Personal Finance Round-Up: Stabilize First, Don’t Lose Your Footing on Life

pebbles unstableHave you ever been on the bank of a muddy river and tried to get out or help someone else out, only to find that the bank collapsed and you wound up right back in the water? That instability is a lot like life sometimes. There are times when we try to over-stretch our banks when we aren’t even stable there yet, and end up losing our footing and having to start all over again.

Times of instability are not the best time for you to try new things or get out on that soggy bank. I’m not even talking about the overall economy, but instead I’m talking about your own, internal stability: your finances, your health, and your family life. Are those key components stable enough to use as a foothold toward your dreams?

Genius Types, in a post entitled 15 Ways to Stabilize So Your Dreams Can Materialize, discusses in depth some of the things you ought to do in order to prepare your life to pursue your dreams.

Check out these other great articles from this week:

Perceiving [Small Notebook]
They say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but it’s not just beauty. Value, worth, strength and cost are all in the eye of the beholder as well. What do you see in this picture?

These Business Ideas Take the Cake [Passive Family Income]
Looking for an interesting summer job for the kids? These are all unique ideas your kids will love. They could even lead to a booming side business idea.

Ways to Find Free Gifts – A Lesson I Learned from My Son [Mom’s Plan]
It’s hard to buy gifts for others when you are on a tight budget or have no income. Here are some examples of creative ways to give, help others, and stay under budget.

29 Life Lessons Learned in Traveling the World for 8 Years Straight [Fluent in 3 Months]
Traveling the world can give you a very different perspective on life. Check out these important lessons one guy learned after 8 years traveling the world.

Wells Fargo, You’re Not Helping [Control Your Cash]
It’s hard to avoid the noise out there, including the media, friends, and family all telling you what you should be doing with your money. Well, oftentimes that advice is part of the problem. Take a look at this article and learn to recognize signs of bad advice.

Retirement Is Not a Right [Fabulously Broke in the City]
Retirement used to be very different than it is today. People worked for the same company their whole lives and retired to the sound of cheering and the acceptance of a plaque. Be aware of the change and prepare for your own retirement.

15 Coolest Jobs on the Planet [Krantcents]
Not every job in the world is boring. Check out this list of the most interesting ones out there.

Don’t Avoid Danger [48 Days]
Blind and deaf, Helen Keller was an inspiration to the world. One thing she taught well was to not be afraid of what’s out there.

Why Married Couples Should (and Shouldn’t) Share Their Finances  [Len Penzo Dot Com]
Do you share everything with your significant other? Should you? After time together, even thinking can seem like a joint activity, but check the pros and cons before proceeding.

Happiness Is Doing It Yourself [Hope to Prosper]
Some people wonder why those nutty “frugal people” do what they do just to save a buck. Make your own this, do your own that. Why? Because it just feels good to know you are in charge of your own life.

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    Thanks for the mention. I am in good company.

  • Bret @ Hope to Prosper

    There are a lot of great articles in this post and I enjoyed reading them.

  • Bret @ Hope to Prosper

    There are a lot of great articles in this post and I enjoyed reading them.