• http://freemoneymentor.com/ Moneymentor

    Make sure your internet is connected directly to your modem and/or television. Wireless internet can make a 90 minute movie last about 200 minutes if you are continuously buffering b/c of low internet signal. It will drive you nuts. Many companies can come out to your house and install another cable line for you for less than $50 however it’s pretty simple to do if you’re already hooked up for basic cable and want to save some money.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJOEXZNR5H4XNGUNPJ7WIAQXZA Robyn

      I wouldn’t say that about all internet. I have wireless internet and I run Netflix and HuluPlus without a pause through my wii, 2 laptops and Nook. Sometimes on 2 devices at a time.

      • Fred

        Same here … that dudes internet service or wireless router must really be of poor quality.

    • Rickman

      A wireless router connection is definitely slower and less stable than a wired connection. But whether this is noticeable when streaming movies depends mainly on your internet download speed and the proximity of your router to the streaming device you connect to it wirelessly. I stream HD movies and shows–from Netflix, Huluplus, Amazon Instant Video, PBS and other sources–flawlessly through my Roku2 connected wirelessly to my router, but my internet download speed in 60 Mbps and my router is less than 10 feet from the Roku. I’ve never had a stream interrupted for buffering.

  • kindle1223

    I have had Netflix for several years. I switched to Amazon prime this year. I have a Kindle and Blackberry Playbook. The videos play excellent through my Playbook and my Prime membership allows me to download thousands of books for free to read (not public domain books but books that are for sale on Amazon). To top it off, I get free two-day delivery on other purchases. In my opinion, Amazon is a power-house and will eventually catch up to the competition with the updated videos (still a lot more TV shows that you have to pay for which are free on Netflix). But with the added perks, its heads and shoulders over Netflix. If you have a Kindle reader, you would be crazy to have any other service.

    • Carol

      I have a Kindle but have Netflix because my daughter likes it. I’m tempted to get both. Have you gotten any of the special deals with Amazon Prime that the article mentions (besides the shipping and free book per month)? That might make it worth it for me to have both.

  • Mail

    Just an FYI, Amazon streaming is available on the ps3 which is a gaming device

  • http://TipsNifty.com/ Nifty Tips

    hi nice post.Yes Netflix offers a huge selection of offers, it is most expensive of the especially if you settle on a membership which includes DVD delivery.Thank you for your nice entry

    • Rickman

      You’re comparing apples to oranges. You shouldn’t count the Netflix DVD mail delivery service because (1) the article is “Comparing On-Demand Streaming Media Providers” and (2) neither HuluPlus nor Amazon Instant Video offers a DVD mail delivery service. Comparing streaming services alone, Netflix, HuluPlus and Amazon each costs about $8 per month. However, Amazon bills annually, while Netflix and HuluPlus bill monthly and let you cancel at any time.

      I find the Netflix streaming movie library limited; it usually takes a few years, if ever, before a recent movie shows up in the Netflix streaming library. Depending on your tastes, you will may soon run out of fresh content to watch via Netflix streaming, in which case, you simply cancel the service until new content arrives. But Netflix streaming offers several very good original series not available elsewhere.

      Without the $99/year Prime feature, Amazon Instant Video is basically a pay-per-view service ($3+ per movie), and most of the pay-per-view content is available at Netflix via streaming ($8/mo.) or DVD rental ($8/mo.) So you really need to consider which is more cost effective: paying $3 to watch one movie or paying $8 to watch a bunch of movies in a month.

  • Stephanie N.

    Thank you for that great comparisons. I’ve been a member of Netflix since 2005. It’s so easy to subscribe and cancel hulu plus. Done that twice already. As for Amazon, I’ve never tried it. I do like the yearly subscription, as to monthly. I wish the others did that. Netflix does have the most to choose from, Hulu has the most recent tv episodes, and Amazon doesn’t have commercial. For me, both Netflix and Hulu Plus, I Love them both. I think Amazon needs to catch up to be a contender.

  • Gary

    “Jacqueline Curtis is an experienced style expert, and she focuses on getting high” is where that line cut off. I laughed.

    • Mmsedm


      • Jacqueline C.

        Definitely an awesome focus for a writer! lol!

  • mjoinsd

    Should note that NOT ALL TITLES are available at no cost with Prime. Many have a $2 to $5 rental fee associated with them, or a higher purchase cost, making them only slightly more competitive than cable on-demand. The costs can also vary from time to time, for example I was able to watch all of the original Star Trek episodes at no additional cost, then once I removed them from my list, the charge was $2 per episode as purchase.

  • Tim

    This article needs a bit of updating. Amazon Prime now offers monthly $7.99 subscriptions, just like the other two.

    • Geeky

      Some more updating:

      Netflix does not support Linux OS….

      Unlike Hulu Plus which does.

      • http://twitter.com/WeaponsofID Weapons of ID

        Even more updating…

        * I run Netflix on Ubuntu 10.04

        * Correction to the article, Amazon Prime does stream via PS3 at least

    • david95

      Maybe this is old news? I am sitting on the Amazon Prime sign up page now. It is ONLY offering me the $99/year deal. I see no $7.99/mo. deal.

  • cro

    I have a dsl connection that can vary quite a bit…I’m paying for 4Mbps, but frequently d/l @ 1.5 to 3.5. Sometimes I go even lower. Still, I was surprised how little buffering occurred. I was expecting a bad experience, but am really pleased with my new Netflix hookup through AppleTV and a wireless router. I’ll keep you posted after a month and my free subscription runs out. I’m just trying to ditch my satellite $80/month service and try something new.

  • mdhoyt

    Netflix has ton to choose from, but 90% of there content is very old and B movie rated. Great documentaries with Netflix also. Amazon has very little, but the rental or purchase of new movies is a perk the others don’t offer. Hulu is the step sister of Netflix.

    • TomDibble

      You don’t need to subscribe to Prime to rent/purchase movies from Amazon.

  • George

    How bout you put the date you wrote your article? Google used to be the baby of the search engines. The lack of date is lame

  • http://www.facebook.com/ilovemymarine17 Sara Ankerson

    I have all 3… Lol i need help

    • TomDibble

      Actually, me too. Hulu for network TV shows, Netflix for Netflix originals and movies, Amazon Prime for shipping (for us it pays for itself) and filling in the gaps of some movies / old shows Amazon has that Netflix doesn’t.

      I just wish there was a good device that supported all three (especially if that device was an AppleTV to support our itunes purchases as well, but I’d settle for a non-AppleTV device so long as it was just one) and gave a cohesive interface over the top of them> All devices completely ghettoize each service, so we have to descend into the Netflix app and search there, then up and back down into the Amazon app and search there, then up and back down into the Hulu Plus app and search there.

      Still way less than half the price of our old DirectTV subscription (the current equivalent is $120/month).

  • Missy

    I am switching back to Netflix DVD even after reading this. We started the streaming about six months ago and all they have are dated, lame movies. My first choice was Donton Abbey and was surprised they offered something current! Another positive I can say for Netflix is they allow you to put it on hold. When we finally get decent weather in the Pacific NW, I am not indoors watching movies! This is the best feature.

  • Missy

    My husband just checked with X-finity from Comcast. We did not realize we were subscribed to triple play and now we get X-finity streaming. Don’t need two streaming services!

  • someguy

    Two adjustments.
    1. Hulu Plus compatible is a bit misleading since yes it works on those devices, but they don’t have all the rights to stream everything in their library to those devices. Thus it is all available on the computer but only some of it is available for streaming elsewhere.
    2. Netflix final word, mentioning the dvd delivery as a down side should not be mentioned or used to judge the differences at all since you are comparing the streaming memberships, not additional memberships.

  • Kathy

    I just signed up for the Amazon Prime free trial, but am cancelling at the end of it due to lack of compatibility with devices other than Kindle and Apple. This article says that it is available on your Android phone…unfortunately, it is not, no matter how many ways I’ve tried.

  • Heather Scott-Penselin

    I have no idea when this article was written but according to amazon’s website it is compatible with several gaming devices, including wii and wii u.

  • Mandee Anaemena-Griffin

    I have both Hulu and Netflix and there is some overlap in the shows but not so much in the movies. I tend to use Netflix for movies and like older shows like H2O just add water which I was surprised that they had on Netflix and I use Hulu for Anime and current TV shows like Mindy Project and New Girl (Also on Netflix but not as updated)

  • Yong Bone

    Check your math 8X12 is $96 so Amazon prime is actually most expensive of the three

    • MamaMia

      Oh you silly trollop!!!! You need to read this article again! The membership for Amazon is $99/yr. There never was any dispute about abut it being the most expensive. Also you need to check your math. We know that the membership is $99/yr. We also know that there are 12 months in a year. Now to figure this problem out we DIVIDE 99 by 12 to get $8.25 and that is your monthly payment. So I really suggest the next time you want to look intelligent you might actually want to try being intelligent!

      • workatthebeach

        Presumably you’re referring to yourself as the unintelligent “silly trollop”, as the first section of the article clearly states “Amazon Prime charges $99 per year for a membership, which equals slightly less than $7 per month, making it the cheapest paid option.” Yong Bone is therefore quite properly correcting the awful mathematics as well as the conclusion.

        • TomDibble

          The article was obviously written several years ago, when Prime was $79/year, for a monthly cost of $6.58. They “updated” the price, but none of the analysis (including the “really hard” math of taking the yearly fee and dividing by 12). Which is to say, this article should not really be taken seriously today because it was written several years ago and has only undergone minor updates since.

  • fcabanski

    I saw your comment just before writing the same comment. It’s a great deal.

    • Patti

      If you want a subpar search engine…….there’s always a catch…..

      • fcabanski

        I don’t find Bing subpar. BTW, you can receive Bing Credits with auto searches like Bing Pong, so you can still use something else for your regular searches.

        • Patti

          ‘Google’ will always be the standard for searches no matter how many perks Bing gives away….just as ‘Kleenex’ and ‘Xerox’ and ‘Coca Cola’ set the standards in their industries.

        • fcabanski

          Yes, but you can get the perks without using Bing as your search engine.

        • wilstephen

          …Just like lotus 123 and Wordperfect

        • david95

          When Google starts paying for my hulu, Netflix or Amazon prime, I will change to them. :)

  • fcabanski

    $99/12 = $8.25. Amazon Prime is not the cheapest.

  • Jx3 W

    Netflix service runs $8.99 per month — which comes out to $107.88 a year — while Amazon Prime is $99 per year. Hulu Plus is $7.99 a month, for the year that equals 95.88. Making Hulu Plus the winner here folkds!

  • William R. Cousert

    Are there any current offers for Hulu Plus that will get you more than two weeks free? I found a bunch online, but they were all expired.

    • Rickman

      I’ve found that you can re-register for a free 2-week Hulu+ trial membership as long as you do so under a different email address and different credit card than the ones you used before. You can repeat this every 2 weeks until you run out of credit cards or email addresses. lol

      • William R. Cousert

        I just bought a Chromecast. It came with a two month subscription, a free X-Men movie download and $20 Google Play credit. Not too bad….

  • Rickman

    According to the article, “Amazon Prime charges $99 per year for a membership, which equals slightly less than $7 per month, making it the cheapest paid option.”

    But $99 per year is actually $8.25 per month.

    • koolaid

      Disqus has nothing to do with the content of webpages. Disqus is simply a platform for comments the particular website does everything else.

  • Guest

    I can’t find the date of this article. The information seems a bit stale. Some of the comments are 3 years old!

  • yi

    Speed…. not true.
    Netflix is the best.
    Then Amazon.
    Then Hulu. On a bad day, you can’t even watch.

  • zzzxtreme

    I rarely watch videos online. I have netflix subscription. when there’s new season of House of cards, I watch it. Or stuffs like ORange is the new black, The Arrow, Continuum, Marco Polo. After I finished the new season, I go many months not watching. Such a waste of money right? Should I just cancel netflix? What are my other options? Just buy the whole season online? Can I even do that?

  • nerdrrage

    I have Netflix, both streaming and DVD, which includes pretty much everything I’d want to watch. However, Netflix is getting worse and worse about licensing anything good for streaming and my DVD queue is the one getting longer…

    I’ll definitely add Amazon to the mix when they launch The Man in the High Castle, the first of their original series to interest me, after four years of pilot seasons. Not a great hit-to-miss ratio there but at least they didn’t blow $90M on a snooze fest like Marco Polo.

    Won’t bother with Hulu ever. If I’m giving them my money, I’m not watching ads. Tho if there was a truly free, ad-based service with a decent library, I’m sure it would be a success as broadcast increasingly flounders…

  • Pissed SSGT

    Amazon won’t work with chromecast, this is intentional. I got a browser that will cast to solve the issue. When I logged in, Amazon told me I had to use their Apple app. This is intentional and inexcusable. Google should block search results to their site. Oh wait, Google plays well with others and wouldn’t do that. Boycott Amazon prime, choices aren’t that extensive anyway.

  • Anna

    They left out that Amazon Prime is only $49 a year for students with student ID, and you get a YEAR FREE at sign up. Honestly I barely realized Amazon Prime comes with video and music streaming..I was just using it for free 2 day shipping. Now my trial is up and they are about to charge me and I’m not sure if I should keep it just b/c I already have Netflix & Hulu..

  • Einstein

    Check your math
    99/12 = 8.25

    Come on…..

  • JuBuster

    I have Amazon Prime and also Netflex, I have never used Amazon Prime other than free shipping, I am sure it has been paid for.

  • NANA


  • david95

    I’ll always have HuluPlus since it will always be free. Just use Bing instead of Google. For every two searched you get a Bung point. You are allowed 10 Bing points a day using searches, so that is 300 Bing points a month. There are also other ways to receive more bing points. You can trade 420 Bing points for 1 free moth of HuluPlus. So either you can get like 9 months fee wout of a year on just searches, or do some of the other redeeming points actions to gather points. I have had HuluPlu since last October, and have yet paid one penny to them. :)

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