• Achmad

    How is everyone in this world can be easy to have and make a credit card even if they do not have a number of social as in AMERICAN? Can the USA state solve this problem.
    We are people INDEPENDENT.

  • Thomas Vargo

    If you have bad credit, your most likely going to have get a secured card. If you do get a unsecured credit card the credit limit will be low and the interest rate will be high.

    Your best option is to use a free consumer organization such as “Bad Credit MD” to locate the best card for your situation.

  • http://www.doctorofcredit.com/ doctorofcredit

    Just so you know, you can add BoA’s cash rewards to their secured card, this’ll give people with a low credit score (or no credit history) a chance to earn some cash back.

  • http://paycreditcardsonline.com Danny

    The security of credit cards is a huge deal. This is something that I want to do, you need to find better ways to deal with this.

  • TimBrunellivo

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  • Nikki

    How old is this article? It mentions Orchard Bank and they are owned by Capital One now.

  • bouncingback21

    update ….I’m 30 days post discharge chapter7 and was approved for a Comerica Secured CC through Elan Financial Services

  • Guest

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