Festival Of Frugality: Back to School Edition

high school lockersAs the Principal of the Festival Of Frugality School, I’ve elected to award one participant the Festival of Frugality Valedictorian Award.

As the Valedictorian, this student of finance and life has been well-liked by his fellow students and always brings his positive attitude with him wherever he goes. He brings out the good in others and shines as an example of what other students should aspire to be like. In one particular instance, titled Squirreling Gone Wild #22: Drive-Thru Discount, Ray of the Squirrelers class exhibited grace and charity after his resourcefulness led him to a tiny financial discount along his day to day path.

Now it’s time to pick your classes. Review the course schedule below and enjoy!

Course 10b – Home Economics

Course 19H – Health and Nutrition

Course 9I – Economic Science

Course 27C – Social Civics (Government and Tax)

Course 101M – Money Management Basics

Course 44D – Performing Arts

Once you’ve chosen your classes, report them to the attendance office and share them on your favorite Social Network. Lunch will be held in the cafeteria at 12PM, and yearbook pre-orders can be made at the front desk.

And to the student who filled my office with all the workout equipment from the school gym, the jokes on you! I’ve been using the equipment and I’ll have no problem physically putting you in detention when I find you :)

  • http://www.donnafreedman.com Donna Freedman

    Thanks for including me in the carnival. Loved the theme.

    • Andrew (Admin)

      No problem Donna. Thanks for the note!

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    Great theme. Thanks for hosting and including my post.

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      Great piece Kristia!

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      Hope all’s going well Daniel!

  • http://www.yesiamcheap.com Sandy @ yesiamcheap

    Thank you hosting the carnival. Good choice of a valedictorian. The Squirreling Gone Wild series is one of my favorite.

    • Andrew (Admin)

      You got it Sandy!

  • http://www.squirrelers.com Squirrelers

    Thanks for hosting the carnival, and for your nice words! I couldn’t be valedictorian of any school I attended, all the way through grad school….so hey, I’ll take this designation here:)

    • Andrew (Admin)

      You’re hilarious…maybe you’re just now beginning to peak academically! :)

  • http://freefrombroke.com Craig

    Thanks for hosting!

    • Andrew (Admin)

      Thanks for being a part of the carnival Craig!

  • http://www.deweystreehouse.blogspot.com Mama Squirrel

    Once again I seem to have gotten passed over–and this time I submitted my post via a contact form instead of the problematic Carnival page form.


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      Let me know if you have any other questions after we try to sort things out over email. Sorry you’ve had so many problems with the Carnival page form!

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  • http://barbarafriedbergpersonalfinance.com Barb Friedberg

    Thank you so much for including my “get out of debt now” article. I have to read that bread post. I LOVE bread and cannot stand paying upwards of 3-4 bucks per loaf. The only thing holding me back was time!!!!

  • Andrew (Admin)

    You got it Barb. It’s always fun reading your stuff!

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