• Peter

    I’ve used them and subscribe to their coupons. I think I’ve bought two things from them and the restrictions can be a bit limiting, but there can be good deals. As you noted, I get a lot of offers that are of little to no interest, but sometimes a good one comes along. My biggest problem (besides the myriad salon / spa offers) is that the restaurants of interest have branches close to me, but none that participate in that offer. Still, it’s worth the regular e-mail in case something good comes along.

    • Kira

      I’ve noticed that too – but recently when they had a Gap offer that was good for every store in the country, the site went down from the traffic. ;)

  • Joan T.

    This article has been helpful, Kira. Thanks for the information. :-) There are also other trusted deal sites, including Groupon.

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  • theotherside

    most end users of a groupon do not realize the cost to a business to run a groupon. What groupon does not tell you is that they make the business give a 50% or higher discount to even qualify, once the business qualifies and sells the deal groupon keeps 50% of the already marked down price meaning the business is actually giving a 75% or higher discount which causes many business to make little and even times loose money for exposure. Groupon is not fair to the business at all, I am sure If groupon was asked to discount their services and then give another 50% discount on top of that they would say no way, and guess what….they do say no way I can help you if you ask them for any less than 50%. Groupon needs the businesses to offer deals or they are out of business, and if they keep asking businesses to discount so heavily and then offer up such huge sums of money to run a deal they will eventually do the opposite of their intention and possibly put a company out of business. There is bad with the good and good with the bad.

  • Angellady

    Groupon are the worst company that I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with. I purchased a voucher for dental braces over one month ago now. I was told by the dentist that my teeth were not suitable. I am still waiting for Groupon to refund my £795. I spent over one hour trying to sort this out with them on the phone yesterday; they wouldn’t even put my call through to a manager and basically advised that there is nothing that they can do despite me advising that I was not hanging up the phone until my money was back in my account.

    When I purchased the coupon, it said clearly on their advertisement that if not found suitable for the treatment that a refund would be issued straight away.

    I have about 20 emails in my inbox from them fobbing me off and even the dentist couldn’t get them to issue the refund.

    I think that they should be closed down. They have wasted so much of my time now; i’m really annoyed.

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