annual subscription. You get the free trial and then you can do monthly.

    • http://www.pogotips4u.com Dave

      The whole point of using credit cards online is that they protect you. No company can charge cards without signing up to certain terms. One of those is that if you want your money back they MUST give it. This is one reason why you see all these ’30 day money back guarantee’ ads on TV. They HAVE to offer that guarantee so they turn it into a selling point.
      If they refuse? The fact is you can demand your money back via your card provider for anything up to 12 months on online/mail order transactions and in many countries, United Kingdom for example, this right is enshrined in law (Consumer Credit Act) with variances only on perishable goods.

  • Audra

    I think this 14-day trial is a good deal. I’ve watched his show several times and what he’s said has always made sense. He’s, how should I say…exuberant to put it mildly, but I like that. Anyone who’s not considering investing in stocks right now (with even just a little bit of money) is, in my humble uneducated opinion, going to miss out. I’m not an accountant or a financial adviser, just your average person who has watched cd rates go down to pathetic rates. The stock market is always a risk, but so is doing nothing.

  • jeccica simpson

    I subscribed to the 14-trial, waiting for a welcome email, I will forward to you as soon as it arrives, thanks!

    jeccica simpson

  • gina

    I agree, I think that the service is overpriced! I think that you can do your own research for free.

    • fringuello

      I not too much fan for Cramer … but ahah do you want to read a millions books article newspaper and putting them toghether with a sense instead of paying $200 ??!!
      what you are saying is not right! .. how do you determine overpriced??! if a concept is correct it has a huge value if not it has a negative value … but I think the cost it is made up depending on an average portfolio of followers … not surely your $1000 that will never made 20% a year .. so the point it is not you want to do the research on your own and they are gonna be really bad, but you have to!! ahahh

  • http://www.artificialrobot.com Sean

    There has been at least one (relatively short term) study that shows that Cramer beat the market http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2009/05/cramer_not_so_mad.html but if you factor in $400 a year and trading fees, I have trouble believing that you wouldn’t be better off (not to mention less stressed out) by just investing in some low cost index funds like Vanguard.

    Personally, I think I’ll stick to the ol reliable index funds and enjoy my “average” returns.

    • Cary

      Sean, I have read so many comments from people looking into making their own stock investment choices and I feel that it is right that I should comment now on the belief that regular people cannot outperform the market index. In Sept. 2001, days before the 911 terror strike, I had just deployed my retirement savings through my Ameritrade account into which I had rolled over my 401K. Now, my retirement funds are slightly over double what they were when I took over my own investing. The market has gone nowhere during that same period. In fact, I owned some Vanguard S&P 500 Index fund at the same time and watched it go nowhere as the portfolio of stocks that I chose more than doubled. Recently, I have sold the Vanguard S&P 500 Index fund and now invest all of my retirement funds. Although I am not one of any gift of brilliance, and, beleive me, I made many mistakes investing, I have beat the market, sometimes quite convinceingly, every year that I managed my own money, and I sleep best with the money under my control. My first education in investing came from reading Peter Lynch’s book “Beating the Street.” One of the most important things that I learned from this book is how to realize when it is time to be satisfied with investing results. No one will ever invest perfectly. To get respectable results you just need to tip the balance some. And, I assure you, it can be done.

      • marino

        people they say the beat or lose vs the market did ever figure out that there is an amount of variable that are never gonna be taken in consideration? huge huge amounts of analyses and then at the end there is still 50% of luck .. men ! wake up this is gambling which you can have better probabilities (very little) with huge researches and still …
        The only ones who really make money are the insiders .. possession of news before being hand out to the public; sometimes illegal sometimes not. If you go outside every single store of a retail company and you count the buying heads it is a legal kind of insider! ahah
        When Cramer made a lot of money in the stock market because everything was going up and luckily his just a little more; that was a marketing timing to take advantage of some intelligence but a lot of craps.
        This doesn’t change anything but give the prospective that it is still a GAMBLING, where Plus Alert make money anyway even if with wrong suggestions! no good. There should be a “punishment” otherwise it is not a fair positioning.

  • DG

    Personally, 400 seems like a lot but if you really need valuable advice this might do. The free trial aspect seems all right but too much work for what seems like little payoff. maybe this just isn’t my thing

  • http://www.cindybrick.blogspot.com Cindy Brick

    Do you really want to trust this guy?!? He’s made some incredibly boneheaded pronouncements in the past, particularly in the last year, right about the time the market tanked.
    I sure wouldn’t pay this much for suspect advice.

  • Michael

    I am extremely disappointed in the free trial simply based on how the subscription is handled.

    Registering for the free trial is all done online and requires a credit card. Like with most free trials, it is set to auto-renew at regular price. However, unlike most sites, you can not cancel the auto-renew online. You MUST call the customer service line, during the hours of 8am-6pm, to cancel. There is no reasonable explanation for not allowing online cancellation except that they are attempting to force you into renewal.

    Customer Service is closed now so I will be calling tomorrow to cancel. Hopefully that part is at least smooth. Just wanted to give the warning to anyone that might be registering only for the purposes of the contest.

    • Andrew (Admin)

      Hey Michael,

      Just as a heads up…I’ve tried the cancellation process on my end and calling up was really easy and straightforward. It only took a few minutes and didn’t seem shady at all.

      So don’t worry too much! I hope you at least got a good taste for the service.


    • Karmella

      Thanks for the heads up. Did you get a chance to take a good look at the content? I’m having trouble finding a lot of in-depth reviews (any, really) and I’d love to know what you thought.

    • http://madsaver.com Mac

      I did the trial as well, but didn’t think it was worth the money to continue, so I was able to go ahead and cancel. It’s a bit annoying that I had to call, but it worked out fine. Unfortunately, I still get spam from them each week even though I closed my account and unsubscribed to the emails.

      Still, worth signing up for a trial, if just to learn about the program.

    • Mmaronati

      jee do you want to protest also for the color of the website? .. I am always for the defense of the consumer but writing for such a little thing it is kind of a brag ..
      tell us instead why you are canceling and if it is an easy system or any downsides

  • http://www.artificialrobot.com Sean

    Thanks for the warning Michael. It always bothers me when places make you jump through hoops to cancel your subscription. Clearly they want a chance to try and keep your business based on selling you rather than by making a product that people want to keep based on their experience during their free trial.

  • Winston

    Based on what I have heard about Jim Cramer, I highly recommend you to take what he says with a grain of salt. By the time his “expert” analyses trickle down to you, it is always too late. He has already made all the money there is to make.

    Go to youtube and search “Jim Cramer vs Jon Stewart.”

    • Invest wisely

      Winston, what do you mean when you say “based on what I’ve heard about Jim Cramer”? Whom did you hear it from and how accurate and thorough was their evaluation of Jim Cramer? Or, did you hear it from some left-wing hatemonger who hates self-made millionaires and smarter people than themselves? And who was it you heard that from? Let me guess, Jon Stewart, right? Right. And what kind of person is Jon Stewart? He is one of those far left hate mongers whom hate self-made millionaires like Jim Cramer. And whenever that left-wing hatemonger Stewart finds anything slightly negative about the people or political party that he hates he unfairly bashes it and makes it sound worse than it really is. So, why do you come to this website and throw the insults against Jim Cramer solely based upon the left-wing hatemonger’s comments against those he hates? You’re negative, it is worthless to me and other intelligent persons whom come to this website because you also hate rich successful people and are offering worthless poor advice to others searching for a better place to put their money. You should be ashamed of yourself for your worthless hateful attacks!

  • Sue

    I’ve been watching Mad Money for a few years now. I do enjoy Cramer & his antics, although I prefer to record the show & fast forward through commercials. I knew nothing when I first started watching and I have learned quite a bit. Had I taken his advice on cost averaging, I would be doing even better. I haven’t subscribed to Actions Alert yet (you can always get 50% off), but am considering it. If you’re a novice, and you put the show & subscription together, it’s better than being on your own.

  • http://www.highlevelmarketing.com Wesley

    MMMMMMmmmmmm… still do you homework. This is a great guide. Cramer is one of the best. You didn’t always listed to your parents did you? If you follow the pros you have a better chance unless you have no life and can research stocks all day but who has time for that…

  • Jeff Davis

    I have tried Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts plus alerts, but didn’t have much success. I may try it again in the future.

    For now, I am using Prophet Alerts (www.ProphetAlerts.com) which is similar but sends real time stock alerts with buy and sell entry/exit points.

    I really wish Action Alerts would do this. Sometimes I find myself in a losing position and Action Alerts does not make a sell recommendation until it is too late.

    Much regards,

  • Trishh16

    Jeff, I second http://www.ProphetAlerts.com – much better stock alerts over there than Action Alerts Plus. Jim Cramer and his stock alerts and tips are not as accurate at Prophet Alerts in my opinion.

  • Vince N.

    “I agree, I think that the service is overpriced! I think that you can do your own research for free.”
    Yeah, good luck with that.

    “Cramer is a real hack…Want to read about a real investor? Save your money and go to your library and read up on John Bogle of Vanguard.”
    Sorry but I can’t take anyone seriously who gives props to John Bogle, the prophet of the dead and useless “buy and hold” philosophy.

    “No offense, but $400 a year sounds like an awful lot for what he’s offering”
    It’s actually very typical. There are some less expensive services, many more expensive services.

    “but I envision all sorts of hassle when they charge my card when they’re not supposed to…”
    Don’t worry. No reputable company would ever “mess with your card”. Even if they did, you’re totally covered.

    “I have trouble believing that you wouldn’t be better off by just investing in some low cost index funds like Vanguard.”
    Please don’t do that unless you really don’t want to get involved with your investments. Your portfolio will severely lag a portfolio of individual stocks that even I can put together simply based on following financial sites.

    “I think I’ll stick to the ol reliable index funds and enjoy my “average” returns.”
    Oh the pain of purposeful mediocrity. Unless you really, really don’t want to “get involved”, index funds are better than nothing. I’ve found that a fantastic way to invest is with a company whose web site’s function is to let you invest your money in an account that mirrors an advisor’s portfolio. Of course, you can actually mirror the portfolio on your own if you want. These are not mutual fund managers – simply RIAs whose portfolio of stocks is made available to you. You can even follow the transactions they make.

    “Registering for the free trial is all done online and requires a credit card. Like with most free trials, it is set to auto-renew at regular price. However, unlike most sites, you can not cancel the auto-renew online.”
    This is exactly how every “investment service” I’ve subscribed to works.

    I tried ProphetAlerts but found the service useless. Assuming that you even received a “winning” recommendation, the profit margin was so small that by the time I got in, the profit was no longer there. Don’t mean to dig Kris…I found other such services to have the same problem. All I did with it was lose money when supposedly, Kris was making money.

    I am not advocating Cramer’s service. If it’s like so many other similar services, there will be way too much trading for most people – way more than they need to be a successful investor.

    People, lose the fear and get out there. Even I, who has two jobs and zero time to do research put together an index-trashing portfolio of individual stocks at an online discount brokerage simply by keeping an eye on financial sites. And do yourself a favor and stop investing in mutual funds that are loaded with hidden fees and whose main purpose is to make the fund manager money – not you. Do yourself another favor and google “Mutual Funds vs. ETFs” and never invest in a mutual fund again – unless forced to as in 401k investing. The hidden fees and tax disadvantags of mutual funds vs. ETFs is just too much to ignore.

    • Ozzy

      I’ve subscribed for a year (at 50% discount) and I’m getting ready to renew IF I can convince them to keep the 50% discount. thanks to Action Alert combined with Mad Money show my 401k is now ahead of where it was before crash.

  • http://silversylvester.blogspot.com/2011/02/movie-american-dream.html Patrick

    Sure Cramer may have made a few mistales. But overall he is on point. I’m definitely going to subscribe to his newsletter. Cramer’s words are golden when it comes to the stock market and his personality is out there as well. So it’s a win-win. You got me sold.

  • Ricky

    I have been a subscriber for almost two months after being an investor in the stock market for only a year now. I’ve re-done my portfolio picking only stocks he bought since joining and have made more in less than two months than I did all last year. I paid a promotional deal of $199 for the year and have doubled that already. I have earned more than my money back and I love how sends alerts. He breaks down every stock in the portfolio and every conference call as well as tells you what actions he takes. I get anywhere from 1 or 2 emails, up to 10 emails a day depending on how many moves he is making or any news or earnings season relations are happening. I agree $400 is not worth it and if they do not let me renew at $199, I might cancel. But if you can get the $199, it is worth it to someone who is new and doesn’t even know how to do the homework or what most of the fundamental numbers of a company’s earnings mean. I am very pleased with the $199 I feel I am getting my money’s worth. Hope that helps

    • Mike

      You’ve been with Action Alerts for two months and only made approximately $200?? `That’s pathetic!! Why even waste your time?

      Ricky says:

      I have been a subscriber for almost two months after being an investor in the stock market for only a year now. I’ve re-done my portfolio picking only stocks he bought since joining and have made more in less than two months than I did all last year. I paid a promotional deal of $199 for the year and have doubled that already.

  • Ricky

    A 10% profit in less than two months is pathetic? Especially when I don’t have to do any homework or try and figure out what all the numbers mean? Sure beats the $15 a year I make from putting the money into savings account

  • Ozzy

    Wish I could post a screen capture of my trading account but can’t. Here is a subset of where I am using Cramer. I am careful though, he can also be wrong, and in this market it is easier to pick winners but he so far excels for me.
    These are between actionalert and his mad money show recommendations. very little specific company research on my part other than trying to stay informed on company news, etc.
    These are held within a year. I just signed up for a 2nd year with actionalerts for $199 after calling them and saying I would cancel at $400.
    appl 5.7% (already sold all I had once for a 40% gain, this 5+% is on a re-buy)
    axp 20%
    chk 35%
    emc 28%
    flr 49%
    aa 35%
    ba 15%
    c 16%
    gm 2%
    hes 21%
    jnpr 20%
    jpm 25%
    kss 3%
    ng 3%
    nue 19%
    swn -3%
    t 2%
    vz 18%

    I’ve cashed in on portion of the big winners above and need to be careful not to let the gains dissapear but so far I like it!!

    • Ricky

      I only have around 5g in eight different stocks. An example is I have a 25% gain in JNPR but thats only less than $200 gain… If I had like 10g in each stock, my percentage gain would equate to a lot higher dollar amount. But I’m new to the market and it sure beats a traditional savings account. Its also a lot of fun too…

  • Vince N.

    C’mon folks! $400 isn’t bad when you consider the free stuffed toys you get (bull, bear, pig)! They are soooooooooooooo cute! Just think how much more convincing you’ll be as a market pundit with your friends if you’re throwing stuffed toys around the room while making your market calls!

  • Justin

    Interesting, I went ahead and subscribed to ProphetAlerts.com as recommended above, and have been consistently making money on it, the guy above who didnt make money I am not sure what he did wrong. Started with a $17K portfolio about 3 months ago, has steadily increased to $23K – yes, not huge, but consistent profitable and realistic trading alerts.

    MUCH better results than Jim Cramers site. The reviews at Investimonials.com of Prophet Alerts are legit, I can attest to that. Maybe I wasn’t going in with a “Get Rich Quick” mentality, but as long as I am making money (and not losing like w/ Jim’s service) I am a happy camper.

  • Vince N.

    How could you even compare ProphetAlerts to Jim Cramer’s service? ProphetAlerts is for day trading, shorts and options. And, as such, is not only undesireable but inappropriate for the vast majority of the population. Maybe if you’re an experienced day trader who does nothing but sit in front of a computer all day, maybe you can make it work. And if you use a service like ProphetAlerts, then you most definitely have a “Get Rich Quick” mentality as the time you hold stocks is better measured in hours than months, weeks or even days. The fact that you even think about comparing ProphetAlerts to Jim Cramer makes me think your post is spam.

  • Justin

    Vince, no spam here, I actually signup to PA through the recommendation here. You are right, it is more of a short term service which is why I like it. I have never liked the idea of the “Buy Buy Buy” mentality of buying a stock and holding it for months through its good times and bad- I lose sleep that way. ProphetAlerts takes quick gains, takes a quick loss, and builds up a portfolio much faster than “investing” the Jim Cramer way. Had you done it that way the past 10 years you wouldnt even have a profit.

    That is why Cramer followers got hammered in 2007 and 2008 and the strategy ProphetAlerts teaches was still profitable. I am not comparing them as people, but as a service ProphetAlerts is leaps and bounds beyond ActionAlerts, which doesnt even give you real time entry and exit prices which is necessary in a crazy wacky market like the one we are in now.

    Just my $0.02

  • jdind

    If you include dividends for Mr. Cramer’s portfolio and exclude them for the S&P 500 like his comparison of 39.2 % vs. 15 % reflects, then yeah Cramer beats the S&P 500. With dividends, the total return of the S&P over the same period was 38.3 %. His portfolio didn’t double the market’s return; it squeaked past by a cumulative 0.9 percentage point. That is before tax, trading costs and before the annual subscription fee ($399.95). And not only that but it would require over 700 trades to mirror the Action Alert PUS newsletter portfolio. So for all the Cramer worshipers, you might be drinking a little too much koolaide. You would bed a lot better off buying a 500 index fund and ignoring it. and you would have returned near 40% over that last 10 without all the additional expenses.

  • http://www.avalon.co.uk Avalon

    Cramer is good entertainment and if you follow his advice fully (which means doing a lot of work on your own) then he certainly can help you, in my opinion.

    Beware of the Lightning Round though. This is basically a gimick where Cramer can show off his extensive knowledge under caller pressure … and sometimes he makes mistakes. For example, I bought a stock after Cramer had reviewed it and given it a ‘buy buy buy’ (no, I didn’t do my ‘homework’, I just punted like I suspect most people do who watch the show). A couple of weeks later a caller asked about it and he pretty much said he hated it and you should ‘sell, sell, sell’ [I’m assuming this was a mistake and not an actual change of heart as there had been nothing further on the show in the meantime].
    I was left quite deflated as you might imagine, but the stock had increased since I owned it and looked good so I hung on. I doubled my money 6 months later when his thesis on the stock came good.

    I once heard an interview with one of the most successful fund managers over the last 20 years – when asked how he did it his reply was “I got 3 out of every 5 picks right”

    Moral of the story is, everyone gets some right and some wrong. The very best are working on 60% right only. Cramer is good but sounds more confident than he (or anyone else) has any right to be. Take his ‘off-the-top-of-his head’ advice with a pinch of salt. Better still, ignore it and listen only to the well researched and reasoned parts of the show.

  • Billjojo

    I have lost a lot of money with Cramers screaming buys over the years–usually screaming losses!!! He is a circus entertainment, he is very rich —I once read over 50 million in safe investments and does not care if he messes around with our hard earned money. He only recommends stocks except for GLD becasue there would be no Mad Money show if we invested in safer ETF’s and Index funds. How come they only take butt kissing calls on his show and never the “house of pain” calls from viewers?????

  • youthfulinvestor

    Thanks for sharing this. It is a nice and concise article on the topic.

  • mcmaced

    I am with one of Barron’s top independent investment advisors who have 31 stocks on their recommended list. Of AAP’s 26 current picks; maybe it has 4 in common. Cramer has a new TV investment strategy every day, no consistent one despite what he claims in his book of rhymes. Cramer boast no awards for consistent market success as does my advisor. A call to AAP claims he always beats the S&P 500 but the documentation is sketchy. His advertising only claims to make one a better investor. Gee, that’s real nice. How about consistent market returns. Cramer is pure entertainment only. He never recommends anything that hasn’t already been touted by street analyists. He sells stocks after thay have crashed. Don’t go near AAP.

  • Invest wisely

    I just finished 15 minutes putting a well described post on your damn website and then you did not respond to let me know you accepted or declined. You Mentor monitors are close minded left-wing jerks who only allow their left wing retarded people come to this website and leave there comments. To hell with you left wing bastards who manage these websites that censor comments from me that I put on here to contest or challenge what your other people have posted on your website! You left wing retards!

    • Invest wisely

      OOPS! This website was only slow at responding to my membership request, here. It seems what I assumed at first was incorrect. Disregard the above comment I made.

  • Invest wisely

    WARNING! Some people who come here, like Winston, have posted undeserved insults and mistrust toward Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts Plus investors program. They come to this site mostly because they hate rich, successful people like Jim Cramer. Jim Cramer became a millionaire because all the hard work and dedication he did to understanding the market and when to buy and sell. And I for one am going to try a Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts Plus investors program.

    • David Do

      So what’s the verdict?

  • Invest wisely

    I have trusted a major investment Company with my money and for the last year and a half I have lost 15% of my original invested money and have paid thousands of dollars in management fees to those so-called professional investment agencies. Those professional investment agencies only want to invest your money for long-term, like 5 to 10 to 20 years. But they do not pay attention to the daily or weekly activities of the world that occasionally affect the market/account values greatly. I need someone to watch the daily or weekly events around the world and then suggest to me what I should do regarding buying or selling stocks.

  • Invest wisely

    This post is a continuation of the two previous posts I have made below this post.
    In conclusion, I have removed my money from the large so-called professional long term investment strategy companies and are now focusing on investing through suggestions made by someone like Jim Cramer and his Action Alerts Plus program to help us amateur investors get the best for our returns in a seemingly endless roller coaster ride of the market values. I truly believe I will do better through someone like Jim Cramer’s program. And in 3 to 6 months time I will come back to this website and list my gains or losses Jim Cramer’s program has helped me accomplish.

  • Sharemarketzone1

    Now find all top Indian stock market analyst with their stock market recommendations at one place

  • Orbissw

    Action Alerts Plus has underperformed the S&P 500 for the past 10 years. This information is hard to come by. It took months of investigation Try to find it yourself.

  • http://www.forestcotton.blogspot.com/ James

    Jim Cramer is a guy with lots of energy. He does have a great deal of knowlege about the stock market and the way the investment world really works.

  • Fred

    Its Not worth the money same info on his TV show for free.

  • peterpiper77

    Very entertaining on MAD Money. Have about the same success for picking my own stocks. Go with Vanguard if you want to invest.