• Jenn

    This article shows fashion and budgets can and do go together with just a little planning. If someone applied one of these challenges every month, think of the savings that could go toward an emergency fund or debt payments. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.allthingspondered.com/5001/how-i-failed-with-my-first-rental-property-and-turned-it-into-a-loser/ AllThingsPondered

    As a guy, this wouldn’t be my thing. But the same concepts could apply to men and their hobbies as well, couldn’t it? Particularly the budget part and making use of old parts, etc. I think it makes sense that there would be a man (non fashion) version of this. Any thoughts?

  • http://chondeal.com/ khuyen mai

    An exciting article. Thanks for share

  • http://everythingfinanceblog.com/ Charlotte@Everythingfinance

    Awesome ideas! Great excuse for a ladies day. It will be fun to get together and try on clothes to make new outfits. Kind of a large dressing room party.

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