• carsalesman

    This is an assonine article, I have been selling cars for years and have never had a complaint of being pushy or overbearing, and I have always told people that I will be fair with them if they are fair with me. And I stick to that, people who come in and act like a jerk which is how people following this article WILL come off I will just ask to leave and having done this for as long as I have my bosses have no problem with that. However if someone comes in and asks for a fair deal that allows us to cover our overhead and for me to make a little money I will never say no. People, if you want a good deal look at things from every side, this is a business and we need a profit margin, come in and don’t get taken advantage of but also don’t be a jerk. if the lowest somebody can go is 18,000 buy for 19,000 that 1,000 dollars that 1,000 dollars is less than 10% markup and unless that car was bought for a great deal don’t expect original markup to be much higher. But 10% is more than fair it’s a whole lot less than the markup in that cheeseburger you just ate or in that coke you just bought at the gas station. And yes dealerships markup rates typically if you have great credit they will markup rates 1-2% if the rate is too high ask for a lower one and they will work for it. And not mentioning your trade is again a stupid tactic that will cause a salesman to shut down and hold on your trade to get the profit back in his or her deal. In closing be open and honest and most salesman will be the same way if your shut down and lie guess what he will be too. Common curtosey folks.

    • GozarisaGod

      Blah! The dealer isn’t your friend and neither is the car salesman. No one comes into a car dealership looking to earn your dealership “profits” this is not a charity. People come to the dealer to buy a car and get the best deal possible on it. If you can’t do that than so be it. I’m quite sure your dealer already has the prices marked up, the back end deals on financing, and the yadda yadda warranties. That’s how all dealers get that extra profit in by taking advantage of people not wise enough to know how to navigate through the dealer/salesman BS. For a buyer the less information you give a dealer the less they have to use against you. ALL salesman are full of crap don’t trust any of them. Never trust a person whose income relies on you buying something from them. They’ll tell you anything just to keep a roof over their head. You talk to them about financing they try to play the payment game. Yah low monthly stretched out over FORVER! you try to play the Money down game they try to get you to finance “hey why spend all your money”. Dealers want you to finance so they can get that back end money. Back end being higher rate they charge to get extra money out of you hidden in your payments. Don’t get caught in their trap.

      Ask them the “out the door price” for a car with tax and everything included. Ask them about the warranties and what they cover. Get a FINAL price on everything. Watch how that 12,000 dollar car become 15,000 in no time! Just with their dealer BS added to it and know this. Dealer BS cost them nothing but it costs you something. When you asks a salesman these questions they’ll get nervous and make excuses or try to make it seem as though the additional fees aren’t so bad. What they do is try to butter you in with an attractive price(to you) and not discuss the rest of the OTD fees until you’ve financed the car and are too far in the process of purchasing to say “No” or at least they’ll try to get you that far and hope your too determined to say “I think I’ve changed my mind about this vehicle”.

      Never walk into a dealer like they’re actually there to help you because they aren’t. They’re there to help themselves to your money and never forget that. This guy above me is the typical excuse for the lies of a saleman complaining about how “they need to eat too” so be happy about their screw you over “MARKUPS!”. Who cares if they starve or if the dealership doesn’t make money that’s their problem. You’re there to buy a car not make donations. If you have to lie and take advantage of unsuspecting folks to get a paycheck find a more credible job with morality.

      I’ve been on many car lots over the years and even worked for a few. The bottom line is that from sales to service the dealer is full of s**t period. Find the car you want,research it, learn what a good price is for that vehicle (blue book) and get the car at blue book or below. If it’s not blue book or below you’re not getting a deal. If you finance do it through a credit union or trustworthy bank. Try not to finance through a dealer unless you’re buying new and are getting a manufacturers promotional offer/discount which usually requires a good score to begin with so you should know your purchasing power. If you buy a used car and aren’t a mechanic TELL (not ASK) the dealer that you want your personal mechanic to take a look. They’ll give you some BS about how their service department checks every car but don’t waste your time even listening. Get the car inspected by someone who has nothing to gain from the sale of the vehicle.

      Also never ever get caught in the Salesman’s this is a “hot deal” or “this is the last one hurry and buy” nonsense. Unless your shopping for some rare classic car, or 1 of only 100 made vehicles chances are you’re buying a car that probably had 150,000 others just like it roll out the factory and chances are you can find another one at a dealer the town next over so don’t rush into it. A good game to play is find a car that matches the one you like at another dealer and pit the two dealers against each other for the best price. Just play the qoute game and make THEM compete for your business.

      When it comes to dealerships in the words of the great Leonidas “Give them nothing but take from them EVERYTHING”.

      • Chuychuybangbang

        So gozarisa, what do you do for a living? Does it provide a good or service of some kind? How do you justify making money off other people?

      • Joel Grey

        Wow that’s a lot of hostility there. I sold cars for a living a while ago also. Instead of complaining I actually help folks save money buying their next car. “I Never Wore Plaid” Joel Grey

        Cheers and Happy holidays!

  • Norman Major

    You have to check the other associated costs (like gas, insurance, maintenance) before you buy. The car price tag might be cheap, but the repairs and everything might be expensive.

    I would say that buying a car that’s expensive to insure is the top mistake. The sticker price of the car might be cheap, but insurance costs could cancel them out. Look to pay no more than $25/month for insurance (check out Insurance Panda). My Honda Civic has always been a pleasure to drive and cheap to insure too.I would say that buying a car that’s expensive to insure is the top mistake. The sticker price of the car might be cheap, but insurance costs could cancel them out. Look to pay no more than $25/month for insurance (check out Insurance Panda). My Honda Civic has always been a pleasure to drive and cheap to insure too.

    Also, you can fill up at the gas tank for like $15, but again thats only for certain cars. Check out the costs with car ownership before you make that purchase.

  • respectablecarperson

    What a terrible article. I hope no one uses any of this “advice”.

  • Joel Grey

    Car salespeople are no different than any other person who works on commission. If you don’t sell, you don’t eat. It’s that simple. That does not however give you cart blanche do treat people wrong. The golden rule worked good for me. I sold cars for years. I now help folks save money buying cars. Check it out. “I Never Wore Plaid” Insider secrets from a former car salesperson. I’m Joel Grey and I can help you buy your next car.

  • Miller Auto Plaza

    Great post thanks for sharing this I will keep it in mind for the next time I pay visit to a dealer. The paying a visit to a mechanic is a great idea, they always make sure the dealer is not trying to make you overpay.

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