• http://www.facebook.com/people/Wikus-Botha/608039823 Wikus Botha

    Thank you Premo!!!

  • gury maanny

    If you pay 10 dollars for 100 are u paying for each individula 10 $

    • Jeffrey Snyder

      some charge the ten dollar fee no matter how much or how little you buy…its a one time ten dollar fee

  • http://www.vivekam.co.in/ Krishna

    Thank you found your article useful as was searching for some ones query. it was insightful.

  • Ravi Malla

    how to start to buy a shares

  • Ravi Malla

    without broker/agent

  • Jay Jivani

    Thanks. So helpful. Kindly provide steps for investment without broker.

  • Anthony G

    Thanks — going to start tomorrow

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