How to Cancel & Get Out of a T-Mobile Contract without Paying the Early Termination Fee

tmobile cancelledI’m currently a satisfied customer of T-Mobile, and hopefully, I’ll remain one. But since the time may come when I want to switch providers, it pays to have an exit strategy.

If you have already reached that point, here are some ways to get out of your T-Mobile contract without paying the early termination fee.

6 Ways to Get Out of a T-Mobile Contract

1. Prove You Don’t Have Service at Home or at Your Office
This is by far the most popular way to get out of a cell phone contract. The problem is that T-Mobile has detailed maps of their service levels across the country. Nevertheless, it is always possible that the service you receive does not reflect what they claim. You can expect them to ask for documentation that the problem location is a residence or a legitimate place of business, and not just a rented mailbox.

2. Cite Their Change in Your Contract
Buried into the contract of every mobile phone provider is a clause that says they can change the contract at any time. T-Mobile’s Terms & Conditions contains such a clause in paragraph five. If they make a change that is “materially adverse” to you, you have the right to terminate your contract without a fee. Essentially, any change that potentially increases your costs can be considered materially adverse.

For example, if they raise their rate for text messaging, you can invoke this clause even if you don’t text message. When they change the terms of their contract, they have to give you 30 days notice. You then have 14 days to invoke the clause. While you could wait until they notify you of a future change, it is also possible that you missed the last notification or were never properly notified. If you don’t recall being notified, ask them to prove that they did. If they can’t prove it, you can argue that you should be let out of your contract under this clause.

3. Roam
Paragraph 17 of the contract says they may terminate your service if, over a three-month period, at least 50% of your usage is roaming. If you can find a part of town where your phone uses roaming mode, go there and make lots of calls. You probably won’t even have to wait three months since roaming costs them so much money. They may decide sooner that it’s just not worth keeping you as a customer.

tmobile voice coverage map

T-Mobile Voice Coverage Map

4. Trade Plans
If you can find someone you know who is willing to take over your plan, you can actually change the financial responsibility of the contract. If you can’t find someone on your own, there are services like that match up people looking to trade plans.

5. Have Them Show You the Contract
T-Mobile can’t hold you to a contract if they don’t have a copy of it. They probably do, but it can’t hurt to ask. If they do come up with it, you can proceed with the next step.

6. Take Them to Court
You may be unsuccessful in convincing T-Mobile representatives that you don’t have good service or that they adversely changed your contract without adequate notification. If this happens, you can simply file a case against them in small claims court. Unless T-Mobile hires a lawyer to travel to your jurisdiction, you will win by default. Or they may want to settle the case outside of court by refunding you the termination fee.

The problem here is that you can only win monetary damages already incurred. If you haven’t yet paid the termination fee, you can’t win a judgment based on expected future losses.

Final Word

When you began your mobile phone service, you entered into a contract with T-Mobile that they composed. It is well-known that they will go to great lengths to enforce your compliance with their terms. At the same time, you should feel free to undertake whatever effort is necessary to get out of their contract if they are not delivering the services you paid for.

Were you able to successfully get out of your T-Mobile contract without paying the early termination fee? What strategy worked for you?

  • Nate @ Debt-free Scholar

    I like your idea of using cell phones for your only phone. How much money have you saved? Maybe you can write about it in another post.


  • author

    yeah, we definitely save about $300 to $400 a year by skipping the land line. Think about how often you use your land line. Most everyone that we talk to on a regular basis always calls our cell phones.

  • Denise

    I had a guy at work tell me when they send you changes to your wireless plan you call an let them know that you want to cancel due to changes that they have made. Just be prepared to pay in full what you currently own.

  • Sean

    Good information to know. I never realized that this out existed. I’ve been on T-Mobile, Sprint, and Cinglar/AT&T Wireless/SBC/AT&T and I do have to agree that T-Mobile was always good to me. The only reason I’m still on AT&T is that 1) they have the iPhone and 2) they’ve been good for me in my town.

    • dominic

      u can get an iphone unlocked and switch to tmobile and get a nice free phone from tmobile and sell it to make a quick profit

  • DG

    we cut our landlines for two years and saved so much money. we had to reinstall it this year since we make a lot of oversea calls but it’s definitely something to consider. glad you saved $200!

    • Shock

      Get a Google Voice phone number. That way you can call internationally using your cellphone without incurring international rates. Google Voice international rates are a few cents per minute.

  • Crystal Hamilton

    That is good to know! I have T-mobile and I live about an hour from Orlando. I have never had any problems, but I will check into it if I move and start having problems. Thanks for the info!

  • JuliaA

    good to know. right now i don’t use a cell–i have vonage for home phone, and it works out fine for me. a regular land line is ridiculously expensive for what you get, but for that matter, lots of cell phones are as well!

  • Mac

    I had the same experience, but with AT&T a few years ago. Almost every call in the house got dropped at least once. Apparently the immediate area was considered a deadzone by AT&T and they agreed to let us out of our contract w/o penalty. Then we switched to T-Mobile and perfect reception came along with it!

  • Shock

    I haven’t had a landline since 2001. I live in the Washington DC metro area suburbs and have had AT&T and Verizon as mobile carriers. They even work in the subway tunnels. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars not having a useless landline.

  • du

    i was wondering if this will work for me?
    here’s my situation.
    i did a change of responsibility just a few days ago from my sister’s name to my own.
    my sis and i are both on the tmobile network.
    but i can’t even get signals in my house.
    i don’t know about my sis, but i know that i want to get out of the contract w/o ETF.
    so are they going to ask for my address? because i obviously didn’t move.
    or are they going to argue that my sis didn’t complaint?
    i’ve just been trying to deal with the signal problem until i can’t deal with it anymore.
    any help would be really appreciated.

    • Scott

      Dude, Im in the exact same boat, let me know if you get anywhere with these blockheads.

  • sam

    You can also use a free swapping service like

  • Axe

    What did you use for proof of residence?

  • Colleen

    We live next to Wrigley Field and we have been longtime users of T-mobile however when there are games we can not get out on our phone at all. Now that its winter the same problem is occuring so I am investigating their tower. Thanks for your input it was really helpful!

  • Gary

    i have tmobile.. and i want out i started out 4/13/2010 i tried to get out the rep keeps giving me the run around
    wanting to give me another t-mobile tap i was told the screen freezes my bill keeps going up and down like a rollar coaster

    • Renperr

      I know what you mean i tried to get out of my contract t-mobile convence me to another deal for 19.99 a mth plus 9.99 for texting i was happy for i’ve lost my job. so i accepted it. Before i knew i received a text showing a new bill before the monthly new paymenthas kicked in. i called and spoke to at least 4 different dept reps. and finally was told theres no such bill, and the fact that i owe $76.00+ or so i wrote letters to t-mobile’s headquarters. yet all the answers come back with no reasonable explanations except you owe! Ms #@% So here i am stuck with a bill with my name on it.

  • Erika

    I have been having dropped calls for years with T-Mobile because they had the least expensive plan. Lately I get more frequently dropped calls, no service (X SOS), delayed voice mail/text for hours and at the most a couple of days. I called them because I want out of my contract and they told me that I cannot get out of it because last year when I bought my new Blackberry I knew that the coverage was poor so I should not have signed another contract. They told me they could dispatch a tech to evaluate the signal. A tech supposedly checked out my area and reported that there is “little to no service” where I live. They don’t even know what type of phone I have!!! I orginally bought the Cliq, took it back and exchanged it for the Blackberry.

    Any suggestions on how to get out of this contract?

  • Erik Folgate

    You have to be persistant with them, and I know that if you had bad service, this should be the easiest excuse for making them release you from your contract.

  • Jessica

    I was a TMobile customer nearly 6 years ago and if the service then is the same as it is now, I’m glad that I moved to an actual prepaid cell phone company with better reception. Several prepaid companies I looked at used TMobile networks and now with the merger between ATT and TMobile, I hope the networks will become much stronger. Until that happens, I will happily stay with my prepaid company, Straight Talk, that uses the Verizon calling network and the $45 I pay for unlimited service now with them is so much more affordable than the $65 I used to pay TMobile for like 700 minutes back then.

    • To

      I also switched from Tmobile to a prepaid/ no contract phone where I receive unlimited talk, text and web. I had also noticed that my reception is better than when I was with Tmobile (for 11 years) and I don’t accrue all the taxes and surcharge fees.

      I I remained with Tmobile for so long because cell phone providers did not have too many options available. NOW there is no reason to pay $100.00 or more/ month to talk on the phone.

      I of course had to wait until the end of my contract to get out and I had even asked for a better rate about 3 years ago when they offered a new plan. I did not receive a better rate because I was not a “new customer” even I had been with them at that time for 8 years.

      The only way to get out early is DO NOT buy any more phones from Tmobile or you’ll be locked into another contract or extended contract. I don’t even think they will let you out because of your bad phone service… they will probably blame it on your cell phone and offer you a new, more expensive phone so they can trap you into an extension of your contract.

      It feels like being stuck in a bad marriage with no way out!

    • Djmcalary

      I have been with tmobile for about 4 years now, never had a complaint. For all of this time my bill was due on the 27th of every month. Back in August, they decided to move my due date up 5 days without informing me, or pro-rating my bill. I was having trouble paying it on the earlier date, so I requested they move my bill back. They did, but now I am being charged $27.00 for the 5 days that they actually took away from me in August, so now I am actually losing 10 days. I want to know if it is illegal for them to move my due date up, and if so, does it constitute a breech of contract? I was informed that I will be charged 500 if I cancel my 3 lines early. So….on top of a 199.00 phone bill that should only be 171.00, I will have to pay an additional 500. Really Really upset with tmobile!!!

  • Becky

    Good morning,

    i was going thru the websites to see what i could find out what postvoid meant on a contrcat.. The reasons why i am asking this is i have been a loyal customer with T-Mobile for 7 years.. Two nights ago i was looking for a phone for my fiance as his upgrade was due, i found out that last July when i was in the T-moble store looking at phones, my upgrade had a few months to go.. I found a phone i liked, and it was all rung up and i payed what i owed on my bill and right at that secound i decided that i wanted to wait.. The store was very busy and the sales girl gave me my money back and a contract that said postvoid, it has minus’s next to everything i paid but not signed.. Well come to find out the company has been charging me the new phone payments and customer service told me i got my upgrade last July, you are not due until such and such a time.. So this tells me that the contract was never voided out and i have been paying for a phone that i never got.. I am going into that T-mobile store this morning and all i have to show them on my part is this postvoid contract, i don’t know where i stand with this.. I am hoping to receive some help on what to do if i have problems, i want to get this straightened out today.. I have a feeling what i have will not be enough, any help would be appreciated..

    Thanks so much for reading,

  • Destinationgenius

    Well I have AT &T and wish I could go back to T-Mobile. I had EXCELLENT coverage and service with T-Mobile and NO dropped calls in 7 yrs. Unfortunately, I wanted the new Samsund Galaxy when it came out and T-mobile charged $149 for it and AT&T charged $9.99…so I switched. I can’t use my cell phone at home because I’m lucky to get 1 or 2 bars and frequently get static, can’t hear my caller or they can’t hear me. And it’s not just my phone. My husband and son have different phones that me and they have problems with reception too. Problem is, I tried the coverage map thing and their map claims that my address is in the BEST coverage area. How do I fight that? Unless they send a rep to my house, I can’t prove that the reception sucks..and it’s all over my neighborhood, not just my house. Once I leave the neighborhood and drive a few miles, the reception improves greatly.

  • Chapparrita82

    I did tell tmoble that in the city i justed moved there is no service at alll.they did see that and they still told me there is nothing they can do ,cuz i opend my cell phone with them in reno and thats nothing they can can i fight this???

  • Snogirl8888

    I’ve had tmobile for awhile. Last Nov I went in to change my rate plan and by doing that, I unknowingly renewed my two year contract. No one even told me that that would happen! oh well…tough sh*t. They don’t really care since I signed for it. Also, even a bigger deal, is that I can’t get service at my home. They even confirmed that I was located in a “moderate” zone which is the lowest amount of the signal available. They told me moderate zones will get 40 – 50% signal availability. Sounds like a good reason to let me out of my contract, right? NO …in the contract that I signed and agreed to, I was informed that they do not guarantee that I will get a signal or be able to use the service that I pay $180.00 for every month. I have four lines with them, and they are saying I have to pay $800.00 to end my contract. Signal or not. These people are DICKS to deal with. As soon as they’ve got you they can bend you over any way they want to.

    • MrsMorton813

      I just called about the same situation and they informed me that it changes everytime you change your plan…..WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am furious and need to leave them ASAP but don’t want to pay that ETF…..

    • guest

      What’s funny about that is, I talked to a sprint representitive about changing my provider and going to them, and the sprint guy told me that nobody is supposed to extend a contract even if you change your plan, he says that you should be able to change your plan whenever you want without your contract getting extended…when I called tmobile about it, they said since it was a promotional plan that they do extend and theres no way to change my plan without sigining a new contract….i’m super angry, my phone bill has been going up since I added a line to my bill and it was supposed to be around 160 a month and now my bills are for some reason 270-280 each month and theres no overages, my bill has just went up! I can’t wait until my contract is up and when it is i’m telling tmobile where they can stick it oh and i’ve got friends who have tmobile and they’re even switching after hearing all the bs tmobile has put me through…so tmobile keep screwing your customers over and you will no longer have any…you’ll be going out of business and will have to have someone buy you out like the nextel did lmao

    • Guest

      I get service at home. My problem is when I am traveling to and from work, which is an hour away through the country roads w/ no lights, that’s when I don’t get service. They ask for me to fax my utility bill w/ my address…well, sorry I don’t stay home all the time…? I have to work.

  • Anonymous

    I have had T Mobile for over 15 years. They were called Voice Stream when I got my first cell phone. For 12 years I had great service. I could call customer care and be connected within a minute or less. Now it takes forever to get connected. The last time I called it took just a little over 45 minutes before I was connected. My contract is up in March of next year and I can hardly wait!!

  • Futmobile

    Tmo have abunch of liers working for them. They set the customers up so they will be locked in to a contract. I was sent a free phone from tmo when I switch to another
    . I sent back in my phone after having it for abt 12 days. I called to let them know I no longer wanted the phone bc I was having to many problem with it. The rep tells me I’m
    within my time limit to cancel the contract. I send the phone back,now as of Oct 2011 I find out om in a contract…lol. Im like wth? I sent the phone back.NOW guess what I’m told my contract want with the phone it was bc of my RATE PLAN!! Im like how can this be? I was never told anything abt that. I want even asked about my rate plan. I just asked if I could have everything set bk up like how it was before I switched. The rep said yes no word about me being in a contract over a rate plan…lmfaoo! This whole thing to me is just to silly,tmobile customers into contracts. Well news flash LIES will NOT help you people..tmobile is going dwn. Now how about I called customer service no help at all.they gave me this email adrs [email protected]. I sent like 4 emails nothing back at all. It all seems like a scam. Last night I get a email sent bk frm google as if the email is not even real. Wow I guessed that to..etf or not im not stating with a bunch of thieves. Hello sprint!

  • Futmobile

    Sorry for the confusion. I ment I was told my contract was with a new rate plan. getting a new free phone had nothing to do with the contract. This blew my mind. Ive been with these fools for 7yrs. I always thought if the phone was free or discounted thats how you get a contract,bc your not paying full price. Had I known I could’ve kept my sensation for free I wouldnt have sent the thing back. Why is it that I dont trust this company? Hmmmm.well if they cant get you one way then they will find another.

  • guest2

    i want to cancel a line in our family plan at tmobile but the contract ends on july 2012 and I dont want to pay for cancellation fee. any suggestion?

    • Dee Hohenberger

      Call customer service and lower the one line to the bare minimum basic line, it used to be $9.99 / month. Take the data plan and texting (unless you are paying for unlimited family texting option) off the unused line. I did this when my oldest son got a job that provided a phone for him. Paid the 9 bucks for several months then called and cancelled when contact expired on his line. Saved some $$$.

      • Kjnew

        But new rules that started sometime before 1-2011 are that if you change ANY line in a family plan, it starts a new 2 yr contract on ALL lines! That’s what we’re caught in. At least the fee goes down when you only have 6 months of contract left; you may “only” be $50 per line now.

  • JayneDoe

    I was with Tmobile since 2007 and after August of this year I was no longer on a contract. My phone has sustained water damage and I couldn’t afford to replace it. They told me I would be eligble for a discount on a new phone if I sign up for a new contract. They pressured me to agree to the new term but I have yet to receive it in writing. Now I tried to log on the Tmobile website I learned that my phone number was cancelled. Upon calling customer service, it only states that I owe the balance. Nothing was mentioned about termination fee. If so, I wouldn’t pay it because I was forced under duress to accept the new plan. I’m going to go with a lesser plan. Besides, I don’t have any friends to use unlimited minutes!

  • Knr

    I have been with T-Mobile for 8 years, I haven’t had a contraact for 6 of those years. I needed a new phone and they offered me a free one if I signed a two year contract. The phone is a piece of crap and have written them several times (because their Customer Realtions office in Albuqurque NM doesn’t have a direct line? Yeah right) anyway, they never address the problem.

    When i got this new phone they credited my account $29.99 as a promotional fee. Not one person told me this was going to be credited, but then two months later they rebilled me for the $29.99 almost doubling my bill for that month.

    It took me hours to get through to customer care and keep getting reps in India who can’t speak audible English. All I keep getting tis the run around.

    I have request on multiple occasion to let me return the phone and let me out of my contract but they do not addres that pat of my letters.

    I can’t wait to go to SPRINT!

  • sharon

    i was told that i would be paying 169.99 for all lines including the 5th line i would have never agreed to another contract because att has a better plan

  • Kepola1

    We renewed our plan after being with them from when they took over our previous carrier. We had no problems until we switched to a smart phone and they changed our sim card. now we do not have coverage on some militay bases, and my place of work. We wrote them a certified letter and they took it out of context to avoid the real proble…lake of service

  • Rogue2012x

    $260X12= $ 3120.00 A YEAR FOR 4 YEARS ( $$$ 12, 480.00 $$))))

    • Addicted0o0

      Your math is wrong you said you paid $160 a month for 4 years that’s actually 160 x 12= 1920 x 4= 7680. Still a lot but not the number you had.

      • Mike

        so you have a calculator

  • kyra

    I’m paying 200 for 2 lines how could i get out of my contract,i have been with t-mobile for 12years and I’m having problem for the last pass 5 mouth what can i do!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Judmulder

      I also got stuck with two years and cannot get out of the contract. I can’t get service where I live. I moved here last year. All you can do is change your service to the minimum. Tell them you want the $5.00 per month plan and don’t use the phone. I have two phones and have a $5.00 per phone per month service. I don’t even have the phones anymore, but it is better than giving the bastards the $400.00

  • Sabine

    The problem with big corp t mobile is they just don’t budge. 90% of my calls drop at home. They claim not to offer full service everywhere.They have extended my contract for another 2 years, claiming my husband put his new phone purchase on it. Anything to the contrary is simply ignored by them. So whatvreally to do here. Don’t want to pay $200 for each line to get out!
    Sabine S.

  • Dounia elrhatassi

    How can i prove that i dont have service at home , if i called them for the past year to send somebody over to check out and they never did ??

  • James pissed off he Jones

    These pricks turned my phone off 3 times in 3 weeks I have had it and I am never looking back, I have seen their “piss poor” attitude and with ethic and horrible customer service go completely downhill!… I will be way better with out a phone or extremely happy with a metro “piece a shit”


  • Mmscanlon

    Has anyone actually got out of their contract without ETF?

    • Lee Butler

      I tried and failed.

  • Yash


  • Ninoska_35

    These pricks turned my phone off 3 times in 3 weeks I have had it and I am never looking back, I have seen their “piss poor” attitude and with ethic and horrible customer service go completely downhill!… I will be way better with out a phone or extremely happy with a metro “piece a shit”

  • Sara_simpkins

    I truly did move to a part of the country where they do not provide service, and they are STILL charging me the early termination fee. I was very up front from the get go, I didn’t want to change providers, and I even tried to keep them. Needless to say, I am FURIOUS. I have been with them since 2001, before they were even T-mobile and they are totally trying to screw me. I am not paying this fee, and will fight this on principle.

    • screwdew

      Do you have a lawyer to write them a letter? I am in the same process now. No service in the area. That means they cannot keep the contract so it must be unenforcable. I will find out soon.

  • Aturner0728

    I was a flex pay account holder until November 2011 and they called me saying they were discontinuing the flex pay and i was rolled over for the 2 yr contract starting my contract date as dec 2010. Now that I have switched to that 2 yr contract i had to get new phones with data plans and my bill doubled in price and every phone I have received in Nov 2011 either does not work anymore …I miss phone calls or text messages not received or failed. We drop calls at home. 2 of the phones just shut off. I called and complained about having no service on all 3 phones for 3 days but still today i am waiting for a return phone call… My phone say I have full service but either they can hear me or they drop…How can I get out my contract??

    • Youreanidiot

      First of all, moving from Flexpay to Postpaid was a CHOICE. There are still many customers who are on Flexpay, even though it has been almost 1 yr since those plans were available. It is most certainly NOT required for you to buy a new phone, just like when a full upgrade becomes available or you let your plan go past the contract end date. You make that choice when YOU are ready. And your bill probably doubled because with your new phones you got some type of insurance and warranty, plus the data plans obviously add to your monthly bill. Usage charges for downloading apps, etc. were probably a part of that too. DUH.

  • mrskausek

    We entered into a new contract Oct 2011. November 2011 we did not have service, except text messaging, at our home. We have had service perfectly at our home for three years. There is a tower just up the hill from us. We contacted them, reporting the issue over four times throughout the month. My husband and I’s employers were getting mad at us because they could not get in touch with us. Similarly, I do freelance work as a secondary employment and I could not get in touch with my clients. After a month of them ignoring us and not letting us know what was going on we switched carriers in fear of loosing our jobs and means of supporting our family. They are now charging us almost $600 for early termination. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, but still TMobile states that they do not need to waive anything.

  • Jessina Sowe

    I wrote them an email as instructed by the customer service rep that attempted to assist me with my numerous issues and they took the email out of context just like they did to Kepola1. T-mobhell did not address the issues, did not even acknowledge the issues in the email! They lied to me to get me to switch from flex to post pay, signed me up for two additional lines not just one, and lied to me about charges. Basically tricked me into signing up for another two years with them when I wanted out when I called up in the first place. My bill is way more than they said it would be and now they are trying to sneak in back charges from two months ago when I have already paid for that “time period” the T-mobile company is rip off, fraud, pure scheming!

  • Flyastinson

    Even T-Mobile stated the service in my area is poor and they have no plans to make any improvements in that area, they refuse to let me out of my contract!!!

  • Lee Butler

    I have the T Mobile value plan IT IS TERRIBLE. I have decided to leave T Mobile and go with Simple Mobile. MY BILL WAS OVER TWO HUNDRED dollars. The HIDDEN fees associated with the account as POOR customer service have left me tied in knots. My phones were purchased and are now ROOTED and UNLOCKED. With Simple I can have service NO contract and NO hidden fees for 80.00 for two lines a month.

    • Andrea

      I also had the value plan for my kids: 2 phones with 1000 shared minutes and unlimited texting for 2 months at $59.98. Then my son passed away and I switched it to the $39.99 for 1 month. I have paid them $232. and they say I owe $85 for the last month. That is over $300. for 59.+ 59.+ 39.= 317 according to them. (Excluding taxes) . My kids never exceeded their minutes. I don’t know where they learn math. They also want cancellation fees, and the service is terrible.

    • Sev7nseas

      how do you cancel simple mobile?

      • Mike77541

        simple mobile is owned by t mobile same old same old

  • Simonhenry41
  • Mlaugh

    T moble has poor customer service. I have had problems with both the phones and their data coverage. Getting an answer is so much of a problem without getting all of this reboot the phone, take out the battery and do this and that. No change just poor data.

  • Crelfe

    I’m stuck with a contact that I didn’t even sign. The phone was a gift. The fact that I kept the gift (not knowing of the contract) T-Mobile claims I accepted the terms and conditions of a contract.

  • zebra

    t-mobile stinks they wont let me out of the contract and they dont have iphones they suck and there customer service sucks they hung up on me several times my phone freezes up and i never get service T-MOBILE YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u read this t-mobile and i hope ur offended

    • Chiquita Hermosa

      I doubt t-mobile is looking on the internet for adverse comments about them…

      • Cat

        They should be! Maybe they will realize that they might think they are a great company but it won’t take long for word of mouth to get around and if you let it go long enough you lose customers who would never recommend them again, they’ll be gone eventually. Too many good choices out there with other carriers both with plans and phones!

  • Bouldnart

    I am very upset with TMobile they admit they do not have coverage in the place we are moving because of work and still maintain their right to charge us a termination fee they are out and out criminals we have asked to talk to supervisors who continue to insist they do not have to provide service its our fault we are moving to an area they do not cover we have to pay service or no service

    • Dlw_roman

      Amen! We are dealing with the same issue and I cannot believe they expect us to pay for a service that they are not providing!!! I will try my best to spread the word about tmobile and their lousy customer service and phone service!!!



    • Pips75

      That’s because you recently received a subsidized phone. AKA discounted phone. If you were to switch to a rate plan that significantly lowers your monthly reoccurring charges the company wouldn’t profit. Especially if you saved 200-300$ on a phone. If the company ran itself in the way you would like it too it would no longer be a company. You would complaining about Verizon on a different forum. People forget that this is a business. Would you run your business in a way that caused to to constantly lose money is this economy or any other? I doubt it.

      • metafor

        Actually, you get hit with the ETF on additional lines regardless of whether or not you received a subsidized phone. I added two lines to my account when I signed up and only got the SIM card to put into my old phones. However, upon informing them that I would like to terminate the contract, I was told that I would be charged a $200 ETF on each line…..

    • Awamericangirl33

      same crap is happening to me..

  • Igor Photography

    I fucking hate T-Mobil, I have a 2 line plan and when my wife died this summer they refused to drop the line without the $200 fee, they have the worst ethics in the industry, AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!

    • guest

      this is wrong.. send in a copy of death certificate and your fine

  • Igor Photography

    I fucking hate T-Mobil, I have a 2 line plan and when my wife died this summer they refused to drop the line without the $200 fee, they have the worst ethics in the industry, AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!

  • Amydotson77

    Same problem here. We moved and don’t have service. Of course, Tmobile refuses to let us out of our contract. We asked to talk to a supervisor and the supervisor refused to talk with us. We asked for a copy of our contract, they refused to give it to us. They said we had to pick it up…..ok, I moved you idiots. 11 hours away. How am I suppose to pick it up. And they won’t mail it to us. Filed a complaint with the BBB and they still refuse. Been a loyal customer for 7 years and didn’t buy any equipment from them whatsoever. We bought our phones elsewhere. Next step, take them to court.

    • Chapmanhawk

      i would go to court with you…i moved and i have no coverage and got the same treatment…don’t know what the recourse is!!

      • guest

        lol.. the recourse is you signed a contract that doesn’t guarantee coverage

        • empathynot

          what a very tmobile thing to say

        • S

          In order for there to be a valid contract both parties have to get something out of the arrangement. If you can guarantee coverage the majority of the time then there really isn’t a meeting of the minds, which means there’s no contract. No reasonable person would accept those terms. Are you familiar with an unconscionable contract? It’s invalid. Doesn’t excuse Tmobile from liability. At the least the customer is entitled to credit for the periods of no service.

        • Jamiecedarstrom

          Seriously, you are an a-hole! You think it’s funny that people trust the PROVIDER to provide the service we pay for?

    • Boycott Tmobile they suck

      Forget BBB – they’re useless. You need to go to your states’ AG’s website and file a complaint. It’s easy and causes t-mobile(spit) all sorts of headaches and time to research and respond. I was getting multi page personalized and signed letters from their HQ over 11cent incoming text message overcharges. Scan those and put them on a blog with your rant and featuring graphics of t-mobile with vampires, puppy mutilation and cockroaches.

  • Amydotson77

    Same problem here. We moved and don’t have service. Of course, Tmobile refuses to let us out of our contract. We asked to talk to a supervisor and the supervisor refused to talk with us. We asked for a copy of our contract, they refused to give it to us. They said we had to pick it up…..ok, I moved you idiots. 11 hours away. How am I suppose to pick it up. And they won’t mail it to us. Filed a complaint with the BBB and they still refuse. Been a loyal customer for 7 years and didn’t buy any equipment from them whatsoever. We bought our phones elsewhere. Next step, take them to court.

  • 6dosxx

    I have been a T-Mobile customer for 12 years. I use to work for their S. Regional Office. I was happy with the service. Then one morning, Aug. 6th., Chris from the sales dept. called me and suggested that I change to the $49.99 Unlimited everything plan. I asked if I was eligible for a discounted handset upgrade (as I received one with every contract renewal), he stated that I would be eligible on Nov. 6th. I accepted the offer and at the end of Nov. called in to place my handset order, only to be told that the plan that I was moved to wasn’t eligible for one. Contacted contract review, who simply stated that I renewed and avoided my questions about what the sales rep told me. I asked for the sales call audio, but they refuesed to send. Today I received a bill with the ETF and an extra month of service which I didn’t use (THE PHONE HAS BEEN CUT OFF) I guess it’s time for small claims court!

    • guest

      good job reviewing what the rate plan was and its specifics before entering into a legally binding contract. Seems like a very responsible consumer thing to do

      • empathynot

        what a very tmobile thing to say

  • Velu1996

    can we sign a contract with AT&T and bring the mobile to another country before the contract is over or there may be problems!

  • Chapmanhawk

    how do i prove i have no coverage in home?

    • Randi

      Leave your cell phone turned on while you’re at home, and then call T-Mobile from a different line. T-Mobile will troubleshoot and document the conversation/result. You need note the date, time, technician name and conversation as well. If your phone is an Android device, connecting to WiFi will be recommended to resolve the issue. If it does, you’re still on the hook for the contract. If it doesn’t, then ask to be referred to Contract Review to resolve the dispute.

      • guest

        contract review sends those requests right back to the reps with a big note to your superior that your giving out wrong info…

  • Kds_page_209

    how do i delete my recent recipiets numbers from all text messages received & sent?

  • IKatlin

    I am very sick of TMobile. They used to have great customer service. I signed up for a specific contract and they change the price every month..I have to call and reexplain the contract I signed up for..They always say it’s a problem with their billing that they can’t override…Yeah Right, but they can always bill high never low..I am tired of month after month calling them to fix it .They always say it’s fixed till the next month..I want out of this company…And please it would be nice to speak to someone that can speak ENGLISH!

    • LYNN5253


    • William the third

      I paid off two contrac because of that problem.

    • Girnucci

      I have the exact same problem. I don;t know what to do. I feel stuck!! GRhhh…

  • Jamahussein4

    i want cancel my contract because i can not afford

  • New

    I had a 2 year contract with T mobile and it ended in December but I keep using them tell February, then I changed to Virgin mobile(cheaper bill) and they sent me a cancellation fee of $ the bill for that month, was this a mistake? Or does T mobile not due month to month any more after a contract?

    • guest

      probably a mistake, did you actually call and confirm your contract date prior to cancellation?

    • guest

      No, don’t let them lie to you, they sent it to you on purpose, they tried to screw you over because as I found out the hard way that’s what tmobile does….they are the worst.

    • Littlefib

      They automatically renew your contract about a month before the plan ends if you don’t stop them. So you automatically got signed up for another 2-year plan. That’s what I was told…

      • Sam

        NO as of todays day 12/3/2012 once your contract ends it ends and you are month to month I know this to be a fact. You have to agree to be in a new contract.

  • Mykittiecat

    I absolutely hate T Mobile.. I was without service for a week when they Claimed that because I was. Using an I Phone on their plan and they don’t fix towers for I Phone so I asked to be let out of my contract they started back-peddling and started offering me $10.00 off of my phone bill but I said that if my phone was still not up and running within the next 2 days that I was going to demand that my contract be canceled and guess what? It got fixed fast so I didn’t get it cancelled yet but their service has gone out on me a few more times so I’m keeping track and hopefully I’ll be able to cancel soon!! Bye the way Sprint offered to give me $100.00 to switch to them. So I’m going to consider it!!

  • guest

    This post is great. Almost all of those options will get you nowhere with T-Mobile. (I work in the cancellation department). Even if you can prove you moved out of the country we wont waive an ETF for coverage, having no cell reception at work doesn’t gain you any rights. Changes to contract terms are given in advance and customer’s affected by the change are flagged in our systems. If you are not flagged, then we are not waiving it. Same with the roaming option, must be flagged in the systems. Showing the contract… No idea why this would get anyone to waive your contract. And you agree to arbitration when signing up, so good luck in court. Change of responsibility Number 4 option would work. Why not just post that you can take your phone sell it on craigslist and pay the ETF with the cash, much less hassle

    • Mike77541

      arbitration can be changed within 14 days if you can find the form on there website

    • Phrockstar

      T mobile guy, I was given an e mail address for contract review but got no response, is that just a bogus e mail?

    • Gtnthih

      Well TMobile lover, worker guy, let me say that these people all have legitimate issues/complaints. Let me tell you that those clauses and ‘flags’ you referenced will slip out the door once all these people start filing their complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General’s office. Might I add, so will your J-O-B and that snarky attitude will be wiped off your face.

    • Opt out My A

      There’s an opt of arbitration so good luck in court indeed to those who were smart enough to opt of of the joke that is arbitration. Who do they think PAYS the arbitrator… Tmobile, Duh. The system is designed for the customer to lose.

  • Bri

    Somehow I didn’t get any voice messages on my birthday. At least 5 people called me and I would’ve never known until I talked to them. All the birthday memories and silly singing were lost. :( I have been with T-Mobile for 6 years and can not stand them. The customer service is rude, service awful, and the phones are outdated.

    • Jujub960624

      I have signed up with T-Mobile April 2011, only seven months not even a year… I have more problems with my service!! I called and went into the T-Mobile stores several times! This does not happen all day but its happening everyday!!!!! Some of my call go right into voice mail but will not show a missed call, People will sent me a text and I will not get it and some of my text they don’t get. I sent a text it sometimes says it failed and resend it 3 times and now the person got it 3 times but says it failed on my end!! I have no land line, I only have this phone!! I use this phone for my work and I have a 90 year old father and if there is an emergency this phone can possibly fail me!!!! This has been going on for at least 3 out of the 12 months since I signed up with them and all I can get from there stores and customer service over the phone is: Shut the phone off, take the battery out, and clean out the call logs and text. Did all the above for three months and still the same issue over and over!!!! I have been sent a new phone as I am sure it’s a refurbished as I paid $200 for a phone that worked three months out of seven to then get I am sure a refurbished!! Now I get the replacement phone on November 8th and after four days I am being told did you get my text and no I did not and I sent txt and no they did not get it or they get it hours later!!! Someone phone me at 1:00 PM on Sunday November 13th. I never received the call and it did not even show me a missed call!!!! Now I have had it and now had to cancel this contract but do not want to have to pay $200 to do it as I paid my $200 for a phone that only worked three out of twelve months and replacement phone not any better!!! I regret I left my other carrier all because I liked the phone!!! Now I am expected to pay a $200 dollar termination fee for cancelling and a full month bill for porting the phone number in the middle of the month! But yet I never had full service for one whole year how you figure!!! The worst company in the world! I had never broke a contract in my life in till now!!

      • Glojean

        My experience is exactly the same-even an 86 year old mother that doesn’t understand when I try to explain I never got her call! I have 3 lines with t mobile, $215 a month, and the phone is almost useless! it seems we should be able to band together to bring about a solution to problems like ours. I don’t want out for a frivolous reason-I want out because I signed a contract, I’ve upheld my end of the bargain, I’ve had the phone replaced…I’m done and I NEED out! The HTC Sensation was their best phone going when I bought it, but it sure hasn’t been Sensational for me!

    • william the third

      My nephew getting them and its dated 2 yrs. Ago.

  • Rack-Mount Monitor

    Tell the customer service agent that you would like to cancel your contract and do not want to pay the ETF. Tell the agent why you feel the ETF should be waived. If it is not one of the preceding reasons given, it is possible that the agent or her manager may be able to waive the fee for another reason, including if you have moved out of the coverage area.

  • Lynn5253

    t mobile does not offer the most popular phone…the I phone 4s….that should be enough reason. I feel trapped. My whole family has AT&T and I could get a better plan plus the i phone….I don’t want to be stuck with android phone. I have an Ipad, Ipod and Apple has the best apps. So, I am just biting my lip…a few more months and bye bye tmobile.

    • Fff

      T-Mobile is a pitiful excuse for a cellular provider -they provide nothing but hassles!

    • Stormy

      I’I too am leaving for this very reason… their phone choices are horrible… I too want to get the Iphone but they do not offer them… I’ve been with them for 8 years now and I’ve never had as many problems as I’m having now… the reception is no longer reliable, my calls are dropped constantly… and the phones have gone from bad to worse, they don’t have any bars where they should, they freeze up, and they come with apps taking up precious space that you don’t want and can’t get rid of! I’ve complained about both for over two years now and have gotten nowhere.. time to move on…

      • Harry

        Me too! Every, that is, EVERY time I call customer support with a question, I am connected with a person who speaks little or no English. I have no way to know if she understands me. I ask to speak with a person who speaks English and she won’t budge. I ask for a supervisor and again she won’t budge. I am sick of it and can’t wait till my contract runs out. I will leave sooner if I can find a way out. I have about 9 months to go. T-Mobile GOOD BY (NOT good BUY)!!!

        • ro

          I’m having the same problem. They tell me the same thing, take out the battery, the SIM card, and restart yourphone. It works for an few hours then craps out. I hate my service!!!

  • Leah36

    Watch out for T-Mobile’s insurance scam. They were charging me insurance on a phone that I purchased for a 2nd line, that I returned within 5 days of purchase! So I didn’t even have the phone and they were charging insurance on it! Plus, I NEVER even bought the insurance in the first place! My son started a plan with them and sure enough they tacked on the insurance on his bill, too. He never purchased the insurance either. If they do it to you — and I suggest reading their bill very carefully each month — tell them you did not authorize any third party billing. Assurance is a 3rd party biller on your TMobile bill. I’m switching to Boost – my other son has it and loves it.


    I have called tmobile every month for a year now. It all started a year ago when my plan was changed by them. I was paying around 50 a month. Every month after the bills were 150. 175 I would call every month! They started by Taking away my $4.99 messaging. So the bills were high. Then they said i was using internet, then I was getting billed for horoscopes and such. It got to the point I was screaming at them. The last bill was for $300 because of a house line that my Mother dissconneted , I told them I wanted to stop the harrassment and I will not pay another dime . I ripped up the bill so the rep could here over the phone. She said I would have to pay all kinds of fines. I will never pay them another dime. They have made me angry every month and I have been a faithful customer for many years! THROW ME IN JAIL BUT I WILL NOT PAY.

    • Mrrbob

      investigate a small claims court case against them. Get your records together and go for it.

  • Home Remedies

    Before you can cancel your contract without a fee, you need to have a valid reason for canceling (e.g. repeated billing issues, poor service, etc.). Not liking your phone is not a valid reason.

  • Teresa Faltermeier

    i have been a t-moble customer for 14 years and have a second home that gets absolutely no service at lake of the ozarks. i have tried so many options with them and nothing has worked so far. at the end of my rope. my son was hurt at the lake and had no service to get in touch with me about the accident and t-moble did not give a crap. they lie and cheat and try to bully you into thinking they will attach this to your credit and they cannnot do that if you do not get a service they say they provide. i suggest that no one get t-moble service and we put them out on there asses once and for all.

  • Drgnlvr86

    They told me that my plan was no longer available. I told them that I wanted out my contract because I couldn’t get the same services for the same low price, they advised me that I couldn’t get out of the contract because I still had time left on it. So they Lied to me. I thought it was a change in my account instead they now tell me that I agreed to a new contract over the phone. No one notified me that this was a new contract term. I thought I’d have a chance to get out May when my original contract expired. To find this out. How can I get out?

  • Boycott T-mobile 666

    Damn your blood T-mobile. What a horrible company and I cannot wait to leave them in a year. Dropped calls constantly. The bill is NEVER consistent and I have called them nearly every month for the past 3 years to get bogus incoming text and pay charges dropped. It is always a battle with some jibbering ebonics customer service clown who but wants to ‘ax’ me why I’m upset. The final straw is they forced me to change my online password to something insanely difficult to remember while the one I had was just fine for 3 years. I called 611 to pay, but they want to jack me for $5!!! Oh yeah, I went to the UK and t-mobile says you’re all good before I left and won’t be billed for trivial local calls there – WRONG – The screwed me out of hundred$ for that and wouldn’t relent.

    I encourage anyone remotely wronged by t-mobile to file a complaint with their Attorney General’s office. Most have a simple online complaint form. Fill that out and it costs t-mobile buck$ to respond to the complaint.

    • cry0

      “Incoming text and pay charges”. You are liable for all usage on your phone. Tmobile does not subscribe you to shortcode systems, as well as has no right by federal law to protect you from said subscriptions. You were forced to change your online password because you are storing extremely sensitive information, anything an identity thief needs, in your online account. Thus, by your password being something along the lines of password01, you were a liability to the companies security. As for the $5 payment processing fee, it costs tmobile money to have those care reps take your calls. It DOESNT cost them per hour to take your payments with the automated system, online, or in store with the electronic kiosks. So yes, they will charge you if you choose to use the ONE payment method that costs them money. As for the international calls, well thats a legit reason for disliking tmobile. A quick tip to ANYBODY calling customer care, have them read you the notes, or recap them at least. Make sure it’s all there, everything they advise you, rates, policies, etc.

    • Keittmj

      Hi read your remark. Where do I go to complain with the Attorney General’s office.

      • Mrrbob

        Look it up online for your state

    • catalinda8

      We have had the same issue – bill is different every month. They promise it’ll only by $180 and it ends up at $270 because they “forgot” to make changes we spent 3-4 hours on the phone with them making. We face $800 in early termination fees, but we might just have to eat it. Makes me sick. If it was up to me, we would only have the little emergency phones, pay-as-you-go, but my husband and son are addicted to their smart phones. We’ve wasted thousands on T-Mobile and their crappy service and their crappy phones. It literally is affecting my health.

  • Tmobile Steals From You

    Almost forgot. NEVER fall for the customer service rep offering to save you a few dollars on your bill because they just happen to have a newer plan available. It saves a the equivalent of a happy meal, but you’re unknowingly agreeing to a new 2 YEAR contract beginning on that date. These morons are trained and scripted in these sales tactics and probably reading from a screen running predictive software to maximize their profit.

    Get out of your contract and go month-to-month with discounted refillable minutes as needed, preferably with a disposable phone.

    • Curlymeltx

      This exact thing happened to me. Now I’m stuck in a longer contract for service that is totally useless.
      Stay away from T-mobile

    • Mrn

      If they add a new contract. Can I use those 14days for cancel my newly created contract?

      • Mrrbob

        sure but not if you are unaware of the new contract. They will not tell you, you will only find out on the next billing cycle, far too late to do anything about the new contract unless you would like to take them to court.

  • frustrated

    We used only our TMobile cell phones previously, but have since moved to an area that does not have constant coverage despite what their map shows.I worked for a month with them to try to get better service, but nothing worked. Now that we’ve had to get a landline for phone service, we want to cancel our practically useless TMobile service, but they want to charge us $200 per line like for previous posters. There is no way I can justify paying $400 to break a contract I feel they’ve already broken by not providing service. I wrote Customer Relations explaining the situation and their response is that ‘they “can’t guarantee coverage in all locations”. We aren’t expecting them to have coverage in “all locations”, but if they can’t provide it at our home, then it is worthless! What is the worst that can happen if we don’t pay the early termination fees they will most likely try to stick to us?

    • Guest

      Why can’t you all understand that a cell phone is WI-RE-LESS. That means no wires! Of course tmo can’t guarantee service in all areas. Do you ever think about doing research to see how a wireless cell phone works? Tmobile offers wifi calling. Use that. It is so much better than regular phone use anyway. And don’t ever escalate to a manager over issues in your house. I know for a fact you will get laughed at as soon as the call ends. Please don’t be an uneducated consumer

      • Sergey

        Everyone knows the phone is wireless… not quite sure what you did by spelling it out there. Anyways, Wi-Fi Calling automatically means more money (I.E. you have to have a wireless modem (which is otherwise may not be needed if your main computer is hooked up through wired LAN)… Point being, if they can’t provide service where I live at, there’s no way I’m keeping the phone.

      • empathynot

        you work for tmobile

      • Guest

        Why should be use “WiFi’ calling when we pay for a service that should be rendered to us? Don’t call us ignorant. You, most assuredly, work for TMobile because that is EXACTLY what they said (VERBATIM). Don’t falsely advertise, then stick it to us because so many customers switched due to poor service and incompetent employees who instead of assist have an attitude similar to yours.

      • Kelcraig75

        take the wireless phone and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Make sure you turn on your wifi is on guest from t-mobile

  • STiK

    You can also write a letter to the FCC. You may get nowhere but I have seen situations where the carrier will call and resolve the issue.

  • Wildonephx

    Wow…. I’ve been with Tmo for almost 8 years now and have NEVER had a problem. Customer service has always been great on the very few occasions I’ve had to call. And good luck getting the same value on another carrier. My mom is with Verizon. All she has is a flip phone with unlimited talk and text and her bill is more than mine with unlimited everything. Can’t wait for her contract to end so I can put her on my plan.

    • empathynot

      you work for t-mobile

      • Dowhat35

        No joke.

    • Mga23

      Wildonephx worked at tmobile long?????

    • Ulloajuan_01

      Yeah same here. I pay 79.99+ tax and insurance for 5gb of data and unlimited talk and text. Every single time i’ve called they have been very helpful and generous. Why else would they be #1 in customer service

    • Jennifer Weinz Hoyt

      I have been T-Mobile for years, but now I am changing to Sprint. I did my research & spoke with someone there. I can get 4 lines, unlimited text & the data plan for all phones for lees then I am paying for at T-Mobile. Sprint also gives you a discount for having AAA & you can also get a discount depending on where you work.

    • Shantaj

      you have to be out of your mind….Let your mom stay with Verison. Maybe you should switch to her plan. T-mobile seriously sucks!

  • Multimillionaire Road

    Thanks for the tips Jason. I actually hadn’t even thought it possible to get out of mobile contracts. I recently had an argument with my mobile provider because they put up the monthly payments midcontract by 5%. Apparently it was in the contract that they could do this! Didn’t really know what to do so I just accepted it. Any tips welcome.

  • Smilingkim

    I speak firsthand when I tell you that #1, which you seem to believe is a surefire exit, DOESN’T work. I have had little to no service on my home, where I run business out of. Tmobile has confirmed that their towers are not functioning properly and they claim that in their contract they cannot and do not guarantee service! Seriously? I am calling a lawyer.

    • Curlymeltx

      I have had EXACTLY the same problem. I office at home, and, for the past TWO years have been unable to get TMobile service on my home. I’ve been with T-Mobile for about 8 years, so they always thank me for my loyalty but then won’t do a thing to help me. I’ve taken every single trouble-shooting step they’ve recommended including changing sim cards, changing phones, getting a signal booster, and having the tech people come out to twst the signal. still can’t get signal in my home. Other people who come to my home can get signal because they have other service providers. I’ve spent HOURS on the phone and ian peeson with TM over the pst teo years fighting this, and I’m still payingg $80 month for nothing!!!! TM tells me they will charge me $400 to get out of my contract because we have a family plan with 2 lines. their scripted line, all the way up the change is, “We don’t guarantee coverage everywhere.”. I am in the middle of a city with. cell tower right near me, and other carriers are getting signal, so really? These stories need to be publicized on TV, newspapers, and all over social media.

      • Pearlisk

        I agree wholeheartedly! I just got off the phone with TM after spending 4.5 hours about the same issue of coverage, talked to eight different people and was hung up on three times. I have been a customer for almost 8 YEARS; I get the ‘thank yous’ as well which essentially to me are an eff you since no resolution ever comes. This is ridiculous. I am furious! This should be posted where ever one can. As well as filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. All these instances need to be documented with those who can bring this company to its knees to answer for what it does to consumers. I will be lodging complaints. Moreover, I don’t know if any of you folks noticed that TM charges the Federal Service Fund twice (once under each line and also on the second page of the total). That is illegal from what I know. Never got a change of terms and conditions, brought that to their attention, and the woman who ‘assisted’ me was the rudest person I ever encountered in my life. She called me a liar, was condescending in her tone as I asked for an investigation, and lippy.

  • Smilingkim

    I speak firsthand when I tell you that #1, which you seem to believe is a surefire exit, DOESN’T work. I have had little to no service on my home, where I run business out of. Tmobile has confirmed that their towers are not functioning properly and they claim that in their contract they cannot and do not guarantee service! Seriously? I am calling a lawyer.

  • Jpark211

    I understand that there are company policies such as ‘no buyer’s remorse’ period. But TMobile granted my family a chance to get out of a contract request and return to our original no-contract plan. Of course a month later, after having canceled our lines T-Mobile bills us over $600 in ETF, claiming that our request to return to our original pln was rejected. The customer reps simply apologize whereas the supervisors refuse to do anything about it. There’s got to be voice recordings of my call in to prove that I am not lying.. I’m furious that I need to take so many extra steps and time out of my say to try and clear up T-Mobiles mistake at the expense of my own

  • Bethanycorn

    I am royally pissed at this company. I originally was in a family plan and was getting screwed over by having to pay 90 a month for a POS cell phone that has terrible reception on it and freezes non stop. I eventually was able to get out of the contract but the only way of doing so was that I had to agree to get my own plan, pay off my phone and pay a $100 fee in order to get it all sorted out. Once I was on my own plan, even though they SPECIFICALLY told me that the two years was still going to be at the start of my family plan contract back in November, they decided to restart a brand new one. I then added on my employee discount and was told that my bill for each and every month, since I had an employee discount AND I had paid off my phone, would only be $32.70. SWEET!! But guess what, they then sent me a bill in the mail saying my bill for the month of May would be 65 something because of a few “one time fees”. I thought, “This sucks but alright I guess I can do it just once”. But nope. My bill ever since then has been $69 and this month, I’m really excited for this next month because it’s going up to $80! Yay! SCREW T-MOBILE. I’m going in to talk to a customer rep at a store because after being transferred 3!!! times this morning I am pissed off and ready to rip someones head off. Screw it. Never and I mean NEVER, get involved with T-mobile.

  • Insurance

    Excellent post. I was checking constantly this weblog and I am impressed! Very useful info specially the final phase :) I deal with such info a lot. I used to be looking for this certain information for a very lengthy time. Thanks and best of luck.

  • Fumie

    How can I break a contract for my mother in low?
    Mother is terminal cancer and she’s in a hospital.
    Her cellphone service turned off form T mobile because she could not make it payment.

    I’ve been trying to call customer service,but they don’t accept anything without mother’s permit,
    despite she can getup from bed and talk now.

    * customer service only want to payment from me!
    * customer service said that need talk to my mother or her permit…… a just (YES).

    So my mother did try wrote letter and talk some words,
    but customer service didn’t accept break a contract today (><);

    What should I do…..cellphone service turned off form T mobile,but
    phone bill going to be ad $79 every month.

    I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Leahnorman36

      Ohh Wildonephx… why would you do that to your dear mother?? Put her on Boost for unlimited everything, great service and a shrinkage plan where your rate is not only competitive, but after paying on time, your rate goes down, eventually by $15.00 so she’ll be getting everything for $35.00!! My son has had that for 2 years with no complaints and he’s putting me on it, too… and, no, we don’t work for Boost Mobile.

      • Leahnorman36

        The reply above was not meant for FUMIE

    • Leahnorman36


      Just get ANY woman on the phone to say she is your mother!!! Do you have a sister, a niece, aunt, wife??? Get that woman to say she is your mother and agree to let them talk to you!! Make sure you have your mothers info: last 4 digits of social, and I’m sure you know the rest… her address and cell number, etc.

      • Fumie

        Thank you for writing to me!
        I told them that all mother’s info and brought a letter which mother wrote to T mobile,but can’t break contract.

    • Pinkylu

      Call pretending you are her. Just have her SS, birthdate, etc. whatever they ask you for. You are acting on her behalf so it’s nothing illegal.

  • Simple Tax Appeals Illinois

    I like the valuable info you supply on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and test again here regularly.

  • Sean

    I have T-Mobile now and I hate it. I get no service in my basement, barely any service in my house. My friend has Verizon and he gets great connection my basement and almost everywhere. I just switch from AT&T. It was a bad move. I still have 2 years with this bad pgone company. Wanna switch to Verizon when that time is up. I get no connection in almost all the places in my area.

  • argh

    After my husband was killed Tmobile told me I had to change the account into my name before I could cancel his line. They then told me I could cancel his line and they would waive the fees…. But there is now a 200$ termination fee for his line and despite being told it would be credited at the end of the cycle, the new cycle started and I’m receiving messages that my line will be canceled if I do not pay the fee they waived! On top of all this, they changed my rate plan twice without asking or telling me and extended my contract without notice with each and every change they made to my account after I complained I was not receiving the services I was promised I would.

    Oh, and since I called to INQUIRE ONLY about canceling my line because of their actions, my account is now listed for cancelation next month. 10+ years with Tmobile. Setting my phone to start DLing as much as possible for the next month since I have a truly unlimited data plan. Screw them. I would rather have sprint.

  • mat

    I have closed my account 8 times and even sent a letter in writing demanding them to send the bill and they keep it at suspended and charge me every month, I will pay the fees, I don’t care but three have said it was successfully closed and I would get a final bill and two argued with me about it and one just kept coming up with new payment plans to get caught up, two ignored me totally and kept saying my service will resume when I pay the past due balance.

    I went back to virgin, pay $35 a month and have an iphone 4s now vs the G2X and Nokia Lumia which went dead in a week and had two options for languages and I had to add code to the droid phone or just to have it in German and T-Mobile Deutschland was decent and gave me the tip as to which file I needed to add that code to. The US T-Mobile said it was impossible…

    I just toss the bills, I had a medical emergency that I used a credit card for and they jacked up their min. payment at a time when I was getting shut off notices in winter and I had to choose heat, power, food and rent over that so I am already screwed over Care Credit’s kindness at my worst time anyhow so screw it.

  • Sean

    Look at one month of service-List of failed calls , wifi signal lost or dropped calls within the last month to various carriers to include-Sprint, Tmobile, Digicel, MetroPcs

    1. June 3 2:41am Call Failed
    2. June 1-First phone call on new handset. Call echoed, then call froze. Phone rebooted.
    3. June 1 Handheld changed.
    4. May 29 3:34pm on a call, phone began to echo then call failed.
    5. May 28 11:02am on a call. Phone makes a “feedback” sound then goes silent. Freezes, then restarts.
    6. May 26 2:37pm Call failed CC41 while with customer service. On the phone with customer service and the call keeps going in and out. Transferred to technical support. Spoke to Hope-asked several questions. Ask how often do I turn off telephone. Asked if I changed phones. Sent over to BB to see if there is an exchange of phones to another model bb. Call was for 32minutes.
    7. Byron from BB. Says the transaction must be processed by Tmobile, not by customer. Requested to have a 3way call with Tmobile an BB. Placed on hold from 3:18pm-3:22pm Al from T Mobile on the three. Transferred to Customer care at 3:36pm. On hold…1hour into the call. Sharlene-customer loyalty. Processed another BB 9360 with a $20credit. Call end at 3:52pm.
    8. May 26 10:46 PM Call Failed
    9. May 25 10:45pm Call Failed
    10. May 25 6:05pm Call Failed
    11. May 24 8:00am-NO SERVICE Message. Had to remove chip to restore service
    12. May 19 9:18am Call Failed
    13. May 17, 2012 11:45am Call Failed
    14. May 15 8:09 pm Call Failed
    15. May 13 10:17 pm Call Failed
    16. May 11 9:30pm Call failed
    17. May 7 7:44pm Call failed-wifi signal lost
    18. May 5 7:58pm Call failed
    19. May 4 10:51 pm Call Failed
    20. May 4 4:29pm Call failed
    21. May 3 2:46pm Call Failed
    22. May 2 6:01pm Call Failed CC 41
    23. May 1 6:10pm Call Failed
    24. May 1 6:07 pm-No service currently available
    25. May 1 6:06 pm Call failed
    26. May 1 6:03 pm Call Failed
    27. April 29, 12:18pm Call failed
    28. April 28 3:36pm Call failed
    29. April 26 11:28pm Call Failed

    I subsequently cancelled the contract after 6months with them-summarised

    4 phones
    1 loaner phone
    2 chips
    28 dropped calles per month on avg

    This company is BOGUS!!

    Went to metropcs

  • paul bell

    iam not a happy customer a contract when your not happy is damaging esp,when hidden cost rise every month how do i get out,and i was charged for a phone that has problems chraging t- moblie sucks,esp the rep that set me up they t-mobile had to have seen my credit to date ratio and still hood winked me so unhappy

  • Mortgages

    nice one

  • Gary M

    since service where i live is good i keep getting drop calls

  • JustG

    I’ve been with Tmobile 5yrs.. Things have gotten progressively worse than since failed ATT takeover.. I was Thrilled ATt lost but issues getting bad.. I have data only plan on laptop & unlimited evything on 9mo old Exhibit that has been bad fone since coming out of box.. On my 4th in 9mo.. I get gr8 signal on fone & only seem to drop calls when on fone with Tmobile (ironic huh?) but laptop in same chair as fone barely gets 2 bars & I lose internet all the time.. Also have glitch in account that will not allow me to pay by automated system on fone Or online past 2 yrs & paid that extra $5 evy month for most of that time 2 have agent take payment off.. Same glitch now refuses to allow me to buy anything or put anything on next bill.. Reached end of patience in Jan & became Very squeaky wheel..(don’t want 2 change providers, others have just as many complaints against them :( Better the devil I know than meeting new 1) Have refused 2 pay $5 fee since Jan & have made agents listen in as I try automated system..They have now waived all future fees while engineers supposedly fix prob.. As far as fone goes, It took 8 months of squeaking but my gift Galaxy s3 will be here 2day & all fees including activation waived.. Also found Tforce..Tmobile email tech support which has helped make all the rest listen better if nothing else… This not 1st time Tmobile has gifted me out of shame for bad service.. Exhibit last yr gift as was new Dell notebook 2 yrs ago…. Shame Does work sumtimes…Good luck to all…

  • Aydoak

    I have one year left on my contract, and I just recently moved. I do not get service anywhere near where I now live so my phone is now worthless. I called them and they said that It isn’t their fault that I moved. Is there anything I can do? Do I have ground to take them to court?

  • janet white

    I have been with T-Mobile for 6 years. For the last 4 months I can not get service in my home. I have to go outside down a hill to make calls. The only reson this upsets me is that we can’t even call 911. I have called time and time again. I can not get any one to help me unless I buy a phone that will work with my WIFI. That will add 2 years to my contract.So if any one can tell me what to do. This started back in March. My bother was sick But my phone would not work for me to call 911. So i had to call from next door. So that took time that he didn’t have. He pasted 2 days later. I’m so bad all I want is good service. If T-Mobile can’t solve this let me out. I refuse to the cancelation fee. Because this is T-Mobile doing by losting the rights to a tower.So if any out there reads this. Please tell me what the hell to do. My name is Janet White. E-mail [email protected]

    • Rebecca Minnick

      I am having this EXACT same problem. I’ve had T-Mobile 10 years, lived in this apartment for 2 years, and for the past 5 years within 3 blocks. Just the past 4 months or so, same thing, I have to go outside to make a phone call. Good luck. I have called and get the same thing: “It should work with your WIFI, we’ll send an engineer out.” Nothing.

    • Hawksupplements

      If you are not getting service in your home tmo offers signal boosters

    • Kelcraig75

      I sure would!!!!

    • Kelcraig75

      The same event happend to me and T mobile has not cared about me or what has happend to my family. I think I am contacting the news or something. Making this situation known.

  • Former T-mobile Employee

    Just being honest, only the court option will give you the best chance! In the contract terms it clearly states T-mobile cannot guarantee service coverage everywhere… by you accepting those terms you are liable to the contract. And by the way those Third party charges that keep bringing up your bill are only accessed by YOU the consumer!!!

  • mary15

    I am sick of T-mobile. They were very good in the beginning. I loved the fact of not being in a contract. Of course, I had to purchase the phone which was no problem. Then has i called for changes with the phone they placed me in a contract for 2 years without explaining by making a change would place me in a contract. Now the phone doesn’t work when texting (letters are being installed that’s not being touched) they tell me I can’t up-grade unless I purchase the new phone. One plan versus another is the problem. What should i do? I want a new phone without a termination fee.

  • Linda Berlanga

    We have been loyal T-mobile customers for 12 years, we have never gotten a contract, a text, or call, stating that our 2 years are up. We have never been asked if we want to continue with your service. The answer is no, because of the poor service, cost of equiptment. New customers get better deals that your valued old customers. So I am asking for a response as to this qualifies us to break our contract, without the $200 per line fee.

  • pauline

    T moble really sicks cause they are saying that i have to pay for my phone and i even have insurance on it now they are going to shut my phone off they are a joke

  • brandon

    I absolutely cannot stand t mobile. I got stationed in fort Riley, Kansas because of being in the military. As soon as I got here my signal instantly dropped. I called and they said there was nothing they could do. So I asked about getting out of my contract and they said I would still need to pay the termination fee and that it isn’t their fault I moved to Kansas. The government stationed me here on military orders and I even said I can use the military clause to get out of it. They still refused. The military has some of the best lawyers and helped me to get out of a lease Scott free when I changed duty stations. Im gonna take them down with everything I’ve got because from the way I see it, they don’t care for the military.

  • lisa

    We successfully got out of our contract! We emailed one of the top executives and we were contacted the next day by his assistant who listened to our problems and then agreed to let us out of our contract without the early termination fee.

  • [email protected]

    I did not see anyone comment that they were able to terminate their contract without fees with the tips offered here.

  • bronson

    My phone was stoeling and i called t-mobile to report it and to get another one they told me that they was sorry but it was nothing they can do if i want a phone i have to pay the full price for one. There was no offer of a free phone which they do have wheather i like it or not

  • Allen Summers

    It appears you can no longer evoke the “I have moved to an area where there is poor/no service” or I am moving out of the country defense to get out of your contract without paying the ETF. The only exception to this is for those serving overseas in the military and even then you need documentation supporting this. I believe this has been in effect since Feb 2011. The problem was too many people were abusing this loophole and getting discounted or free phones and then claiming they were moving to an area where they had no service. The reality was they were selling the phones on Ebay and Craigslist for a healthy profit.

  • bigones

    File a complaint with the FCC and the Better Business Bureau, every month, until the VP gets tired of dealing with you and finally cuts you loose.
    Once you file a proper english speaking admin. will take the time to speak with you, and deal with you with white gloves.

  • wtf t mobile

    never, and never, go with t mobile. Let tell any your relative about this. A lot of reason. Let read all of this following.

  • wtf t mobile

    I complain every month to stop take more money from me. T mobile try to take as much as they can from you. Good bye forever with them

  • THaymon

    I’ve been with TMobile for 9 years… their service has become terrible in the last 2 years. I have had nothing but dropped calls, no service etc! I have tried to get out of my contract to no avail! I am counting down the months til a am released from being held hostage by them. My prediction is that they will be “belly up” before long!

  • Courtney

    I’ve Had T-Mobile for 4 years , i was always happy with my service until this past year or so. Their service has gone to hell. They give you NO leeway at all when it comes to changing your contract , payment arrangement’s etc.. customer service sucks! You can barely understand who you’re talking to. I’ve had so many lost text messages and phone calls. They treat existing customers like crap , Their upgrade discounts suck! I have a full upgrade that i can’t even use because the good phones are still out of price range for me. Yet a “new” customer gets a better deal on a new phone then an existing customer it’s ridiculous. I am so fed up with them but i’m stuck in a contract. As soon i have this $200 to pay to break it , i’m OUT! eff YOU T-Mobile you can kiss my A..**

  • anthony

    Listsn up people who want out try this…call and say youve been having service issues since day one…ask to speak to a manager…I can almost guarantee that they have raised your bill since youve signed the contract if you have been there for any amount of time..start with that to the manager…then tell them that a close friend or family member out of state passed away a week ago and you missed the funeral because when your family or friend in that state could not get throygh to your phone or said that they left viicemails that you never recieved…its important to be stern..if stern doesnt work than try bei.g demanding tell them tbat you didnt get a chance to say goodbye as a direct result of thier service and also mention how your phone bill has gogone up over time and your done ..then tell them after saying you missed the funeral that thats the last straw and you want out of the contract and you say the least you can do is waive the early termination fee ..tell them because of their poor service you werent there for your family and didnt get to be there for the sick persons last days or funeral if the manager says no ask for ahigher up and tell them that its immoral to treat a customer this way…this will get them to waive the fee or atleast knocj a decent chunk…if they still wont threaten to run it in the paper because your ffriend is a reporter…if you try this please give me a call and let me know how it worked out for you….thank you and good luck my number email is [email protected]

  • bruce stone

    Perhaps you can make a suggestion for me , I have been a long time custoemr of t mobile and about 2 years ago, i purchased a gaxly 2. The phone had also had a problem and in preparing to send it back they sent me a phone that was identical the phone got very hot. On June 30th we left for florida and the bahamas driving from Atlanta my phone totally died, it took them 2 days to send anotherphone and when i got it we were leaving for the bahamas, Upon my return on july 12th i spent a addtional one month plus having nothing but problems, During this time they finally sent me a Gaxay 3 and the same problems and even worse no internet. Since i work for myself and was out of town it was almost impossible to do any business. one dep was worse then the other, They claimed that the phone i sent back had some internal problems and they were charging me 110.00 for the replacement of the gaxay 2 which was not true The damage was inside the phone. while i ensure my useage and ;plan were being paid and i was told to write a letter to them at the corp office. which i did this on aug 12th keep in mind i sent the letter and was payingf for insurance so in my mind there sould be no costs.
    ]After being insured they were probably investigation no warning no calls they cancelled all 4 lines today, I scremed at a finalce officeer and rention rep I did get the lines reinstated after giving me credit card number but later in the day i had a loyality customer care rep credit back everything but the 53.00 dollars his reponse pray. I still have no response from them, and like you have been with them for 4 years almost i am done as of today. However how do i protected myself from them going after me for collections, i worlk for my self and have some 1099′ empoyees and phone service is very important

  • bruce stone

    I cant believe all the complaints about them i agree with you all when i ask for a suvpr or manager no one is available. when you call there corp office in wash they hang up on you. has anythought of starting a class action sutie against them

  • bruce stone

    as of today i asked who was in charge of finance and they had logic answer

  • bruce stone

    anyone interested in starting a class action suite please contact me

  • Iphonewantabe

    Help! My wife, daughter and I signed up with t-mobile 2 years ago, our contract is up the end of this month. We have a family plan. 14 months ago we added my son to the account. The rep helping us said he could increase our text minutes to unlimited. I asked him if that would affect our contract and he said it wouldn’t. Now myself, wife and daughter want to leave t-mobile at the end of the month and go to verizon and get Iphones. They tell us our contract was extended to July of 2013. What Can I do?!

    • Ex T-Mobile employee

      they can not extend your contract without your permission. phone t-mobile customer services and claim that what they did was not on illegal, but unprofessional, threaten them with court action and they may cease the contract so you’ll be free to go to any service providor u wish to join,


      • Hawksupplements

        Threating to take tmo to court, is not going to make them cease the contract. You will need to dispute the contract through tmo contract review department

  • rml

    I have a blackberry 9810, and I am on my third phone. Far a year evert call made from my home is dropped. I live in Houston, Texas by the largest Medical Center in the world. If the device is not defective, it must be T -mobiles nework. I called T-mobil and they verified that my area has low coverage and to receive or make a calls. The customer agent said I need to go outside of my home to make or place calls. I sent a letter asking that since they cannot provide full coverage I requested to cancel the contract. Response letter from T-mobile states–we do not guarantee coverage–this is in your contract. I am going to leave the contract regardlessly and file a small claim for any damage to my credit rating. I am done with T-MOBILE.

  • Badbadbad

    I have had nothing but problems with T-Mobile and wondery why I am still with them after 8 years. First of all their coverage is terrible. Its aggravating to be somewhere with no coverage while friends on Verizon and Sprint have coverage. The first year they cut my service twice because they said they had returned mail including my bill. I was not ever late but they suspended service because they said my bill had been returned with a bad address. I explained to the representative that I was holding the bill in my hand (true) and that it was impossible. They did give me a few extra minutes for a couple of months to make up for it. Last time I was up for renewal they called and promised a $5.00 credit per month if I renewed so I did. Well I had to call them every month for 6 or 7 months to get the credit because it never appeared on the bill. Every time I was promised it was fixed and the very next month no $5 credit. I wrote letters, etc. complaining trying to get it fixed, I would be promised a call back which never happened or would be told no one was available when I asked for a supervisor whenever I called. Another time my SIM card went bad and went to a store to get a new one. They gave me one with someone else’s number by mistake. When I called customer service to find out why I wasn’t getting any calls or texts they asked for the SIM card number. When I gave it to them I was rudely told it didn’t belong to me and basically treated like a criminal. So I had to drive back to the store and get it resolved. When my contract is up this time will be changing. Hopefully better service somewhere else and will finally be able to get an iPhone.

  • Eloise_sm4320

    I rarely get service in my own home. I hardly get the internet service on my cell. Yet, I don’t know how they do it but I am charged over $300 per month. I get a pension and total disability. I have told each supervisor of my problems to no avail! I have been trying to get out of my contract for 5 years. Every time they adjust my plan, a new contract starts. I cannot afford them. They bullied me into paying this coming week, when I have no cash. I don’t know what to do.

    • Romeelanarayan

      how in the heck do u have a 5 year contract…it should only be a 2year contract…once ur contract is up get the heck out…go stick with trying to get out of tmobile also..they suck…

  • Rojasm 2011

    I went into my local T-mobile store and asked for a copy of contract, the lady asked me how long ago I got my plan, I told her a year ago, then she told me, “Oh, sorry we only keep the contracts for 3 months”, so I asked her, “how would i go about getting a copy of it?” She was not sure. I am planning on terminating my contract because I am not very satified with the coverage in my area. But I do not want to pay that $200 fee plus my $72 bill. Is that tip #5 still effective? And how would I go about cancelling if they were unable to provide me with a copy of my contract?
    Please and Thank you!

    • Hawksupplements

      They only keep them in store for three months, after that they are transfered to a contract review department. All contracts are on file but at a different location

  • Fixpro256

    It sure would be nice if these post had dates in them. It is 2012/11/27 today, but I have no idea how old these post are.

  • Bettyblu1002

    I am currently in dispute with T-Mobile for numerous reasons. Here is where my problem lies and the three questions I have PLEASE. I lowered my minutes because where I once had good coverage became increasingly poor coverage and my customers could not reach me, thus I lost business. When I called repeatedly about this, I was told they could not resolve the issue or understand why, so since I have time left on my contract I asked to lower my minute plan. I specifically asked the rep if this change would extend my contact or if I would have to pay a fee to do this. I asked twice in the conversation and both times he stated no. So I lowered my minutes. When the service coverage issue became so bad and tired of calling them I told them I was going to cancel my service I only have 4 months left right. Oh shocker, nope it was 2.5 years. You can guess why (see above). So I immediately filed a dispute and requested a copy of the taped conversation from the above changes. Of course I could not get a copy of the recording, no reason given. Fast forward, I cancelled my service and got hit with an $800 ETF. I wouldnt pay and a collection company called. We made a payment agreement that $600.00 ETF would be waived and I would pay $598.00. They took all my banking info for the auto deduction and the first payment came out of my bank the very next day. Now I only have 4 months left so we are good to go. NOT!! I get a call this last week from another collection company stating they received my account from Tmobile over the weekend and I owe $1298.00. NO, I already established a payment agreement with another company and since they took the first payment it is now a legal contract to pay. I AM CORRECT IN THIS RIGHT?

    SO THAT IS MY FIRST QUESTION: Since the first company took my banking info and made the payment agreement with me and ACTUALLY took money out of my account isnt this agreement now legal and binding on both parties?

    This second collection company is horrible, verbally attacking, outright slandering me and yelling at me. I emailed T-Mobile executives (as many as I could find email addresses for) in a mass email. I received a response and of course was told that they would NOT talk to me if I was going to record the conversation. WHAT. REALLY? But they can record me???? I told this lady that while she was “investigating” my issues that I wanted a copy of the recorded phone conversation that took place way at the beginning of all of this and a copy of our cell phone contract. She tells me that these things are proprietary and can not give them to me.

    SO THIS IS MY SECOND QUESTION: Since the recording had to be consented to by me and the contract had to be signed by me are these two things LEGALLY proprietary to T-Mobile only, do I not have a legal right to copies of them?

    I have made no bones – I will take them to small claims court if they do not honor the first payment agreement. What do you think?

    • Panther Leopard

      I think, poor the american people without knowing what is it a perfect servic for $9 in month like in Europe!

    • Rich

      Sue them in small claims court. They will not appear and you will win by default.

      Everyone needs to get educated on their service agreements, call those agreements into question and SUE. T-Mobile cannot afford 200 attorneys in every small town across the nation. They do no have such coverage.

      Represent yourself and show up in court- you should have done this at the beginning. Don’t mention this to customer service. This is showing your poker hand.

      Serve them papers and win. Then, sue the collection agencies if they still try to collect.

      They will never learn otherwise. They think they are exempt.

    • Joetaxpayer123

      I am also having a typical experience with T-Mobile. I get one bar at most when I am at home. Because my business is home based I need calls to work normally. Calls are always unclear if they come in at all. Because of this I have lost work opportunities, which has cost me hundreds of dollars. For six months I have been on the phone with T-Mobile trying to get them to resolve my service issue. Now my T-mobile phone that I have had for about a year is malfunctioning. Because the warranty ran out two months ago T-Mobile will not repair or replace the phone, my only option is to pay once again for a new phone in order to keep using a service that does not work. Why would I do that when the product barely lasts a year? Today I had it and called T-Mobile to try to cancel my contract and put an end to paying for something that I am not getting. Of course T-Mobile refused to let me out of my contract unless I pay them more than $200. I have put in a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Public Utility Commission. I intend to keep researching methods that might help me get out of this blatant theft.

      • unhappy

        I am having this same problem. I have no service at my house, and Tmobile won’t let me out of the contract. Out of one side of their mouth, they are telling me to use my wifi to make calls. Out of the other side of their mouth, they are telling me I do have coverage at my house. I do? Come here and try to make a call! I also have lost business opps due to this.

  • Shirlspdx

    I have been hating my T-mobile service for a while, but thought I’d be able to tough it out for a few months until my contract expired. I have two lines and would have had to pay $100 per line ETF since there were less than six months left in my contract. Today was my three month expiration date, and I called again. I was ready to argue a way to get out of paying the ETF for my my crappy service and non-functioning phones, or just suck it up and pay the ETF. I found out it was only $50 per line to cancel since it was less than three months left in my contract, which was awesome! Then, the customer service rep said I can write in to customer relations and ask for my money back. He said they would most likely do it since my service was terrible and on roaming. I suggest calling multiple times because it depends on who you get. The last person told me it didn’t matter, and there was nothing they could do. AND the other person didn’t tell me it would go down to $50 per line after three months and I may be able to get it refunded. Lame! Anyway. I cancelled. Problem solved.

  • Lepuff74

    I tried to cancel as I can not get service inside my house. They claim the area is showing a good service area but anyone I know who has T mobile can’t make calls form their phones while in my house unless they stand by the upstairs window. I was told they could send me a receiver to put in my window to get better service. Of course there is not guarantee that is works and it enters you into another 2 year contract. I can’t wait for May which is is when I am done with the contract.

  • Dkinslow

    we are not getting services from t’mobile 3g phones in our own home we are in a contract now and we want to be released from it with no penitalys coverages are not in our area.

    • Out in the sticks

      I just talked to TMobile about this because I have the same issue. Their reply was that my area doesn’t service 3g. Only services 2g & 4g so they instructed me to change my phone settings to 2g. I did that and still can’t get service.

  • Stuart Johnsen

    9.5 years as tmo customer. im getting out. i refuse to lose this battle. trust me. i wont

  • Vanhauteashley

    Iv been a customer for about five years now i had upgraded to a moto click blur 2 which was i received back in 2011. I had nothing but problem with this phone iv had to do a master reset about 15 times as well as take out the sdcard i was told not to put any apps on this phone as for this might be why my phone was dropping, not receiving text messages as well as phone calls, why i was never really able to load the internet or us my navg system on my phone . i have been thru 3-4 replacements with still the same issues as the first part of january i final was informed of a data upgrade that my phone need to connect to there server in order for my phone to work i also found out that this update was avalible before i even bought this phone once the upgrade was done my phone has been working better but still turning its self off and on as well as go from silent to loud which is not good when it happens at work. now as of n1/12/2012 i was informed that they understand what im going thru and are sorry and affored a 100 of my bill and informed me that what happened in the past does not count i was called a liar they dont care that they allowed someone else in a diffrent state to purches a phone on my line with out my permission which took me over a hunder hours and being hung up on more then once to get the charge removed from my account i have two lines and when i put the second line on my phone my contract went up 2yrs after i was told it would be just the one line with the 2yr.. everytime i call them there so quick to try and up grade you.. this is the worst company i have ever been with there customer service went to being 90% to 2% they do not belive in customer and it only about how much more money can they get out of us .. very unhappy i can not wait for my contract to end i guess untill then i have to pay big money for a phone i service i cant use

  • Guest

    i’ve been a TMobile customer for 4.5 years. though not 100% satisfied, I still felt tmobile is slightly better than the other carriers, until recently. a few months ago, i got a new line added, and added the 2GB data plan at the time of taking the connection, only with some confident replies from the customer rep, though I wanted the 200MB plan. I wasnt really happy with that plan and thought of downgrading to the 200 MB well within a month of adding the line, but when I called up the cust care, they mentioned that the company policies changed and 200 MB is not allowed anymore on lines with a higher data plan. So, I’m forced to continue with the higher one, even when i dont use it so much. The cust rep simply said they are not going to help.
    I’m even more pissed off with t-mobile cust care when my first handset’s screen cracked and they didnt offer to help in any way. this may not be a real fault, but i felt they could’ve helped if they really wanted to. Additionally, for every upgrade there is a $30 upgrade fee, which doesnt really make sense, when they say upgrade is free. I’m waiting for this darned contract to end, or maybe for a very good trick to end my contract without a termination fee.

  • blacklllly

    1/21/13= how can tmo get away with claiming Nationwide 4g coverage and here in Jacksonville nc we only have 2g. I recently bought an htc one s and tmo will not let me out of my contract because im passed the time frame (I work a lot and did not pay the internet on my phone much attention) and I would have to pay a migration fee to down grade my service. Cust service was rude telling me i should have read the terms of the contract and if I cancel I will be charged an etc. Well guess what tmo, Im gonna pay the etc then im gonna start or sign on to a class action suit because this is false advertisement and you should be out of business! Liars…

  • Maria Rolon

    My nightmare with TRetards tops them all! The idiots gave away one of my lines to another service provider WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION!!!! IS THIS EVEN LEGAL??

  • Susan

    T Mobile just billed my elderly father 164.87 for a flip phone that was cancelled. When i called them about it, they told me that it was too bad because he called two days after the latest billing cycle. They charged him that high fee because there were three other lines they did remember to port. I am enraged with them and they should be ashamed with themselves.

  • paul a. garcia

    please cancel my agreement. day one dec.2012 i have had bad reception, i goen in your store in buena park calif. and i have called your technical dept. they have no solution to my bad reception. i lost call’s and misted call’s. i talked to my neighbor’s they don’t have any problems with there carriers. i’m not happy, i’m soory do you have any solution to my problem? let me know sincerey paul a. garcia 562-266-4741.

  • Hov


    So just 2 days ago my mother wanted to change her phone. In the process of checking whether or not she had an upgrade, I found out that 4/5 lines had upgrades. I thought to myself that it would be nice for all of us to take advantage of the upgrades. Come today, when I went into t-mobile they said that we can’t upgrade because of this new rate plan they launched as of 3/24/2013. I was told that these new rate plans takes away the option of upgrading phones & doesn’t offer that 2 year contract anymore. Now the problem we have is that we are not in that plan or even been notified about it. We’re currently in a grandfathered plan which we’ve been in over 9 years. These are 2 separate plans so how can they take our upgrades away? Due to this incident, my family & I would like to get out of t-mobile, but it seems we are trapped like many others. Not to mention, a t-mobile worker told us that they are forcing users to sign into this new plan. After calling customer service & talking to a supervisor because nobody could help, he too said that they are making everyone sign up for the new plan slowly. All we wanted to do was upgrade our phones & the only solution he had was offering us $75. They are just taking advantage of us & making it harder & harder to leave their company. I’m sick & tired of this nonesense & want to get out, Does anyone have any solution to this?

    By the way, when one is eligible for an upgrade, does it mean that their 2 year contract is up & if you do do an upgrade your contract is extended for another 2 years?

  • Hov

    My situation:

    Three days ago my mother wanted to change her phone & in the process of checking whether or not she had an upgrade, I found out that 4/5 lines had upgrades. I thought it would be nice for all of us to take advantage of the upgrades & get new phones. Come yesterday, when I went into t-mobile they said that we can’t upgrade because of this new rate plan they launched as of 3/24/2013. What this did was take away our upgrades we were looking forward to use, but what I don’t understand is how that affects us when we aren’t even under that plan, yet been notified about it.

    We’re currently under a grandfathered plan that we’ve had over 9 years which is completely different than their new rate plan, so how is possible for them to take away our upgrades? It just doesn’t make sense. If the new plan takes are illegibility to upgrade it should also take away our 2 year contracts as t-mobile has stated that the new plan has no contracts attached..

    Due to this incident, my family & I would like to get out of t-mobile, but it seems we are trapped like many others.They’re taking advantage of us & making it harder & harder to leave their company. I’m sick & tired of this nonsense & at this point we just want out because they can’t seem to help they’re “loyal customers” who just wanted to do simple upgrades.

    I’d also like to mention that a t-mobile worker told us that t-mobile is going to FORCE all users to sign under the new plan whether they like it or not & that they’re pretty much screwed. What made this experience even worse was when I called customer service for a second time. Being that no one could help I decided to talk to a supervisor only to find out the best solution they had for us was offering $75. This was just a slap to the face. Unbelievable!

    By the way, when a phone is eligible for an upgrade doesn’t it mean that the 2 year contract is over & the contract is extended if you do do the upgrade?

    On that note, being that we’re under this grandfathered plan & haven’t agreed to this new plan in which they took our upgrades away, yet still under contract, what are our options? How can we fight them & cancel our contract without paying any fees (terminations, etc.)

  • Bgpmpn191

    Need Help!!

    My situation:

    Three days ago my mother wanted to change her phone & in the process of checking whether or not she had an upgrade, I found out that 4/5 lines had upgrades. I thought it would be nice for all of us to take advantage of the upgrades & get new phones. Come yesterday, when I went into t-mobile they said that we can’t upgrade because of this new rate plan they launched as of 3/24/2013. What this did was take away our upgrades we were looking forward to use, but what I don’t understand is how that affects us when we aren’t even under that plan, yet been notified about it.

    We’re currently under a grandfathered plan that we’ve had over 9 years which is completely different than their new rate plan, so how is possible for them to take away our upgrades? It just doesn’t make sense. If the new plan takes are illegibility to upgrade it should also take away our 2 year contracts as t-mobile has stated that the new plan has no contracts attached..

    Due to this incident, my family & I would like to get out of t-mobile, but it seems we are trapped like many others.They’re taking advantage of us & making it harder & harder to leave their company. I’m sick & tired of this nonsense & at this point we just want out because they can’t seem to help they’re “loyal customers” who just wanted to do simple upgrades.

    I’d also like to mention that a t-mobile worker told us that t-mobile is going to FORCE all users to sign under the new plan whether they like it or not & that they’re pretty much screwed. What made this experience even worse was when I called customer service for a second time. Being that no one could help I decided to talk to a supervisor only to find out the best solution they had for us was offering $75. This was just a slap to the face. Unbelievable!

    By the way, when a phone is eligible for an upgrade doesn’t it mean that the 2 year contract is over & the contract is extended if you do do the upgrade?

    On that note, being that we’re under this grandfathered plan & haven’t agreed to this new plan in which they took our upgrades away, yet still under contract, what are our options? How can we fight them & cancel our contract without paying any fees (terminations, etc.)

  • Josh w

    I have had a dispute with t mobile contract had little or no service with them. They claim “service not guaranteed in all areas”. So now I have to pay

  • smom

    I used to get reception at my house and all of a sudden I have zero reception. Tried different phones and nothing gives me service. Tmobile is saying I have to pay to get out of the contract even though I am not even able to use the service I have been paying for. So wrong

    • cindy

      same thing is happening to me,there has got to be something we can do.I haven’t been able to get internet in weeks,and so sick of calling them and being on the phone forever,and nothing getting done,,,,

      • ryda like the north star

        also got this pos company i moved into a new house all of a sudden i dont have reception i have to use WiFi to use my phone wtf is that all about i pay internet and t mobile service but i cant use 4 g so since i already pay internet, 40 dollars and service from t mobile but i have to use the WiFi calling why should i have to pay for service from t mobile if i cant use there network i use my already existing WiFi doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a cell phone

    • Andy

      I had the same issue with T-Mobile! We used to get roaming, now we don’t even get that at our house!

  • mariamachuca22

    me gustaría saber si alguien saber que va a pasar haora que se unieron tmobile y metro pc

  • _moyitta

    Me and my boyfriend had a contract with T-Mobile and when I got the first month bill it was almost 300 dollars I pay 200 and still owed them like 86 dollars so they turned my phone on a month later I had enough to pay everything mind you they added more to the bill even though it wasn’t on. When I went to pay it online they told me our lunes we’re canceled so I turned my phone on with simple mobile. The whole time I was with T-Mobile I called them 10 times because I got no service and the first two weeks I couldn’t use my phone unless I was using WiFi.

    • _moyitta

      I meant off they turned my phone off even though I paid 200 $

  • Matt Yoknis

    We’re currently under a grandfathered plan that costs us $80 for 2 lines (data and call). My one phone is on contract (since Oct’12) and another without contract. How to get out of this contract? cancel from the other line?

    • Rhiannon

      In my experience with them they will only let you cancel the one with no contract. You will have to keep some kind of plan on the one that’s still under contract. I have a family plan with 4 lines that all have different contract dates and this is what i was told. Hope this helps!

  • Melanie R. Barbarito

    I just got T-Mobile service; paid for the phone but didn’t have to get a contract. I went with them because a co-worker had a strong T-Mobile signal at work. I live across the street from where I work. I got home–almost no signal there and none at work. I checked with my friend and she said that the signal strength at work had dropped about a week before. I see that T-Mobile will give a signal booster free with a new 2 year contract. I wonder if they are lessening the signal strength so that those of us with no contracts will get the signal booster AND sign a 2 year contract.

  • thailand

    I just got out of mine, since I just moved and had no service in my home. It took a lot of convincing, but a complaint to the BBC got their attention. BTW, tmobile told me that they no longer offer signal boosters.
    Hopefully, that helps some people get out of their unfair, no service contracts.

    • Roseann

      Hello, I just moved and have no service. The Tech told me there was nothing more she could do and sent me to the Cancelation Dept. I was shocked. Before I canceled I contacted someone about the cancel fee and he said “Fax your story with proof of address to the Customer Relations (who have no phone) and they will bill you then don’t worry they will take it off. Then came the letter that said to “finish my trouble shooting and I owe them $200”. How did you communicate with them to reply and how many times? Customer Care would not budge. Thanks

  • thailand

    Ha, auto correct changed BBB to BBC. Make the complaint to the BBB, not to British broadcasting, lol.

  • Double J

    I have had tmobile since i moved to the states in 2004. At that time Tmobile was awesome. If I had an issue they were helpful and willing to fix it. after probably 2009 they have become sh!t. Not only do I get no service in cars, houses, at work, even standing in the middle of the street OUTSIDE I get (no service). I will have all 4 bars sometimes but since there is no 4g packets sending or receiving, i have no access to a mobile network. I’ve been trying to get out of my contract since 2009 and its yet to happen. I recently had my phone stolen, and i went through the whole process of reporting it and cutting off my service (or lack there of) just to find out the deductable is going to be $150. you’ve GOT to be Fkuckin kidding me. $200 to cancel service all together or $150 to get a new phone and have the same problems. number 1, the phone isn’t worth the 20min i was on the phone talking to them, let alone $150 to replace it. number 2, i’ve been paying for the insurance on my devices since 2006. This is the last phone i do that for, since theres obviosly no posivite reason to pay for it. (~$6x12months=$72 yearly $72x6years=$432. Thats almost THREE times the amount of the deductable!!)

    • Double J

      Oops didn’t mean to post yet! lol
      cont..I’m currently phoneless and its honestly been very theraputic. but nevertheless life cannot be with communication so I do need to find out what the best option would be. based on this article. i may just pay the 200, canx my service, get a discount service (boost or cricket) and take them to small claims court. sounds like the most work but the best way to get out and also get my money back!

      • Mike Jones

        You don’t need to bother with small claims court. Read my reply to Adam above and you’ll get out of your contract without penalty.

  • mfp2waoe5

    Lying, cheating scumbags.

  • Mike Jones

    Roaming charges cost carriers a fortune… especially data roaming. If you want to go this route in getting out of your contract… all you have to do is go into the “Mobile Networks” setting of your phone and select a carrier other than T-Mobile. It will usually be AT&T. Every call or data use… regardless of where you are… will now be considered roaming unless you switch the setting back to T-Mobile. Do this for a few weeks and you’re guaranteed to get a termination letter.

  • Mike Jones

    If you’re an OTR driver… you do not want T-Mobile. Verizon is pretty much the carrier of choice in the trucking industry. You’ll likely pay a few bucks more per month… but you will have solid 4G LTE out in the “sticks”. Try my “forced roaming” suggestion above or go to the discussion / forums section on T-Mobile’s website and leave a message for a “T-Force” customer service agent. “Jessica B.” in particular is especially helpful. They are quite a bit more “understanding” than T-Mobile’s regular customer service since they want to minimize “bad press” written about the company via the net.

  • Natalie Abbott

    I had called T-Mobile and spoke with a customer service rep. I asked how much would my early termination fee be if I were to cancel right now? I was told my regular phone bill with the additional cancellation fee of $85.00. I received a bill for over $500! I had written a dispute to them, did not hear anything back from them for over 2 years. A new collection agency had informed me that they were now taking over my collection, but would not release any information to me. I refuse to do a settlement for their wrong doing. I was willing to pay for the cancellation fee I was informed of. Now it is ruining my credit! I have no idea where to do from here!

  • Gary Zeune
  • Naomi Stephenson

    So . . . Say they months back ADDED a service to my Bill without permission. They admitted to the mistake, and gave me a “credit” to my account that wasn’t even HALF of what we paid extra unknowingly. They then promised it was fixed only to charge me the following month for it again; as if I would not notice once more. Can that be counted as “materially adverse” to me? Or . . . I got moved back down to my old plan that I was ‘Grandfathered’ into. They told me I have 200MB of Data a month, but ever 1MB over is only a cent more. Yet, I have a $15 overage charge for going a bit over the 200MB. So I was lied to . . . Does that count?

  • Leo

    I have been on the family plan for over 10 years. I have two phones on contract and two phones not on contract. I want to port one of my non contract phones to another carrier. T-mobile says that since I have 2 phones on contract they are ALL under contract and that I’ll have to pay $200 ETF on the phone that isn’t under contract( haven’t made any changes to service or changed the phone to that line in over two years ) . I understand the ETF on the 2 lines I upgraded phones and will pay those to the contract end date but I feel severely abused on the other two lines. T-mobile used to be better than this. We’ve already talked one friend out of going to T-mobile and are going to discourage others where we would normally encourage them to join T-mobile. This has already cost them far more than they would have earned in by their unscrupulous charging of ETFs on non contract phones lines. Not they they have sense enough to understand or care.

  • Roby R

    This is regarding charges on my t mobile account. I called February 28th 2014 to cancel my account, the lady on the other end asked if i wanted to keep my old number i wasnt sure at the time so the way she described it to me was that she can cancle my account and the numbers on my account would be held for a sertant amount of days if I hadent requested the numbers to a new provider they would be re circulated back out but my account would be canceled. i never had the numbers transfer to a new provider and i was still getting billed when i called t-mobile and asked why i was getting charged they told me because i never transfer my numbers my account was still active. I brought up the fact that that was not what i was told. they kept sending me in a loop and kept telling me the same thing. I feel like i shouldn’t have to pay for something that should have been canceled in febuary

  • Heather

    Dispute it. T-Mobile won’t respond if it isn’t yours, and the credit union will delete it. Takes thirty days. I did my dispute online, and it is a relatively easy process. Had same problem with Comcast. Put some other person’s collection in my name somehow, it was gone in just under thirty days.

  • momin980309

    Hands down, Tmobile is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. Every single time, and I do mean EVERY time I have dealt with them, I have been given misinformation. They have made promises they don’t keep, tell me different things every time I call them, and my cell phone bill has steadily climbed to a point where I cannot afford it, yet I am stuck in a contract (even though they no longer offer contracts) that should have been up a year ago. However, in order to get my daughter a new phone for Christmas one year, I had to add a line. They assured me that even thought it was on the same plan, it would not affect the contract length of my other two lines. They lied. And no matter how many times I have explained that they told me otherwise, they always just say ‘sorry, you were given the wrong information.’ I recently tried calling and having my bill changed to something more affordable. The lady I spoke with said that she was lowering the amount of data on the lines my husband and I use, since we were not using much, but that she would raise my teenage daughters from 2gb to 3. She told me exactly how much my bill would be after taxes, fees, ect. so I agreed. Later that day when I proudly told my daughter that I had her data raised from 2 to 3 she freaked out and said that she already had 5! She even showed me on her phone messages from them telling her how much she had used out of her 5gb(or whatever you call data). So, once again, I had to call tmobile and what do you know – she was right. The person I talked to this time admitted that she had actually LOWERED the amount of data on that line! And then to top it off, when I got my bill, there was absolutely no change in the price! When I questioned them about it, all they will say is that whoever quoted me the lower price must have not been including the taxes and fees (even though I made absolute sure she was!) I feel incredibly trapped because they know that it is an incredibly high fee to cancel my lines, therefore, they can do or say whatever they want and there is literally nothing I can do about it. I apologize for rambling, but I am very upset…considering these facts, is there anything I can possibly do to get out of my contract and away from these awful people?

  • Mickyg

    Question… If I have Jump (prior to the Feb 23rd change), would it be possible to jump to a cramps flip phone for a few hours… Pay the phone off and then go to a new carrier without any ETF fees? I just want to get out!!

  • tinaroonie

    So, just recently I found out after being with t-mobile for a while, that I could get a discount with them through my work. I signed up, and the discount was applied to my account for one month, then I get a letter telling me my number doesn’t qualify, and they charged me the regular rate the next month. Does this make it materially adverse to me? Oh, and when I signed up for the discount, they changed the date my bill is due, making my last payment late. I hope I can use this as a reason to quit them.

    • xuberante

      I had the same problem. You will need to contact your company’s Employee Resources via phone and ask them for the T-Mobile Rep. They should give you the code to use and apply your employee discount permanently. For some odd reason, you can no longer directly tell T-Mobile to apply your discount.
      If your company does not have rep, then try calling T-Mobile again but ask for a Corporate Accounts Rep.
      Wish you luck.

  • RHiss

    I recently terminated T-Mobile service in June (no contract, outside 14-day window.) Before termination, I spoke with a CSR who stated I could trade-in my devices for a credit to be applied against my remaining balance on the phones I had. However, the CSR didn’t state I had to do that BEFORE canceling the account.

    Now, T-Mobile will not take the devices back. They recommended I get service with them again, trade-in the phones, and cancel again. They slapped on a $150 credit and “apologized for the miscommunication.” Unfortunately for them, the “miscommunication” cost me several hundred dollars – I’ve since sold the phones for almost $700. I have offered to settle the account for $700 but a general CSR says they can’t do that.

    They’re billing me for the total charges and I refuse to pay. Thoughts?

    • Lexy823

      I am going through the same situation. When you sold the phones, did you unlock them? I am wondering if I sell the phones, will the buyer be able to use them since I am not paying for them?

      • RHiss

        I didn’t have to do anything, but the phones were not under a contract. I think phones under contract would need to be unlocked – but that’s beyond my expertise.

  • dipakkumar ramniclal

    my contract cancell

  • dipakkumar ramniclal

    network porblem

  • brent valance

    I LIVE IN A NO SERVICE AREA AND THEY KNOW IT. I TOLD THEM WERE I WOULD BE USING THE PHONE AND THEY SAID I SHOULD HAVE KNOW PROBLEM. WELL I DID HAVE A PROPLEM CAME BAVK TO THE STORE AND THE GAVE ME S SIGNSL BOOSTER WHICH ALSO DID NOT HELP. I WENT BACK TO THE STORE and they were of no help ! i am on a month to month but they charged me over $1400.00 for the new samsung 4 note phones. i want to go back to verizon but the say the phones will not work with verizon that the are wired to t moble. How can i make these phones work on verizon.

  • Rusty Fetterov

    would this still apply with there new no contract jump plan, because they told me that I could get out of the contract with them but I was still stuck with having to pay off the remainder for the phones, which by the way I never got service at my home. and they just kept on lets try this and lets try that, and nothing ever worked and by then my grace period was up and now I stuck.

  • chemeng

    Lol… #3 such bullcrap. Guess who gets the cost of roaming transferred to them?


    What about going into arbitration? This one requires you to spend around $200 but it will require the company to pay around $750 and then they will most likely give in into your complaint against ETF’s, etc. Then you may recover the $200 fees from them and clear any negative credit on your reports.