14 Tips to Save Money on Back to School Supplies & Shopping List

school supplies carts coinsThe cost to go “back to school” keeps increasing. In 2010, the National Retail Federation (NRF) estimated that the average American family would spend more than $600 on back to school supplies. That’s only for an average student; college-age students, who often require many more supplies, especially if they’re moving into a dorm, may spend even more. That also represents an 11% jump from the year before.

Does this sound like you? Many parents begin eyeing the back to school fliers and ads in August. Whether your kids start kindergarten or head off to the university this year, you can buy them everything they need without breaking your bank account. Here are several tips to help you become a savvy back to school shopper this year.

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Zero-Calorie Foods List – 21 Fruits & Vegetables to Lose Weight

eating a carrotAccording to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Trust for America’s Health, the obesity rate in America is expected to reach 44% by 2030. Obesity can be calculated by measuring a person’s body mass index (BMI), a number derived from weight and height which provides a reliable indicator for inferring potential health problems. A BMI above 25 is considered overweight, and anything higher than 30 is considered obese, both of which are at-risk categories.

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6 Indoor Plants That Can Clean & Purify the Air in Your Home

mother-in-law tongueWhen you think of air pollution, you probably envision big cities cloaked in a blanket of smog created by car exhaust and industrial factories. But did you know that the air you breathe in your house is polluted as well? In fact, according to the EPA, the air we breathe indoors is often 100 times more polluted than the air outside.

Even if you live out in the fresh air of the countryside, your indoor space is most likely full of chemicals, materials, and toxins from sources that may surprise you. For instance, that new carpeting you just installed is likely off-gassing formaldehyde and benzene, two chemicals known to the EPA to be linked to cancer. Those new cabinets in the kitchen? Same thing.

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4 Ways You Can Get More Services From Your Real Estate Agent

real estate agentEven with rock-bottom interest rates and a glut of bargain-priced homes on the market, qualified buyers are still in short supply. This is primarily because it’s hard to get approved for a mortgage loan unless you have stellar credit and a hefty down payment. But even when buyers do qualify, they often feel skittish about investing in a home. After all, the economy hasn’t yet fully recovered, and the prospect of losing a job while responsible for a mortgage is enough to scare many people away.

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What Is Activated Charcoal – 6 Uses & Health Benefits

activated charcoal capsuleUntil a few months ago, I’d never even heard of activated charcoal (also known as activated carbon). However, I soon learned that this substance provides a number of amazing benefits.

While some people use it to cleanse their skin or whiten their teeth, the true value of activated charcoal is in its ability to remove toxins from your body. For instance, if you’ve ingested a poisonous substance, or if you’ve been bitten by a deadly snake or spider, activated charcoal could save your life.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

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7 Ways to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables as Part of a Healthy Diet

salad“Eat your vegetables” is more than just dinner table advice. The vitamins and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables are the foundation for a healthy life. Such healthy foods can help stave off cancer, are naturally high in fiber, have a high water content to keep you hydrated, and decrease your risk for heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. The only question is, why don’t we eat more of them?

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What Is T’ai Chi – History & Health Benefits

tai chiEvery year it seems that countless new “get in shape” gimmicks rear up from the daytime talk show and infomercial void. Whether it’s a new diet paired with a book or a pill, or an exercise routine that requires a unique piece of gear, the fitness and diet industry are relentless in their promises of perfection.

While many “new” exercise routines disappear as quickly as they arrive, others show results because they have survived the test of time. Yoga, for example, was born in India 5,000 years ago, and is now more popular than ever. The treasured gymnastics and calisthenic routines of Greece are staples of today’s workout classes, and the kung fu martial arts of the Far East are popular with kids, adults, and moviegoers alike.

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4 Natural Herbal Remedies & Medications for Dogs

dog and ownerThere are many natural and herbal remedies to ease the common ailments of humans: We can take valerian root and chamomile to sleep better, St. John’s Wart to ease the symptoms of depression, and feverfew to combat migraines. Furthermore, we can use natural and herbal remedies to ease some of the symptoms from chronic pain, constipation, and bad breath. Many of these same treatments work wonders for dogs – though we can’t assume that every remedy that treats humans will work for dogs.

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Standing Desk Benefits & Options – Why You Should Make the Switch

geekdesk standing deskHuman bodies are built for work and constant movement. However, the average person now spends nearly 10 hours a day sitting down thanks to work, TV, and commuting – and that doesn’t include sleep time. Because of this rampant inactivity, our obesity rates are skyrocketing: Currently, 68% of the American population is either overweight or obese.

If you’re like most people, you likely spend the majority of your work day sitting behind a desk, in front of a computer. But have you ever thought of standing at your computer instead? The popularity of standing desks is rising as more people discover the health benefits of standing while they work. And as a computer-bound worker who uses one of these desks myself, I can tell you from experience that the benefits are real.

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