Last Day To Buy Something Online and Receive It by Christmas!

For many retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City,, and others, this is the last day that you can buy something online to ensure that you’ll receive it before Christmas Day. Keep in mind that there are very few sites that are “guaranteeing” it will get there by Christmas, in fact, no company should guarantee it, because the post office doesn’t guarantee anything over the holidays.

You might even be lucky enough to find free standard shipping, but If I were you, I would pay the extra money to get the upgraded shipping service to make sure that you receive the package or the gift recipient receives it by Christmas. Isn’t it weird that a Christmas gift loses some of its luster if it isn’t received by Christmas Day? I know it does for me, anyway. If I receive a gift a week or two later, it just doesn’t seem like a Christmas gift. So anyway, make sure you do the rest of your online Christmas shopping today, before time runs out!