• Sean H

    I’m a huge North Carolina fan (the state in general, not sports) so I would say that I would move there. Plus, what I have seen from NC, the people there are so dang nice.

    • Pam

      the people in charlotte are fake and at best holier than tho! If you don’t fit into the “southern charm” image, they dismiss you. I’m a Texas transplant and have been looked down on and offended every day. By both the locals and the northern rejects, Charlotte is by far the worst city to live in!

  • Jaynee

    I live in the Charlotte, NC area and was shocked that Charlotte ranked so high. The housing market is suffering (a lot of foreclosures and buyers sitting on their money hoping values go down more (and they are because owners panic and reduce the price for a quick sale), and jobs are not as plentiful as they once were. Yes, we’re starting to rebound – but it is very slow going because people keep moving here and glut the job market (and rent rather than buy)!!!

  • http://www.moneyspruce.com/ Jeffrey Trull

    Wow, most of my top cities made the list, but I like the surprises, too. I’ll have to give Omaha and Boise a shot and visit them at some point to see.

    • LongTom

      Don’t bother. Omaha, Kansas City, and Boise, are at best ordinary. You could just as easily substitute Des Moines, Buffalo, and Helena. I could name 18 other cities that aren’t any less “wonderful” than those three.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000002774924 Graham Green

        I lived in Sydney, Australia before moving to Kansas City and have visited many big cities around the world and the US and can say Kansas City definitely deserves to be on the list, it’s a great place to live.

        • adis b

          Q: how is it in Australia 1Cost 2 Gas3 Rent 4Crime 5 Temperature what’s your thoughts as to this matter ?

  • Jeff

    Glad Kansas City, Missouri made the rankings. However, I though Tampa, Florida would possible make the Top Ten. Thoughts?

    • Jack

      Tampa is only beautiful in pictures. It is a dirty, crime-ridden, unfriendly city. Lived there for one year and ran back to Naples, Florida… Can’t tell you that Naples is the best place on earth but it sure beats Tampa, Orlando, Ft Myers.
      I recently took a trip to Savannah, GA and was pretty impressed.

      • domzbinique

        Savannah is perfect. mainly for the nightlife, and its historical features. other than that you kinda have to live here to understand the vibes. it seems like everyone is related to one another believe it or not, black and white. Lol

  • http://www.sailmortgage.com/ Pittsburgh Mortgage Loans

    As a KC resident, I can confirm that this place is awesome. And “relatively low” doesn’t even begin to describe how cheap it can be to live here. There are definitely some expensive, well-established subdivisions in the suburbs, but if you’re willing to drive a little more there are tons of cheap properties in the area.
    That being said, our weather isn’t exactly “mild.” More like “extremely unpredictable.” It’s 83 and humid today, it was 60 and dry two days ago.

  • http://www.tshirtriches.com Cartess Ross

    I’ve been eying Omaha for a minute — need to go check it out!

  • Erica Gott

    They all sound wonderful. My faves of these 10: Portland, Austin, Boulder, San Diego, San Francisco, North Carolina (I might prefer Asheville). I would love to live by the ocean, and I’d prefer more temperate climes. I’m from North Texas where it gets uber hot. However, who wouldn’t want to live in Austin??

  • Anonymous

    Omaha is the most boring city. Its snow and cold 6 months a year, and the 3 of the remaining 6 months its either hot or bad weather.

    • max Corbin


  • http://www.facebook.com/patty.hickman Patty Hickman

    We had to leave Charlotte when the banking failures affected all of the job industries there. But we would love to go back. Everything you hear about Charlotte is right. It’s a beautiful clean city with a pretty cityscape, but not overly large so fairly easy to navigate. If you visit, be sure to head straight for a real French bakery called Amelies. The smell of butter will tempt you with every hand-made delicacy you see in the dessert cases.

    • max Corbin

      I hate Charlotte! What a boring place! Crime every day! I’m out of the junk city! !!

  • Talldarkgreg

    I am surprised Nashville or Denver didn’t make the list and i have visited both cities Nashville is cosmopolitan like Atlanta or Miami but the residents are among the freindliest i had encountered besides the characters i had encountered in Austin last year. I lived in Denver for 17 years LoDo,Downtown especially 16th Street was wondrously superb. Denver in my opinion was like a mini New York City it also has a fabulous restaurant scene.

  • LongTom

    Just talked to a former Raleigh resident who said there is lots of street crime and racial tension. Omaha? To quote a great American satirist, “Nothing good ever happened in Nebraska.” Kansas City? What makes it different from any one of a dozen cities on the Plains? “Having seen it, I desire urgently never to see it again.” As for Boise, you could just as easily substitute Idaho for Nebraska in the above quote.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000002774924 Graham Green

    The is a 3rd pro sports team in Kansas City that does much better than either of those mentioned, MLS team Sporting Kansas City.

  • Connor

    I live in Raleigh and its a GREAT city. There is much to do and is also part of The Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) which are all easy to get to and there are many things to do there. Its usually pretty cheap too, ex: the Durham Bulls, a minor league baseball team in Durham; their tickets are only a few bucks. If any one was thinking about moving there, you should. There is constant growth and is good for students and adults. People are also very friendly. Some other great cities in NC are: Charlotte, Ashville, Wilmington, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Chapel Hill, etc.

    • Guest

      Connor, how is the traffic and how is the commute from a good apartment complex to downtown (place of work) at around 7:30 am?

  • Martin Method

    6 of these cities have also been voted the worst cities in America to live in.

  • Shadowman

    Well, i’m not exactly an expert on this matter…but anyway, an interesting list!
    If i had to choose one american city that really surprised me, one city which 10 years ago i wasn’t even aware of, one city i thought it was nothing special but as soon as i took a look i REALLY enjoyed…it would be Raleigh! Damn…what a NICE place, i got the feeling the whole area is a BIG PARK…because everything is so green, fresh and clean…in fact, it’s not just Raleigh, i think North Carolina in general is really nice, it’s one of those underated hideouts that media rarely portrays, and i think it’s a shame…
    I only started getting curious about the Carolina area by watching the “Hardy Show” (an internet show made by the Hardy brothers)…funny but true!
    Anyway…so i think Raleigh REALLY deserves the place here in the list (just like Charlotte too).
    Other place listed here that i really like is Boulder…well, what can i say? Colorado it’s just…COLORADO!
    Apart from that, i ALWAYS loved San Francisco since my childhood years, but in my opinion (and realistical speaking), San Francisco is the perfect place to live in? Well, yes…if you have LOTS of money! (just like pretty much 95% of California) lool
    Don’t take me wrong, i LOVE San Francisco, but this list should be more focused on just the places where the chances of a guy starting a family and being able to live an healthy balanced life to be at least 80%.

  • gigi

    San Diego is indeed the most beautiful city in the U.S. with the best weather. I lived there for 30 years. I was forced to moved because I simply couldn’t afford to stay. If you can afford 500K for a one bedroom condo, then move there. If you don’t have a six-figure income, then don’t bother going there because you will end up living in the ghetto. A real estate agent was desperately trying to help me find a house. I wanted a house, not a condo. The best he could come up with was a MOBILE HOME for 400K, plus $700 per month space rent! I moved to Nashville and my 400K bought me a 4000 sq. ft. mansion.

  • Ron

    #7 is Kansas City, but in the text they say it’s ninth-best. Dumb!
    It also says mild weather, this guy is an idiot! Obviously he doesn’t know about all the damn ice in the winter. Sure it’s a good place for retired people, if they wanna break their damn hip.

  • Dayve

    I live in Temecula, CA, just north of San Diego. I have lived across the US and can honestly say San Diego is hard to beat. Temecula is great, safe, decent weather although it can be triple digits in the summer. We recently bought a condo in Scottsdale, AZ. Really like it there too.

  • me

    These are also like the 10 most boring cities to live in

  • not me

    I was surprised to see Portland on the list, but now that I look into it, it seems like a pretty great place.

    • KAndrews

      Portland is fun and full of funky hipsters. However, it is really expensive.

  • Priness

    I absolutely cannot believe Honolulu was not included. The weather is AWESOME all year around and the people are all full of the aloha spirit. Yes, it’s a little costly, but paradise comes with a price, does it not? I have lived in the mid-west and now Hawaii for 13 years and I will NEVER move back!

  • amir

    I think this is not correct list

  • Surveillance

    How come Detroit isn’t on this list?

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