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Heather Levin

Heather Levin is a writer with over 15 years experience covering personal finance, natural health, parenting, and green living. She lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband and two young sons, where they're often wandering on frequent picnics to find feathers and wildflowers.
Best Buy Black Friday Camping

Camping in Line for Black Friday Shopping? – 11 Essential Supplies You’ll Need

Camping outside stores to get the best Black Friday deals is a popular way for many people to spend their Thanksgiving. But many campers go through the school of hard knocks on their first night out, ending up cold, hungry, and sore. You can avoid that haggard feeling by packing the right gear.
Coronavirus Asian Toddler Student Going To School Back Pack Mask

How to Help Your Kids Prevent the Spread of Germs at School

Parents and caregivers need to show kids and teens what they can do to build healthy habits during the school year and avoid illnesses like the common cold. These habits are especially crucial right now, with COVID-19 cases rising and seasonal flu approaching.
Fire Smoke Safety Electric Wire Plug

11 Tips for Home Fire Safety & Protection to Keep Your Family Safe

It’s the middle of the night, and a faint crackling sound has woken you from sleep. You smell smoke, then discover a raging fire in the hallway. You have less than two minutes to escape. Would you know what to do in such a horrific situation? These fire safety tips can help you avoid a tragedy.
Cars Driving On Big Road Behind Snow Plow Trucks

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Snow Storms & Blizzards

Roads can become perilous during heavy snow, a winter storm, or extreme cold snap. There are countless stories of people getting trapped in their cars overnight or even longer when conditions deteriorate. FEMA reports that...
Buy Nothing Day Shopping Bag Paper Brown

7 Fun Things to Do on Black Friday Instead of Shopping

The chaos of Black Friday has been part of our culture for decades. But a slow shift is happening as more and more people choose to skip shopping and instead head outside or spend time at home with loved ones. If that sounds like you, pick one of these fun activities to do instead.
Thanksgiving Dinner Table Aerial View Turkey Vegetables Family

12 Tips to Save Money on Thanksgiving Day Dinner

It’s easy for Thanksgiving dinner costs to spiral out of control. Turkey, sides, casseroles, pies, and cakes all add up to an enormous grocery bill. But simple changes in your shopping habits and menu can provide significant savings if you plan ahead and do it right.
Snowman Marshmallow Hot Cocoa Red Mug

How to Simplify the Holiday Season and Make It Stress Free

It feels like as soon as we tuck our little trick-or-treaters into bed, plastic skulls go on clearance and winter holiday decorations go up. If the pressure of back-to-back holidays has you stressed, it’s time to slow things down, spend less, and have a more peaceful holiday. These tips can help.
Winter Depression Sad Woman Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Treatment to Beat the Winter Blues

Every winter, as sunlight dims and the days grow colder, millions of people experience feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and low energy. For some of them, it’s a serious mental health condition known as seasonal affective disorder. Fortunately, cost-effective SAD treatments are available.
Homestead Hornbek Country Farm Barn Cottage

How to Start a Homestead – Is Self-Sufficient Living Right for You?

Many people dream of starting a homestead for several reasons, such as to be more self-sufficient, garden, or raise livestock. But starting a homestead can feel overwhelming, especially if you go into the process without a plan. It can also get costly if you’re not careful.
Pile Of Food Scraps Vegetables Leftovers

How to Regrow Vegetables, Fruits & Others Foods From Kitchen Scraps

Regrowing food from scraps is an effective way to save money on food and eliminate food waste. It can also help you keep fresh food on the table if there are supply shortages. With a sunny windowsill and a bit of patience, you can turn these castoffs into healthy produce for your family.
Poor Child Eating Dinner Not Adequate Sad Family

7 Food Assistance Programs to Feed Your Family When in Financial Need

Right now, families are struggling to keep food on the table in nearly every corner of the country. So what do you do when you’ve tried every strategy to save money on food but still can’t make ends meet? That’s when it’s time to ask for help, and these are the places you can get it.
Child Playing On Pile Of Fallen Leaves Autumn Fall Outdoors

7 Outdoor Activities for the Fall Season – Fun Budget-Friendly Ideas

Fall is a great time to get outside. No matter where you live, the great outdoors in the United States becomes a playground in the fall, and budget-friendly activities are plentiful. Here is a list of ideas for the best fall activities to try with your family and friends for little to no cost.