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    As a fellow thrift blogger – and mum-to-be – I’ve found that here in the UK, the very best way to pick up maternity clothes cheaply is at NCT sales. These are run by the National Childbirth Trust and give people the chance to buy high quality maternity clothes, baby clothes, toys and equipment, which has generally had one previous owner. I’ve picked up designer maternity clothes for a snip – can’t recommend highly enough.

    • Ashley

      Such a wonderful idea!

  • Lisa Gailey

    recently our Goodwill center made a maternity section for their clothes. I thought it was wonderful and how much more helpful that will be as her beautiful belly expands and so will the wallet! Freecycle here in the states is another way in which I noticed allot of children clothes, maternity clothes gets reused. Even some formula ( not opened or expired of course) AND if you are not having any more children please think about your crisis centers and pregnancy centers as well. Blessings for all the great helpful comments!

  • http://www.maternityclothes-cheap.com/ Samanthaluxton

    “The cheapest way to go when it comes to dressing your expanding baby belly is to just throw on your husband’s sweats and t-shirts” so funny idea i think, but worth to try !

  • Sonia

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