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  • Alex

    $5.39 for a pound of Oreos?That’s a STINKING high price! Major ripoff alert.

  • Pat Davis

    I checked out a few today, Amazon and Walmart, would have gone to Vons too but they make you register and I didn’t feel like doing other than browse at this point. The first two sound pretty useless, most of the stuff I wanted they listed as store only, and as someone pointed out, the prices really suck. I’d have to be nearly unable to move/go out before I try these. Effing waste of money! I don’t see online become viable until at least another ten years.

  • Martie

    I’ve recently shopped online for groceries and I really like Amazon and Netgrocer. The extra cost is worth it to me because I live alone and it is very difficult to go shopping with severe COPD and other health issues. Especially convenient is finding those items that are either not available in my area stores or if they are, walking the store trying to find them. I recommend online grocery shopping to anyone who has trouble getting out and/or physical/mobility issues.

  • http://ergode.com/ Daniel Turner

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