Earn Extra Money By Getting A Job Over The Holidays

The past 14 months have been one of the hardest time period for Americans looking to find work. The recession will not be over until the unemployment rate stops rising and starts receding again. Our economy cannot flourish without people contributing to the workforce and making enough money to put it back into the economy. I came across this article on Career Builder the other day revealing 10 companies hiring for the holidays

Industry: Communications
Number of openings: 1000+
Seasonal positions available: Retail sales associates; store managers; and sales support
Location: Nationwide

A Wireless
Industry: Telecommunications
Number of openings: 250+
Seasonal positions available: Store managers; sales consultants; district managers; information technology; customer service
Location: Nationwide

Industry: Entertainment
Number of openings: 1000+
Seasonal positions available: Retail sales associates; store managers
Location: Nationwide

Industry: Appliance and electronics retail
Number of openings: 800+
Seasonal positions available: Appliance and electronics sales
Location: Indiana; Ohio; Kentucky; Alabama; Georgia; Florida; North Carolina; South Carolina; Tennessee

Hickory Farms
Industry: Specialty retail
Number of openings: 4,000
Seasonal positions available: Sales associate
Location: Nationwide, shopping malls

Industry: Retail
Number of openings: 1,000 +
Seasonal positions available: Part-time season retail help in gift wrap, sales associates, etc.
Location: Nationwide

Olan Mills Studio
Industry: Studio photography
Number of openings: 100+
Seasonal positions available: Photographers; portrait sales; customer service
Location: Ala., Ga., Pa., Ky., Tenn., N.C., Ind., Mich.

Industry: Electronics sales
Number of openings: 1000
Seasonal positions available: Retail sales associates
Location: 250 cities

Industry: Specialty retail
Number of openings: 35,000
Seasonal positions available: Management positions; sales associates, including cashiers, shelf stockers and customer service roles; and back-of-house stock opportunities
Location: Nationwide

Industry: Shipping and distribution
Number of openings: 200+
Seasonal positions available: Package delivery drivers; tractor trailer driver
Location: Nationwide.

Holiday Work Can Turn Into Full-Time Work

If you are still struggling to find work, the holidays are a great time to get your foot in the door. Sometimes these companies only want seasonal work, but often times these seasonal positions turn into full-time positions. If you land a seasonal position with a company that you like, then you need to bring your “A” game. Stand out from the others, go the extra mile, be flexible and show leadership qualities that make you stand out from others.

Holiday Work To Earn Extra Income

Holiday work is also a great time to earn extra money. Whether you want to catch up on your bills, make money for holiday gifts, or simply build up a cash reserve, finding an extra job around the holidays is easy. The nice thing about holiday work is that the employer won’t take it personally if you leave after 2 months, and they may tell you to leave after 2 months. I know that UPS pays well for hourly work, and you can work in the warehouse and never have to drive the truck. Are you good at sales? AT&T and A Wireless will be looking for sales associates, and they often pay commission. I recommend looking for jobs with sales incentives and bonuses, because this will give you more motivation to work hard and make more money.

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    I know that when I was in college picking up an extra job over the holidays was a huge help. Usually the key is to plan ahead and make sure to line up the job as early as possible.