• Cherleen @ MPFJ

    Great tips! Since I rarely go out of the house, I do not normally use sunscreen. Water, fruits, and green leafy vegetables have always been my natural weapons against wrinkles and skin aging. Not only they are budget-friendly, they are also eco-friendly. Thanks for sharing!

  • Patti @ simplelifecorp.com

    I appreciate your tips, especially the resources for the natural face
    cleansers. I already use baking soda as a gentle exfoliator and I’m
    interested in looking through your other recommended resources. Thanks!

    I’d add one more to your list of wrinkle-prevention tips: Reduce
    stress. Stress causes the production of cortisol, which has detrimental
    long-term effects on the production of collagen formation. It also
    causes damage to the telomeres on your cells, which causes the cells to
    “age” faster as they reproduce. Long story on the causes and effects –
    but the short story is that reducing stress with things such as yoga,
    meditation, removing yourself from tense situations, exercise, etc.
    etc., can have a major effect on preventing (and in some cases,
    enhancing the repairing of ) wrinkles and skin damage.

    Now I’m off to check out your natural face cleaner resources. Thanks again!

  • maria@moneyprinciple

    I would add two more tips that work miracles for me: running and generally exercise and completely immature attitude to life and its trials.

  • HeathyMidAger

    Instead of sunscreen, I avoid the sun on my face most of the time by using a very wide brimmed hat during the day. My long walks outside only happen in the late afternoon at dusk. I always bring one of my small LED zoom flashlights in case it gets dark before I get home.

  • Emily Kristina

    Definitely, if we follow good skin care routine, we can achieve youthful skin at any age. I would also like to share about aloe vera plant. It is a wonder plant for our skin. Apply aloe vera gel on the face and massage with fingertips for 2- 3 minutes gently and than wash your face after 15 minutes. Regular use of aloe vera helps to make your skin aging.

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