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8 Best Places to Buy New Tires — Online & In-Store Savings

If you own a vehicle, it’s probably one of your largest annual expenses. The average household spends around $9,000 on vehicle-related expenses, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although much of this spending is on vehicle purchases and fuel, repairs and maintenance are a significant portion of the cost of owning a vehicle.

There are many strategies to save money on your vehicle. Finding affordable auto insurance and using methods to save money on gas are two common examples.

Another vehicle expense that’s an inevitability is buying tires. It might be tempting to save money here as well by buying used tires. However, according to Consumer Reports, this isn’t always safe.

Unless you know how to judge a set of tires for wear and damage, you don’t know what you’re buying. Used tires can also have internal damage if the previous owner drove while overloaded or with underinflated tires. Long story short, buying used tires is sometimes a gamble.

Best Places to Buy New Tires

Thankfully, there are plenty of options to buy new tires on sale or at low prices. The next time you need to replace your set of wheels, consider buying new tires from the following retailers.

1. Discount Tire

  • Pros: Lucrative tire rebates; tire size calculator; free shipping
  • Cons: Online purchases must install in-store
  • Verdict: Use Discount Tire if you want a simple shopping experience and don’t plan on installing your own tires

As the name suggests, Discount Tire specializes in selling tires at a discount. If you want to shop in-store or online for your next set of tires, Discount Tire is one of the most straightforward and frugal options.

Discount Tire carries dozens of tire brands for different vehicle classes and tires, including:

  • All-season
  • All-terrain
  • ATVs
  • Performance and competition
  • Lawn, garden, and golf
  • Truck
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Trailer
  • Spares

If you don’t know your tire size, you can use Discount Tire’s size calculator to get measurements of your current tires. If you want to buy different sizes, the calculator also helps find alternate sizes that still work for your vehicle.

Discount Tire also makes it easy to save money. The site’s deals and rebates section has numerous rebates ranging from $50 to $100 if you purchase tires from specific manufacturers. You can also sign up for the Discount Tire credit card to unlock additional rebates.

Discount Tire’s touchless shopping experience makes online shopping straightforward. To start, simply add your vehicle year, make, and model. Afterward, you add filters like your location, budget, driving style, and safety preferences to narrow your choices. Once you choose a set of tires, you select an appointment time for installation at a Discount Tire location.

Online purchases must have in-store installation. However, if you want to install tires yourself, you can reserve them online and pay in-store. Tires come with a road hazard warranty and manufacturer’s limited warranty. You can also purchase additional coverage through its Certificate for Repair, Refund or Replacement program.

If you find a rebate for your purchase, Discount Tire is undeniably one of the most affordable ways to buy new tires.

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  • Pros: Rebates; military service discount; free shipping; self-installation is an option
  • Cons: Shipping tires to a different address than a installer costs extra
  • Verdict: Try Tirebuyer if you want to install your own tires and if you want opportunities to save through rebates and Rakuten is another easy way to buy affordable tires online. If you don’t have a Costco membership, this is one of the best alternatives due to its prices and selection. has more than a dozen popular tire brands to choose from. You can shop by vehicle type, tire size, performance needs, and season. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a truck, ATV, or sedan; chances are, has what you’re looking for.

Once you find the right tires, you choose from more than 9,000 installers to make delivery and installation a breeze. Tires ship directly to an installer for free, and the installer advantage guarantees an installation price.

If you prefer self-installing, ships via FedEx to you for a shipping fee based on your location.

You have 45 days for free returns as long as you haven’t driven off-road and your tires don’t have wear. Note that you can’t use winter or motorsport tires to be eligible for returns.

Like Discount Tire, you can also shop for rebates to save on tire sets from leading brands. also has a 10% military discount for active duty military, veterans, and their family members. Plus, if you’re a teacher or first responder, you’ll also save 10% off your purchase. ships to installers within one to two business days. With free shipping, rebate offers, and installer price guarantees, this is a reliable and affordable option for buying new tires online.

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3. Costco

  • Pros: Member-only deals plus manufacturer rebates; free shipping
  • Cons: Annual membership cost; online purchases must install in-store
  • Verdict: Check prices and available deals at Costco’s tire and auto department if you’re already a member before shopping elsewhere for new tires

If you’re a Costco member, shopping at the wholesale giant is already an easy way to save money without sacrificing quality. Buying in bulk helps save money on groceries, and Costco also has deals on electronics, apparel, furniture, and everyday essentials.

While Costco is best known for their warehouse deals, its tire and auto department is another way to take advantage of your membership.

Costco Auto sells a variety of tires, parts, electronics, and even vehicles. However, if you’re just shopping for affordable new tires, you have plenty of choices. Plus, buying tires online from Costco is simple:

  1. Search. Start your search by entering your vehicle’s make and model, license plate, or tire size information.
  2. Select. Choose a set of tires based on price, rim size, and your driving needs.
  3. Schedule. Book your installation at a Costco Tire Center near you.
  4. Free Shipping. Your tires get free shipping to the Tire Center of your choice.

Costco carries popular brands and tire types for most vehicle classes. Costco also carries all-season, winter, and summer tires. When shopping, you can filter to find discount tires or use a price slider to narrow your options.

Some tires are member-exclusive, and these often have added savings if you purchase four tires and install at a Costco Tire Center. Manufacturer rebates are also common. If you combine these savings with cash-back rewards from the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi, it’s even easier to buy cheap tires.

All tires have a road hazard warranty which protects your tires from tread wear damage and tire failure for five years. Warranty coverage like this is another reason buying new tires is often better than going used. When you factor in Costco’s pricing alongside this warranty, it’s clear why Costco members remain loyal.

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4. Amazon

  • Pros: Amazon Rewards Visa Card potential; multiple shipping options
  • Cons: No tire buying guides like those of dedicated tire retailers
  • Verdict: If you know what set of tires you need and can save money by using Amazon, stick with this ecommerce giant

Amazon might seem like a strange place to shop for new tires. However, it’s easy to save money by shopping Amazon for almost anything these days, and tires aren’t an exception.

Amazon doesn’t have nifty tire size calculators or resources on how to buy tires online like the competition. If you don’t know what you’re shopping for, this makes Amazon a poor choice. In contrast, if you know what brand and size of tire you need, Amazon is a competitive option to consider.

Amazon has a range of tire brands and types. You can easily refine your search with filters like:

  • Brand
  • Wheel rim size
  • Tire speed rating
  • Width and height
  • New or used tires
  • Amazon Prime eligibility and international shipping options

Like other Amazon products, popular tires also have reviews from fellow shoppers. Considering a full set of tires is a considerable expense, this review system makes it easier to find reputable sellers and the right set of tires.

Automotive businesses can also use Amazon’s Business Services and take advantage of ship-to-store tire installation. This program lets you ship tires directly to a professional mechanic in your city, provided the Amazon seller is part of the program. Installation occurs as soon as two days following delivery. Installation is also backed by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee, which lets you file a claim if you’re unsatisfied with the service and want a refund.

As for tire warranty, each seller varies. Generally you contact the seller directly for warranty information. Alternatively, you can find warranty information on the tire manufacturer’s website.

To save more money on tires, you can shop with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card. This card pays 3% unlimited cash back on and Whole Foods purchases and has several other perks. Check out our Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature review to get all the details.

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5. Tire Rack

  • Pros: Free shipping for in-store installation and DIY installation
  • Cons: A stricter return policy than most stores
  • Verdict: Check Tire Rack for manufacturer rebates if you can’t find deals on other websites

Another affordable option for buying new tires is Tire Rack. With distribution centers across the U.S., Tire Rack offers fast delivery and more than 25 popular tire brands. Tire Rack also has plenty of tire types, including:

  • Touring
  • Performance
  • All-terrain and off-road tires
  • Winter, summer, and all-season tires
  • Racing
  • Trailer tires

Like other online tire retailers, Tire Rack offers manufacturer rebates. This helps you save more than $100 by buying tire sets from specific brands, and there are also rebates on parts and accessories. If you open a Bridgestone Tire Rack credit card or have a Goodyear credit card, you unlock additional rebates.

You can ship tires for free to more than 8,500 installers as long as you schedule installation. Alternatively, you can ship tires for free to your home. If you live near a Tire Rack distribution center, you can also pick your order up directly.

Most Tire Rack tires have a two-year road hazard warranty. Repairs are also reimbursed up to $25 per occurrence. You have 30 days for returns as long as your tires aren’t used and don’t have damage. If you pick up tires in person, you must return them that same day.

If you find a decent rebate and don’t mind the strict return policy, Tire Rack is certainly an affordable option for buying new tires online.

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6. Goodyear

  • Pros: Rebates on more than just tires; coupons; free shipping
  • Cons: Fewer tire brands
  • Verdict: If you prefer shopping directly from a manufacturer and like Goodyear brands, this is your best option

Goodyear is probably one of the most recognizable tire manufacturers in the U.S. After all, the company has been operating for more than 100 years, and chances are, one of your vehicles has used a set of Goodyear tires at some point.

Goodyear is an excellent choice for buying new tires, and finding the right set is simple:

  • Search for tires by vehicle type, tire size, or license plate — which looks up public vehicle records by state.
  • Goodyear offers tires under the Goodyear, Dunlop, and Kelly brands.
  • Schedule installation at checkout at more than 4,000 installers.
  • Goodyear ships your tires for free to the installer of your choice.

Goodyear has plenty of tire types for almost any vehicle, and the Tire Finder tool makes shopping simple even if you don’t know what your vehicle needs.

Although Goodyear has fewer rebates than online tire marketplaces like Tire Rack and, you can still save money on select sets. The Goodyear credit card also unlocks better financing rates, exclusive deals, oil change discounts, and free tire rotation at participating stores.

Because Goodyear is a manufacturer, they also have clear warranty policies that protect your tires. You have 30 days to return undamaged tires if you decide to exchange or return them. Overall, shopping directly from a manufacturer makes it easier to understand your warranty and options compared to shopping through an online tire retailer that sells dozens of brands.

If you’re a fan of online coupons, Goodyear’s auto service coupon page is also a perk. Goodyear makes it easy to save money on maintenance services, tires, oil changes, and other vehicle expenses. Between coupon codes, rebates, and competitive pricing, it’s no surprise that Goodyear is one of the most popular tire manufacturers on the market.

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7. Priority Tire

  • Pros: Some of the best tire discounts; multiple rebates and deals; free shipping in most states
  • Cons: No installer shipping option; lack of road hazard warranty
  • Verdict: Shop at Priority Tire if you want cheap tires and plan on installing them yourself

If you want to buy discounted new tires, Priority Tire is one of the best websites to turn to. Priority Tire says you can save up to 55% on leading tire brands by shopping through their website, and there’s certainly an extensive range of deals to browse.

New Priority Tire customers get $5 off their first order. Military service members also get 5% off, and savings don’t stop there. You can shop for hundreds of tires on clearance, and Priority Tire carries dozens of popular brands so there’s no shortage of choice. The deals of the week section also highlights the best sales going on now.

The main difference between Priority Tire and most online sellers is that Priority Tire ships to your address, not to a partner installer. Once you get your tires, it’s up to you whether you want to self-install or bring your vehicle to a garage.

Ground shipping is free in the continental United States but is not available in Canada. Orders placed before 1pm EST ship that day, making Priority Tire a fast and affordable option for buying new tires online. Warranty coverage depends on the manufacturer of your tires. Additionally, Priority Tire doesn’t offer a road hazard warranty. You have 90 days for returns as long as the tires aren’t used.

Priority Tire is one of the cheapest ways to buy tires. As long as you understand your warranty and are comfortable with a lack of road hazard warranty, shopping at Priority Tire is a smart choice.

8. BJ’s Tires

  • Pros: Member-only deals plus manufacturer rebates; free shipping
  • Cons: Annual membership cost; online purchases must install in-store
  • Verdict: Take advantage of BJ’s auto center if you’re already a BJ’s member, especially if you have a BJ’s MasterCard

Like Costco, BJ’s is a membership-only warehouse store that’s ideal for bulk shopping. An annual membership costs $55 or $110 per year depending on your membership level. However, if you take advantage of warehouse savings and membership services like BJ’s Tire Center, the cost is easily worth it.

BJ’s carries more than a dozen popular tire brands. Once you find your set of tires, you pay online and select an appointment time. Installation occurs at a BJ’s auto center. Installation only costs $20, and BJ’s tire promise provides a full road hazard warranty and affordable maintenance for the life of your tires.

Like Costco, BJ’s also offers manufacturer rebates on select tire sets. Additionally, being a BJ’s credit card holder has benefits. The My BJ’s Perks Elite MasterCard, which requires the $110 Perks Reward membership, pays 5% cash back on in-club and online BJ’s purchases. Similarly, you can earn 3% cash back on in-club and online BJ’s purchases with the My BJ’s Perks Plus MasterCard if you have the cheaper annual membership plan.

If you’re already a member, shopping for tires and other auto needs at BJ’s makes sense. Between rebates, cash-back rewards, and competitive prices, it’s easy to offset the price of an annual membership in a few shopping trips.

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Final Word

Considering how expensive tires are, the most effective way to save money on vehicle expenses is take care of what you own. DIY car maintenance is the best way to make your vehicle last longer, and this holds true for your tires. Remember to check tire pressure, rotate tires regularly, and avoid speeding or breaking unnecessarily to improve fuel efficiency and prevent tire wear.

Even if you take perfect care of your vehicle, tires have an expiration date of six years from the manufacturing date. This means that, as a responsible driver, tire expenses are an inevitability at least once or twice per decade.

Thankfully, buying new tires is easier and more affordable than ever. Plus, you can get creative to find even more savings. Numerous tire manufacturers partner with reward websites like Rakuten, so you can earn cash back on your next set of tires. Similarly, if you shop online, the Honey browser extension and Capital One Shopping extension automatically applies coupon codes at checkout to help you save.

As long as you shop for deals and understand what’s covered under warranty, your next set of tires should come at a discount and serve you well for years to come.

Do you only buy new tires, or have you purchased used before? Where do you shop for tires?

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