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How To Get Free Starbucks

How to Get Free Starbucks Drinks — 10 Ways to Get...

With most Starbucks drinks ranging from $3 to $5, getting a latte every day isn’t a favorite habit of financial advisors. The good news is it’s possible to get free or seriously discounted Starbucks to help you get your coffee fix without breaking the bank.
Tips Avoiding Airline Checked Baggage Fees

15 Tips for Avoiding Airline Checked Baggage Fees

One of the downsides of airfare-comparison websites is that they allow airlines to hide fees and appear to be the lowest fare. And the most common of those hidden fees is the cost of checking a bag. But there are ways to save on the cost of checked baggage — or even avoid checking one altogether.
Eat Cheap Traveling Vacation

22 Ways to Eat Cheap & Save on Food While Traveling...

Food is one of the most expensive costs of a business trip or family vacation. But you can find ways to shave a few dollars off your trip food budget at every meal. Implement these cost-effective strategies for saving money on food on your next trip.
Reuse Centers Architectural Salvage Stores

How to Shop at Reuse Centers & Architectural Salvage Stores to...

One way to cut home improvement costs is to shop at reuse centers and architectural salvage stores, which sell salvage and surplus home construction materials at a fraction of their retail cost. The savings can be substantial. But it’s not right for everyone.
Buy Refurbished Electronics

Should I Buy Refurbished Electronics? – How It’s Different From New...

“Refurbished” isn’t just another word for “used.” Refurbished electronics are used, returned, or unboxed devices the seller has checked for problems and fixed to run like new. But are they a good deal? As with many things, the answer is: It depends.
aaa auto repair

Is a AAA Membership Worth It? – Cost, Benefits & Alternatives

You've probably experienced your share of car problems, including unexpected breakdowns, mechanical defects, or accidents. AAA offers valuable benefits, including roadside assistance, travel services, and identity theft protection. But do these benefits justify the annual cost of AAA membership?
Best Free Travel Apps Smartphone

Best Travel Apps to Track, Save & Protect Money on the...

When traveling away from home, several common money problems can cause headaches and spoil your fun. Thankfully, there are a variety of apps that can help with everything from Internet security to splitting up bills. Which apps do you need before you head out for your next vacation? Find out here.
Walmart App Cellphone Logo

14 Walmart Shopping Tips & Tricks to Save Money

Walmart’s claim to fame is offering exceptional value on a wide selection of products at competitively low prices. It may have retired the Savings Catcher, but there are still plenty of effective Walmart saving hacks savvy shoppers can use to keep even more money in their wallets.
Donate Used Car Charity

How to Donate a Used Car to Charity

If an extra vehicle is gathering dust in your driveway, donating it to charity lets you skip the hassle of selling it and may land you a tax deduction. But it’s crucial to follow these steps to ensure the charity gets the most it can from the car — and you get the biggest tax deduction possible.
Wine Glass Luxury

Luxury Items for Less: 7 Affordable Alternatives to Luxury Goods

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. But sometimes, spending more doesn’t get you anything in return. That’s often the case with these luxury items. And you can save big money buying alternatives that offer the same look or performance at a much more affordable price point.
Free Breakfast Hotels

12 Hotel Chains With Free Breakfast – Everything You Need to...

Not all hotel breakfasts are created equal. Some hotel chains offer free breakfasts to everyone; others only provide it to guests with elite reward member status. Whether you’re looking to save money, time, or effort on your next vacation, you can count on free breakfasts from these hotel chains.
Cars Stacked Coins Saving Money Financing Payment

Long-Term Car Loans – Why You Should Avoid Financing Over 5...

Not so long ago, a five-year car loan was considered “long-term.” Today, about 72% of new car loans come with terms longer than five years. We’re spending more on cars and spreading the cost out longer. What does a long-term car loan mean for your wallet, and are there better options? Find out here.