• http://www.sterlingeffort.com Ash @ Sterling Effort

    Wow, I’m feeling quite wise right now :) In all seriousness, this is great advice. Retweeted!

  • http://www.savings.com/blog/blog.html Amy Saves

    patience is a virtue.. i wish i had more of it.

  • http://onlinerookies.com Kalen

    Thank you Casey. As someone who has been preoccupied with ambition for too long, I think a little more wisdom and satisfaction with what I have would do me much better. Your post is a great start.

  • Pablo Jose.

    I’m surprised,only 3 comments,I see not many wise people reading such a important article.Thanks

    • Casey Slide

      Thanks, Pablo!

  • cdoyle5128

    Interesting article. Good advise for someone to base their life on…not matter what their age, it’s never too late to put wisdom into practice! Thanks for sharing~

  • Kmlyons23

    Great solid guidelines to live by…very simple and easy to understand!! If everyone TRIED to live by them the world would def. be a better place to live..

    • Casey Slide

      Thanks, Kmlyons. I wholeheartedly agree. I wish people would just TRY so the world would be better for us and for future generations.

    • Casey Slide

      Thanks, Kmlyons. I wholeheartedly agree. I wish people would just TRY so the world would be better for us and for future generations.

  • Jan

    Thank you. A friend referred to me as wise, i had to look it up and came across this article. I have added great knowledge from your article. Thank you!

    • Casey Slide

      That’s a great compliment that your friend gave you! Good for you!

  • Zqfsarah

    thank you for your enlightening article

  • april

    This article says just what i wanted to hear right now !! It is sometimes so calming to hear good words spoken out of a good conscience …

  • http://www.surya.org/ask-the-lama-2/ Lama Surya Das

    The wise person only speaks the truth in an appropriate way. They speak in a manner that offers compassion for others and words that will forge harmony within a family or any group of people. The wise person will make it a habit to give to charity, to give to those less fortunate than them themselves. To help support those who act in a good way towards others too.

  • Alexander Greyling

    Forgive my saying this, you made a valuable article after all, but i feel that the word “money” has apeard to much in an article about wisdom. Perhaps it is not your fault for having that image, we live in a capitalist world after all (and this is a website that talks about money), and i have to admit that some of the behaviours are spot on, while others have elements to it that i feel are a part of wisdom. But perhaps wisdom isnt about money to the degree you are portraying it as? I believe the wise person is capable of removing himself from the equation all together to understand the world from the eyes around him/her. I also believe that those that are wise are the ones that have an idea of how a narrator would describe them in a book, and that can therefore see their “dark side” and embrace it, accept it, and perhaps even use it. Wisdom is such a subjective thing, and while i come here talking about it, i have to admit even i dont know what makes someone trully wise. If anyone seeking wisdom reads my comment, understand that this article will guide you towards the path you seek, and perhaps my comment will too, or perhaps i sound like i’m spewing nonsense, in which case respectfully disagree with me and move on. I believe that that would be the best way to obtain wisdom from this article and perhaps what i have said about it.

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