A Great Article About Paying Off Debt

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Free Money Finance posted this article about a guy who chose to be homeless and live out of his truck while trying to pay off his debt! Now that takes dedication. Read the article. It’s a good one, and it might inspire you to make a sacrifice today in order to help pay off your debt.

Categories: Credit and Debt

  • Mark Bateman

    That an interesting article. In the UK debt is a massive story with bank charges being the hot topic. You know the story – not enough funds for the payment so a hefty bank charge – further in debt so of course another bank charge… and so on… The point is banks have no interest in supporting those with financial difficulties but it has now become apparent that only a small admin fee is legal to charge the customer, meaning 100’s of thousands are claiming up to 6 years worth of bad bank charges. This will go a long way for some in helping their debt problems.

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