• Anonymous

    I refuse to use any credit card with an annual fee. Our favorite cash back card is the HSBC Platinum Cash MasterCard which is not still available for others, but still works for us. It gives an amazing 5% back on all gas, groceries, and drug store(non-prescriptions only) purchases but stops the yearly rewards after it reaches $500.00. It does not have any annual fee. We always reach the maximum and get $500 each year which we apply against our next statement when awarded. I have a feeling that they will drastically change or eliminate this card soon since their credit card division has recently been sold to another company. We also have a straight 1% cash back MasterCard for purchasing anything from Bank of America that does not limit how much you can earn. It also includes ShopSafe software that we use for all internet purchases since we can assign temporary credit card numbers with amount and expiration date adjustable. We also have a third card from Capital One that gives 1% on most stuff and 2% on gas which we got mainly for travel outside the US so we will not have to pay the 3% transaction fee that is common for our other cards.

    • Jason

      Refusal of an annual fee is fairly foolish because you are cutting yourself off from some of the best possible reward cards. Obviously in a perfect world, you would want no annual fees, but if you do the math, you should well exceed the annual fees and bring in much more value in the end. Whatever works for you is nice, but you should always consider all your options.

  • http://markwilson.webstarts.com/travel_money.html Vernon Groston

    I just signed up for the $200 cash back Chase Freedom card. I spent $500 on some much needed things (i.e. new tires, car maintenance), and now I can receive my $200 cash back. Not to mention….I am getting 5% cash back on all these purchases.

  • http://lifelaidout.com/ Roger

    I’ve always been torn with the Chase Freedom card (and cards that act like it). On the one hand, you can get up to 5% cash back on bonus categories in a particular quarter (up to a limit). However, I hate how you have to keep track of the changing categories each quarter and I may not even spend much money in those bonus categories. The Fidelity and US Bank cards seem very interesting though.

  • 2-copper-coins.com

    I’ve been on the fence about the Discover It card, but your review definitely pushes me one step closer to signing up. It was recommended by a friend of mine who swears by it. Are any of these cards in your wallet? Any personal preference?

    • Mark

      The 5% cash back for online shopping sold me on it, even if it is for one quarter.

  • FBC1125

    The newer Citi Double Cash MasterCard is also quite good with 2% cash back on all purchases.

  • TimBrunellivo

    like Debra said I am shocked that you can get paid $5611 in one month on the internet . visit

  • Brian S

    US Bank Cash plus is offering 5% cash back from purchases
    from “electronic stores” and state: “Make even smarter buys when you earn cash
    back on the latest tech products, including televisions, computers and phones.” They also state in the fine print “Purchases
    which fall into the eligible Purchase Category will receive the stated Rebate.
    U.S. Bank makes every effort to include all relevant merchant category codes in
    its listed Purchase Categories.”
    However, this last statement is false.
    The only merchant code that qualifies 5732 for “electronic
    sales/repair”. This is a very narrow
    definition and does not meet their claim that they “make every effort to
    include all relevant merchant category codes”.
    For example, they do not include 5045 for “computer stores/services”
    when clearly they lead customers to believe that computers should qualify as
    electronics. Stay away from this credit
    card. The categories are narrowly
    defined and not user friendly.

  • disqust101

    What a load of nonsense this post is. Some terrible offers you’re pimpin’ to unsuspecting noobs.

    If people want an HONEST review, go read DoctorOfCredit blog. That guy isn’t shilling crappy credit card links like this pimp is doing – of course, she gets $$$$ for every sucker who uses her links.

  • FraserSt

    Nowadays for 2% cash back everywhere there’s also the Citi Double Cash MasterCard which has the advantage of wider acceptance over the Fidelity AmEx. Also, since Costco announced it’s ending its exclusive arrangement with AmEx in March of 2016, soon there’ll be no reason to have the Fidelity AmEx as the Citi Double Cash will be beat it in the ways that matter to most cash back seekers.

  • Ashish Srivastav

    Citi double cashback… Not listed, is better than other ones here.

    • Mark

      I know right?

  • Jazzy Bill

    The USBANK credit card is taking away one perk
    Sign-up Bonus. There is no sign-up bonus, but you do earn an additional bonus of $25 each year that you redeem $100 or more in a single rewards redemption.
    as of April 1, 2015 I got the notice in the mail today!!!

  • Tornado In The Sky

    Be careful with USBANK the benefits are starting to fade. The free $25.00 a year if you redeem $100.00 all at once is ending on April 1, 2015. The selections to choose from for cash back changes their minds and they keep getting worse.

    • Bigd

      I agree, I have this card and usbank is totally ruining it. The categories are stupid for which to choose from like gym memberships and furniture stores. They moved restaurants to a 2% category, now they are doing away with the bonus. Avoid this card at all costs!

  • FraserSt

    There’s also the new Discover it Miles card that will earn you 3% cash back for the first year. The way it works is you earn 1.5 “miles” per $1 spent. Then, at the end of the year, they double your earnings! So you get up getting 3 miles per $1 spent. Then you can turn your miles into cash at a rate of 1 cent per mile.

  • Mark

    Citi Double Cash has pretty much replaced my CapOne 1.5% Quicksilver card.

  • Jason

    These are what I feel are the best cards. Keep in mind, I don’t care if I get cash back or miles as long as I’m getting the most valuation. Starred cards carry an annual fee. The below portfolio is intended to keep these to a maximum of three (with some exceptions for cards that provide benefits that exceed the AF with minimum spend. Depending on your spend, you probably will want to keep your AF to two.

    Restaurant / Travel purchases: *Chase Sapphire Preferred (this is also assuming you carry Freedom as you will need Sapphire Preferred for converting Freedom points out to airlines)

    Rotating categories: Chase Freedom (using only for quarterly category, then stow card)

    All other purchases: *American Express Everyday Preferred (best card for everyday spend, close enough on the groceries and gas to warrant you using an AF here and not on AMEX blue cash preferred)

    Backup everyday spend for non AMEX retailers: *Barclays Arrival+ (gives 2% on everyday spend, plus 10% back on redemption)

    Backup everyday spend for non AMEX alternative: Citi Double Cash (alternative to Arrival for this situation, probably best for most people over Arrival)

    Other cards you should consider signing up for if you don’t mind the credit hit–

    Bank of America Better Balance Rewards: $100/yr for paying your CC bill on time. Especially nice if you have a BofA checking account as they throw in an extra $20/yr. I only pay for Netflix with this card, and have it set up to auto-pay my bill. Every quarter BofA puts $30 back on the card and my Netflix bill effectively is paid for by BofA. Might not be worth a credit hit for some, but you could convert any BofA credit card to this if you happen to have one already and won’t be using it in lieu of the above cards.

    Chase Hyatt: Annual fee, but waived first year and they give you 2 free nights at up to category 4 hotels each year. This alone pays for the annual fee, and they also give you automatic platinum in their Hyatt member program (2nd from top rank). Best part is the intro bonus, which gives you two free nights at any Hyatt location. You could use these for 2 nights in any of the Park Hyatt locations around the world even. In my case, I used these in NYC at the 5th Ave Andaz and then leveraged my Platinum level to work myself in to a corner terrace suite. Would have been $800 a night. Not bad for a single hard pull.

    Discover It: I personally think that if you combine it with Sapphire Preferred, Freedom is head and shoulders over the redemption value of Discover. But, you could always pick up this card if you just want to carry a Discover in your portfolio. They tend to have certain offers that require Discover card (like concerts and special deals at Six Flags). If you picked up the Citi Double Cash above and the Amex card, having the Discover in your portfolio means you should be able to cash in on any concert / event ticket offer available.

  • Frank

    I’d also add Citi Double Cash to this list since it earns 2% on everything like the Fidelity card, but it’s more widely accepted since it’s a MasterCard.

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