How to Find Cheap Flights and Get the Best Airline Ticket Deals

airplane on keyboardFew industries utilize price structures as confusing as the airlines. When you purchase a ticket for a bus or train you’ll pay the same rate for almost any day of travel. Maybe you’ll face a slight surcharge for a last-minute trip. But when it comes to airfare, rates change daily, and usually without notice.

Many factors influence the cost of airline tickets, including when and where you book, and when and where you travel. Plus, you’ll still face a myriad of hidden travel fees for items and services like checking bags and changing your reservation.

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Mohu Leaf Review – Indoor HDTV Antennas

mohu leaf plusYou may already know that you can save a lot of money by canceling your paid television services and receiving free HDTV via an antenna. But what you may not know is that instead of mounting an outdoor antenna, you can purchase a small indoor antenna and receive the same or even better quality than a rooftop model delivers.

Mohu offers two different indoor antennas that can receive HDTV without hardly taking up any space at all. Two Mohu products, the Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna and the Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna, work quite well – but are they necessary?

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Chase United MileagePlus Club Card Review

Every airline credit card offers frequent flyer miles for dollars spent. What makes a travel rewards credit card stand out, however, is the number of miles offered and the non-mileage perks granted to cardholders. Extra bonus miles can add up, especially if you are among the consumers who put most of your expenses on a reward card – you may find yourself taking an extra trip or two each year.

Presently, the Chase United MileagePlus Club Card offers some of the best benefits of any airline card, including generous mileage rewards.

Key Features

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Capital One Venture Credit Card Review

capital one venture rewards cardThere are typically two types of rewards credit cards: cash back credit cards and travel rewards cards. If you’re a jet-setter, a travel rewards card is probably most appealing; if you’re a homebody, cash back is the way to go.

But what if you want both? While the Capital One Venture Rewards Card is marketed as a travel rewards card, savvy users will find that it’s actually a very good cash back card as well – thus making it an impressive “combo” card.

How to Use Capital One Miles

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Live Credit Smart – Generational Credit Trends Report From Experian

generation creditHave you ever wondered how different generations handle their finances? Experian, one of the largest credit agencies, took a look at the credit scores of millions of Americans of different age groups as well as what kind of debts they incurred.

They took a sampling of their VantageScores and issued a report entitled “Live Credit Smart – From Generation to Generation” indicating which generations have the best and worst credit. Their results are intriguing.

Learning From Experience

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How to Compare the Best Credit Card Rewards Programs

credit card girl pinkHow would you like to receive 2% or more off of every purchase you make? That is just one example of what is being offered to credit card users in the form of rewards.

Those who have come to realize the opportunities of credit card rewards have found that there are dozens of competing products. No one card, or group of cards, is right for everyone.

So how do you choose which credit card use? It is not simple, but there is a proven way to ensure that you are receiving the most value in return for your credit card spending.

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Target REDcard Review – Debit Card With 5% Discounts at Target

target redcard debitDebit cards were in the news frequently this past year – often in a less-than-positive light – as numerous banks sought to impose fees for their use. Normally, a debit card is issued by the bank that holds your checking account, though this is not always the case. The Target REDcard is one such debit account set up via a retailer, rather than a financial institution.

The Target REDcard functions as a debit card that draws funds from any checking account. It offers the same convenience as any debit card, while offering customers additional benefits, such as a 5% discount on most purchases. Below is more information on the top features and how it works.

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Iberia Bank Visa Select Credit Card Review – 0% APR for One Year

iberia bank visa select cardIberia Bank has been in existence for 125 years, but only has locations in six Southeastern U.S. states. Nevertheless, it has earned a following among credit card users by offering cards with low interest rates.

Iberia offers the Visa Select Card for those who want extremely competitive interest rates and a 0% introductory financing offer.

Key Features

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  • Introductory Financing Offer on Purchases. New cardholders with excellent credit will receive a 0% APR on purchases for one year, although less qualified applicants will only receive a purchase APR of 7.5%.

Iberia Bank Visa Classic Credit Card Review – Low Interest Rate

iberia bank visa classicCredit card debt can be like a ball and chain that you must drag around wherever you go. One of the reasons that it is so onerous is that banks must charge a higher interest rate than they do for other products, and there is a higher cost of using credit cards. Furthermore, credit card debt is unsecured, which means that unlike your home or car loans, there is nothing to repossess in the event that the borrower defaults.

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Visa Black Card Review – Requirements & Qualifications

visa black cardBanks work to cultivate an image of luxury and exclusivity in their credit card products by naming them after precious substances like gold, platinum, sapphires, and diamonds. For example, over the years, gold cards have become commonplace.

In order to remain competitive and to continue to offer unique products, banks have increased the rewards and the fees for some of their high-end products to maintain that “elite” status. To those who value high-end benefits and exclusivity, Barclay’s Bank offers the Visa Black Card.

Key Features

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