• http://nfahm.blogspot.com Andrea

    Homeschooling costs what you decide you can afford for it. For instance, for core courses, math, science, language arts, history, we typically pay under $100.00 for textbooks on Amazon.com… for high school level kids.

    We pay out the nose for homeschool electives, because we have decided it was important to us. But, if we were to find ourselves financially strapped, I am aware of places where they could have similar electives classes for far less… Yes, I would have to volunteer more, but homeschooling costs can always be managed.

    • Casey Slide

      Thank you for your insight and story from personal experience, Andrea. I did not realize that electives cost more. I agree that electives are very important!

  • http://nofightingnobiting.blogspot.com kat

    But think of the savings by homeschooling such as buying school supplies at Walmart in August when crayons are $0.20 and notebooks are $.010 as opposed to HAVING to purchase fancy/expensive notebooks and binders because that is what some ps teacher dictated all the children must have. Another savings is not having to buy the latest fashions for your children so they will fit in. My kids certainly don’t mind me going to the thrift store and buying their clothes. Field trips can be managable if you buy a family pass for a year to one museum or zoo and really investigate all its resources or go on free days (our local very expensive art museum is free on Wednesdays, not something that is easy to manage if they are in school until 3pm, but simple if you can go at 10am).

    • Casey Slide

      Great point! School supplies can be expensive if you need something specific, such as a graphing calculator. Saving on fashion is a good one too…particularly in the middle school and high school years. Thanks, Kat!

    • proudmommieof2

      The way I see it is this. Who cares about the latest fashion or fitting in. My kids aren’t going to school to fit in they are going for educational reasons. So what if the kids don’t like her fashion sense. The way I was taught was this. If a kid picks on you because of the way you look it’s because they are jealious. My dad always said this ” The reason the kids are picking on you is because they are jealious of what you have and what you can do. Their parents spends 100-300 on a pair of shoes, pants and a shirt. I pay 20.00 on a pair of shoes and 50.00 on 6 shirts and 3-4 pairs of pants. And I am able to take you and your sister out to the river, go out shopping and buy you things that those parents can’t afford to do.” Parents these days and even back in the 90s were so up on throwing money away they couldnt afford to do fun things. Plus the kids normally ran their stuff out after a week or 2 where mine would last a year or 2 or until i out grew them.
      Then it was passed down. Parents don’t think that it’s stupid to waste money on clothes when there kids will out grow them in 6 months and have to blow that same amount on new clothes. I am smart I live in walmart. I spent this time around when I had the money 200 on everything. I bought 6 outfits each, 3 packs of undies for my oldest 2 packs for my youngest, 2 packs of socks for them both, a shirt, skirt and a dress for myself 2 packs of underwear for my husband and a pack of socks for him.Plus a pair of shoes for my daughter.
      Fashion is a stupid media stunt to get people to waste money on cheap labor factory clothes where the women who make them earn barely no money and get no sleep. Just my opinion, Goodwill, Dollar General,Family dollar and Walmart are the best places for fashion :)

  • proudmommieof2

    I am considering home schooling my daughter who is 7. I am out of work but I can’t afford to put my daughter through the heart ache and suffering each year.
    I am trying to find out how much it would cost to get her into home schooling. I could teacher her what the school is. There is plenty to do around my own home. We can have a field trip out in my own yard. We have woods so we can learn about the different trees, birds, bugs and leaves. Even mushrooms and grasses too. I am worried about cost due to the fact I have no income. We live in a small town called Monticello it’s about 28 miles from Tallahassee. Our problem is we don’t have the money for gas so we couldn’t take trips to museums or anything like that till I got the money. I really want to get my daughter into school at home because I understand her problems. I understand her needs. I want to be there to provide her education because I know her better than anyone else out there.
    Her education is important to me, I don’t want her to be denied this but I won’t allow a school to bully her or make her out to be a bad child because she’s an independent, artisic, and very self consience little girl. I have always wanted to home school her but my husband is also worried about our phone. Which I am told I must have for homeschooling. I don’t know anything about it so I am learning as I go.
    Any suggestions on where I can learn more on home schooling? My daughter starts public school on Monday and I want to start asap on home schooling this year. Maybe when she finds her voice and is able to tell me she is ready for homeschooling.

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