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    The right business partner can be a great asset for your business. If you’re both in business you may want to test drive the relationship before formalizing it with a strategic alliance or joint venture.

    • Kalen

      I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Mlewis1945

    Kalen, my experience has been that you can never tell about a partner until he has been tested in the fire of hard times. The worst possible outcome of having a partner is one who can’t stand the that, hides his head in the sand, and blames you for getting him or her into the situation. All the more reason to do your due diligence!

    • KalenSmith

      That’s a very good point. If you have seen someone perform under trying circumstances before, that is a good point. How they have taken responsibility in the past is also really key. I was offered a partnership with someone who always blamed his fellow students for mistakes when I was in school with him. Of course, he didn’t get results either. I passed on that one quick.

      • Mlewis1945

        I’ve had many partners over the years – the last almost drove me to drink. I finally just gave him the ownership of the company and walked away as the tension wasn’t worth the investment.

    • EB

      How did all you test these guys without getting yourself into trouble? You start a business with them and you don’t want to try to sink it with them just to have a hard time to see if they will blame you. If none have any reputation of blaming how are you suposed to see if they are good partners?

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