Personal Finance Round-Up: Are Coupons Worth It?

The Index This week I want to talk about something we have all come to know and love but somehow always seem to ignore: coupons. We ignore them as being too inconvenient and not worth the time. But are we too quick to dismiss the potential savings earned through couponing? I’m not saying every one of us needs to devote our lives to coupons and sales, but we all need to realize how much savings we are missing out on by not just taking a few minutes each week trying to shop intelligently. David wrote an interesting post this week about being an extreme couponer and the different degrees of couponing. There were numerous comments from people chiming in on the topic and it was pretty neat to see the intense discussion. Also, I wanted to quickly mention a new site, Money Index, that recently popped up which aggregates posts from all of the various personal finance blogs. It’s a pretty neat idea and cool concept.

Here are some other greats from the community:

8 Ways to Lower Your Heating Costs
With the weather already starting to cool down for Fall, these tips come quite welcomed and can help you prepare for the Winter. The last tip mentioned here is often overlooked and worth looking into. [Kiplinger]

Earning One Million Dollars
Many people have a goal of earning a million dollars in their lifetime, but in reality most of us have already earned a million dollars and have nothing to show for it. Have you earned a million dollars in your life yet? [Deliver Away Debt]

Do What You Love: A Sure Fire Recipe for Small Business Disaster
The saying, “Do what you love, and money will follow” has been around for ages. I first heard it as a kid, and at the time, loved to ride my bike..I certainly wasn’t born to be an athlete so as a career this never materialized. What the article contends is that while the philosophy of doing what you love is great, a business must be run as a business. [Five Cent Nickel]

Downsizing Spurs New Businesses
With time, all things change. Some things that people did as a career years ago have long been forgotten, but with the close of each door, another opens. In this recession, even though some jobs are being cut, new and unique opportunities are opening up all the time. [Bucksome Boomer]

Trust Me. I’m an Engineer. This article contains an interesting perspective on careers and how we as individuals are treated based on our career choices, and how that effects us in our lives. [DINKS]

How to Redecorate on a Budget: 8 Great Repurposing Ideas
When you live on a budget, there are many things that you sacrifice in order to have the future that you want. One thing that you don’t have to sacrifice however is style when you follow these tips. [Inexpensively]

Haggling, Negotiating, and The Art of Getting A Better Deal
Negotiating is not something that we are taught in school and many people feel just plain awkward trying to negotiate even when it is common practice for the situation. These tips can help. [Not Made Of Money]

How to reduce waste in the kitchen
Every once in a while you may discover an untapped goldmine of savings in your life. For Jeff, that goldmine was his city’s garbage collection service which spurred him to take a closer look at how much waste his family was really producing. [Sustainable Life Blog]

9 Unique uses for Borax
Borax is one of those natural substances that seems to possess super powers. I thought my uses for Borax were unique until I read this article. Is there anything Borax can’t do? [Ultimate Money Blog]

How To Set Financial Goals
This year is just zipping by and it will be New Years 2011 before you know it. We will all inevitably take down our resolutions but before that, perhaps we should look at how to effectively create goals. [One Money Design]

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