Oh How I Hate Ebay Scams

I’ve been selling on Ebay for a while now, and I am pretty kean to sniffing out ebay scams.  I know about Nigeria, fake cashier’s checks, and all of that.  So anyway, we accepted a personal check from a buyer.  This is where my ignorance comes into play.  I thought that once a check posts into your account, it is YOUR money.  I’m not talking about pending, but POSTED transaction into the account.  However, this is not the case.  The check still has to be verified by another bank before it is TRULY your money.  Many of us think that a cleared check is a good check.  Apparently, that is not the case.  You are probably either saying to yourself, “Yeah, you need to learn about how checks are cashed” and some of you are saying “Really, is that true?”.  Yes, it’s true. 

Needless to say, I saw that the check “cleared” into my account, and I sent out the item.  Then, three days later the bank took the money back out of my account because of the check bouncing.  Wouldn’t you think that the bank would not give you the money until they KNEW that the funds were in the other account?  I don’t understand the reasoning for that, but I guess I had to learn the hard way.  I made a request to recall the package, but there is a slim chance that I will ever see that package again. 

A word to all of you out there:  Either do not accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders for Ebay items, or wait about a week or two before you ship the item to be sure that the check does not bounce. 

  • http://bostongalsopenwallet.blogspot.com Jane Dough

    You bank should return the bounced check to you. In my state you can resubmit that bounced check two more times – hoping to get it to clear. If the buyer just made a mistake and overdrew the account you may still be able to get your money if you wait a bit. However, if the whole deal was bogus to begin with then you may be out of luck.

    The other thing to do is to immediately report the bounced check to Ebay. Hopefully you did not leave feedback yet for the buyer. You can pursue your claim with Ebay and hopefully you can get some cash back…

    Sorry you ran into difficulty – hope it works out ok in the end!

  • http://moneyshakerblog.com empty spaces

    yeah i get rent checks that bounce. it usually takes 15 days for the checks to come back in the mail as “returned due to insufficient funds”.

  • Wgsmiami

    Here is how EBAY Buyers abroad get FREE STUFF

    International Shipping Scam tolerated by EBAY BUYER PROTECTION

    Here is how the Scam works

    Seller place item on EBAY
    International Buyer wins item and pays for item plus S&H
    You print international postage and custom forms from EBAY and get a tracking number starting with two letters and followed by numbers
    You Ship item thru USPS


    USPS accepts item
    Item makes it all the way to Jamaica NY, 11430 USPS Origin Sort Facility
    NOW USPS Tracking number stops here
    Tracking numbers that starts with letters do not require scanning or tracking by destination Country Postal Service
    Item is now en route to destination


    Buyer waits a couple of weeks
    Buyer place a claim to EBAY RESOLUTION CENTER stating he did not receive item
    even if they did receive the item in question
    EBAY Resolution Center contact Seller to provide USPS Tracking Number
    Tracking Number shows final destination as Jamaica, NJ USPS Origin Sort Facility
    EBAY Resolution Center will never receive a tracking confirmation from destination and will never receive proof of delivery even if item has arrived to destination.
    Case is closed in FAVOR of Buyer because tracking number can not be accounted for after Jamaica, NJ , USPS Origin Sort Facility
    Buyer gets back FULL amount they paid plus S&H

    Buyer Gets Items for FREE and All Money Back

    Seller is out of Item and Money

    EBAY Resolution Center answer to this is that Seller should have had the item insured and registered
    EBAY Resolution Center do not control any part of the shipping process that is “ conveniently” located on it’s website.
    Tracking number is absolutely USELESS
    EBAY BUYER PROTECTION will close claim on BUYERS FAVOR knowing this SCAM is HAPPENING
    USPS do not have any mechanism in place for you to file a CLAIM for stuff sold internationally

    Seller is SCREWED

    Creatureunlimited Lost $39.45


    • http://www.facebook.com/kristi.cunningham.98 Kristi Cunningham

      The exact same thing happened to me. I was a new eBay seller and thought that using their shipping labels protected me. Ha! I am now out over $600 and someone in the Ukraine has a FREE iPhone! I have now banned international buyers from bidding on my auctions!

  • Stacy Kelly

    Better off….don’t do business with EBAY…Craigslist is FAR better…Cash in hand. There is no such thing as Ebay resolution it ALWAYS is in favor of the buyer!…The buyer can leave feedback…not the seller….Buyers are liars….and there are plenty of scam artist buyers on EBAY….Tried to resolve an issue with one of those buyers…had proof that could not be disputed and EBAY sided with the buyer….had 100% rating before this crooked buyer left me unfair and untrue feedback..leaving me with 97%…EBAY would not even talk to me….I took ALL my ads off….will never go back…and sold ALL my items on Craigslist..People on CL can check out the item to see if they want it…buy it…negotiate…not buy it….whatever.Forget packing and shipping and trugging to the Post office…….I will NEVER sell on EBAY again. They are a big disappointment…but the silver lining is the huge business I have on CL…

  • Delphina

    Ok here is what happened to me on EBAY. Ukraine buyer, purchased a $150 handmade custom dog collar that costs me $100 to purchase from the designers. Pays for item plus shipping. I send it via USPS, bit MISTAKE, and 10 days later it arrives. Buyer opens a case stating the item was destroyed with paint. Posts photos of a box with a hole in it, painted all around the hole with green paint, visible brush marks, shows the collar painted the length of it front and back with a gold chalky paint. I show it to the designers of the collars whom I buy them from and one of them is from Eastern Europe. He says he thinks that it is kid’s washable paint used to make FAKE DAMAGE that can later be removed easily. We contend the scam was to fake damage the item with a washable water soluble substance, kid’s paint, mustard, who knows? Then photograph it looking as if it is damaged beyond repair, claim is is completely ruined “in transit” as she claimed, then get a refund, clean off the item and effectively have stolen an item from a seller. So the buyer must have figured I would say, no don’t bother sending it back since I would have to pay the shipping of around $30 had I lost the case for an unsellable item, and then the buyer can just wipe off the washable paint with a damp cloth, keep the item and get a refund. Well I won the case with EBAY and the money was taken off hold in PayPal. THEN the buyer opened another case with PayPal. I submitted all of my evidence even a photographed demonstration of how I believe they put washable paint on the collar and how it was easily wiped off. I had affidavits from the designers as to how they witnessed me packing the perfect brand new collar into the box and how one of them went to the post office with me. The box and item were perfect at the time I handed it over to the postal worker. So PayPal did not even look at my evidence I don’t think and gave the buyer a refund stating that the item was “not as described” which was a flat-out lie. Now the item is supposedly on the way back from the Ukraine but I fear even opening it when I get it back. I fell completely stabbed in the back by PayPal. I believe the buyers original intent was what I said, to keep the item having shown fake damage and also get a refund. When I fought it vehemently, they tried for just getting me to pay the return shipping. I would not and EBAY did not make me. So I think she THEN perhaps put something permanent to damage the item further, to validate her claims after the fact. I will see when I get it, but frankly, I’m afraid to open the box. Who knows what kind of psychos they people are. I did not have to pay the return shipping on the PayPal case that she won, but there is no telling what will be in the box, that is if I open it. SO, I’m out the sale price, the shipping price AND the expensive collar that was either damaged or who knows, but it’s not sellable now. So I was reamed by this buyer and PayPal. I have since blocked all sales from Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Middle East & Nigeria. Any others I should add to my block list? Anyone have any idea what scam this Ukraine person was trying to pull or had anything similar happen? Does my theory sound correct? I don’t think she was counting on me fighting it. The buyer kept accusing ME of being a scammer and said I had vandalized the collar prior to sending it to scam HER?? If that is a scam, then I must be the dumbest scammer in history to sell a product that cost me, and is not returnable, $100 but to wreck it first so I end up with a ding on my EBAY performance, bad feedback, having the funds sucked out of my PayPal account AND an item that is too damaged to sell again. Sounds like I really pulled one off there. Let me know if anyone has had anything similar happen.