• http://smallslice.blogspot.com Sarah

    I have been using Swagbucks for a while now and have earned a few gift cards. I like it a lot!

    • David/moneycrashers


      Sounds great–I can’t wait to start getting my gift cards too!

      Thanks for commenting…

  • http://cootiehog.com Jaynee

    I’ve been using Swagbucks since June 2009 and have earned 28 $5 Amazon gift cards in that time. All have been legit codes. I love Swagbucks! I don’t know that I’d have the patience to save up my points for the larger items they offer, but considering how much I shop on Amazon, those 28 gift cards have come in handy!

    • David/moneycrashers


      Lets see–according to my math, that’s about $140 in free stuff!!

      You can’t beat that!

      Thanks for joining the conversation!

  • http://stretchyourdollarwaukesha.wordpress.com/ Skirnir Hamilton

    I have been using swagbucks for awhile now and manage to get a $5 Amazon gift card about once a month. So I do consider it worth it. As I don’t spend a great deal of time doing it, I don’t get the bonus codes often that you have to search out, etc. But I get the normal search codes, and toolbar codes. So I manage without spending much time.

    • David/moneycrashers


      I too am in the initial stages of using it, so it’s not like I am racking up the points or anything.

      But I definitely see it as being worthwhile

      Thanks for chiming in

  • Heather Dykeman

    I have been using swagbucks for a long time and have won tons of 5 dollar amazon cards. Its no extra effort for me and is well worth getting free giftcards.

    • David/moneycrashers


      The best thing about the free gift cards is that they’re free!

      Thanks for weighing in!

  • Casey Slide

    I use the Swagbucks search engine, and I also get the guarenteed 3 Swagbucks everyday (toolbar, poll, and surveys…however, I never actually do the surverys). I agree with your review. Swagbucks is great for the casual swagger, but it can be time consuming to do everything. By just doing the search engine and the guarenteed 3, I was able to earn a $20 Target card in about 5 months, which sounds like a long time, but that is equivalent to $50 a year just by switching my search engine!

    • David/moneycrashers


      How do you get the “guaranteed” 3?

      I’d love to know…

      • Vkaijinv

        “guaranteed bucks” per day are: 2 for the NOSO thread, 1 for toolbar, and 1 for daily poll. If they do the inbox video offer (click on advertiser, tell SB whether it took you to the ad landing page) then it ups to 7 daily.

  • Anissa

    I don’t love the search engine, but I have earned several Amazon giftcards, so it’s been worth it. I did have an issue a few months ago when I went to log into my account and was told that do to violations my account was suspending. I immediately emailed tech support and was baffled as to what it was…a day or two later I got an email saying that my account was restored though I have no idea why it was flagged originally and they didn’t say. Bonus points for fixing their mistake promptly.

    • David/moneycrashers


      I too think that the search engine is a little limited, and I only use it for non-business purposes, as I don’t have time for an incomplete search.

      But I do see it as being worthwhile, and I haven’t even looked into the surveys or polls yet.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Shilowe

    I was using swagbucks and had earned a lot of bucks. All of a sudden they deactivated my account and claimed I had opened multiple accounts. I told them I had only one account and asked if they had proof of this accusation. They said they have their ways of knowing and the matter will not be discussed. I lost all my swagbucks and was told I could open another account and start over. I only had one account, the accusation was false. They said it was because I visited my Uncle and we used the same wireless router. They closed his account too, claiming the same thing and refuse to reopen his account. He had even more swagbucks than I did and had just put in for amazon gift cards. They refuse to honor any of his bucks or discuss the matter.

    • http://www.moneycrashers.com David/moneycrashers


      Thanks for the info!

      Its good to know both sides of the site.

      I just hope this isn’t a habit of theirs!

      Thanks for contributing!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heidi-Jacobson/100001698078977 Heidi Jacobson

      Hey, it’s like going through our education system, then entering the REAL WORLD: NETIQUETTE.

      It’s how you act; control yourself; use what you can, who you know, KNOW YOU DO NOT, and know WHAT YOU DO NOT. And bluffing will only take skill my friend. :) A few years on SB will teach you that lol. I find the people who stick around are the absolute most sarcastic and blunt hilarious I HATE YOU BUT COME BACK HERE YOU SUNOFAM#$%%#3ER kind of people around. I.E.; — PPL Who like to FEEL as though they are ‘cut-throat’ business leaders or something.

      ER… :/ In other words: there is nothing to lose. Only to gain. So, perhaps you’re order did not go through or you did not qualify for a survey. Never got back to your email They promised to you that yes, indeed, your offer would be honored–in 12 weeks? Sit back, it shall come. WE ARE ALL HUMAN. SB Makes mistakes IN YOUR BENEFIT as well*

      *Little thing I tell myself to keep living right lmao… AH!

      • guest

        do you work for swag bucks or something?

  • http://Beauty4Moms.blogspot.com Ashley – Beauty 4 Moms

    I LOVE Swagbucks, I whole-heartedly recommend it!

    • David Bakke

      Ashley–thanks for the endorsement, and thanks for joining the conversation!

  • Corey

    Swagbucks is Awesome! I’m not quite sure when this blog was written, but since then, Swagbucks now offers Games and Swagbucks TV as other was to earn. Swagbucks TV is the best way to earn some extra swag. I leave it on while I’m on the computer earn between 20 – 80 swagbucks a day.

    • David Bakke


      Yeah, I’ve racked up quite a few points since joining as well.

      Thanks for commenting

      • SB Profile: Valley02 ;P

        Absolutely I agree with your article hands down. I mean, if you got the time, you got the time, no? Why not earn while you pass the time until the next best thing comes by, eh? No doubt you get some points each reply; to that DB, HERE YOU GO! :)

  • baby 1

    Swagbuck is a cheat… coz i palyed for a while and reached some amount of points one day suddenly they canceled my account without any notice… dont trust swagbucks and pls dnt waste ur time on that F%*@#* website

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heidi-Jacobson/100001698078977 Heidi Jacobson

      So it isn’t for you. In the mean time while you sit and waste your time obviously ruminating about your hate for it, I’m letting the swag TV flow by and slowly accumulating bucks…oh look! My new AGC just posted! FINALLY! There’s that new i Pad I’ve been waiting for! :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heidi-Jacobson/100001698078977 Heidi Jacobson

      So it isn’t for you. In the mean time while you sit and waste your time obviously ruminating about your hate for it, I’m letting the swag TV flow by and slowly accumulating bucks…oh look! My new AGC just posted! FINALLY! There’s that new i Pad I’ve been waiting for! :)

  • Steve

    It works! the easiest and fastest way is to refer your friends and earn what they earn!
    please use my referral link then invite all your friends though yours!


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heidi-Jacobson/100001698078977 Heidi Jacobson


  • blownglass2002

    They have cheated me out of points and let me get halfway through surveys that are supposed to be 20 minutes and then drop me after 30 minutes! I won 10 SB last Sunday night (3 AM EST) and it never posted. I just don’t get it, if you are willing to sit there through those TV things, why shut you down after so many, as if they are “giving ” you something? Crazy It’s ADVERTISING!

    • Davidbakke


      Well, as you can see, there are people that swear by the site, and people that don’t. Sorry about your experience, but I appreciate you taking the time to let our other readers know of your less than satisfactory experience.

  • Jkbeast

    Swag Bucks is a very trustworthy site. Many people have gotten free stuff from it and so have I. If you think Swag Bucks is cheating you out some points, just give it a second chance. You will be missing out on a LOT if you don’t.Some of their OFFERS that they provide to earn points might be scams, but Swag Bucks is not the one cheating you points. It’s the offers and Swag Bucks can’t help it if they can’t get a confirmation.It’s a great way to get some free stuff in your free time. I love it and so do thousands of others.

    • Davidbakke


      Thanks for taking the time to comment. It seems like there are people on both sides of Swagbucks.

  • Kristinromero1

    It’s actually only 450 SB for a $5 amazong gift card :)

  • mdmdmd

    I love swagbucks…tip: use “reload every” add on to replay a swagbucks tv video over and over until you earn the max amount (150sb) …This way it requires no effort on your part, hell i just video play overnight and by morning ive got +150 sb.

    • Davidbakke


      Its apparent that this is a like it or hate it type of website. Thanks for commenting

  • Sublease99

    It is a waste of time, the cheated me.

    • Davidbakke


      Looks like this site is a love it or hate it kind of thing. Thanks for commenting.

  • jay

    Swagbucks is a legit site if your willing to take some time to do some of the things on the site, you will earn swagbucks, the more swagbucks you have the betters things you can get from giftcards to tv’s.

    if you use my link i will earn some extra swagbucks. if you dont believe me about swagbucks, message me,


  • Canajun eh

    Hihi, Is this only for America or can the swag bucks / cards etc be sent to and used in Canada also?

    • Davidbakke

      Looks like they do ship to Canada. You may want to contact them for further details. Thanks for commenting

      • Vkaijinv

        they do Canada as well as some countries in Europe. They just started a facebook page just for UK Swaggernauts…I think a complete list is on the FAQ page

    • Davidbakke

      Looks like they do ship to Canada. You may want to contact them for further details. Thanks for commenting

  • 02blazer

    If you weigh your time and electric for what you receive out of it. Do you really earn anything? Seriously people unplug and have fun! Spend time with your family and friends. Stop getting fat sitting glued to a screen, get out and do things! Remember the old saying, nothing is free!

    • Davidbakke

      That’s an interesting perspective–thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kaushik-DB/100003999398786 Kaushik DB

      That’s the great comment within all these.

    • ebeezy

      That’s kind of condescending. I use Swagbucks at work where I am required to stay at a desk and sit for 8 hours. Might as well make the most of it. You’re just assuming everyone sits on Swagbucks with every free minute they have, ignoring everything else in their life. So yes, I make a little extra by sitting at work and it is worth my time.

  • Brett

    As soon as I tried to redeem my prize, they deactivated my account. Scam.

    • Davidbakke


      Sorry to hear that, but thanks for commenting!


    well im about to do it i hope it works out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maxwell-Smart/100002235240026 Maxwell Smart

    Not only have i racked up amazon cards i got toothpaste,deodorant.bracelets,cat food… scams are things where you pay money and get nothing in return. i have not paid a cent to swagbucks because i am working for them and racking up.!

    • Davidbakke

      Thanks for commenting…our readers will appreciate the insight.

  • Rky4881

    I loved Swagbucks until recently. I used their search engine for all my searches. I did participate in special offers even though many times the swagbucks were not awarded. Then one day, my account was deactivated. No warning! I sent them an email, they accused me of having multiple accounts. I did NOT! I had one account. They provided no proof, would not discuss it. I found this disturbing to think they would accuse me of something and not provide proof of their claims. Very unethical and disappointing.

    • Davidbakke

      Thanks for sharing–our other readers will appreciate it.

      • lauren

        swagbucks did this to me too and has done it to EVERYONE I KNOW. HUGE SCAM – DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON SWAGBUCKS

    • Goo 123

      You are true Rky4881, they did same with me….

    • Jfranklin225

      They also did the same thing for me. I redeemed my gift card, they told me it was posted to my swagbucks account, but had locked me out before I could get to it. They said I was using multiple accounts also, which I was not.

    • Kerrycarafa

      They did the same to me after I tried to cash in my points. I had one account, told them this and they refused to try and find out the issue, instead sent an email saying they wouldn’t reactivate my account or respond to any emails I send. Horrible company, and I wouldn’t waste my time on it not knowing if out of the blue they will deactivate you, and not even send out your payment you earned before they deactivate you or look into to see what can be done to resolve the matter.

  • A SwagBucks User :(

    I am totally disappointed with swag bucks, they have de-activated my account saying I did violated their SWAGBUCKS TV Policy, their reason for de-activating my account is “I HAVE USED A AUTOMATED PROGRAM TO RUN SWAGBUGS TV continuously” where I agree my activity might have hot their one of the rejection code and account got de-activated. Which is completely a wrong estimation and I have not created any Automated Program to run SWAGBUCKS TV. Because I am not a program writer :–)
    Totally disappointed with Swag bucks, I spent lot of time on the site and I believe I made some indirect promotions to Swag Bucks site. Seems like after I made good amount of Points they have de-activated Accounts.

    • tim

      they always do this – they deactivate all accounts once you’ve earned enough points to make any money. do not waste your time on swagbucks, BIGGEST SCAM OUT THERE

  • Guest

    Be careful, Swagbucks is a scam! They steal your credit card information!

    • Laney

      They Certainly Do Not! They Are A Free Rewards Prgram That Are Top-Notch! Stop Ruining People’s Fun And SwagBucks By Spreading You’re Little Lies! I Just Bought A PS3 And I See Nothing Wrong With My Information Or Credit Card. And I’ve Been Using It For Months!!It Is Certainly Not A Scam!

    • Jakemiller

      you are wrong there

  • Guest

    If I was to have replied to this a couple of days ago, then I would have said that swagbucks is the greatest site ever. I’ve been a member for a couple of years, and earned many amazon gift cards. Then all of a sudden they deactivated my account for violating their swagbucks tv policy. Just like what others have posted, they say I was using an automated program to cheat on swagbucks tv. I have never done that. They should think about what they are accusing people of. They force you to put in a captcha all of the time now, so is it even possible for people to do that?

  • pafaye

    One negative after another. You would think that David Bakke would take down his mostly positive review under the circumstances. More time wasted looking for a work from home job, one I desperately need. Thx u, David!

  • http://freestufflove.net/ Amelie

    There are mixed feelings on Swag Bucks that’s a sure thing. Their system may threat users as “cheaters” even if you are playing safe… The exact reason is still unknown!

  • ShawolAngel

    If you’re interested in starting an account on Swagbucks.com, please use this link. I’m trying to save up for Christmas! – http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ShawolAngel

    Also, I would just like to add that I’m fairly satisfied with this site so far. I’ve found that it takes a while to earn enough swagbucks to pay for anything but with time, I think it pays off. I’m not that well off money wise so this site helps out a little. To be honest, it’s not the most amazing site out there but it’s pretty decent. I wish you guys good luck and I hope you earn a lot! :)

  • dianaghek

    I love swagbucks. I am a little leary about watching tv, since that is what people are saying is getting them deactivated. If you watch the tv, you can put it on mute and as soon as the meter goes up switch to the next clip. Although, you aren’t using an automated program it is still cheating and I would advise against it. I only watch the tv if I intend to watch the whole clip. They have good ones with news and such.

    Anyways, I get most of my bucks from searching. I would try this for yourself. And for the comment about them stealing your credit card info, not true. I have never been asked to provide it. I have redeemed multiple gift cards with no troubles. Check it out. http://swagbucks.com/refer/dighek

  • http://www.wahinfo.com/ Work At Home

    I am surprised at the amount of negative comments I see on Swagbucks. I have tried hundreds of sites and have been scammed numerous times, but one thing I can say is that Swagbucks is definitely NOT a scam. I have been paid by them and I have proof. I always post my proof of payment on my blog because there are so many people being led to believe that legitimate programs are scams and that scams are legit. Thank you David for this in depth review and I wish you much more success & earnings with Swagbucks!

  • Kassidylohf

    How old do you have to be to use swag bucks? Can you be under 18 13 or Evan 12?! I’m just wondering? Anda I thought that you can get actual money with them!? Its very confusing! My question is how old do you have to be to use swag bucks can you be under 13?? Oh and reply fast I have considered the good and evil sides of this “SWAGBUCKS FREE MONEY” reply fast

    • Kassidylohf

      SCAM it won’t even let me log in! Epic scam!

    • samari92

      You have to be 13+ to join the site. And you van earn money by earning money by cashing out for Paypal gift cards. I have been a member for a little under 2 years and it really does work!

  • mike


    • ?

      Have you ever tried earning points?

    • Me

      The same thing is happening to me right now. I am trying to claim my rewards and first they said I was searching too fast so I told them that I really only searched on there a couple of times a day. Now they came back and said they’re investigating my account further. There is nothing to investigate. I watch some videos and search occasionally. They just don’t want to pay me because I waited until I had a lot of bucks to redeem. My suggestion is to redeem your bucks right away and stop participating on their site immediately if they don’t pay you. There are a lot of people having problems with them!

    • Annie Carrick

      It is clearly a scam and I echo Mike on what he has said! PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

  • http://www.i-get-paid-to.blogspot.com/2012/12/get-paid-to-sites-what-works.html Sue lovett

    I can’t believe you guys, Swabucks is one of the best sites around. There’s maybe 10 to 15 good fast paying free sites (IN THE WORLD) and swagbucks is at the top of that very short list, don’t miss out.

  • missinformation

    Love Swagbucks, started using it again recently, so far $30 in Amazon gift cards. I downloaded the search bar at work and at home, so I have double the opportunities. (I do alot of research online at work, and it does not affect the computer’s performance.)

  • Ashley

    I’ve been a member for a few years, and I used to love it. Key words, used to. For the past few months Swagbucks will do everything they can to deny you the swabucks you earn, even going so far as to lie to you, which is the last straw for me. A very high percentage of offers and surveys don’t pay out now, and Support will tell you to wait 6 WEEKS and contact them again, at which point they will deny you the swagbucks anyway, even when you provide proof you completed whatever it was you were supposed to do. It’s become such a scam. For those who don’t mind being ripped off a good bit of the time it’s fine, you’ll still earn some money. But the time put in is definitely not worth it.

  • Syed Rizvi

    I am really disappointed regarding surveys.Sometimes after completion of survey they don’t give any swag bucks.Some of them are very misleading and ask irrelevant questions and also don’t pay viz.special offers surveys.They should be monitored and removed.Otherwise web site is awesome.

    • ebeezy

      I agree. There are a lot of the times you don’t get your rewards when you finish a survey or they ask you to do a survey and disqualify you at the end of it. Many of the shopping rewards are a total scam. You’d spend way more then you receive. With that in mind, you just have to be smart about your choices and use your time wisely.

  • Steve Stevenson

    This person is probably employed by SwagBucks.

    I had a huge problem with getting kicked off the surveys from them over and over, I Emailed their support about it and waited a long time for an answer. I finally got a reply about it, and they basically said “Tough crap, that’s how we do it.” And without the surveys it takes a long time to get $5, which I attained through the SwagBucks TV app on the iPhone and iPad (which had all sorts of bugs and such). I redeemed my points for a $5 PayPal gift card, it took them 10 days to Email a $5 code for Amazon. I Emailed the support asking them to change it to what I requested, and they said no. Also, if you rack up a bunch over time to make it actually worth it at all, and then they ban your account for “cheating” when you did nothing of the sort (which I keep seeing in other forums), you did all of that for nothing. It takes a long time to rack up these points, and it’s quite frustrating at times. If they weren’t dishonest, it would be nice to make all that extra money for online purchases and such in your free time, but alas, they are dishonest, and I am canceling my account.

    I am using Bing Rewards, which can make you a little over $5 a month for online purchases, just for searching stuff on their site and it’s only a short bit of time, easy, and not cheating or frustrating at all so far (I’m fairly new, about 2 months) so I would recommend it if you’re looking for this sort of thing.

  • VoodooBaby

    I used and it took me months to get two five dollar amazon gift cards for 450 swagbucks that was before Swagbucks turned into a sneaky site.

    Swagbucks is a hit or miss, I’ve been scammed by the surveys, you do a whole survey that promises you 100 or 400 but in the end wind up getting nothing in return. Surveys kick you out and they may just kick me off and say I am be dishonest for no reason. But the company still takes your information. Then Swagbucks gets super shady and you have to go out of your way to contact Swagbucks. The surveys are terrible and so are the sign ups. I probably will stop after I get my $25 Paypal card.

    Swagbucks has turned for the worse, before you could get 50 points a search, now it’s 7- 11 points a search.

  • CharlieYoungpeter

    I just started using Swagbucks after a friend of mine kept posting about it on Facebook. I figured she wouldn’t waste her time on something not legit. So far, I like it a lot, but I do agree that it can be addicting. I am a member of a lot of survey websites. It’s my full time job.
    If anybody wants the links to the other survey websites that I use to make a little extra spending cash, please email me at [email protected]

  • michelle weaver

    u dont know much about it evidently! U can get unlimited giftcards! The only ones that are limited are the Amazon $5 cards because it only takes 450 points to get them!! U need to do more research before giving bad reviews for places!! I love Swagbucks it pays for my Christmas gifts, school clothes, Birthday presents and most of my pet supplies!!!! I have gotten gift cards an hour after redeeming!!! Maybe u should check it out a little more and the monthly bonuses alone re awesome!!! Im sure u probably know nothing about them as u have only been doing it a mere 3 months!! I have gotten $15 in bonus points!! No other site does this!!!!! If u cant figure it out it is not Swagbucks fault the user gets what the user puts in!!!! I suggest looking for information on earning more and trying it especially before telling others not to use it!!!!! If u are not too lazy to work u will do great on Swagbucks and earn lots!!!

  • Dotty Walkaway Falbo


  • phil

    I’ve been a member since a year and what I can say is that it is a pain to use this site.
    It is not worth spending time to get 1 or 2 points…
    Just go to Bing reward, you will get much more reward in fewer time.

    They put so many rules (can’t order same reward more than twice a day and no more than 5 per month, now you have to sign in to access to the gift card section, and sign-in again to open a gift card, recently, it is even worse, have to wait for the email for each reward, and you have to sign-in again and again for each of them,… it is totally crazy, it is worse than my online bank account!!!).

    Last rules is you cannot get more than 50 Swag code per member, of course they don’t tell you. You will realize that only when you already got them and try to add them into your account. as the result, I ordered 2500 points from Bing as Swag code but cannot use them. As an alternative solution, I opened another account, added the 2500 points and got $25 of Amazon gift card.
    a few days later, I couldn’t sign-in, I realize they disabled my account, tried to contact them by email twice and they don’t even reply to me…
    As the result, they stole me $25…

    I will never use this site again…

  • gilbsan

    NO Good

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