Personal Finance Round-Up: Becoming Who You Want to Be

kid grow up officeYou’ve probably heard people say that anyone can be anything they set their minds to. I remember being told that in school and thinking that it was a load of bologna. People can’t just do anything; that’s not what I saw on TV nor what I read about in the newspaper. But you know what I’ve found now that I’m a lot older? You can do anything you set your mind to…

Here are some great examples of that. You probably recognize a few, if not all of the people on this list. In fact, they are almost household names now and are also very wealthy, powerful people. Some of them set out to be what they wanted to be, fought through the hardships and reached their goals. Others found what they wanted to be after facing hardship. Either way, this is inspiration for anyone who thinks being whatever you want can’t be done. Check out the article by Business Pundits, called 10 Millionaires Who Lived on the Streets.

Here’s some more great inspiration from this week:

Four Horribly False Credit Score Myths [Mint Life Blog]
Myths are the worst kind of information, especially when those myths can affect how you manage your finances. Don’t believe everything you hear and check this out to disprove some things you may already be afraid of.

10 Signs You’re a Credit Card Abuser [Money Blue Book]
The first step to changing a habit is to recognize the habit and the need for change. Are you a credit card abuser?

The 10 Best Things I Ever Bought [Len Penzo dot Com]
Can you remember the last ten things you bought? Well, here are the best things this blogger ever bought, including reasons why.

3 Goals to Accomplish Before Attending College [Christian PF]
There are a lot of things you have to get once you start college, including books, housing, transportation, and a calculator. But what about before you even enroll? These things are even more important than your books.

Is Flirting for Freebies Unethical? [Yes, I am Cheap]
Some go to great lengths to save money, but how far is too far? Would you flirt to get a good deal?

Is Capitalism Doomed? The Cliche of Our Time [Darwin’s Money]
Big changes take place in history all the time. The underdog president being elected, natural disasters shaking cities and towns, and even individual people standing out and making a difference. However, will any of these single changes actually change the way the world works?

Don’t Pay for One Year [Michael James on Money]
Retailers have all sorts of tricks to get their revenue no matter what that means for you. This is one such tactic that’s been around for ages. Don’t fall for it.

Another 25 Business Travel Tips and Secrets [Work Goes Strong]
Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, costs are up and you need to watch out for your buck. Here are some tips to keep those costs manageable.

How to Deal with Taking a Pay Cut [Enemy of Debt]
If you don’t know anyone who has lost their job in this economy, you are at least sure to know plenty who took pay cuts. These tips will help you survive if you’re put in this situation.

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