Best New Bank Account Promotions, Offers – Oct ’16

With many financial institutions experiencing a decrease in profits, banks are vying for your business. This is good news for you, because instead of just offering standard perks like no fees or a free pen when you sign up for an account, some banks are raising the stakes with cold hard cash, giveaways, and great interest-bearing products.

October is a good month for bank promotions from both big and small banks. Banks are giving away a lot of bonuses to attract new customers and get them to open up accounts. The banks listed below have some pretty sweet deals that you should take advantage of if you are in the market for a new bank.

Don’t want to miss out? Here are the best bank promotions for the month of October.

Top Bank Account Promotions (October 2016)

1. Chase Total Checking® + Chase SavingsSM – Up to $350 Bonus

chase bank logoThis offer is made up of two parts: a $200 bonus for Chase Total Checking and a $150 bonus for Chase Savings. Open a new Chase Total Checking® account with a minimum of $25 and a qualifying direct deposit made within 60 days. You’ll then receive a $200 bonus within 10 business days. Open a new Chase SavingsSM account and deposit at least $10,000 within 10 business days and maintain a $10,000 balance or more for 90 days from when the deposit was made, you’ll receive a $150 bonus within 10 business days. In order to receive these bonuses, you’ll need to enter in your email here and take the coupon to a local Chase branch.

2. Chase Premier Plus CheckingSM – $300 Bonus

chase bank logoThere is a separate bonus offer of $300 for Chase Premier Plus CheckingSM, which is a step up from the Chase Total Checking account mentioned above. The Premier Plus account has a monthly service fee of $25, but it is waived if you either keep an average daily balance of at least $15,000 between all of your Chase accounts (checking, savings, and other balances), or you set up automatic payments to your qualifying Chase mortgage.

To qualify for the bonus, open a new Chase Premier Plus CheckingSM account with a deposit of at least $25, and have a direct deposit (electronic transfer for paycheck, pension or government benefits) made to the account. (You can either apply online using the link above, or enter your email on the linked page to receive the coupon to take to your local Chase branch.) Once these steps are taken, you should receive the bonus in your account within 10 business days.

3. TD Bank Premier CheckingSM – $300 Cash Bonus

td bankApply online for a new TD Bank Premier account and you’ll get a $300 cash bonus once you receive direct deposits of more than $2,500 within 60 days. To qualify for this offer, you must be a U.S. resident and apply for the offer online. The Convenience checking account typically includes a $15 monthly maintenance fee, but it’s waived if you keep a daily balance of at least $100. This offer is available to residents of the following states: CT, DE, DC, FL, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, RI, SC, VT, VA.

4. Fifth Third bank – $200 Cash Bonus

fifth third bankFifth Third Bank is offering a promotion which can earn you $200. You can apply online, go to a branch, or phone them at 1-877-579-5353. Open a new, qualifying account with a minimum of $50 on or before December 31, 2016. Then you must make at least three online bill pay payments and set up a qualifying direct deposit within 90 days of opening the account. Your bonus should be deposited into your account within six weeks of meeting the requirements. This offer is available to those living in the following states: FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, NC, OH, PA, TN, WV.

5. BMO Harris – $200 Bonus

bmo harris bankOpen a new, qualifying BMO Harris checking account by October 31, 2016, with a minimum opening deposit of at least $100 and set up a qualifying direct deposit of at least $300 monthly within 90 days of opening the account. You can print a coupon to take to a local branch or open an account by phone at 1-800-546-6101. The bonus will be deposited into your account usually within 120 days of opening the account, provided you have met the requirements.

6. Santander Bank – $150 Bonus

santander bankOpen a new eligible checking account at Santander Bank on or before December 31, 2016. Then set up a qualifying direct deposit within 90 days of opening the account. Make sure the account remains open for a minimum of 90 days. Your bonus should be deposited into your account within 30 days of meeting the requirements. There is also the option of getting a coupon emailed to you which you can bring to a branch near you. A minimum opening deposit of at least $25 is required, which varies depending upon the type of account you choose.

7. M&T Bank – $150 Cash Bonus

m&t bank logoThis offer is good for people living in the following states: CT, DC, DE, FL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, OR, PA, VA, WV. When you open a new personal checking account at M&T Bank on or before December 31, 2016 and then initiate a qualifying direct deposit, you’ll receive a $150 cash bonus, credited to your account normally within 90 days of meeting the requirements. Your account must remain in good standing during that time. You can also have a coupon emailed to you to be redeemed at a local branch to qualify for the promotion.

8. Discover Cashback Checking – Up to $120 Bonus

discover bank logoExisting Discover credit card holders who open a new Cashback Checking account can earn as much as $120 each year. Open the account with at least $25, then you earn ten cents in rewards every time you write a check, pay a bill online, or make a debit card purchase. You receive this reward on up to 100 transactions per month.

9. Bank of America – $100 Bonus

bank of americaOpen a new qualifying checking account at Bank of America by December 31, 2016 using promo code BAW100N (if you currently have a personal checking account with Bank of America you are not eligible for this offer). Then set up qualifying direct deposits which total at least $2,000 every 30 days from the time you open the account for 90 days. Your bonus will be deposited into your account, usually within 90 days.

10. Regions Bank – Up to $100 Cash Bonus
regions bank

Open a new checking account at Regions Bank, either online or at a branch. Then open a Regions LifeGreen Savings Account with an opening deposit of $50 or more. Set up a recurring monthly transfer of $10 or more from your Regions checking account to your LifeGreen Savings Account, and receive the max savings bonus of $100 on the annual anniversary date of opening your savings account. Your bonus should be deposited into your account on the business day following your anniversary date.

11. Charles Schwab – $100 Cash Bonus

charles schwabOpen a new qualifying Charles Schwab account, deposit at least $1000, and the $100 bonus will be placed into your account usually within 30 days. Monthly fees may apply. You can also open the account via telephone by calling 1-800-398-8640 and mentioning the promo code REFER.

12. U.S. Bank – Up to $100 Bonus

us bank logoOpen a new Silver Checking Package Account at U.S. Bank along with a Package Money Market Savings Account, then enroll in START Smart within 90 days. You must also make at least one qualifying transfer (through START Smart) from your checking account to your money market account. Once you have an account balance of $500 in your money market account, you’ll become eligible for a $50 bonus. You’ll also receive 1% cash back on grocery and gas transactions on your debit card (up to $50) during the first year of enrollment. The accounts must remain open for at least one year, and your bonus and/or cash back will be paid out after that date. There’s a $25 minimum opening deposit required for both accounts.

13. Salem Five Bank – $100 Visa Gift Card

salem five logoOpen up a checking account with Salem Five Bank using promo code PP2013 and you can receive a $100 Visa reward card by completing any one of the following three requirements: set up direct deposit and complete two deposits of more than $250, make six online bill payments of more than $25, or make 20 debit card transactions of more than $5. The requirement you choose must be met within 60 days of account opening. Once the requirement is met, you’ll receive your reward card with 4-6 weeks.

14. Capital One 360 – Up to $50 Bonus

capital one 360Open a new Capital One 360 checking account with a qualified minimum deposit of $250 or more, make at least three debit card or Person2Person payments within 45 days of opening the account, and a $25 bonus will be deposited into your account 50 days after meeting the requirements. Partner that with a new Capital One 360 savings account (also with at least a $250 qualified opening deposit) and you’ll get another $25 bonus after opening the account.

15. Citizens Bank – $1,000 Bonus for College Savings

citizens bank logoCitizens Bank is currently offering a $1,000 bonus for those who sign up for a CollegeSaver savings account, an easy, manageable savings plan that will help your meet your college savings needs. It is an interest bearing account, and if you open it before your child’s twelfth birthday and save the monthly minimum amount every year, you’ll receive a $1,000 bonus when your child turns 18. Opening an account earlier than when your child turns twelve will only increase the savings.

16. BankDirect – AAdvantage Miles

bank direct logoOpen a BankDirect Mileage Checking Account and earn American Airlines AAdvantage miles. You’ll receive 1,000 miles just for opening an account, 5,000 miles for initiating direct deposit, 2,000 miles for using BankDirect’s bill pay service for one year, and 1,000 miles for referring a friend. There are other ways to earn miles as well, and some restrictions apply. Be sure to investigate the offer thoroughly for full program details.

Final Word

When choosing a bank, it’s important to find one that suits your needs – whether that’s favorable interest-bearing accounts, no fees, or online banking features. It’s also a big bonus when you can get great perks along with good banking. Be on the lookout for and take advantage of cash and giveaways, and your banking experience will be all the more pleasurable.

Which bank promotions will you be taking advantage of this month?

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  • Brad Castro

    Great list. I think it’s significant how many of them are online institutions. As banking regulations kick in and the large banks are actively looking around for ways to replace lost revenue, the first place they look is their own customer base.

    You’ve already discussed this in another post, but credit unions are also a good choice if you like the convenience of a local branch and your primary motivation is to avoid fees. In fact, at the moment, I’m right in the middle of doing just that – closing 2 personal and 1 business checking accounts at a couple of different big banks and moving everything over to a credit union.

    LOL – Plus I get free cookies when I visit . . .

    • Mark

      Free cookies is always a good perk.

      • khuyen mai

        I’m used to having account on Citibank. I think it really good

      • khuyen mai

        I’m used to having account on Citibank. I think it really good

    • chacha711


  • Jade

    I don’t know why people get so excited about 1% interest rates on checking accounts. I have a checking account that pays 3.04% up to a balance of $50,000 and 0.51% on balances over $50,000, and as long as I meet requirements (use the bank credit card 8 times during the monthly cycle, accept on-line statements, and have an automatic deposit or payment), I get the interest payments. Also, I get ATM reimbursements up to $25, as long as I meet the above requirements, and there are no monthly fees, no minimum balance, and unlimited check writing. Why would I want anything else? There are also 2 credit unions nearby with similar offers. They beat the big banks by miles.

    • withyouwhenyourright

      so whose the checking acct with?

      • Pepper S.

        I am with Charles Schwab and I get the above as well. Way better than these other options.

        • Bill

          I, too am a Schwab customer and have been happy with my service there. I don’t plan on changing anytime soon.

    • Leo

      You have a Kasasa Checking account, anyone can google kasasa and enter their zip code to see their local offers…

    • Adam Troy

      And the name of this bank is……….

  • Jess

    This is a great list. Getting the best rates for anything from a savings account to a CD these days takes a lot of research. Not to mention that the days of free checking accounts seem to be going the way of free luggage check-in. Brad may have it right. Do the best you can and keep an eye out for free cookies :-)

  • needsmorecoffee

    Just chatted with a Chase online rep. and he advised that the new account $100 promo is by invitation only. He said they are randomly sent out by the marketing department and therefore I could only take advantage of it if I received an invite or possibly visited a branch to request one.

    • banker1

      I work at chase and you can actually go on google or yahoo and type chase 125 off and you can get the the promo code sent to your email…. of course you have to set up direct deposit

  • Ben

    Just keep an eye on the regular and extra fees — at Chase bank the basic checking is around $6-12 a month, so basically all you end up with is free checking for a year or two.

    • joel

      no get charged and they give $125 for sign up

  • B Kelly

    Mark, Would you happen to know which bank is more friendly towards foreigners opening an account? I am keen to start a banking account in USA – any tips you have on where to start would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Fancy free

    A 10% bonus on the interest is like 10¢ extra ! Not exactly worth much nowadays. Gee whiz, do they think we don’t comprehend?

  • Jeff Crews

    I have had many friends try the ING Direct Checking account promotion. I am pretty set on a checking account though. Any thought on credit card promotions? I am thinking about doing the Chase Freedom.

    • Adam Troy

      Freedom is a great card with 0 annual fee and 1-3% depending on category. They also offer a Sapphire Card, The Sign on Bonus is 40-50K points ($400 – $500) and they waive the first annual fee.

  • Davidbakke


    I’d recommend the Chase Freedom like you mentioned or the Amex Blue Everyday Cash. It comes with an annual fee, but has 3% cash back on groceries and 6% cash back on gas

    • Jeff Crews

      Thanks. Not to huge on annual fees (even though in the long run they might save me money). Stubborn part of me. :) Saving on gas and food is definitely a plus though.

      • Davidbakke


        I despise them as well. But I reviewed it and found that the $79 pales in comparison to the additional cash back rewards, considering my previous card was basically only at 1%.

        • Jeff Crews

          Very interesting. That is something I might need to think about. What is up with everyone doing $79 fees? Amazon does the exact same amount for a PRIME membership. Kind of interesting.

  • Davidbakke


    I’d recommend the Chase Freedom like you mentioned or the Amex Blue Everyday Cash. It comes with an annual fee, but has 3% cash back on groceries and 6% cash back on gas

  • joel

    why bank in the USa got all kind of problems and charge to the customers fees,i europe my experience in France,bank making money with your money and charge no fees.They invest better and making less mistake and loose no money.WTF happens here

    • joel

      and also we bail them out with our taxes money and still getting rip off

  • Ladyberyl

    I took advantage of Firstbank here in Colorado and got my iPod Touch in only a few weeks. I plan to check out some of the others.

    • Davidbakke

      Congrats! Have fun with the iPod!

    • Davidbakke

      Congrats! Have fun with the iPod!

  • Beevlor

    Ooops! You have to be an Oklahoma resident to take advantage of the Bank 2 offer you list.

    • Davidbakke

      Thanks! We’ll get the article updated…

  • Larry

    First Bank offer limited to:
    Offer valid only for customers residing in Colorado, Arizona, or Riverside County, CA.

    • Davidbakke

      Thanks Larry, we’ll get that fixed.

  • Brianjmack

    David, are you getting paid by ING for this review? Numerous blogs have mentioned how scary
    this bank is and I have had first hand experience of the incompetence. Let me put it this way,
    why would I give money to a bank that sells coffee and has employees who have little
    or no knowledge in handling banking tasks? In my opinion, ING is not the place to put one’s

    • Davidbakke


      No, I am not paid by ING, I’m just listing what I think are the best offers for each month. I appreciate you sharing your opinion about ING–it will be helpful to our readers.

    • The Queen

      ING is amazing!! Wow i’ve never seen or heard of a bad review before yours. I am a past Chase employee, banked with BOA and Citi as well and I can’t say that ING isn’t the best.

      I have been a customer since 2002- you call and the phone doesn’t even ring, They are quick to answer your call and give alternative solutions to any problem. Please don’t spread rumors if you have nothing to back it up!!

      ING FOR THE WIN!!!

    • Rebecca Rosenberg

      I’ve been banking with ING since 2007. Between ING promos and Sharebuilder promos, I’ve gotten about $400. in rewards from them since then. I only use savings, so can’t speak to the checking account. Never had a problem accessing my funds or transferring my funds. If you do the research, you’ll find unhappy customers for every bank.

  • Mommaofsixkids

    What your thoughts on U.S. Bank?

    • Kamitchell3589

      US Bank is horrible! I hate them!

    • Nia

      I used them in 2003-2008 and loved them. I’m going back to them this weekend… they have a $75 bonus in AZ, from Sept 22 – Oct 5 ( I believe) don’t know about other areas.

  • Julie @ Freedom 48

    Nothing but good experiences here with ING. I’ve got a mortgage and a bank account with them – however, there was not $50 bonus when I signed up.

    • Davidbakke


      As long as you fulfilled the requirements for the deal, you should have received the bonus. I’d suggest contacting ING.

      Thanks for commenting

  • Tyler S.

    I guess the Chase offer is gone for now?? Glad I got in ASAP! :)

  • Broadway96

    I opened a TD Bank account to switch from Bank of America.. till I realized their ATMs dont have the no deposit slip thing. It annoys me that I have to fill out deposits slips and use envelops with TD Bank so I canceled it and stayed with BoA

  • SEO Specialist

    I”m looking for a Chase Bank coupon…anybody knows?

    • Grace Amazing

      google search chase checking bonus 2012 and one of the pages should be a chase site with the offer to send a coupon code to your email

    • Suzanna Harmouche

      Go to your post office and tell them you want a address forwarding packet ( the form where you fill out when you move so they know where to forward your mail to your new mailing address). They will give you an envelope and inside the envelope, you will find the address fowarding form and also a bunch of coupons. The Chase Bank Coupon is one of them. Also my fav, coupon is 10% off from Lowes or Home Deposit. I use it every-time I buy appliances, 10% off a big ticket item like washer and dryer or a new stove is a lot of money!

    • Steve Proper

      Yes, as stated below,you can usually get a Chase Bank promo coupon in the change of address envelope, but also right now, if you type in google:”Chase Bank Promotions”
      a URL will pop up saying “Open a new CHASE Total Checking Acct. prior to April 6, 2013 and set up direct deposit of $500.00/mo. or more you can print a coupon for a $125.00 Cash Bonus or you can open the account on-line using the promo code
      and still get the $125.00 Cash Bonus. Hope this helps.

  • Kiwinlily

    Anything for BBVA Compass?

  • accept credit cards online

    Do you have to have a repeating direct deposit for the Capital One account, or just a one-time direct deposit? Do ACH transfers from other banks, PayPal, or brokerage accounts count? Or does it have to be a real paycheck? Do you forfeit the $100 bonus if you close the account within a certain time period? Is it open to residents of PA? (I’ve never seen a Capital One bank branch here.)



    • Adam Troy

      I opened an account for the $50 sign on bonus. Great experience and I can cut checks from my account and they send them to whomever you choose for free.

    • Abc

      I’ve had ING for years and they are my favorite bank.

      I also have used Chase, Wells Fargo, USAA, TD, BNC, TCF, and Ally! So that’s saying something! Go ING!

    • James Edwards

      ING is a great bank for free checking and no overdraft fees.

      • Steve Proper

        Could you please explain to me about the ING Bank-no overdraft fees?
        Do you have to keep a second savings or other account that they can draw off of to avoid charging you overdraft fees or something?
        I have never heard of a bank with no overdraft fees. Please explain. Thanks.

        • Molly

          They just charge you a reasonable rate (around 8%) on the money you overdraft. At BofA, they would charge me $20 per overdraft, so a cup of $3 coffee would all the sudden be $23. At ING, that same $3 coffee would just cost an extra 8% for as long as you didn’t notice you’d overdrawn the account. Makes for a MUCH smaller hit if you make a mistake!

  • Kevin

    I’m a writer/editor (Annapolis, MD) that has noticed this trend as well. I have another one for your list, however.

    TD Bank is offering $100 for signing up for its Convenience Checking, which requires $100 minimum daily balance (or a $15/14 monthly fee will be charged).The account doesn’t pay interest, but all that is required for the offer is opening it and making a total of 10 (together) debit purchases and bill pays (at least one of each). I believe the deadline for it is like the others I’ve seen–end of June 2012.

    • Davidbakke


      Thanks for the additional tip!

  • game avatar

    Great ! I almost trust these banks

  • Pearl

    Chase has offered its sign-up rewards for two or three years now, with the reward varying between $100 and $200. You can take advantage of it once every calendar year, which I’ve done three times now, making a $1500 opening deposit each time and just letting it sit for the required six months. The first reward was $100; each subsequent one was $150. As long as you leave that balance in for that long, there are no fees and there’s no requirement for direct deposits, a certain number of debit transactions, or anything else. I’ve received $400 in rewards. I just consider each account like a CD, except that on a six-month basis, it’s paying a 20% annual interest rate.

    • Davidbakke


      That’s an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing…

  • Hirbod Moghaddam

    Dear Sirs / Dear Mrs. Hello Respect “the integrity eventually pick” I was born in 1971 Married with two children living in Iran Hirbod Moghaddam / I am the city of Qom. I’m 15 years working in a dental lab salaries are $ 350 and I live in a rented house. “I take God to witness fees and expenses is hard and difficult years of my life has been” my wife and my two children and has for years dreamed of owning a house are going to regret, “about the price of a apartment area of ??150 square meters typical is 150/ 000 thousand dollars. Therefore, I sincerely and desperate Sirs and Mrs of your presence dear I’m begging for any amount of any possible assistance to me please pity. I passed honoring humanity and help you and your valuable attention to my problems “have any orders in Iran that Iran is not inherently offensive in nature will be your servant. My own life and I owe my wife and my two children and we owe it to humanity and kindness worthy advance. Please consider the assistance and financial assistance to please me than my bank account number to be announced, “I heartily thank you finally have your valuable attention. Yours sincerely” Hirbod Moghaddam E-MIL: [email protected]

  • Korage Hu

    David Bakke, GREAT Article! I SEARCH ALL THE TIME.

    My Background.

    1. Commerce Bank – $50 – 2007.. before it became TDBank which gave more offers for my family and friends.
    2. Chase Bank – $100 – This bank is located everywhere but needed an minimum requirement of 1000USD as of 2012…….. I cancelled it.
    3. Bank of America – $100 AWESOME.. I referred one of my cousins and one of my best friend. I cancelled because I have too much accounts beyond bank checking.
    4. NATIONAL VALLEY !!! – $150 – Totally worth it. Its a bit far but I opened it for the 150.

    What I learn.
    Good Banks:
    Bank of America
    National Valley

    Bad Banks:
    Apple Savings
    PNC bank
    (as well as banks I don’t know)

    I am considering ING bank for 50USD. Seems its the best on this list besides National Valley. But I already got that.

    A lot of new learning on opening bank accounts usually open Chase. The only good thing about them is if their are many branches. Otherwise watch out for their fees. After they started charging people fees for 1000minimum balance or other fees. I had enough that it wasn’t worth supporting the largest bank in USA as well as corporate snake that can be very well shown when comparing banks. Chase CDs are also always lower than TD and BoA.

    • Davidbakke

      Thanks for all your input! Our fellow readers will appreciate it…

  • Brandon abney

    bank gave brndon abney free momny

  • Brandon abney

    gave me free monny $1000

  • Brandon abney

    gave me $5000

  • Brandon abney

    all bankes gave me $5000 im a 13 yorod boy

  • Melanie Makin

    Any tips for savings accounts for children? My newborn daughter has a (very) small sum of cash she’s received as gifts, but most traditional savings accounts require a minimum balance in excess of what she has and will charge fees. I know some banks waive these fees for under-18s, but none locally that I can find :(

    • Davidbakke


      I just opened a savings account for my five year old at Wells Fargo. Minimum deposit is only $25, and there are no fees whatsoever. Hope that helps…

      • Melanie Makin

        Alas, I live in Rhode Island and Wells Fargo has no branches here :( Any other suggestions? I suppose there is the ING account.

        • Davidbakke

          To get cash back–yes, that’s your best option.

    • Molly

      Try a local credit union. Because they’re non-profits, they tend to have fewer rules that don’t benefit the customer.

  • Cherleen

    Great list! I am looking for a bank as I will be opening a new account for my eldest son who will be celebrating his 9th birthday next month. The Citibank promo caught my attention and I thought it would be interesting. Unfortunately, my son does not qualify for the promo. I guess I have to look for another bank near our home.

  • David W

    A few of my good friends just opened up banking accounts with ETrade, which has actually turned out to be quite good for them. Although there are limited physical locations (which isn’t great), the perks are not too bad. The biggest of which is unlimited ATM refunds (and their mobiel and online banking products are not too shabby). Not sure about all of you, but I know for a fact that I pay way too much in ATM fees every year. The other nice perks will come from using some of their other financial products like rolling over an IRA or opening up a brokerage account.

    I personally use Bank of America, with mixed feelings. The perks that i initially got when I opened my account have been far outweighed by fees (atm and others) a this point…

    • nerys

      I am not fond of BOA’s practices but they are the only local bank that has no fee’s AND a picture on the debit card AND can deposit anytime cash instantly via ATM. no other bank around here does that. Stop using the ATM. use the credit card function (your debit card) when you HAVE to use ATM use a BOA atm or find a wawa (no surcharge)

      • Carl

        Wawa has surcharges now depending on your location. In NJ they currently are chargeing $2.50 because they subletted out their atm service to pnc bank. While when i’m in philly there is no surcharge fee there at the one i visit there so be carefull about just assumeing there is no surcharge at wawa.

  • Guest

    test post

  • Miles Momma

    Do you have any good suggestions for creative ideas to do a direct deposit with ING Direct?

    • guest

      set up the direct deposit for that account so that you commit only your available “play money”into the account. For example if you pay your bills through Citibank (any bank), keep that account opened and keep the direct deposit flowing there for the bills (calculate how much you will actually need for bills and make sure upon refiling for direct deposit, that amount of $$ will still be present come bill time), and use the ING account you are interested in opening for the difference in your paycheck… this will also make it easier for you to maintain good credit and avoid overspending.

    • David0981

      Yes, I do, it’s new banking system/product. However, I don’t know whether u or any bank can adopt and do it. The income in millions U.S.D., per month.

  • Stacey

    Are there any online banks that I can have both business accounts and personal checking accounts and do fund transfers between them? I am an independent Real Estate Broker with a business checking account for my LLC, one for escrow funds (which cannot bear interest), and of course I have a personal account. I often deposit a commission check into the business account and then write a check from business to personal so I can pay personal expenses. Neither Ally or ING seem to offer business checking.

    • Ebid732

      Chase is always a good bank. I have personally profited over 5 grand over the last year by using their products. I use them for personal and business checking as well as credit cards. Their Hyatt card has given me 7 free nights this year alone.

  • Salvador Antonacci

    Great feed back, but I still have to careful some banks are really tricky. Thanks for sharing.

  • nikkic

    ING does credit checks, keep that in mind and I was not approved for the acct.

    • Jtgbs

      thats so sad ing denies no body

      • nerys

        I got an ING account for that $50. Tried to sign up a coworker and he was denied! but he was a vet so got him a USAA account.

        Valley was a no go. they require the first interaction to be “IN” the bank. $50 in gas $30 in tolls to get their and back. ahh no. Once I have the $100 to deposit going to try the first trade one.

    • diablo

      Must be a big time loser to get turned down by them.

    • Nobigloser

      Neither was I. I have never had debt in my life, thus I have no credit score.
      Just the opposite of a big time loser. I pay cash for everything, even houses.

  • Nia

    US BANK “Requires that you received a letter or email to sign up – code is not enough because system will know you didn’t receive the offer” per sales rep at 800 number listed above.

  • DK

    Never open an account with Chase. They are the kings of false and deceptive marketing. They will make account opening offers that then they won’t honor. Have had this happen to me twice – both with my new Checking Account and my Credit Card Account.

    • Jtgbs

      dittio with bofa

    • Jtgbs

      love this site better than party poker .co m and the jerry pislner site the finacial dolt

    • sanfran

      Sorry but I have had great luck with both the a Chase card $150 back and with the direct deposit savings $200 back … no problems …… easy money!

    • MoneyStreetSmart

      DK- do you have copies of the contracts from Chase in regards to the new accounts you were promised?

    • Rich Uncle EL

      I agree chase promos are for new account customers, if you had a relationship with them 10 years ago, they will open the account for you but not honor the promo.

  • Tamaraisheaven

    I have been a customer of Chase Bank for twelve years, that’s right twelve years, and I am over their bullshit. Excuse my language. They really screwed me last month, to the point of how I have no idea how to pay my bills. I am a single mom with three kids and am completely stressed! After twelve years of my buisness all they can do to help me is take $100.00 of the fees off of their screw up. I am done. Washinton Mutual you are missed.

    • D21

      What happened that you got charged over $100 dollars of fees?

    • ChristynaM.

      We got rid of Chase too. We had 1 late payment and then we “supposedly” got a payment in the mail telling us that our APR went up from 4.5% – 9% and if we didn’t pay our bill in full or close the account it was going to go up by a certain date to 18%. My husband found this out because he called them after he saw our high APR online and they told us they sent us notification of this in the mail. We told them we never got the notification and if they could please send it again. Again, it never came. We had been with them for over 7 years at that point. We closed our account and swore to never go back. – We own 2 homes. One of our mortgages got bought out by Chase, which we were not happy about, but what do you do. So my husband worked for Boeing and ended up getting laid off. We called and talked to one of our mortgage lenders, and they let us skip a payment and tacked it back onto the end of our loan. We talked to Chase and they said, Sorry! You know they have the means and the resources to help, they just have no desire. I do what I can to get the word out about Chase. That bank is not about its people, it is all about itself and its immediate profit.

    • Susana Ortiz

      I miss Washington Mutual. Chase is

      • Nikki

        WaMu went BANKRUPT because they gave everything away for free, smmfh!

        • AD

          WaMu did not go bankrupt becoz they gave customers a choice….they just made poor choices in investment banking division by playing with mortgages that Goldman Sachs and other sold……WAMU is surely missed!

      • mark m

        ditto, I was with WAMU for years, after Chase bought them everything changed, got a service fee $10 first month….. closed my account, but they did NOT… kept adding $10 per per month for having a ZERO balance! HELLO!…

        Posted me as ‘LATE’ with credit bureau,,,, I send them a ‘RIOT ACT’ letter……. “CEASE AND DEC EST” Subtitled “EXTORTION” A short paragraph … ending on X day, at 12:01 pm am filing suit at XXXX court charging with “THEFT, EXTORTION, VIOLATION OF STATE AND FEDERAL BANKING LAWS”

        Sweet and simple…. 2 days later ‘credit bureau cleared and letter reversing all charges’ ….

        Wonder how many people they screwed and plan to screw wit their unethical tactics…

        Stay away from ‘CHASE’ They are in business to ‘CHASE’ your money…

        enuff said?


  • Jtgbs

    paoli at deposit accounts is a putz

  • D21

    How do you get the Valley National $150 offer through online application?

  • Silverstarlune

    Does anyone know if there is a minimum time to keep the BofA account open? I know Chase is six months, but I can’t find anything in the fine print for the BofA acct I opened. I got my $100 and want to get out, but don’t want to face another fee.

    • JamieMarie Blum

      that’s y they make all these requirements bcuz people open the accts and then close when u get $$$. 10 yrs ago you just got the money the day u signed up n that was it. you could close anytime, but people that do what you r doing ruined it for everyone now. thank you!

    • Nikki

      you people are fucking retarded, you want your time and the banks time opening an account that you don’t intend on using for 100 taxable dollars, such a fucking waste of time. It’s no wonder so many ppl end up getting their identities stolen with all their personal info floating around. SO FUCKING STUPID!!!!!! Don’t mean to be vulgar but I call it like I see it.

    • John

      BOA is awesome. 3 Months

      • IM

        Frigging BofA waits until your payments accumulate if you just check your account online, so delay posting them for a while. Then – bam – you get your check returned over the $10 difference and the $35 overdraft fee. Leaving them as soon as I can.

  • Jtgbs

    how realitive is this without a date of post i agree paoili is a chrone

  • nerys

    SO how does one going about getting a “direct deposit” done? some of these bonuses require at least one “direct deposit” how do I make a legit direct deposit myself?

    • Henry Justice

      A direct deposit is defined as: retirement pay, social security, or regular pay from a corporation. Deposits made monthly by yourself do not count.

    • J

      You have to request your paycheck to be direct deposited to your account.

    • micki uher smith

      Citizen’s Bank will accept a pop money as a direct deposit

  • Bob

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  • chacha711


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  • doablefinance

    I’d had problems with Chase so I switch to TD Bank.

  • Juan

    I have no idea why people store their savings in a bank. I use a credit union and bitcoins. My cash on hand for emergencies – my bitcoins have doubled in value over the last year.

    • Anton A. Ivanov

      If you have read enough about bitcoins to really understand what they are, you would understand that they are nothing but a very risky, speculative investment. Your bitcoins could have just as easily became worthless over the last year.

    • Aafke J. Volbeda

      Hello Juan:
      I’ve never heard about ‘Bitcoins’ until you mentioned the term.
      I use a Credit Union and an very happy with ithem. (CBC Fed. Credit Union)
      So much better than all the greedy banks.
      Please DO explain to me how bitcoins double in value.
      Than you soo much for your reponse!

      Johanna V., From CA.

  • Aaron K. McNeil

    I did not have a problem with the Chase offer, in fact the money was in my account one week after my direct deposit.

  • sonia

    there was aprotion here for US bank for 200$ last friday.i know it ended mar 31st, i used it t open an account.I know need a copy of the code so that i can hold them accountable if i dont get paid.can you please share that promotion

  • mario turcios

    you can also get $25 for a 360 checking

  • Bradley Brown

    Banks are really good at marketing gimmicks lol….

  • Tahnya Kristina

    I am not sure if I would open a bank account just for a promotion, but I would definitely consider it an added bonus. I bank with TD Bank because their services fees are reasonable and they have great service. I didn’t get any cashback but I love them anyways. Great post, I am going to share it next Friday on our Dinks Finance weekly roundup. Have a great weekend.

    • David Bakke

      Thanks Tahnya!

  • Anton A. Ivanov

    I have never been in favor of “chasing interest rates or promotions”, but for people looking for a new bank account, this list is a great start.

  • Mr. Military Money

    This is a great list of deals. I have two young sons so the $1,000 for college savings looks pretty enticing. I need to consolidate the accounts I already have before I start anything new.

  • artist

    called Valley national as I did not see info on the promotion on their site and they said they do not have any promos right now…but i did just sign on with SalemFive…thanks for posting this article!

    • Chirag

      Hey… So how did you get the PromoCode… For me it is asking for Promo Code as a required field to fill.

  • Filterkeys

    Huntington bank – 100- 150$ to open their Asterisk Free checking. Comletely free account with 24 hour grace, but limited area. MI, IN, OH, PA, and 2 others I don’t remember. Used to work there. People opened free checking all the time for the bonus.

  • Jasanna

    Chase is changing things so the checking accounts have to have a line of credit or credit card with them or will be charged a fee. My husband and I are looking elsewhere because why do we have to have credit with a bank?

    • TruthSeeker1968

      I really liked ING (now Capital One 360) and they are still very good. I have used them for 5 years and never have had any kind of problem. They are really fair I think. They are the only bank I have recommended. If you can open an account in a credit union you’d be better off than these large banks, I don’t qualify for one of those however :( . Good Luck!

      • Jasanna

        thanks for the great advice!

        • Colin

          Ditch CHASE. I am here for reading. TDbank gave 50. BOA gave 100. NV gave 150. Chase didn’t give me any cash when opening an account there. Chase has enough money already. lol They don’t really want to waste time on the middle class. Chase is a bank for my company AIG. The reason Chase has so many branches were mainly to entertain the wealthy. While keeping those branches active.. then help transaction with the middle class. But yeah.. you’re in better hands elsewhere. Go with these 4 if you want the same qualityCapitalOne, TD, BOA, NV. if you want the benefits without the fees.

        • amy

          I love ing/ccapitolone360 but I don’t have any branches near me so I can’t deposit cash

        • S S

          It’s an online bank, they don’t have branches near anyone.

  • jpblows

    great site davey

  • jpblows

    deposit accounts and paoli brittle old crone and jerry pilsnedr take a hike

  • fishoutofwater

    I used perkstreet and loved it, BUT they just announced they are closing up shop completely. They’ve already stopped their amazing perks program and wont renew any unredeemed perks. (I redeemed mine 4 days before the announcement. Whew!) Anyway, Perkstreet, not an option. Need a new checking account ASAP

  • Mike GetRichWithMe

    Nice free offers – but are any of these banks offering an interest rate thats higher than the rate of inflation?
    I dont think so – which means that if you put your money in the bank you can watch the purchasing power of your cash fall.

    • Molly

      All you have to do for the Chase $150 dollars is leave $1500 dollars in the account for 6 months. Then you can put it all back in savings. 10% return in 6 months is way better than I’m getting with any of my other accounts!

  • Ted Levi Blackman

    I hear people complaining about the low interest and all the fees their banks charge them. They just need to get off their but and make the switch. If more people would then banks would realize that people don’t want these fees!

    • Guest

    • MichaelLWashington

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  • Ask Hard Money Loan Investment

    Nice! Also Ted, not only do you need to switch banks but you also need to make sure you have a banker that can take off accidental fees or things you weren’t aware you’d be charged for. I can’t tell you how many times I have fees being charged even after I was told this account doesn’t have fees. You need to make sure you are on top of it.

  • Blank

    The PNC offer is good for residents of WI, not WA.

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    The $250 Citibank offer for $15K is better especially if a couple opens up two accounts. You tie up $15K x 2 = $30K for about 6 months until you get the bonus versus $50K.

    • shenoda

      could you please send me the link for that offer ?

    • doctorofcredit

      Lots of the Chase bonuses don’t require you to tie up nearly that much.

  • doctorofcredit

    Just FYI, there are currently Chase $600 coupons on eBay.

  • Davey Pockets

    Just picked up the capital one 360 deal. Pretty sweet!

    • jalo12


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  • fedup

    Banking has become a pain in the butt. What happened to the days when you put your money in the bank, you got a free gift & earned interest…without having to do direct deposit, bill pay & debit transactions? We don’t want HASSEL BANKING!

    • AnGeL

      Is called get with the times. people are on the GO! Direct Deposit is great! No longer have to go to the bank waste time in the teller lines, and have to wait 1-3 buisness days for payroll check to clear. Direct Deposit you get all funds available. And so on with bill pay- online statements its ment for the customer to see everything a teller sees. if your good with money managment and not like to spend money you dont have, the only reason you should ever stop by a bank is to withdraw money or expand your accounts. such Money Markets- CD accounts or other invesments.

      • Sherry Nestleroad

        Trouble is, if your employer doesn’t do direct deposit you’re screwed :-(

      • fedup

        Direct deposit should be a choice…not mandatory to get a bank bonus. Not everyone gets direct deposit! .

    • jalo12


    • Henry A. Aguilar

      if you dont want hassle banking stick with your small community bank, i prefer direct deposit and having the option to take a picture of my check to upload online without having to drive to a bankm during their hours, and wait behind some blue haired lady not knowig wtf is going on…youre using the internet and I bet you dont mind the convience of conveying your point across with ease do you?

  • Andrew

    Nice sharing and good to know the offers of different banks at single place. It is also good news that banks has started taking care of their customers and offering attractive and beneficial plans to enhance customer relationship.

  • Phoebiann

    One thing to be aware of when starting a banking relationship, whether deposit account, investment account or credit card, is that some – but not all – banks use the Patriot Act as an excuse to insist upon a residential address, not just a street address. Paying for a mail store account at a place such as a UPS Store is not respected at certain banks, and it is entirely at the particular bank’s discretion how to handle customer addresses. A security breach at your bank, where customer addresses are acquired, is a much more serious thing when the address you use is your residence.

    • Dr. Doom

      what are you hiding?

      • Phoebiann

        You can’t read?

      • hiimme

        wanting privacy is not hiding (except for some and in some cases). it is natural, it is how human beings are naturally. wanting some things, even lots of things (depending on the person and their ways of feeling/experiencing/being a human being/person/naturally) to be or stay private is being a feeling natural person (unless one is not much like that – many/lots of kinds of people are out in the world maybe), and sane, and being safe, and wise, and smart, and/or true to yourself. and that, is not hiding. that is human. and smart and true and good.

  • fedup

    We don’t want these crappy bonuses with all these contingencies….
    Pay interest on our money!
    Banks make a decent spread & can afford to pay interest to depositors. After all they are loaning our money out at 4%-25%…. Do you know of any banks going out of business?
    I refuse to give these banks INTEREST FREE LOANS by “SAVING” at their banks & I’m taking my money OUT of the BANK! Can better returns in the stock market

    • duh

      you do not understand how the spreads work…and i don’t mean margarine

      • soooooo

        You must be a banker DUH!
        Why is it some credit unions & community banks can offer 3%-4%?

        • Henry A. Aguilar

          because credit unions are considered non-profit and taxed at a much lower rate, its kind of an unfair advantage enacted in the times of eisenhower but ill take it

        • Tresa Freeman

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    • jalo12

      ever here of banks closing wow the stock market is really going to crash you took out your whole .25 cents I love the crappy bonus this year made 600 bucks doing nada laugh all the way to el banco

      • dumdum

        Nada…there’s a lot of work involved opening accounts & meeting qualifications to make the BONUS. I have made some bonuses…but is it NOT worth the hassle. Doing very well in the stock market this year. Sorry you missed out

        • jalo12

          screw driver u kcid face

    • Myeyez2nv

      I understand your concern for interest.
      first point there are banks that offer interest but you have to have a higher average minimum balance to qualify. Second, banks go out of business all the time; hence why the government backs up the money with FDIC insured. Also remember the big government bail out of bank of america. Third, you could get a higher return from stocks but you could lose it all. Point blank the greater the risk the greater the possibility of return. In a checking account the money is liquid and accessible at any time with no fees. Where else can you get that?
      So before you go leading others astray I ask that you take my prior points in consideration.

  • brianbaughman


  • DealForALiving

    These are my favorite posts! Time to make an additional $100 this month with a new account.

  • Thomas @ i need money ASAP!

    Question for you. Is there an impact on your credit score for opening and then closing a bank account? It seems like there is an impact when you do credit card churning but is it the same with bank accounts too?

    • Mike

      sometimes yes, sometimes no

    • pramfinancial

      Not all overdraft accounts are reported to the credit bureaus, but those that are can affect the consumer’s credit score, especially
      if the payments aren’t made on time or the bank account is closed for cause.

    • Henry A. Aguilar

      that pramfinancial guy has no clue about your churning question, I was told by my new checking account institution that it is a soft pull on credit and would not affect score but who knows, it was tcf bank after all

    • NotJosefStalin

      They will probably do at least an inquiry on your credit records. Too many inquiries in a short time will depress your credit score for a short time.

  • pramfinancial

    All of these above promotions either pay you money or help you save money. And if your current account is not offering any such offer, now it is time to switch to take advantage of them. After all financial planning is all about thinking and planning of what you want to do in your life.

  • Aleks Pilers

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  • gloria

    Can I open an acct for my daughter with the new money ? Does she have to be 18?

    • Mary

      you can open a bank account in general for a baby/child/teenage.. but they will have YOU as the primary holder of the account until the child is about 18 year old but just double check with the bank you want to open the account with..

      I open account for my daughter and they put me as the primary holder.

  • gloria

    I already have a Chase acct….. can you close it and open another lol I know it’s bad but if that’s the only way to get a bonus ha ha if not then I guess I’ll open a BOA acct

    • Mary

      The bonus only applies to new customers but it is possible…

      you can close the current account and to play it safe.. close it and wait about 2 months to show to months pass.. then open a new account and apply with the code.

      or open a new account and say it is for your kids or something.

      I closed my chase account last year in october and just open a new one just for the bonus…..

      the bonus only works when you have the direct deposit and then 10 days after will be deposit the $200 bonus..

      I hope this was helpful

  • USFallingApart

    The BOA promotion is misleading. First, you have to be an existing customer without a current checking account AND received communication from BOA about this offer. So in other words, the online link doesn’t cut it. What a joke.

  • Guest


  • ony

    Hi Just want to say that the promotion for SunTrust with code , winter15 , has expired but I was told a new promotion for checking accounts will be available this coming Monday 4/27/15.

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  • fedup

    I wish they would offer promotions WITHOUT direct deposit.

    • yep

      Discover does.

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    • Henry A. Aguilar

      so does captial one 360, wtf did this guy not read.

  • Jacob Land

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  • Merchant Accounts

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  • Financially Wise on Heels

    Great article. It is always great to compare different accounts, it makes things much easier.

    • Lover

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