• Mike GetRichWithMe

    I was in L.A. a couple of years ago and had no trouble getting round to most places using the public transport system.
    One thing I noticed was that it seemed as though only poor people used the public transport, everyone else was in a car.
    Here in the UK there is much less social division regarding transport. People of all income brackets rub shoulders on public transport system (apart from politicians!).

  • http://wealthnote.com/ Ted Levi Blackman

    I am a big fan of public transportation but unfortunately it isn’t offered where I live. I have to drive quite a bit to get to and from work and school, but I try to avoid driving otherwise. I would love to spent less time in the car. I like on the outskirts of town and don’t have to deal with much traffic driving where I drive but I still spend a lot of time driving longer distances than most.

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