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13 Apps to Save on Groceries in 2024

Finding the best apps to save on groceries is so important today! With escalating grocery prices, it’s hard to stick to a budget.

But with the help of the top grocery store savings apps, you can cut your costs and still enjoy your family’s favorite foods.

The 13 Best Apps to Save on Groceries

If you have a smartphone, finding ways to save on groceries beyond the typical coupons is simple. Here are the best apps to save on groceries to lower the sticker shock of higher grocery prices today.

1. Basket

iOS rating: 4 stars

Basket is a crowdsourced grocery shopping app that helps you compare grocery prices at stores within a 5-mile radius. All you have to do is create a shopping list, and Basket compares prices for you.

Basket updates in real-time, so you’ll see today’s prices and coupons, if applicable. Current users state they save time and as much as $100 a month using the app.

2. Checkout 51

iOS rating: 4.0 stars
Google Play rating: 4.2 stars

Checkout 51 pays cash back on groceries and gas. The downside is you must activate the offers before purchasing anything. Checkout 51 updates the offers every Thursday at midnight, so check back weekly to see what new offers are available.

To earn cash back, you activate the offer, purchase the items or gas, and upload your receipt. You can redeem your earnings once you reach $20. Be careful; some offers are in limited quantity, so if you see something you want, take advantage of the offer right away so you don’t miss the opportunity.

3. Dosh

iOS rating: 4.7 stars
Google Play rating: 4.5 stars

If you don’t have the time or patience to activate offers, check out the Dosh app. Instead of activating offers, you link your most used cards to the app. When you make a qualifying purchase, you automatically earn the cash back.

Dosh works at thousands of retail stores, restaurants, and hotels, giving you plenty of opportunities to earn money back. You can cash out when you’ve earned $15 and transfer it to your bank, Venmo, or PayPal.

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4. Fetch Rewards

iOS rating: 4.8 stars
Google Play rating: 4.6 stars

Fetch Rewards is another great app for saving on groceries. Like most grocery-saving apps, you must upload your receipt after making purchases. However, you don’t have to activate offers. You can upload receipts from anywhere and earn a minimum of 25 points. You may earn more points if you purchase anything in their special offers.

You can redeem your points for gift cards to most major retailers and app stores, including Xbox and PlayStation.

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5. Flipp

iOS rating: 4.8 stars
Google Play rating: 4.7 stars

Flipp makes saving money at the grocery store simple. It has all grocery store files on the app, so you don’t have to keep paper flyers stacked up on your kitchen table. They have flyers for the top 2,000 stores nationwide.

In addition, you can add your favorite store’s loyalty cards to the app and clip digital coupons directly to them. When you’re at the store, you must scan the card’s barcode or manually enter the number shown in the app.

6. Grocery Store Apps

Many grocery stores have their own app that you can download to get special deals. In fact, some stores, like Albertsons, have exclusive deals for app users, requiring you to activate the offer to get it.

You can typically keep your loyalty card on the app, and sometimes even your payment cards, so all you have to do is scan the app to save and pay! Always check your local store’s options to ensure you aren’t missing out on any exclusive deals or cashback opportunities.

7. Ibotta

iOS rating: 4.8 stars
Google Play rating: 4.5 stars

Ibotta is the original app to save on groceries, and it’s come a long way since its inception. Today, app users can find and activate the offers they’ll use. After purchasing the items, you can upload your receipt or link your store’s loyalty cards and automatically get credited for the purchases.

Like most grocery store savings apps, you can cash out when your account reaches $20. In addition to grocery store savings, you can get exclusive offers from online retailers, but you must shop through the Ibotta app to get them.

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8. Rakuten

iOS rating: 4.8 stars
Google Play rating: 3.7 stars

Rakuten is one of the most established cashback apps for retail purchases, but you can use the app to save on groceries, too. The only difference is you must shop online, which is quite normal for grocery shopping today.

With Rakuten, you shop through the Rakuten app to earn the stated cashback, usually 1% – 3%. You can earn cash back on grocery boxes from places like What a Crock Meals. They will credit your account for qualifying purchases and send a ‘Big Fat check’ or PayPal; however, they only pay quarterly, so you’ll wait a while for your earnings.

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9. Receipt Hog

iOS rating: 4.7 stars
Google Play rating: 4.6 stars

As the name suggests, Receipt Hog pays you to upload receipts, like most apps, to save on groceries. Receipt Hog has been around since 2011, so it’s well-established and a fun way to earn a little extra money.

We like Receipt Hog because you can shop at any store, in person or online, and upload your receipt to earn rewards. Sometimes, you’ll earn a chance to spin the wheel, which usually results in coins or other bonuses. If you’re worried about missing opportunities or forgetting to upload your receipts, you can link your email or loyalty accounts to get automatically credited for purchases. Plus, you can take in-app surveys to earn more points.

You can turn your piggy bank coins into cash by requesting PayPal or gift cards to your favorite stores.

10. Shopkick

iOS rating: 4.6 stars
Google Play rating: 3.8 stars

Shopkick is a different app to save on groceries. Instead of activating offers or uploading receipts, you get paid to walk into stores and complete small tasks. They typically include taking pictures of items, scanning barcodes, or finding specific displays for retailers.

You may also earn cash back for making certain purchases in-store or online, helping you save on groceries. If you’re an online shopper, they partner with 80+ stores to give you cash-back opportunities. You can turn your ‘kicks’ into free gift cards; if you get them to the local grocery store, you’ll save even more on groceries.

11. Target App

iOS rating: 4.9 stars
Google Play rating: 3.9 stars

Everyone knows and loves Target, and if you download the Target app, you can save money on groceries and other household items. Like most grocery store apps, you must activate the offers you want to use. While the Target app doesn’t usually pay cash back on groceries, you get the savings automatically at the register.

Sometimes, Target runs deals that earn you a gift card or a certain amount off your next order. To earn these deals, you typically must make a specific number of purchases of a minimum amount, such as four $100 purchases within four weeks to earn a $10 gift card.

12. The Coupons App

iOS rating: 4.3 stars
Google Play rating: 4.4 stars

The Coupons App has been around since 2008 and serves as a great app for saving on groceries. The app has exclusive coupons and deals from over 100,000 stores. You can browse the deals yourself or set up automatic alerts when there are deals to your favorite stores.

On the app, you’ll find daily deals, discounts at your favorite stores, and even opportunities to save at the pump. They update deals weekly, so check back often to save money at the grocery store.

13. BeFrugal

iOS rating: 4.7 stars
Google Play rating: 4.7 stars

Be Frugal pays up to 40% back at over 5,000 stores, including certain grocery stores like Walmart and Sam’s Club. You must activate the offers in the app to earn cash back on your purchases. If you shop for groceries online, download the free browser extension and have the offers automatically credited.

When you’re ready to cash out, you can redeem your earnings via PayPal, direct deposit, Venmo, Zelle, a check, or gift cards.

How Do Grocery-Saving Apps Work?

Each app to save on groceries works differently. Some pay cash back, others pay points, or only offer coupons. No matter which app you choose, you must download the app and create an account. Some apps require you to link your credit or store loyalty cards for automatic credit. Others require you to upload receipts to prove your purchase.

 Either way, you can save on groceries with discounts or earn cash back. The grocery store savings apps can offer this option because they partner with the grocery stores that offer commissions for the business the app brings each store.

How To Use Mobile Apps To Save Money on Groceries

To make the most of apps to save on groceries, figure out what you’ll use most consistently. For example, if you don’t have the time or patience to activate offers before shopping, use the apps that allow you to link your credit or loyalty card for automatic credit.

If you love creating lists and activating offers, take advantage of the apps that offer incredible savings for offers you activate.

You may be able to double dip on some apps, but not all, so read the fine print and choose the apps that pay the highest amount of cashback. To really save on groceries, you can pay for them with a credit card that pays cash back for grocery shopping while also using a money-saving app to keep those grocery costs down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best apps to save on groceries is the key to keeping your grocery costs down. Here are a few more questions people have about grocery savings apps.

Can I Use These Apps in Any Grocery Store?

Most apps for grocery store savings can be used in any grocery store, but some have specific stores you must shop. Ibotta, for example, typically states what store you must shop at to use specific offers.

How Much Can I Save Using These Grocery Saving Apps?

Each grocery app offers different savings. Some have coupons worth $1 – $2 off specific products, and others pay a flat percentage of your purchase at a store back to you. Even if you only save a few dollars, it adds up if you do this consistently.

Are These Grocery Saving Apps Free to Download and Use?

Most apps to save on groceries are free. Some may have extra features that you can pay a monthly fee for, but for the most part, savings apps shouldn’t cost anything.

Can These Grocery Saving Tools Be Used for Online Shopping as Well?

Most grocery-saving tools are good for online shopping, too. Some apps, like Ibotta, limit grocery savings to in-person shopping and offer cash back for online purchases at major retailers.

Do These Apps Offer Coupons and Discounts for Groceries?

Many apps that offer cash back on groceries also offer coupons and special discounts. Take advantage of all savings opportunities to keep your grocery store bills low.

Are These Grocery-Saving Apps Compatible With Both Android and iOS Devices?

The apps in our list are available on iOS and Android, with the exception of Basket, which is only on iOS. This gives everyone a chance to save at the grocery store!

The Bottom Line

Finding great deals on groceries takes a little extra work, but with the help of the top apps to save on groceries, you can keep your food budget under control. The key is to find the app that you’ll use most consistently to earn either cash back or have access to exclusive discounts.

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