• http://brokenwon.blogspot.com/ won

    I’ll add this, regarding what you wrote here:

    “…and witnessed her body resting in the parlor of their house for final viewing, as was the custom in those days.”

    This is how I handled my daughter’s passing (age 11, at home). I wasn’t going to release her to a funeral home to lay on a cold slab all alone. I wanted a more intimate, less commercial way of dealing with my daughter’s honor and my grief. I had funeral homes try to tell me this was illegal. I had to be very assertive in letting them know that I had done my homework, and it was legal to keep her body in my home for viewing as long as I did not publish a public notice about it.

    • Michael Lewis

      Good for you, Won, I’ve always believed funerals were for the living, not the deceased so it is important to comfort survivors whenever possible. While there are legitimate and needed rules to ensure public health, many regulations are for convenience and convention. Sorry bout your loss – I know it is hard.

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