• http://sunkcostsareirrelevant.com slug

    I have considered this card and the Target card. So far, I haven’t pulled the trigger on either. Both hold appeal for what they’re offering. Honestly, if I had room in my wallet for another card I might. I long for the day when I can just pay by phone for everything and all my cards are stored in one place.

    • april

      how did u get ur target card

      • Davidbakke


        You can apply online or in-store.

  • http://www.moneycrashers.com david bakke


    I can see why you’re hesitant–it can be a lot to keep up with.

    But, I love that Target card too! 5% right off the top of every purchase!

    Thanks for commenting

  • Tina

    I opened charge account few months ago. I paid my balance 2 weeks before it was due. After a week of payment, I called Kohls because the balance was not taken off my bank account. The representative was like because its not due date yet, the amount has been taken offf your account. I was like ok and waited for the due date. On the due date it was still showing my balance just wat it was . I called them again to see what was going on. On the phone I had balance of $0, so i though there must be some delay in updating online information. But two days later my balance goes up by $25 for “check return fee”. I was amazed when I didn’t even use check what was that fee? I called them, happen to find out that the bank account # that i put in was incorrect and there was no way they could take that fee coz it was mistake on my side….great. If I had no intention of paying it, i would not be calling them saying hey the money has not come off my bank….and its was just my mistake when they told me to wait till the due date for the payment to get posted….and it was just my mistake when i checked my balance on the phone on the due date and found out that i had no balance due….very poor costumer service….i closed my account right away…..

  • Joseph

    Today I just signed up for the charge card at my local Kohls, I do have a question about what exactly the ‘monthly balance’ is. You say that there is a balance to be paid every month yet there is no annual fee or monthly fee (per what the cashier said anyways). Could you clear that up for me? I seemed to have signed up out of the blue at the register because the savings seemed tempting but I’m rethinking this…


    • Davidbakke

      If you pay off all your purchases on time and in full every month, then there are no fees associated with the card.

      Hope that helps!

  • David S

    My advice is DO NOT GET A KOHLS CREDIT CARD! If you miss one payment, they willissue a bad credit report to all agencies which will permanently affect your ability to get loans at a reasoable cost. I made a purchase in April for $15 and forgot to make a payment. By June – less than a month after the due date – I had a bad credit report on an otherwise perfect credit history. Kohls has lost the business of my family as a result.

    For anyone that might rely on low interest credit (fortunately I do not) the disadvantages FAR outweigh the savings. Think about this carefully before you apply.

    • Davidbakke


      Thanks for sharing your experience–our readers will appreciate it.

  • Victor

    Kohl’s Charge cannot be added to my Bank e-Bill services (I checked a few others, like Wells Fargo, and didn’t see Kohl’s there either). Unless you are absolutely diligent, sooner or later, you might forget to pay one bill. Late penalty and interest might be enough to wipe out a lot of savings. Is it worth it? Deals seem good, but unless you shop there ALL THE TIME, might be worth to use your day-to-day card and rely on coupons. A few dollars difference over the course of the year might not be enough to worry about a one off card.

  • Sandra Lyell

    I have had so much trouble getting into my Kohl’s Charge account that I get so furious and have to call Customer Service. Why do they make it so difficult and sensitive to your User ID and password. I don’t get in there that much and pay my bill electronically but the aggervation of getting into the charge card account is ridiculous!!

  • Carforyou2009

    If you enjoy shopping at Kohls, it is not worth the risk of getting a Kohl’s Charge card. Forget to make one payment and they will ding your credit report. The damage can be worth far more than any of the discounts they offer you.

    What happened to me happened to many others that are complaining on credit card review sites across the internet. I forgot to pay off a balance of $15 in April. In June, I found that my otherwise perfect credit history had been ruined earlier by Kohls.

    They have a process to follow up with you that is completely flawed. There are many complaints that people cannot make online payments before they consider you delinquent.

    In short, the company’s IT, customer management and payment processes are woefully inadequate. At this time you should not trust your good reputation to this outfit.

    • http://willvincent.com/ Will Vincent

      So let me get this straight. You didn’t make a payment, and you’re blaming Kohls for reporting that you missed that payment?

      If there are in fact legitimate issues with payments posting successfully and whatnot, that’s one issue. Your missing a payment is a totally unrelated issue. Take some personal responsibility for your mistake. Sheesh.

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