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Heather Levin

Heather Levin is a writer with over 15 years experience covering personal finance, natural health, parenting, and green living. She lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband and two young sons, where they're often wandering on frequent picnics to find feathers and wildflowers.
Farmers Market Fresh Produce Vegetables

15 Tips for Shopping for Fresh Produce at Local Farmers Markets

Most communities have a local farmers market, and they're popular for a good reason. Farmers markets provide fresh, locally grown produce, as well as homemade or home-baked goods. They also make it easier to eat healthy on a budget. Read on for tips on making the most of your local farmers market.
Coronavirus Asian Toddler Student Going To School Back Pack Mask

How to Help Your Kids Prevent the Spread of Germs at School

Parents and caregivers need to show kids and teens what they can do to build healthy habits during the school year and avoid illnesses like the common cold. These habits are especially crucial right now, with COVID-19 cases rising and seasonal flu approaching.
Sick Work Woman Tissues

Sick at Work? – How to Prevent the Spread of Germs in Your Office

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, many people don’t have the option of working remotely. Properly cleaning and disinfecting your workspace could save someone’s life, including your own. At the very least, it helps prevent an illness that could cost you valuable workdays and productivity.
Coronavirus Mask Covid19

10 Ways to Prepare for Future Surges of Coronavirus Infections

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many people scrambled to stock up on food and supplies and cope with virus-related unemployment and quarantines. We all just want to get back to normal. But a future surge of infections is possible, and we must be physically, mentally, and financially prepared. 
Closed Due To Corona Virus Cobblestone Streets Vacant

8 Ways to Prepare for the Next Pandemic (Coronavirus Outbreak)

Are you prepared to stay home for weeks at a time, venturing out only when absolutely necessary, if authorities implement a stay-at-home order? Preparing for a pandemic is similar to preparing for other emergencies. But pandemics have some unique qualities. Take these steps to keep your family safe.
Daily Routine Clock Dice Compass

Evening Routine Ideas That Can Lead to a More Productive Workday

If you’re like many people, you probably eat dinner and watch some television after work. But changing up your evening routine can improve your reputation and productivity. And these small, actionable steps can help you achieve peak performance at work tomorrow.
Hand Written Recipes Cooking Baking Tools

33 WIC Recipes to Cook Meals That Maximize Your Food Benefits

To make the most of your WIC benefits, you need to find delicious recipes that use every ingredient you get. Many states offer a handful of ideas, but they’re far from inspired. These recipes for any meal of the day feature plenty of WIC-approved ingredients and are anything but boring.
Grocery Shopping Baby

10 Tips to Maximize Your WIC Benefits When Grocery Shopping

Shopping for WIC-approved foods can be a bit confusing at first. Strategies like familiarizing yourself with approved WIC items and using coupons can help ensure you make the most of your monthly allowance. But those aren’t the only ways to stretch your WIC dollars.
Survival Camping Essentials Knife Light

27 Camping Gear Essentials – Checklist of Outdoor Supplies You Need

Make sure your next camping trip doesn’t go awry by knowing exactly what you’ll need for your pre-camping checklist. Here’s a comprehensive list of the essentials you need, from survival gear to sleeping bags and eating utensils. Use this checklist to prepare efficiently for your next outdoor adventure.
Frozen Power Lines

How to Prepare for a Power Outage & Survive Without Electricity

Can you imagine being without electricity for weeks? For most people, the answer is no, and that can have deadly consequences. Getting ready for a long-term power outage requires a plan. Before the next big storm causes an extended power outage, take steps to prepare without overspending.
Invest In Yourself Board Clips Sign

11 Best Ways to Invest in Yourself & Build a Better Life (Free or...

Investing in yourself provides a great return on investment in a myriad of areas of your life, including your physical and emotional, career, education, goals, creative pursuits, passions or interests, and relationships. Find free or low-cost ideas for investing in yourself to build a better life.
Girl Holding Heart Shaped Dessert Valentines Day

34 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities & Crafts Ideas for Kids (on a Budget)

Kids love making crafts, and Valentine’s Day provides a perfect opportunity to get their creative juices flowing. Many crafts can also double as gifts for family and friends. These Valentine’s Day craft ideas are ideal projects for kids to have fun with and show the love — on a budget.