Six Quick Tips To Spend Less On Entertainment and Travel

If you’re like me, you love getting a deal whether it’s on something you’re buying or some kind of event. If I had to choose, I would much rather spend money on doing something or going somewhere rather than buying the newest product. I love to travel and I love going to concerts, sporting events, and the theater. Here are six tips that have helped me score a discount on entertainment and travel:

  • Bring Your Student ID or AAA card everywhere you go. You’ll be surprised how many places give student discounts. If you’re not a student, then join an organization like AAA. You can always find a hotel, airlines, or even museums that will give you discounts for being a member.
  • Volunteer to work an event. I have done concessions at football and basketball games. You miss the first part of the game, but the second half is the best part and that when you are the least busy. Also, big cities like Chicago and New York have programs where you can be an usher for a broadway play. Once you are done ushering, you can sit down wherever there is a free seat for free!
  • Stand outside the venue minutes before it starts. This is the best way to get a cheap ticket to a football, baseball, or basketball game. You can’t go searching for a ticket hours before the game, because people are still looking to make a profit off the sale of their ticket. If you wait until just before the game starts or even after the game starts, you’ll find some poor sucker that couldn’t sell his ticket. This is the time that you play “let’s make a deal”.
  • Group it up. If you’re going to an amusement park, museum, or other venue that accommodates large groups, they almost always have a group discount. This can be anywhere from 10% to 20% off the retail price. It’s not hard to find 8 or 9 other friends, and it might be more fun to go in a big group.
  • Search Craigslist for tickets. I can’t tell you how many tickets to games and concerts that I have picked up on Craigslist for much cheaper than the retail price. Many of these people had a ticket, but something came up that was more important, and now they need to dump the ticket. That is when you swoop in and pick the ticket up for cheap. Never accept their asking price. Do a little negotiating, and you’ll have that ticket for dirt cheap if they are desperate enough to get rid of it.
  • Travel during the off-season. I have found that there is no better way to save money than to travel during the times that NO ONE else travels. Plus, you don’t have to fight all of the crowds at the airport or the site-seeing attractions. Check the internet to see what the peak and off-peak season is for the particular destination you want to travel to, then call up your local travel agent or surf the internet for the best deal. You will be surprised at how much lower airfare, hotel stays, and even ticket prices will be if you travel during the off-season.

This has been another edition of “Don’t Accept Paying Retail For Anything!”

  • Gerri Bryce

    Smart! Well the 4th and last tips apply so much to me and my family when we travel. We are able to not only avail of discounts, we are also likely to enjoy more space since few people go to the beaches during offpeak season.


  • erik

    Yeah, you can really get some good deals when traveling in the off season. This is especially true with cruises. Go during the peak hurricane season and you’ll spend about 60% less for a cruise.