Best of Money Carnival 43rd Edition: Current Events and Odd Balls

health care reformWe’re proud to be hosting the 43rd edition of the Best of Money Carnival for this week. The Best of Money Carnival is a little different than most carnivals. Instead of almost all submissions getting included in the carnival as long as you follow directions and submit your article, the Best of Money Carnival gets whittled down from 60 to 70 submissions down to just 10. The host picks out the 10 “best” articles from the past week and includes them in the carnival. I put “best” in quotation marks, because this is obviously a subjective process. Being the host this week, I took the 10 best based on articles that included current events and articles that were a little out of the ordinary. The health care reform bill just passed, and that will be a huge topic of debate over the next several months. Tax season is coming to a close, and many of you still have questions. I am sure some of you get sick and tired of reading posts about ROTH IRA’s and tax deductions that you missed, so I tried to select 10 articles that you’d find interesting, because they are either unique topics or they cover what’s happening in America right now. Here are the 10 best for this week:

The Winner (this is tough to choose just one)

Lessons in Saving Money And Your Marriage from Tiger Woods. posted by Wealth Pilgrim

Whether you were annoyed by it or not, Tiger Woods’ marital affairs was the hottest discussion for the past three months, but you can learn something from the mistakes of one of the famous people in the world! You may not have the resources or problems that Tiger Woods has, but you can learn a lot from the way he managed his problem and apply to your own money and marriage.

The Rest…

Yoga and Money: Focus and Strengthen Your Finances When Opportunity Knocks post by Frugal Confessions

Yoga strengthens our core, and always leaves us stretching and reaching for targets just beyond our reach, thus preparing our bodies and minds to take advantage of opportunities that may come our way.

10 Ways to Eliminate Student Loans Beyond Paying Them Off posted by MoneyNing

There are actually some creative ways to pay off your student loans if you are willing to work for it. Here are a few to get you started.

7 Reasons Health Savings Accounts Are Awesome posted by Free From Broke

A Health Savings Accounts can be beneficial to you both to reduce your medical expenses and for tax reasons. If your employer offers an HSA you should consider taking part. I figured this was a relevant article given the massive health care legislation that was passed last night, and given the fact that it was highly controversial and debated among people from both political parties. You do have options!

Fun Trivia Facts About The $500 Bill posted by Jim from Bargaineering

I saw this post earlier in the week and was hoping that Jim would submit it. There’s a lot of fun trivia about the $500 bill, and this is the kind of easy-read article that we need to read sometimes, amidst all of the heavier personal finance articles that we love to write about.

Should You Pay Your Tax Bill With A Credit Card? posted by Consumer Boomer

This is another article that’s relevant to today, because many of us have realized over the past month or two that we’re going to owe money to the IRS, and we’re trying to figure out the best way to pay it. This article gives you the the pros and cons of paying your tax bill with a credit card. Just because it’s convenient, doesn’t make it right.

How Did We Get Here?
posted by Balance Junkie

This article explores how we arrived at our current consumption-driven economy and peeks into the future. This is a thought-provoking article, and it’s a must-read if you’re interested in economics and why we’re at our current lagging economic state.

Helping Teens With Spending and Consumerism posted by Money Help For Christians

Teens are bombarded with advertising and such. This article helps address ways for parents to help teens control their spending.

Saving For College With A Savings Account posted by the Oblivious Investor

Is a savings account an appropriate method for saving for college? My vote is “no.”

The Search For Buying Our First Home posted by Writer’s Coin

There’s always a lot to learn from other people’s adventures, and the Writer’s Coin went through a two year process for finding their first home. This article shares the lessons they learned during the process.

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