Personal Finance Round-Up: Doing More with Less

simplify post it noteIn a recession, many people and companies try especially harder to do more with less. To cut costs, people are let go and those remaining are required to pick up the slack by taking on the responsibilities left behind. As one of those employees, or even someone going at it yourself freelancing or running your own business, you will need to learn how to get the most out of your time.

They call that efficiency – when your time is used as productively as possible. InĀ How to Make More Money Doing What You Are Already Doing by Smart Step Inc, you can learn a few tips about getting more out of your time whether you are self-employed, work for someone else, or stay at home with the kids.

Here are some more excellent reads that won’t waste your time:

Never Hide Money from Your Spouse [Debt Kid]
Marriage is all about trust. Hiding things from your spouse, especially about money, just plants bad seeds that could eventually destroy your life and relationship. Don’t do this.

Dealing with Rising Energy Costs [Save the Bills]
Saving energy goes way beyond just going green; it saves you green, too. By cutting energy costs, you can save a lot over a long period of time without giving up that much.

How to Develop a Side Hustle and Earn Extra Money [Money for College Project]
Whether in college or close to retirement with years of experience, everyone can develop a good side hustle to earn an extra income stream.

10 Realities of Working from a Tropical Island [Location 180]
Many of us dream of retiring to a tropical island when we finally reach our cash goals, but some are already there sharing their experiences and issues. Here are some things you can learn about working from a tropical island.

Financial Goals: Sticking to the Plan When the Funk Comes to Visit [Monevator]
The slump is when you’ve gone a long way but the end goal just seems further away than ever. There are ways, and more importantly benefits, of pushing through.

Car Sales to Remain Strong [Kiplinger]
Automobile sales are up and staying, but why? Does this mean the recession is coming to an end, or is it just a surge which will be followed by another long dry-spell for the car industry?

Think You Can Eliminate Your Cable Bill? [Money Walks]
There was once life without television, and now, there are so many alternatives that some have cut the cord permanently. Can you live without cable or satellite TV?

Being Emotional Can Cost You Money When Investing [Finance Dad]
They say you shouldn’t drive when you’re angry because emotions directly affect your actions. So why would you let your emotions get involved when it comes to money? It could end just as badly.

Why I Freelance [Passive Income Now]
Just like everything else in life, your reasons for freelancing full-time or on the side will be different from anyone else. One thing in common though are some of the benefits of freelancing.

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