Festival of Under 30 Finance – March 23rd Edition

We had some great submissions over the past two weeks. I categorized them as best that I could so that you can check out the topics that interest you most! Hope you enjoy!

Saving and Investing

The Skilled Investor presents Own investment funds and not individual securities posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog. Owning individual securities is just a big waste of your time and money. Individual investors tend to be terrible investment portfolio managers. Almost everyone can hire an index fund manager to do a much better job for far less time, money, risk, and consternation.

The Skilled Investor presents Factors that tend to favor Roth tax-advantaged plan contributions (Part 1 of 2) posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog. The average taxpayer would tend to benefit more by contributing to traditional rather than to Roth tax-advantaged IRA and 401k retirement plans. This two-part article discusses eight personal financial planning factors, which could flip one’s preference toward making current contributions into Roth tax-advantaged plans instead.

Tweakie presents Handleman (HDL) is Still a Bargain posted at The Picky Investor.

Bryan presents 6 Percent Online Savings Accounts posted at Bryan C. Fleming.

Super Saver presents Make A Retirement Contribution – Get A Tax Credit posted at My Wealth Builder.

Credit and Debt

Steve presents Credit Card Companies – Where Their Revenue Comes From & Why It Shouldn’t Be Yours posted at Debt Free.

Michael presents Debt – The New American Slavery posted at Debt is Slavery.

Priya presents Live without Credit Cards: 77 Tips posted at Credit Card Lowdown.

Cars and Money

Mr Credit Card presents Getting a Second Hand Car – The Best Financial Decision in my 20s? posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog.

Real Estate

Michael presents 8 Steps to Getting Your Finances in Order For a Mortgage posted at Michael Emilio.

Steve presents A Requiem for the Loosest Mortgage Terms posted at Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog at 1SiliconValley.com. “No.” It’s a simple word but one that hasn’t been heard from a lot of mortgage lenders over the past few years. Bad credit, no credit, no money, no problem, right? The tide is turning and it’s going to keep a lot of folks under 30 from getting pulled underwater…

Silicon Valley Blogger presents How To Furnish Your House On Any Budget, Even For Free posted at The Digerati Life. The hardest financial decision I had to make when young was when I should marry my fiance and start a family. The reason was that he was launching a startup and did not want any additional responsibilities to worry about while he focused on that. We had to defer getting married until after he successfully got his business up and running. That was 6 years later. And we only started having kids another 6 years after that (a 12 year wait). Looking back, I should have just had kids earlier because being an older parent is tough! But yeah we don’t have the same money issues we would have had as younger parents.


Wanda presents Disability insurance for the twentysomething set, Part 1 posted at Well-Heeled: twentysomething life & money.


Matthew presents Great Ways to Earn Money During Spring Break posted at Getting To Graduation.

Praveen presents Internet Marketing Lesson – I’ll Pay You $2 posted at My Simple Trading System.

David presents Becoming a Millionaire with Agloco posted at Worldwide Success.

ispf presents Ideas for Generating (Side) Income with Limited Start-up Investment posted at Grad Money Matters.

Life And Money

Quang presents Thoughts of the last couple weeks posted at poor Wealth.

almomento presents How to Change Your Money Fate posted at BurstCreativity.

Saga presents Starting Early: The Young Adult’s Guide To Personal Finance posted at Debt Consolidation Lowdown.

Pushpa presents Talking Dollars: The 100 Most Famous Quotes about Finance posted at Debt Consolidation Lowdown.

Andrea presents Is There Such Thing as a Messy Millionaire? | Wise Bread posted at Wise Bread – Living large on a small budget.