• Dazlette

    I love this article! Here I’m braggin about my cheap Cox cable deal and they got me! I am paying for the ‘faster’ dsl so my” videos wont buffer”. Arghhhhhh. I will be prepared when my introductory rate expires. Great info- what the heck I will get the slower dsl. Thanx a million Daz.

  • http://www.broadbandexpert.com/ John@ISP Blogger

    You have a great writing here. I am inspired and really informed through all of this. I better check stuffs to save my money.

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    This really helps me ! Cheap but high internet connection is a practical way of consuming money.

  • KCD

    Great article! Wish I wasn’t already doing all these things. Here’s one for you. We were paying $10 a month to rent an HD cable box from Comcast for a year (they just sent us that one when we got the service) until I found it on the bill and told them I didn’t want to pay for it and they said they could give us a regular box for free, but the channels wouldn’t be as clear. Changed the box and noticed no difference (wasted $120).

    My sister and I realize this month that we were paying for the modem and had been for a year and a half and we both thought we owed our modem. I called Comcast to check and sure enough it was ours. So, another suggestion is that people scrutinize their bills. California law says that companies are only required to give customers a 3 month refund for mistakes like I that.

  • Chris

    I have also found that all you have to do is cancel your contract for 24 hours (not long enough to lose your phone number if you have phone service as part of a bundle) and call the billing department and make sure you have paid your ballance in full. Get them the email you a confirmation that your account is closed. Call back in 24 hours and sign back up. You are now a “new customer” and now eligible for new customer promotions. The 24 hours is the key. I have done this multiple times with one of the big providers after complaining about how they treat the long term loyal customers and the rep basically said yea, canx and call back n 24 hours (long enough for your account to close in their systems) and you are a new customer. Games!

    • Majun3

      yeah, they sure treat long-term customers bad. I called and complained how I was paying so much for just phone and lite DSL, and the bill reduction they gave lasted just one month.

  • Joe

    This is a great article! Here is another thing that I did to save money. My wife found this company called BillCutterz and they were able to save me money on my cable/internet combo without cutting any more of my services (I had already lowered my internet speed like you said). The whole process was quick and it saved me from having to call and cancel or switch providers like Chris says.

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