How Much Can I Afford for a New Car? – 4 Things to Consider

If your current vehicle is on its last leg, or if you’re simply ready for something different, it might be time to bite the bullet and purchase a new car. That said, buying a new car isn’t some small, insignificant purchase.

There are many costs that inflate a car’s expense beyond the simple ticket price. You want to make sure the car you buy is one you can actually afford, so before you sign and drive, make sure you fully understand the costs of buying a car.

Factors Affecting Car Affordability

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5 Ways to Stay Within Your Budget When Buying a House

home on a budget A house is likely to be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. And if you’ve waited a long time for this day to come, you’ve undoubtedly thought about the features you desire – maybe you’re craving a huge master bedroom with walk-in closets, or perhaps a gourmet kitchen.

While you don’t want to skimp on the amenities you love, adding too many can drive up the cost and destroy your budget. By thinking about your long-term financial goals and assessing your budget before you buy, you can score the home you want without experiencing buyer’s remorse.

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3 Emotional Effects of Having Too Much Debt and How to Cope

credit card debtWhen it comes to consumer debt, everyone has an opinion. Some people avoid debt at all costs, even if it means never buying a house, while others view debt as a necessary evil – a way to enjoy a certain quality of life.

Most Americans fall into the latter category, and all too often, debt ends up getting out of hand. To avoid this pitfall, it’s important to maintain a sense of moderation, to know your limitations, and to manage purchases so you can pay them off within one to two months.

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5 Benefits of Working a Job While in College – Best Jobs for Students

college studentsI worked throughout college, and firmly believe it’s important to hold down a job while in school. But over the years, I’ve met people who never worked a day in college, and I clearly recall one person telling me he didn’t plan to get his first job until after graduation. While this isn’t a strategy I recommend, it’s definitely a popular one.

Working while completing a degree isn’t easy. It’s a juggling act, and if you have student loans or scholarships that cover the cost of tuition – plus your parents footing the bill for your living expenses – you may reason that you don’t need a job. But aside from monetary need, there are lots of reasons to maintain employment while in school.

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5 Tips to Reduce Stress When Buying a House

buying a houseWhether you’re a first-time home buyer or have plenty of experience, purchasing a house is just plain stressful. It’s a complicated process involving both strong emotions – it’s a home, after all – and what may be the biggest financial investment of your life. Even if the process appears to be going smoothly, it only takes one mishap to kill the deal. Your financing could fall through at the last minute, another buyer could come in with a higher offer, a home inspection could reveal hidden problems, or the appraisal could come in below the sale price, affecting your mortgage terms. That’s a lot of “coulds.”

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4 Reasons Why Your Offer on a House Was Rejected

making an offer on a house“Stressful” is the best word to describe buying a house. It involves, among other tasks, the process of improving your credit score, securing financing, choosing the right agent, and looking at different houses. But the frustrations don’t stop there – after you find the right house and submit an offer, there’s always a chance that the seller will reject your offer. And sometimes, rejections come without any explanation.

There are countless reasons why sellers reject purchase offers. If you lost a home to another bidder, one of the following reasons might apply.

Reasons Why Your Home Offer Purchase Is Declined

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6 Things That Can Scare Off Potential Homebuyers

neglected houseIf you’re trying to sell your home, a competitive housing market can be your worst nightmare. There may be similar homes for sale in your area, and if these homes are priced lower than yours, it can take months to find a buyer for your place. However, price isn’t the only thing you have to worry about.

Homebuyers can be extremely particular, and before they make an offer on any property, they’re likely to inspect every nook and cranny. Of course, no home is perfect. Minor scratches on your floor and chipped paint aren’t likely to cause a stir. However, there are certain things that can make homebuyers think twice about purchasing your home.

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Is Buying a House With a Friend a Good Idea? – Pros & Cons

home ownershipRenting a house or apartment with a friend is a great way to save money, and it allows you to enjoy the company of another person while doing it. While it’s common for friends to rent a place together after high school or college, it’s often a short-term arrangement until one marries or can afford his or her own place.

However, if you don’t foresee marriage in your near future and your present roommate situation works, you might consider buying a house with your friend. While some people would never enter into a mortgage agreement with someone other than a spouse, buying with a friend can be a smart investment – as long as you know the risks.

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6 Things to Avoid With Your Realtor When Buying a House

real estateEven if it’s not your first time, buying a home can be frustrating and stressful, as it can take weeks or months to locate the right house. Plus, with each bid, there’s a chance that the property owner will reject your offer and go with another buyer. Good real estate agents understand this frustration, and often go above and beyond to keep you happy. However, as a stressed-out home buyer, you may need to be careful not to blame your agent for problems out of his or her control.

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